tagMind ControlThe Onyx Ring Ch. 06

The Onyx Ring Ch. 06


"Ah, Kelly," Gary said standing over her, "You are a vision of loveliness."

"Let me go, Gary," She said through gritted teeth. She jerked her arms so hard she was afraid she would dislocate a shoulder but nothing happened. She could not lift them beyond her wrists. She was no longer terrified of what he might do. She was angry and disgusted. To think he could have his way with her made her want to get sick. "I'll do anything you want. No one else will have to know. I won't tell anyone. Just let me go," She lied, hoping he would release her.

"You are absolutely right," Gary said, flashing an award winning smile, "You will do anything I want. And right now," Gary said, getting down on his knees between her legs, "I want to see you more closely."

Kelly struggled to lift her legs, to kick Gary, but her feet wouldn't rise. She could move them along the carpet but could not lift them. Almost as if someone had placed metal in the soles of her feet and the floor was magnetized. She squeezed her knees together as tightly as she could. Screw him, she thought to herself. He was having none of it.

Gary was much stronger than Kelly and he slowly forced her legs apart. He smiled. "Ah, clean shaven. I like that look. Did you shave because you planned on getting some when you came over here?" He placed the palm of his hand on her pussy.

"You pervert!" Kelly tried to yell, but her voice came out in a conversational tone. She bucked her thighs and thrashed from side to side but she could not stop him from touching her. Her face flamed.

Gary laughed. "Me, a pervert? I don't think so." He rubbed the palm of his hand over her shaved pussy while she slid her ass across the carpet trying to avoid his touch. His knees were against the insides of her creamy thighs to keep her from closing them and her movements were limited. His hand stopped moving and he slowly parted her lips. He slipped a finger into her and began moving it back and forth, in and out, building a slow rhythm.

"Nooooo!" Kelly screamed, again, in a conversational tone. She could feel him moving inside her and she tried to gag. "Don't!" screamed, "Don't do this. Stop right now and nothing will happen." She could feel all the eyes on her, watching.

"But I want something to happen, my little bitch girl," Gary said as he continued to probe her vagina.

Kelly was repulsed by his words and she struggled harder. She felt his finger inside her but the friction wasn't as bad as it had been. "Oh my God!" She thought to herself, "I'm wet!!" She could not imagine how that had happened. She felt no attraction to Gary at all, only resentment, anger and revulsion.

"Someone help me!" Kelly said as she looked around the room.

"Yes," Gary said, following her gaze, "Someone should help her. Angela, you said you had to pleasure yourself. Do you have any toys?"

Angela nodded to Gary, a wide smile splitting her face. She rushed off to her room and returned shortly with a vibrating dildo. Kelly's eyes grew wide when she saw Gary take it from Angela and move it toward her pussy. The thing had to be ten inches long. And so thick. She jerked hard, banging the back of her head against the carpet. She felt the slightest trickle of warmth in the pit of her stomach. Her teeth squeezed together, she mumbled, "This isn't right."

Gary stopped. "You're correct," He said. "This isn't right. Everyone who wants to see Kelly have an orgasm please take off your clothes."

Instantly the floor and sofa were covered with clothing. Everyone gathered around Kelly in a semi circle, staring down at her. She could feel her face turn beet red. She thrust her hips up and tried to kick her feet free. At that exact moment she felt the dildo penetrate her. Her eyes grew wide and she gasped.

"Ah," She screamed, "Its.......so big! Stop it! Don't..........don't do this....Make them turn away!" Gary turned the vibrator on and she heard the humming sound as her body was filled with new sensations. She could feel it plunging deep within her, humming its wordless tune, setting her inner walls on fire. She jerked her ass from side to side trying to dislodge it. The movement caused the vibrator to touch areas she had never been touched in and she felt a tingling throughout her pussy.

Kelley looked around the room, panic in her eyes. She felt so degraded. Everyone was standing over her, watching intently, almost eagerly. She looked to each person for help. Amber was standing by her shoulder staring down at her. She noticed Amber didn't shave her pussy. "I wish I had a sister like Amber," She thought, looking Amber's body up and down. She turned her gaze to Lance. Had such big muscles. He looked like he could crush her beneath him.She quickly turned her eyes toward Mr. Harris. His cock was standing away from his body, strong and firm, and his hand was gently stroking the shaft while he stared into her eyes. She licked her lips and turned her head toward Mrs. Harris. Mrs. Harris had a nice tan and a firm body. Kelly wondered what it would have been like if Mrs. Harris would have been her mom. She wondered if she could have hopped out of the shower and curled up on her mom's naked lap and listened to a story while she nuzzled her mother's breast.

