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The Only One



Warning: Just to let the more squeamish readers know, this story contains themes of domination, nonconsent, and reluctance, as well as a lot of pain.


This is not the end of our story, and it's definitely not the beginning. This is just one delicious fruit from our lovely relationship. I hope when she reads this she understands how much I love her.


Leaning against the futon, I sighed with boredom and turned off the television. Janet was lying across the couch, her head in my lap as she read a magazine. I idly played with her hair for a little before standing up, frustrated.


"Yes, sweetheart?" Janet answered distractedly.

"I'm so bored! Can we..." I paused and switched to my timid, submissive voice. "Can we play tonight?"

A smile creased her face as she turned away from her magazine to stare me in the eyes. Already slipping into my role, I bit my lip and let my gaze drop to my feet. She was silent for a moment.

"Of course we can, let's go get dressed!" she exclaimed with enthusiasm. As she turned, heading to the bedroom, I grabbed her arm.

"Um, hold on." She looked at me curiously. "This is going to sound weird, I think. Um, can I...can you be...um."

"Yes, Charlotte?" Janet waited with her typical patience.

"Can you be mean tonight? I want you to hurt me. I want to scream and struggle and beg you to stop...and I want you to force it on me anyways," I said, the words pouring out in a rush.

The words echoed in my head, and as I considered them, the heat of embarrassment rose to my cheeks. I continued examining my toes, shifting my weight shyly from one foot to the other. Hearing her step closer, I felt her hands on my head, tilting it so that I was forced to look at her. Her face was tremendously excited, and her eyes burned with lust.

"You are so hot! How can you look so innocent and still say things like that?" She pecked me affectionately on the lips, then dragged me by the hand to the bedroom. "Come on, let's get started!"


She looked magnificent, her beautiful curves straining against her tight leather corset and skirt. Her heels made her tower above me, even more than usual, and her stockings accentuated her long legs. The entire ensemble was black, matching her black hair and deep brown eyes. Her imposing presence stirred my submissive side, which urged me to fall to my knees.

To contrast with her outfit, I wore simple cotton panties and a white cotton nightgown. I was ready to push my limits tonight, so I tried very hard to focus on the short scenario we had planned. The most difficult part was to repress my desire for her. I shook with the effort of it but gave Janet the thumbs-up which signaled that I was ready to start. She nodded and stalked towards me.

"What are you doing in my room, Janet? And w-why are you dressed like that?" I asked, backpedalling away.

"Do you like it, Charlotte? Does it make you hot? I'm wearing it just for you," she answered, her voice heavy with lust.

"I, um...I don't like girls like that. Um, in that way," I said unconvincingly. She had closed the distance, and she stared down into my eyes, our faces inches apart. I held her stare at first but eventually I had to look away. I unconsciously leaned in to kiss her. Try harder! I berated myself. You're supposed to be reluctant!

She was drawing closer, her mouth dangerously close to mine. I brought my hands up to push her away, but she grasped my wrists, pulling my arms out of the way. It was too easy for her. I couldn't find any appropriate words for my role. All I could think of to say was, "Please take me, Mistress" or "Let me please you, Mistress." Fight back! I thought, Just react!

I turned my head from her inviting, parted lips, writhing in her grip. She must have been startled at how strongly I was resisting, because I almost broke free. Quickly recovering, she regained her hold on me, tackling me to the bed. She pinned me down, flat on my back, with her body. Her fingers tightened around my wrists painfully. She was actually using her full strength to restrain me, not holding back at all, and I got a surprising thrill out of her physical dominance.

"Get off me, you pervert! What are you doing! Get off!" I improvised, the words tumbling out naturally now. I tried to kick at her, but I didn't have a good angle for it. Still bucking, I continued to yell and holler as she kissed me roughly on the neck. No, kiss is too soft a word. She attacked my neck, nipping and biting, raising bruises as she assaulted the tender flesh. I strove to hold onto the bittersweet unpleasantness of being forced, but the quickly growing pleasure from her attentions swept it away. Janet must have sensed this because she suddenly stopped, rising and flipping me onto my stomach.

She pinioned my arms behind me and began tying my wrists together with a soft rope. My wrists were firmly bound together, but she kept going, looping it up my forearms and past my elbows until she reached my shoulders. I tested the ropes, feeling the moistness in my panties as I relished how tightly I was bound. No, no, I scolded myself again, you don't like this! Arching my back and rocking on my stomach, I tried to shake her off, but she was sitting securely on top of me. I kept up the struggle anyway, the very real futility of it helping me maintain my fantasy.

"You...you can't do this to me!" I whimpered, the words coming almost unbidden. She answered with a wicked laugh.

"I've just started, you little cunt," she said ominously. "You're a dirty slut, and I'm going to make you scream tonight."

A delicious, frightful shudder rolled through my body at her verbal abuse. I strained at my bonds and flailed my legs. "Let me go!"

