The Order: Training Lyla Pt. 02


"Goodnight, baby girl," I whispered in her ear. "See you in the morning."

"G—goodnight, Dad," she replied shakily.


After what seemed like hours later, I finally felt my father's grip loosen from my breast when he pulled away from me. I glanced at the clock; he'd only been holding me for a half hour. His penis had grown hard between my legs and it pulsed against my pussy like it was going to rip through my panties and plunge inside me. His thumb had flicked absently across my nipple so much that I wanted to pinch it to make the sensations go away. I pretended to sleep as he turned over.

"Anna," he whispered. "Turn over. I want to fuck you from behind."

"Mmm," Anna purred, sleepily. "I'm still wet from your daughter, Max. She's so fuckin' hot. Is she going to play too?"

"No, she's sleeping, baby. Stay quiet; she needs her rest."

"Ooooh, God Max," Anna whispered a moment later. I felt the mattress begin to move and their breathing became short and sharp. "Oooh, you make my pussy feel so good."

"Don't get comfortable," my father said, low in his throat. "I'm just getting my cock covered in your cream. I'm going to fuck your ass...hard."

Again, Anna moaned. I stiffened. Did that mean what I thought it meant? Was my dad going to put his penis up Anna's asshole? The teachers at The Order's All Girls Prep really needed to revise their lessons over sexual intercourse. The only thing I'd known was that a penis went inside a vagina.

The mattress stilled and I heard the blankets rustle on the other side of me. What was happening? Was he moving to her ass? I felt him move, just barely, and Anna sucked in a hiss.

"Ahhh." It was Anna, her voice tense. "Stretch my asshole, Max," she cooed. "That's right, sink it into me, balls deep."

My father groaned, then I felt him jerk and the mattress began to move steadily again. Anna moaned with each thrust until he moved faster and faster and I had to wonder if they thought I could sleep through this with the mattress bouncing beneath me.

"Oh God," Anna called out, loud enough to wake the dead. "Oh you're cock feels so good in my ass. Oh shit, Max...Oh I'm so close. Fuck my asshole Max. Harder, harder..."

I knew the moment that Anna orgasmed. She screamed out and the mattress slowed momentarily.

"Now finish me," my father said gruffly. "Ride my cock so I can cum deep in your ass."

"Mmm, yes. I want your cum up my shit hole. Are you pretending I'm your daughter? Pretend you're fucking Lyla's ass," without waiting for him to answer, she started moaning again. "Oh Daddy, fuck my little asshole. You're cock is so big, Daddy. I want to feel it inside me. Oh Daddy, it hurts but it feels so good. Make me feel good, Daddy."

My eyes popped open. I couldn't help it. Anna was pretending to be me?

My father let out something that sounded like a growl and the mattress started moving faster. They must have shifted so that Anna was sitting on top of my father because the bed began to bump up and down instead of side to side. He was fucking her so hard that I had to cling to the mattress to keep from bouncing with them.

"Oh, Daddy, fuck me. Cum deep in my hole, Daddy," Anna went on, her voice whining and begging.

"Ooh Lyla, that's right," my father said, and my mouth dropped open. He was playing along—pretending that he was fucking my ass instead of Anna's. "Ride Daddy's cock, baby girl. Take my meat all the way up your hole. Oh, fuck. That's right. Make Daddy cum."

My nipples, the same nipples that had been hard since...well since the night started...burned to be touched. The place between my legs was now not only wet but pulsing. I could feel it throb beneath the thin material of the thong.

"Oh yes, Daddy. I'm going to make you cum in my ass," Anna purred.

Suddenly, my father's hand grabbed onto my ass and he buckled.

"Oh, Lyla," he groaned. "Daddy's cumming. Daddy's cumming up your asshole."

Anna moaned softly and the bed stilled. My father's grip loosened on my ass but he didn't move his hand away.

"Was I a good Lyla?" Anna cooed.

"You did well," he replied, the only compliment he'd give her. "Now go to sleep."

I felt the bed shift as Anna moved off of him and back to her side of the bed. Then, my father turned back to me and spooned against me once again. His cock was wet as it slipped between my cheeks and nestled against my pussy hole. And just as before, his hand snuck beneath my nightgown and groped my breast, his thumb stroking my erect nipple for sometime before he dozed off. I lay awake for several hours before I too, fell asleep.