She jerked as she felt the vibrator plunge deeper. She shook her head as she tried to clear those thoughts. Where did they come from?

"Kelly," Gary was saying. She could hear it through a distant fog. "Kelly!" He said, a little louder now, "Amber seems to think you have an interest in her dad. You will tell me the truth in that."

Kelly stared at Gary. "Mr. Harris is cute for a man his age. I've only had sex a couple of times and it was never any good. I think Mr. Harris would be a wonderful lover." She blinked. What made her say that?

"But you and Amber are friends, aren't you Amber?" Gary said, his gaze cutting to Amber.

Amber's arms were crossed under her breasts. She had a slight scowl on her face. "We know each other. She comes over here sometimes when she has nothing else to do. She is not my friend, though. Not a good friend. A good friend wouldn't want to do my dad."

"No, Amber," Gary corrected in soothing tones. "That's not right." A confused look crossed Amber's face. Gary continued, "You and Kelly are very good friends. You like Kelly a lot. A lot more than just friends. You've been staring at her body since we undressed her. Every time you were with her you thought of seeing her naked. You've wondered how hot she would look. You've fantasized about making love to her." Amber's arms unfolded and she looked intently at Kelly. "When you were upstairs watching her change you became very excited. You've been thinking about how hot she looks. You've wanted to feel her, to touch her, for a very long time."

"Yes," Amber whispered, nodding her head slowly, swaying in place, "She is so beautiful. Her skin is so creamy white. And her breasts are so big. I want to touch them." She was almost panting.

"Good," Gary said, rising. He walked over to Kelly's arm and slowly raised it from the floor. She jerked her arm, trying to hit him, but it seemed her elbow was now nailed into place. Gary rolled all of her fingers down into the palm of her hand save one. Gary signaled Amber to come over. Amber stood over Kelly's pointing finger and slowly descended toward her while Gary stood and began removing his clothing. Amber bent at the waist so she could rub her palm against Kelly's large breast.

"Oh my God," Kelly thought, twisting her head in panic, "This is so wrong." She watched Mr. Harris step around to hold the vibrator in place. She turned her head and twisted one thigh up to try to stop him. Deeper penetration and a gasp escaped her lips. She did it again. Deeper. She was only doing it to try to escape she kept telling herself.

She watched Amber lower her pussy over her extended finger. She tried to move it out of the way but Amber took her hand and slowly guided Kelly inside. Kelly's eyes flew wide open as she felt the wet walls of Amber's pussy close around her. She watched Mrs. Harris walk around behind her daughter and place her arms under her daughters, slowly guiding her up and down. Kelly's face turned red with embarrassment and her body heated.

"This is the sickest thing I have ever seen," Kelly thought. She wiggled her finger inside Amber, trying to work the tip out. She could feel Amber's wet walls all around her, could smell Amber's sex. She turned her hip and felt the vibrator plunge deep into her. She gasped and heard Mr. Harris say, "That's a good girl."

She fought harder now. She bucked her hips and felt the vibrator plunge deeper into her wet pussy. She could feel her pussy throbbing from the pounding she was giving it. She wiggled her finger, buried deep in Amber. She brushed it against Amber's pussy walls. She shook her hand hard to try to get it to fall out and felt Amber buck and groan against her hand. She felt the trickle of Amber's juices running down her arm.

Kelly felt a heat building inside her. She had felt it before, when she had sex, but nothing like this. She struggled to roll over on one side. She made it about a quarter turn, her feet stuck firmly, which put her in a position to see Amber better.

She watched Amber's pussy slip over her finger. She could see the passion burning in Amber's eyes as she tossed her head and moaned. She saw Mrs. Harris, her arms cupped around her daughter's breasts, holding her from behind, whispering something to her and nibbling her neck. Kelly felt her own finger pushing deeper into Amber as she watched the young woman and her mother. She felt another finger unfold and slip into Amber's wet pussy. "This is so.............wrong?" She asked herself.