I felt a sharp sting that shocked me into stillness. It took me a few seconds to figure out that she had whipped the arch of my foot with a riding crop.

"Stay still, cunt!" she demanded, striking me again.

"No! Let me go you fucking crazy bitch!" I screeched, the agonizing pain exciting genuine fear and anger.

She said nothing and rotated to face my legs, binding the ankles and calves together, ending the ties above my knees. Immobilized, I flopped around as she moved to a new position. Eventually I ended up on my stomach across her lap, savoring her warm thighs on my skin. I was so easily distracted! I chewed myself out: What are you doing? She's hurting you. You don't want any part of her touching you!

I flexed my limbs, and the ropes didn't budge an inch. I wallowed in the sense of helplessness, feeding it all my attention, willing it to consume me. The crop slashed at my feet, interrupting my thoughts. I howled, trying to wriggle away from her, but she easily held me there, whipping my sensitive soles again and again. I didn't need to think very hard anymore to play my role.

"Please stop! It hurts! It's too much! It's too-" The rest of my complaints degenerated into strangled gasps. She repeatedly hit the tortured skin, bringing tears to my eyes.

"I'll stop when you've learned your lesson, you disobedient slut," she said, flogging my feet faster. My breaths grew rapid and shallow, and I felt my heart racing. I could only focus on one thought: I can't get away. I can't get away. I can't get away. The rest of my mind was a confused jumble, and I barely noticed when she finally stopped. The cool air whisked over my bare ass as her hand lifted the hem of my nightgown. She massaged my cheeks, squeezing the ample flesh as she pulled on my panties, wedging the cotton between my pussy lips. A moan of pleasure escaped my mouth before I could stop myself.

"What was that, you horny cunt? Do I need to punish you again so soon?" Her voice was harsh with anger.

"No! Please, no more," I pleaded. My feet were almost numb with the pain. "I can't...I can't take any more. Please don't hurt me."

"Let's hear you beg. If I like what I hear, I'll consider it," she offered.

"I'm begging you, Jan-ah!" A whip of the crop cut me off.

"Mistress," she corrected.

"M-Mistress..." I stumbled over the usually familiar word. "I'm begging you to stop. Please, I can't stand the pain..."

What did she want to hear?

"I'm sorry for moaning, I'll be quiet now if you just...if you just let me go."

"Say you're a horny slut and apologize for being so disobedient," she demanded.

Getting carried away, I almost said the demeaning words. But then I stopped, concentrating on how she had treated me and how much it hurt, making myself more and more indignant.

"Why should I say that!? You tied me up and abused me. I didn't ask for this. Let me go!"

She muffled the rest of my diatribe by pushing my face into the sheets.

"That, my poor slut, is the wrong answer." Her hand circled my ass once, digging into the flesh, then left it. I heard a scritching sound and felt duct tape wrapping around my fingers. I wiggled them in panic, but it was no use of course. It didn't matter how much I concentrated on my finger muscles. They couldn't even twitch an inch. Only now that they were bound could I appreciate how much those small movements helped before. But she had taken even that little bit of freedom away. The overwhelming helplessness came back, stronger than ever.

Abruptly, she spanked me on the left cheek, hard. I yelped in surprise.

"Please! Ja-Mistress! Have some mercy-" She forced my face into the sheets again, almost absent-mindedly. I could still breathe easily, but it was hard to make myself heard.

She continued her assault, alternating back and forth. They were full-armed smacks, stinging the skin and bruising deep into my muscles. The pain quickly escalated, and I was suddenly aware that I was crying at the top of my lungs.

"God, it hurts! Oh...fuck! Please stop! Ah!"

My mouth tasted salty with the tears that were rolling down my cheeks as I wept and sobbed. I struggled and writhed in my bonds, but with her hand holding my head down, I found that I could only really move my hips. An overpowering feeling of vulnerability swamped me, drowning me in its depths. The skin of my rear burned and my glutes ached as she continued the spanking, but the sensations seemed distant.

The pain was growing unbearable, but I felt something different stirring in me as well. It was a twisted delight at being hurt so badly. My mind raced in circles: There's no way out. I can't stop it. There's no way out...

The conflicting sensations collided, shattering my thoughts into a cluttered mess. I lost all track of time as her torment went on. Her voice brought me back to the present.

"You've been such a bad slut, but I hope you'll remember this lesson. I'm going to make you come now. Don't get excited - you're not going to like it. I'll make sure you're so sore that every spasm hurts," she said with malicious pleasure.

Her vicious promise excited me into an uncontrollable, scared shudder. My quivering, restrained by the ropes, reminded me just how securely I was restrained. Another tremor rolled through me at the thought, this time a mix of arousal and fear.