Chapter 4: Breakfast Training


The alarm went off at 9am and as sleepy as I was, I knew I wouldn't be getting any more sleep. The bed was empty, so I knew Daddy and Anna had already started their day so I went back to my room to get ready. I showered, then went into my closet where someone had already laid out my clothes for the day.

My new wardrobe was so much different from what I was used to wearing at school. Everything was tight and low cut, or tight and short. My underwear consisted of flimsy, lacy bras and flimsy, lacy thongs. It was as if I'd finally been allowed to grow up, and it was now all happening all at once.

I dressed in a pale pink, see-through thong, the matching push up bra, a tiny white micro skirt that just covered my rear, and pink tube top that left my midriff bare. The teachers had taught me how to do my hair and makeup and once I'd finished, I slipped on the pair of heels that had been placed beside my bedroom door. When I opened it, Uncle Peter was standing there, looking impatient.

"Finally, you're father's is in a foul mood," he said, grabbing my arm and pulling me down the hall. "You'll go before him so that he can inspect you, then do exactly as he says. Don't piss him off more than you already have."

"He's angry at me?" I ask, confused. What had I done wrong?

"Of course he's angry," Uncle Peter said. "You were a little cocktease last night in bed and he couldn't sleep," he scolded.

I was at a loss. He'd cum twice. Once while Anna and I had our mouths on him, and again in Anna's ass. I'd assumed that was what Anna was there for—to see to his sexual desires while my mother was away. Sure she was married, but my father was an important man in the Order, much more important than her husband was. If my father wanted something from him, he would take it. Even Anna.

But Uncle Peter was saying that I had been a cocktease? I had been asleep—or pretending to sleep—through their fucking and through the rest of the night. How had I teased him?

When we reached the dining room, Uncle Peter stopped and looked me over. His hands reached out to cup my breasts and I stepped back in surprise. He scowled at me. "That is the first and last time you pull away from a man of the Order, young lady. I won't punish you, on account of it being your first offense. But do it again, and know you will be disciplined."

I looked down and nodded. I knew better than to disobey a man, but it was instinctive to pull away from him. I didn't know him. Uncle Peter took another step toward me and reached for my breasts again. This time I didn't move and his fingers pulled down the tubetop so that my lacy pink bra was all that separated his fingers from my hardening nipples. He pushed me backward so that my back was against the wall and then leaned his head down to kiss me.

I remembered the way Daddy kissed me last night, and I was ready when I felt his tongue brush my lips. Obediently, I met his tongue with my own. Through the lacy bra, I felt him pinch my nipples and roll them between his fingers. Before I knew what was happening, he pulled away from my mouth and bent down to put his mouth to the lace. He breathed hot air through the fabric, warming me, then I felt his wet tongue flick my hardened nipple. A tiny moan escaped my mouth.

I'd felt Daddy's fingers on my nipples, and even Anna's, but now Uncle Peter was touching them and I wasn't sure how I felt about it. Sure it felt good, but what about Daddy? Would he be mad?

Uncle Peter finally straightened and pulled my top back over my breasts.

"You're going to make your father very happy, Lyla. Make sure to do everything he says," my uncle said, before he kissed me again and walked into the dining room. I followed him and stopped in the doorway.

Daddy sat in a chair at the dining table. His pants were undone and a girl from last night's party, the one wearing the black dress, was kneeling between his legs. Her lips were wrapped around my father's dick and she worked his cock up and down as he guided her head back and forth with his hands.

"Hmmm, oh yeah, just like that, Nikki, that's right. Mmmm," Daddy moaned. When he saw me, he beckoned me forward.

"Good morning, Lyla." Daddy said, his hands still working the girl's head.

"Good morning," I said awkwardly, trying not to look down at the girl between his legs.

"Did you meet Nikki at the party last night? She was entertaining your Uncle after the party, so she didn't join us in bed, but she's a very skilled Order woman." He said. "You're lucky that Nikki and Anna will be here for the day to help you learn how to be a woman. I suggest you listen to their advice. They know everything about how to make a man happy. Watch how Nikki sucks my cock. She lets me guide her head. I control the speed and depth to which I fuck her mouth. I can go slow and easy, like this. Or I can go fast and hard," he said, pushing her head up and down harder and faster and deeper. Nikki started to gag on his cock. He was pounding it in and out of her mouth just as hard as he had pounded it in and out of Anna's pussy the night before. When he finally pulled her all the way up, his dick popped out, covered in Nikki's spit.