She turned her head and squeezed her eyes closed. This couldn't be happening.

"You can't keep me here forever," She moaned, "I'll get loose and then you'll get what's coming to you!"

"You are right," She heard Gary's voice say, "Sooner or later you will be free. I can't stop that."

She opened her eyes and stared at him. How long could they keep torturing her like this? These people were animals! She watched Amber thrust her hips against her, and she shook her hand hard, pushing as hard as she could. Amber's eyes grew wide as she tilted her head back and moaned loudly. "God, I'm cumming," Amber said as her mother squeezed Amber's nipples and whispered in her ear. Kelly felt her body grow beet red. She felt hot all over. She was so embarrassed, she kept telling herself.

She turned her head back to Gary. He seemed a little fuzzy to her now. "Don't," She said, breathing heavily, "Don't....do this......don't....." Mrs. Harris had lifted Amber off of Kelly's hand and it slipped back to the carpet. Kelly could move her elbow again, but her hand was firmly locked to the ground. "Please.....," She said looking at Gary. Her eyes drifted downward and she saw Gary's erection. Her eyes locked on it. "Your cock," She breathed, "Is so big." She dug her nails into the carpet.

"These people are so different", she thought to herself as she felt the head of Mr. Harris' cock brush against her thigh as he thrust the vibrator in. She stared at Gary's cock as she lifted her hips higher, moving faster, driving the dildo deeper........No, trying to drive the dildo out........yes out......in........out.....Raising her hips higher....Wiggling them from side to side and feeling it touch the sides of her hot, wet pussy......No, out, she wanted it out.

And then it was out. Gary had his hands wrapped in Kelly's hair. He was rolling her over and leading her by the hair somewhere else. She saw pillows stacked about three feet high piled on the floor. Kelley jerked her head and felt a bolt of pain rise where Gary was holding her hair. She tried to kick out again but her knees seemed attached to the floor.

"That's enough misbehaving," Gary said, "Unless you want Mr. Harris to get his paddle and give you a spanking."

Kelly flushed and moaned deep in her throat. She felt her pussy humming even without the vibrator inside. "Please....," She whispered/moaned, "Please don't...........stop.........me......fucking.........." She had a wild look in her eyes as if she was at war with herself. "Please stop".

Mrs. Harris had situated herself on the pillows. Her ass was directly on top, while her shoulders and head rested against the floor in front of the sofa. Kelly was on all fours directly between her legs. Gary stepped over Angela and sat down on the sofa. "You know what to do," Gary said.

"No," Kelly said, a slight tremble in her voice, her head tilting a little to the left and then the right, licking her lips and moving forward.

She stared at Mrs. Harris' pussy and slowly lowered head. She stopped about three inches shy of touching it and breathed in deeply. Those musky smells made her stomach do flip flops as her hips moved involuntarily forward.

Kelly had never wanted to be different. She had always wanted to conform, to fit in with the circles she wanted to be a part of, to fit the norm. As she lowered her head into Mrs. Harris' wet pussy she lost her self to the sensation. In the back of her mind she seemed to remember thinking these people were freaks. They were different......Or maybe everyone else was different, she didn't know any more. The tip of her tongue slid into Mrs.' Harris' gash as the older woman's hips rose to meet her and she moaned.

Kelly was on her hands and knees as she took Mrs. Harris into her mouth. The taste was like nothing she had ever tasted before. She ran the tip of her tongue over Mrs. Harris' gash, then parted it with her tongue and slid in deeper. Mrs. Harris moaned as Kelly set a tempo, lashing deeper into the woman. Kelly looked up and saw Gary sitting on the sofa, his massive cock pointing directly at her. Her hips thrust forward again and she moaned into Mrs. Harris' wet throbbing pussy. Kelly slowly lowered herself onto her forearms, in a subservient position, as she tried to keep watching Gary's throbbing manhood while enjoying the pleasures of Mrs. Harris.

She moaned as she licked Mrs. Harris, thinking about Gary's throbbing cock and all that time she could have spent with him. She didn't know what she had been thinking, teasing him at school when she clearly could not live without him. He was all she wanted.

