tagMatureThe OPALS Club Ch. 02

The OPALS Club Ch. 02


THE OPALS CLUB The 'Older People Actively Loving Sex' Club

Yes, you have to read Chapter 1 to fully understand who's who and what's happening in this final chapter."

* * * * *

I slept in Bill's arms with him kissing me occasionally as we dozed. We made love twice in the middle of the night. This time I rode him until we both came again. Bill understood a woman's body, and how to make it sing. I felt like I'd sung a major opera by the time my eyes fluttered open in the morning. I probably looked a mess -- hair, make up, and my pasty body color. I must get more of a tan. Maybe Megan would go to the beach with me. Then again, maybe I should get an all-over tan at a tanning salon, or a mix of spray on tan and sun. I want to look good.

Bill was gone from the bed. Across the bed next to me lay a beautiful red robe, short but not too revealing depending on how I tied it. I put the robe on so it was partway in between conservative and scandalous, and walked into the core of the house. I smelled the aroma of coffee coming from the kitchen.

Bill was puttering around the kitchen assembling some breakfast. He wore swim trunks. He saw me, smiled broadly, and came and hugged me to him. We kissed. I said, "Oh, dear. I probably have morning breath, and ... my clothes." I looked back in the living room.

Bill led me back to the master bedroom. My clothes were neatly arranged on a chair, and I'd missed them when I got up. He took me into the bathroom, and showed me a second vanity sink area replete with a wide spectrum of women's cosmetics. He said, "The shower has several kinds of shampoo and conditioner. There's a hair dryer in that drawer. The towel next to the shower is clean. Please make yourself at home. Oh, the toothbrush is new too."

I smiled at Bill as I kissed him on the cheek again. I realized how thoughtful he was of his female guests to have assembled this array for them. Just hearing his list of things, made me resolve to put a similar masculine package together for my male guests. I sure hope I got into this Club.

Bill said, "Before you do anything, however, I have a small pool in the backyard. Please join me for a morning swim if you're up to it." He looked hopeful.

I said, "Bathing suit."

He laughed and said, "No one can see and I skinny dip, but if you want one ... here. He reached into a drawer just outside the bedroom and produced a bikini." He said, "I'll be outside. Join me when you're ready."

As he walked away, I saw him start to pull down his bathing trunks. He intended to skinny dip.

A minute later after brushing my teeth to kill my morning breath, I stood naked beside the pool and watched the lustful look in Bill's eyes as he appraised my body. This was a big step for me in so many ways. I'd never skinny dipped in my life. I was naked in the bright light of day in front of a male I only met the night before -- and I was coming up on sixty years of age. My body was pasty white and my crotch was filled with a dark mat of brunette hair with a generous smattering of white pubic hair that betrayed my age bracket. Moreover, I felt wet, and knew that I had cum -- his and mine -- leaking from inside me.

I jumped in, and let out a shriek at the feel of the cool water. When I floated to the top of the water, Bill was laughing.

I floated over to Bill and we kissed and made out for a while. I could feel his cock swell against my abdomen as we necked. My God, why hadn't I started kissing this man years ago? Just a couple of minutes of kissing him again, and my blood was boiling. After five minutes of this, Bill said, "I'd love to make love to you again."

"Then why don't you. I want that too." I pulled him towards the pool stairs.

We spent the rest of the morning in his large bed fucking and cooing sweet nothings to each other. Even as active as Garth and I had been, I hadn't done anything like this since our honeymoon.

Bill drove me home just before noon. We kissed goodbye, and both of us said all the right words about getting together again sometime soon. Talk about chemistry; I think we were like nitroglycerine and had detonated together several times over the past fourteen hours.

As soon as I got inside my door, I immediately called Megan; she was ringing my doorbell at twelve-twenty. I'm embarrassed to admit that we tittered like schoolgirls about our 'nights out.' For the first time in my life I both listened to Megan's stroke-by-stroke description of her night with Gary, and gave a stroke-by-stroke description of my time with Bill. By the time we were finished, I was horny all over again. I could have fucked a doorknob.