"See, baby," Daddy said to me. "She doesn't fight me. She lets me have it exactly how I want it. If I want to fuck her throat, she deepthroats my whole cock. That is how a good Order woman behaves. Watch and learn, baby girl. This is the second part of your training that your teachers told you about."

"The second part of my training is" I asked, stunned.

Daddy laughed and pushed Nikki back down to suck him. "That's right baby. How are you to learn how to pleasure a man if you are not taught how to? You'll learn everything Nikki and Anna know."

"Sucking, fucking, and everything in between," Uncle Peter said as he unbuttons his slacks and pushes them down past his erection. His cock stood out, hard and thick. It wasn't as long as Daddy's, but is thicker around. He walked up to Nikki and pulled her to her feet, bending her over so that she was still sucking Daddy's cock. He flipped up her skirt and I could see that she didn't wear any panties.

Uncle Peter positioned himself between her, then pushed inside. Nikki's moan was muffled by my father's cock. As daddy fucked her face, Uncle Peter began to fuck her from behind, his thrusts fast and hard.

"Oh your pussy feels good, Nikki," Uncle Peter said before slapping her ass. Nikki squealed but kept sucking Daddy's cock. "Damn you've got a nice ass."

"Umm, like that, Nikki. Deep-throat my cock, baby... that's right," Daddy said, his eyes glued to my chest. "Lyla, come here," he said suddenly.

I walked toward him, hoping he couldn't tell how aroused I was by the sight in front of me. When I stopped in front of him, he reached out and pulled my tube top down, revealing my pink bra.

"Take it off," he said, disapprovingly. "I want to see your pert little nipples get hard while you watch."

Obediently, I reached back and undid the clasp. The pink lace dropped to the ground and my breasts popped free, hanging naked above my bunched tube top. I feel awkward stand half naked in front of my father and uncle but knew better that to cover myself. Clearly they wanted to see my breasts, so I had to obey or be punished.

"Mmm," Daddy said, reaching up to gather my tit in his hand. "You have the best rack I've ever seen. Look at this Peter, doesn't she have the best set of jugs?"

"Damn straight," Uncle Peter replied, staring at my chest. "I couldn't help myself earlier. I just had to take a handful."

Daddy chuckled. "Perfect tits, perfect nips," he said, rubbing his finger over my nipple.

Their approval gave me confidence and the hesitation I had about being topless in front of them began to lessen.

Without warning, he pulled me toward him and flicked his tongue against the hard bud. I sucked in a breath as he drew it into his mouth and began to suckle it. One of his hands kneaded my breast, and the other trailed its way down my back and over my ass. I felt as he squeezed my cheek, then pushed my skirt up. His fingers went lower and lower and I didn't even realize that I was moaning and pressing my tits harder against him. When his fingers moved aside the fabric of my thong, I felt his bare skin on my pussy.

"Oh baby," he said against my breast. "You're little clit wants to be played with. Do you want me to play with it?"

"Mmm, yes... please." Again, I was lost in the pleasure of it, not caring that it felt wrong to have my father touch me in this way.

"You want Daddy to rub your pussy? To make Daddy's little girl feel good?"

"Mmmhmm," I moaned, wiggling against him.

Before I knew what he was doing, his fingers began to rub my wet cunt. I could feel his slippery fingers rub circles around my clit, then dip inside my hole, just as Anna's had the night before. I moaned and writhed on his fingers, then pulled his mouth to my nipple again. He licked it before biting it sharply. I let out a surprised yelp but didn't stop grinding against his fingers. Faster and faster he rubbed until I could feel the pressure building within me. When he bit my nipple the second him, I felt my orgasm start. Ripples of sensation coursed through me and I screamed. When I'd finished, Daddy pulled my head down and kissed me, even as he pumped furiously in and out of Nikki's mouth. Soon, his body jerked and he moaned into my mouth, but he never broke the kiss.

When Nikki raised her head from Daddy's cock, Uncle Peter pulled her to the side so that Daddy could see her being fucked. My father took my hand and directed me to sit in his lap. My legs shaking, I was grateful to sit down. I still wore my thong panties, but Daddy's pants were pulled down, his cock still erect. He pulled me up against his chest so that his dick stuck straight up between my legs, rubbing against my swollen pussy. I could feel it through my thin panties and it frightened me. Would he want to put it inside of me next?

Before I could wonder, Daddy pulled me back so that I leaned comfortably against his chest. His hands went to my tits and he fondled them as he whispered in my ear.