Kelly felt Mrs. Harris' hips writhe out of control as the older woman screamed loudly over her orgasm. Kelly rubbed her cheeks against Mrs. Harris' pussy, feeling her juices gush out and cover her. She moaned in pleasure. Different was a good thing.

Mrs. Harris collapsed in a heap and pulled herself off to one side. Kelly crawled forward, her eyes holding Garys. She no longer seemed bound to the spot he left her in. She tilted her head and moved forward, the tip of her tongue running alongside his cock, making it jerk with excitement. She tilted her head back and looked him in the eye. She had a mischievous grin on her face. She licked her lips.

Gary leaned forward on the sofa and placed a hand on each of her shoulders. She smiled. "Don't..............stop," She murmured, "Me, master." She took Gary's hand and led him from the sofa.

They walked over to Dave, who was sitting in the recliner. She bent over to him and pouted her lips. "I've been a bad girl, Mr. Harris," She purred. Dave grinned and pulled her over his lap. She thrust her hips up into the air and wrapped her arms around Gary's waist, pulling him forward until she could wrap her full lips around Gary's throbbing cock.

Mr. Harris slapped Kelly's ass. She moaned into Gary's throbbing manhood, feeling it twitch between her lips. "God this feels so good," She thought as Mr. Harris slapped her again. "All this time I have been missing this." She moaned into Gary's cock and sucked it in deeper. She thought she would choke on his swollen manhood, but she relaxed her throat muscles to take it all in. She wanted to please her master.

Kelly's hips rose in anticipation of Mr. Harris' hand slapping her ass. He slapped her especially hard and Gary's cock slipped from her lips. "God, that feels so good!" She screamed, having regained her voice. She turned her head toward Mr. Harris. "Harder," She whispered.

She wrapped her lips back around Gary's swollen member, sucking for all she was worth. She worked her tongue over and under, nibbling the underside, sucking the tip and the full length.

Mr. Harris slapped Kelly's ass with a loud "CLAP!" that made her scream into Gary's cock. Dave worked his other hand under Kelly and slipped three fingers into her drenched pussy. She wiggled her ass as he slapped it hard again, making her thrust into Gary.

Gary felt his orgasm approaching and told them he was going to cum. She thrust harder and anticipated Mr. Harris's slaps. When she felt his hand coming she would thrust her ass into them.

She took Gary's cock out of her mouth and began to stroke it rapidly. "Cum for me, master," She moaned as she hunched her hips into Mr. Harris' hand. "UH, I am going to cum for you!"

Gary felt his cock expand as his load began to erupt. Kelly began to scream as her own orgasm ripped through her body. Gary's cock exploded like a gun and cream poured all over Kelly's face as she licked her lips and moaned from her own explosion. She loved the taste of her master.

She got off of Mr. Harris' lap and smiled at Gary as Mrs. Harris and Amber stepped up to either side of her. "Thank you master," Kelly said, beaming, with a tear in her eye, "For setting me free." Mrs. Harris and Amber wrapped their arms around Kelly and led her back to the sofa. They gently began licking cum from her cheeks as the three of them whispered to each other. Kelly's fingers traced patterns along the inside of their thighs as they whispered.

Gary stood. "Everyone," He said loudly, "I have made a decision. From this day forward we are our own little family. We will live here together and do what normal families do, but we will have the perks we have discovered over the last few days. I will remain your master. Should any one else come to visit we will refer to each other by our first names. You will all continue to obey me and take great joy from it. No one outside of this room will know of our adventures unless I approve it beforehand.

Kelly, you are old enough to live on your own. You will tell your family that you want to move out and move in here with the Harris'. You will make them understand. If there are any problems you will let Mr. Harris know and he can get his law firm to proceed with it."

The whole family smiled and commended Gary on his idea. Gary finally felt accepted. Maybe he had to do a nudging along the way but in the end it was the best thing for everyone. He stepped into their open arms and knew this was going to be a great thing.

The End.........?

Writer comments:

This was the first story I ever wrote for Literotica. I began it because the original subject had been requested in story ideas. When I first began to write I had a specific story to tell, a direction to head in. As the story unfolded the characters took to their own paths.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I learned quite a bit during the process, about writing, myself, and even some of you. Thanks to all of you for contributing in whatever capacity, either writing, reading, or emailing story ideas, criticisms, or kudos.


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