As we talked I tried to recall all the questions about the Club and dating decorum that kept popping up in my head the night before. When I remembered them, they were all pretty intimate, but I started in on them anyway. After talking about how we both fucked the night and morning away, I felt some sense of privilege. In the wide-open discussion we had, I learned that Megan did wear thongs on her dates because they were sexy, but normally she wore frilly Victoria Secret lingerie that made her feel very feminine. She recommended black or red 'date' underwear because the colors telegraphed 'sex.' She told me it had taken her a month to get used to the butt floss. She did do anal sex, but rarely. She praised a couple of men for their careful attention to her needs in that area.

Megan admitted to being perpetually horny, even using the term 'nymphomaniac' to describe herself, and this for a woman of sixty-two. I had that to look forward to in four years. She said that before the Club, she felt pent up and repressed, but now she felt like someone had opened her up and given her freedom.

I asked her how often she went on dates, and she surprised me by explaining that she did 'something' with 'somebody' about four or five times a week, but it was rarely the same 'somebody' day after day. She said, "I have a long and growing list of guys that I like to do booty calls with, or vice versa. Just so you're not surprised, Bill is one of them. We please each other sometimes with a noontime drop in and fuck, or a night of lovemaking. I love sex. Did I say that already?" Megan laughed.

I explained that I'd taken the initiative to get things going with Bill, and asked if that was acceptable. Megan laughed and explained it was more than acceptable; it was the preferred method of starting the ball rolling. "The men in our Club are all real gentlemen; they don't want to impose on the women. Thus, they hold back a little too much in my opinion; they wait for signals or words from us that we want to get started. Oh, left long enough they'll try something, but I don't have the patience. When I want to get laid, I want a cock in my pussy 'right now!'"

"Do you use dirty talk?"

"All the time. All men love it. All of them. It drives them crazy, and they love me for it."

"So you have a wide vocabulary of ... sexual terms or expressions."

"I studied the subject," Megan laughed. "Seriously, when I find a passage in a book or online story, I memorize the dirty talk and then try to use it with my next few men friends. Dirty talk intensifies anything we're doing to each other. Try it."

I asked Megan about her pubic hair, repeating what my daughter had mentioned about the trend to completely bare pussies. Megan laughed, "I have a little landing strip I maintain. I got a lot of my nether region lasered, so the hair won't come back any time soon, if at all. I know some of the other girls are bare, some are as bushy as a beaver pelt, and there's all manner of trim jobs in between. A few women have tattoos with inviting symbols or things on them to entice their partners."

I blushed but asked the next question, prepared for just about anything. "Megan, how did you know how some of the other women keep their pubic hair?"

Now, Megan blushed. She looked at me to see whether I might not want to hear the answer, but I did. I guess my face showed it. She said, "Because I've made love with some of them."

After a long silence between us, I whispered, "Would you show me how? I mean we like each other ... and we're really good friends ... but if you don't want to I'll understand ... it's just that I've never even thought about doing ..."

My words were cut off when Megan turned and kissed me and drove her tongue toward my tonsils. I kissed back with equal fervor.

We skipped lunch and made love. Megan was one of the few people in the world to whom I could say 'I love you' to and really mean it. She loved me too, and that afternoon for a couple of hours she proved it -- and I did too. We moved our relationship to a new level, and I learned one helluvah lot about making love with another woman. Megan was a superb teacher -- a 'show by doing' kind of instructor.

Around our sixth or seventh timeout to enjoy our after glows, I lay back against my headboard cradling Megan's hot passionate nude body against me. Megan had made me feel really good only a minute earlier by saying, "Hey, I'm putting you at the top of my booty call list. You may not have ever done any of this stuff before, but you are a natural. I can't recall having so many orgasms in so short a period of time."

I had been trying, and so had Megan. We were pretty even at around a dozen each. I mentally shook my head in disbelief at my behavior. Good grief, I'm a fifty-eight year old woman who had just fucked her brains out in a one-night stand, and then within the same twenty-four hour period I'd learned how to fuck a woman and bring her to a billion stupendous orgasms. I also learned I liked to eat pussy -- at least Megan's, and I loved to saw my fingers into a woman's cunt. There were a whole lot of little things I learned or remembered about sex too. Oh, I didn't want to stop any of this. I wanted in the Club.