"Watch how he fucks her, Lyla. See how he rams his fat cock into her little hole?"

I nodded, watching the two fuck just a few feet from me.

"You'll be doing that before long, baby. You're going to love big cocks in your virgin pussy."

I shiver, feeling his cock stir between my legs.


She was so close... Lyla sat on my lap, my cock between her legs. The only thing keeping me from what I wanted were those damn lacy panties.

Not much longer, I reminded myself. I'd be inside of her in no time. She was reacting to me better than I could have hoped.

As we watched Peter and Nikki fuck, I played with Lyla's tits. I tried to forget that my cock was nestled up against her virgin cunt, but it was impossible. The heat and wetness of her pussy was like a magnet to my dick and it responded by twitching to life, throbbing and pulsing between her legs. I was fully erect and my cockhead had burrowed through her thighs and was now visible in her lap. Every few minutes she'd flex her thigh muscles, making my shaft twitch.

I imaged what it would be like to turn her around and sit her down on my cock. She'd scream, that was for sure. Some girls were moaners, some girls were screamers. Lyla was most definitely a screamer.

She watched intently as Peter thrust in and out of Nikki. Her hands gripped the armrests on either side of us, her little thighs quivering around my prick. I had to content myself with fondling her perfect tits and pinching her hard nipples. Every so often, she'd let out a little moan of pleasure.

"Do you like watching Uncle Peter?" I asked.

Without answering, she nodded.

"Do you want Nikki to teach you how to do that? To take a cock like that?"

"Mm hm," she mumbled.

"Good girl. I'm so proud of you for being so grown up, baby. You're following directions so well," I said as my hands wandered from her rack to her flat belly. "You're going to spend most of the day with Nikki and Anna. They're going to train you on how to act like a good Order woman. They'll teach you some important lessons so be sure to pay attention. Do you understand, Lyla?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said softly.

My hands roamed over her rolled up tube top and slipped under the waistband of her miniskirt. Lyla froze when she felt my hand slip under her panties. Even her breathing was shallow, those lovely tits barely lifted with each inhale.

Her pubic mound was bare of hair and was silky smooth. My fingers slid right over the soft skin and past the curling lips to her wet pussy. I nudged her thighs apart and found her clit with my finger. When I flicked it, Lyla jumped and I wrapped my free arm around her waist to keep her in place. It must still be sensitive from before. Good. I wanted to tease her.

I took hold of her knees and parted her legs, hooking them over the outside of my own legs. To expose more of her pussy, I'd simply have to part my legs and hers would be forced to follow. I returned my hand to her mound, drawing circles around her clit with my finger, every so often dipping them down to her tight hole and smearing her cream into her pink flesh.

"Look at her tits bounce back and forth every time Uncle Peter slams his cock into her," I whispered into Lyla's ear. I rubbed her little nub a little faster as I went on. "Listen to her moans, baby. Doesn't she love Uncle's dick?"

Lyla didn't answer, only spread her legs a little further apart, giving me more access to her own pussy. I couldn't help my smirk. The little slut was practically asking for me to shove my cock in her tight hole. She wanted it---wanted to feel what Nikki felt. Wanted her daddy to bend her over and take her virginity.

And what the hell? So did I. But she wasn't ready yet. She still needed a little more training and a lot more teasing. By the time I fucked her sweet cunt, Lyla would be begging for it.

Playing with Lyla's pussy was really turning me on. My cock stood up straight between her legs and my hand brushed against it as I flicked, pinched, and rubbed my daughter's clit. As her arousal grew, she began to roll her hips. Her ass cheeks cupped my dick and I knew I needed to cum again. My fingers left her pussy and I grabbed the wet strip of lace that separated my baby's hole from my cock. With a quick jerk, the flimsy material ripped.

I took my cock in my hand and slapped it against her bare sex. She was so wet that each time I smacked my dick against her cunt, my member and thighs were splashed with her juices.

"Daddy needs to cum again, sweetheart. I need you to help me, okay?" I whispered into her ear.

Without waiting for her reply, I lifted her from my lap and stood us both up.

"Take off your top," I instructed her as I reached onto the table and grabbed a couple of yellow place mats. "Now lay down on the floor, face up." Kneeling beside her, I balled up the place-mats and tucked them under her head like a pillow.

Damn she was beautiful, laid out before me, naked except for her white mini. I moved on top of her, straddling her belly and positioning my rod between her full tits.

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