Stuffing some pillows under my stomach, she propped my hips into the air so that my ass was sticking out. Cutting my panties apart with a pair of scissors, she peeled them off. She rubbed the wet material all over my face, and I sputtered in protest. Slapping my cheek, she stuffed the crotch in my mouth and tied it in place. The panties in my mouth didn't really stop me from talking, but I couldn't escape the humiliating taste of my pussy. Fresh tears from her slap and my degradation mingled with the juices on my face. I trembled in shame as she dragged her tongue up my cheek, lapping up the mixture.

"Delicious. You're so beautiful when you cry," she complimented with a wicked grin.

Moving behind me, she adjusted my thighs to expose my pussy lips. They swelled as the wind from her small movements tickled them. She tied my upper legs in position, keeping my lips bared. Her fingers rubbed my labia gently, and I moaned in surprise. She fondled my breast over my nightgown, playing lightly with my nipple. Every caress felt incredible after being subjected to so much pain. I sighed in relief.

I should have known better.

Simultaneously, her fingers pinched and pulled my nipple while her other hand slapped my cunt. I exhaled in shock. She alternately mauled my breast and tortured the nipple, leaving me little chance to catch my breath. Her palm hit my pussy lips hard. There were ten distinct smacks before I lost count in the agony. She switched hands so that she could abuse my other breast. The released nipple, numb from her pinches, started hurting as the feeling returned to it. Her hands swapped places again and again, and all I could think about were my aching chest and tender pussy.

I started to breathe more easily when the onslaught stopped. Her fingers spread my labia, revealing the so far untouched part of my pussy. My whole body convulsed at the sharp sting of the crop on my clit . Trying to scream, I spit out my gag, but discovered that I had lost my voice. A strangled sob was all that I could manage. After three hits, I felt dizzy and couldn't see straight. I don't want this! Please stop! I cried mentally, the words reverberating in my head. My tears were flowing freely with frustration at my impotent silence. It hurts too much! I don't want this!

The pain was worse than everything that had come before. It didn't drown out the other residual sensations; instead it exacerbated them. The muscles in my ass throbbed with bruises, the skin still burning. My feet twitched and curled, feeling raw with the whipping. The flesh of my breasts tingled from her squeezing, and my nipples could barely stand the fabric of my nightgown on them. On top of all these sensations were the shrieking nerves of my pussy lips and the excruciating pain in my clit. Another lash of the crop drove me to desperation. I suddenly found my voice and cried out.

"Giraffe! Giraffe! Giraffe!" The whipping stopped. I had never used my safe word before, and I was elated I could even remember it. I lay there for a moment, regaining my breath, ready to be freed.

The crop whooshed as it struck me again on the clit, with even more force than before. My eyes widened with shock. I had said my safe word! It was unmistakable - she should have stopped! As if mocking my denial, the crop hit my clitoris again mercilessly. Panic welled up inside me, quickly replaced by horror. Then, worst of all, the sense of abandonment. Janet didn't care about me; she just wanted a toy to abuse and hurt for her own enjoyment. My stomach twisted in a tight knot at the thought.

A whirl of emotions tore through me, but the physical and psychological pain drove almost all of them out. Only one survived: the masochistic thrill of being abused in my helpless state. Exhausted and weak, I surrendered to it, focusing on the complaints of my tortured body and the tightness of ropes imprisoning me.

The perverse desire grew exponentially stronger as I dwelled on it, overwhelming me in a flash. My climax hit me roughly, aggravating the my sore nipples and pussy and ass. I rocked and shuddered against my restraints, pulsing with the aftershocks. Through it all, an exquisite bliss filled my mind, the pleasure deeper and more intense than any orgasm I've ever had. As my senses blurred, the depraved satisfaction lingered until I lapsed into unconsciousness.


I woke naked under the sheets, my head lying on Janet's lap. Stirring myself, I tried to get up, but my aching body refused. She looked down, a concerned expression on her face.

"Oh you finally woke up! I've been out of my mind all morning worrying about you!" The anxiety in her face stretched and twisted into sadness. "I'm...I'm so sorry! I thought that ignoring your safe word would really get you off - or at least, that's what I kept telling myself. Honestly, I just..." Her voice dropped to a quiet murmur. "I enjoyed hurting you. I enjoyed imagining how you must feel, trapped and helpless, totally in my control."

She sighed heavily. "Please don't hate me. I'm so sorry."

A million phrases rushed through my head. A small part of me did want to yell and rant at her. But the far greater part wanted to comfort her, thank her, love her. I couldn't decide what to say, so I just babbled.

"You're the only one-" I choked as a sob rose unexpectedly in my throat. "I wouldn't trust anyone else...I love you."

She looked on the verge of tears. "Oh Charlotte! Oh, you know I love you too."

Bending over, she kissed me on top of my head, holding me to her chest. She clasped my hand tightly and reassuringly. I snuggled into her embrace, sniffling a little, feeling safe and secure.


Author's note: Please let me know if you loved it, hated it, what I can improve, what I did well (if anything hehe), or any other general comments. Thanks!


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