I did all that and as I lay there holding Megan our after glows, I realized I was still horny and wanted to get fucked again, this time by a guy.

* * * * *

The opportunity to get laid again came sooner than I thought. Megan, who had spent the night with Gary, had him call me for a date. I agreed but conditional that Gary came to dinner at my place. Megan had encouraged me to 'try out Gary' and see what I thought. I had a discussion with her about the protocol of sleeping with someone else's date the next night, but she assured me that this was just fine with anybody in the Club.

Megan said, "We enjoy variety. We may have our specials and favorites, but variety is what we are looking for. Everybody in the Club knows there is no exclusivity, and consequently, the 'Monogamous Dating Rule' is not favored. If you and your 'date' want to be exclusive, I expect several members would encourage you to drop out because across the Club anything goes at any time between consenting adults. We know sex and variety are what we want. Once in a while I've been busy or found one of the guys I wanted to go out with busy, but usually we can find a time to get together pretty quickly."

She paused and said, "Now, let me tell you about Gary."

Although Gary was about my height in bare feet, he had a libido about the size of Australia, and a cock that knew how to tease and please. After my dinner the following evening, and some cuddling in my living room, Gary made love to me until I passed out in the middle of the night from sexual fatigue -- the best kind. I think I'd had about ten earth-shattering orgasms, and to my surprise so had Gary. He had the stamina of a rooster in the hen yard. I thought he'd wear out or need some long recovery time, but not Gary. He was the energizer bunny, and just kept going and going. To my delight, I kept up with him until I dropped after a huge orgasm.

As I drifted off to sleep in Gary's comfortable arms, I thought how I'd died and gone to orgasm heaven. Twice in forty-eight hours, I been fucked to my heart's content, and turned into a blithering mass of sexual mush. So nice!

Gary's cock was back in my pussy first thing the next morning, and we started in again. The guy understood the science and the art of fucking. I felt as though I were in he hands of an expert. The expert let another blast of cum drench my insides as I crested to a new high atop his jerking body.

Gary left after breakfast, but not before I practiced my blowjob skills for the first time in probably eight years. Gary tasted like fresh salty mushrooms, and didn't mind kissing me after I'd tried to swallow most of his cum. I had purposefully allowed some of it to drip onto my breasts in a sexy maneuver. Gary liked that.

We kissed goodbye in mid-morning as I stood naked at my front door, and he was gone. Again, Gary told me he wanted to see me again, and hoped I'd be a regular at the Club events once I got admitted.

I met Megan for luncheon salads at Panera's, and we compared notes about Gary, Bill, and a few other men in the Club who I remembered from the previous social. Megan assured me that talking about the men and women in the Club was OK, and encouraged so long as the remarks weren't malicious or degrading. She also noted that if I had a bad experience in any way with someone, I was supposed to talk to them about it so they could change their behavior or technique. So far, I only had rave reviews.

My social calendar got dry after that. I thought about calling Bill or Gary, but I wasn't really in the Club so didn't feel comfortable exercising the rights of a Club member to ask for a date. A week or so later, Megan came by the house the following Saturday morning. The next Club social event was that evening, this time at the bar and lounge adjacent to the downtown marina. I figured I'd be going as a guest, until Megan told me the good news, I had been accepted as a full-fledged member of OPALS Club.

Surprised, I said, "But I thought I was going to be interviewed and assessed or something. Nobody talked to me."

Megan laughed, "What do you think the dates with Bill and Gary were about, plus the times we've made love?"

"You mean ..."

"Yep. They were genuine and not pretend dates, so please don't hold that against the men -- or me. They wanted to be with you, otherwise they wouldn't have asked you out or accepted your invitation. They also didn't want you on guard that you were being evaluated. I had to stop Gary from calling you back a few days ago until I could tell you this news. Besides, I love making love with you too. I hope you know how much I love you."

Megan routed around in her giant shoulder bag, and produced a large envelope. "Here's all the written poop about the Club and the membership directory as of June. Each person has a little bio about himself or herself in it to help you remember them. A woman named Janet Salisbury will call you next week to get your bio and a picture if you have one for the next edition in December and for our next newsletter. So think about how you want to be remembered. You can read mine in there as an example to see what I wrote."

Megan took a big breath, "Penny, remember this is all supposed to be fun. Don't worry or fret or develop angst about anything related to the Club. If it's not fun, talk to me and let me see if we can't make things right. I'm your sponsor and your mentor. I also love you, and I want you to find happiness and bliss in this Club -- with all the members."

"But I feel horny all the time, and I do feel angst about meeting men -- and women, I guess -- and going on dates. In a way, I feel like I'm in eighth grade."

"Did you feel this angst in college or afterwards when you were dating all the time?"

"Not as much. Probably not at all."

"So, as you start dating a lot in the Club, you can expect your worries to go away. It's just some nerves about a new situation. I promise you'll get used to it. Right now, you have access to about a hundred and thirty horny guys who would love to pleasure you in any way you can think of -- and probably a lot of women too. As pretty women we're in demand and the odds of a pleasurable experience are in our favor. Relax and enjoy."

* * * * *

I saw both Bill and Gary at the social that evening. I sidled up to both of them, gave each a kiss, and thanked them for their dates ... and the favorable ratings in terms of joining the Club. Sometime I wanted to find out exactly what it was I did to win their recommendation -- the fuck, the blowjob, my reaction to them, or what. I'd wait until we had our next date to ask each of them.

I met a whole new group of people at this social, and I also got a regular nametag. I saw a new man with a guest nametag, and I suspected I knew what would be happening to him in the very near future. I even saw Megan heading his way at one point.

I started talking to two men who I felt real chemistry with: Jon and Eric. Jon was a very handsome Scandinavian blond about six-four who taught tennis at a local golf and tennis club. Eric was a tall handsome man with a goatee who owned an antique shop downtown. The three of us walked around some of the marina docks with our drinks and talked about our various boating experiences. We were good company with each other.

Coming to a rather large cruiser ship with multiple decks, Eric turned and said, "Come, let me show you where I live."

My jaw dropped open. "You live HERE?"

Eric nodded, and then I allowed him to escort me onto the lower deck on his boat as Jon followed. Eric gave a tour, and I marveled at how spacious everything was, and at some of the amenities I would have only expected to see in a land-based home, for instance, a four-person hot tub.

As we got to the master bedroom, one of three separate bedrooms on the large yacht, Eric turned and kissed me. As I kissed him, I felt Jon snuggle up behind me. When my kiss with Eric broke, Jon turned me, and we kissed just as passionately.

Jon said in a hushed voice, "I think Eric and I would like to have a threesome with you." He looked expectantly at me.

My brain when into denial and shock, and then started to evaluate the situation. I found both men attractive and we had good chemistry. I had already thought about dating each of them -- individually. I envisioned myself asking Megan what to do, and I could hear her emphatically telling me to go screw everyone I could. She'd say, 'After all, wasn't this why you wanted to join the Club." She'd be right.

I pulled both men to me for kisses. "I've never done a threesome before, so you'll have to show me." I smiled broadly at the thought.

"With delight."

I sent Megan a quick text message telling her who I was with and where we were about to have a threesome. Seconds later, I got her reply: "You go, girl. You rock. Call me tomorrow. I'm going home with Bob Mason. Enjoy."

I alternately stripped each man as I lost my clothes to their hands, until we were each naked. I was getting showered with kisses from these two handsome men. They carefully picked me up and carried me onto the large bed. Once there, I was sucked on and fingered to my first orgasm.

I couldn't believe the stimulation having two men fawning over my breasts brought me, particularly when they both sucked on them simultaneously. But then Eric slithered down my body and started to eat my pussy as he fingered me, while Jon continued to suck and kiss my breasts and my lips. Eric's little beard gave me some extra stimulation, plus he had long fingers that knew exactly how to reach inside me to find my G-spot. The combination of fingers, kisses, and sucking by the two men brought me to orgasm in record time, and then the men switched places and did it again. Oh, such pleasure. Could this hedonistic act continue for a week or two?

Garth and I had teased each other a few times about making love in a threesome, but that's all it had ever been -- teasing. Now, here it was, and I wished Garth and I had experimented with this. He would have loved to see me get fucked by someone, and I now knew the joys of loving two men at once.

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