tagMind ControlThe Ornament

The Ornament


I stumbled and almost fell off the stepladder. The enormous garland I was trying to put up snarled in my dishwater blonde hair and tumbled over my glasses. I had a horrible sensation of vertigo as I looked down at my four roommates. Why was decorating for the holidays so damn difficult? And why did the ceilings of these old apartment buildings have to be so high?

"Oops! Careful Anne," said Kevin as he steadied me. Kevin was a handsome black pre-med student. I tried not to blush as he helped me down, but ever since I had met him it was hard to keep my mind on my schoolwork. After three and a half months of coed living while I worked on my psych masters I really should have been to the point where one of them getting close didn't affect me anymore. I tried to think of them as just people I lived with for convenience. We were just a bunch of nice normal grad students living together to share expenses. Some days though, that was harder to do than others.

This was definitely one of those days. Our resident architect Rose had broken out a bottle of pinot noir about an hour earlier and one bottle had quickly become two. She and our final roomie Jeff had been micromanaging the tree together. I was tipsy and barely avoided a broken neck if not for Kevin. I tried to push out of my mind how nice his arms had felt when he caught me. We had to keep things casual or the arrangement would never work.

Jeff pulled down a box of odds and ends he had collected over the years studying cultural anthropology. "I think there may be some things in here we can use," he said. His soft brown eyes scanned the contents as he habitually stroked his goatee. Jeff was the type of guy girls fantasized about while he was none the wiser. I had three classmates try to get me to fix them up with him, but he was always too busy planning for his next trip or writing about the last one and he turned them all down. One of them even accused me of wanting him for myself. I denied it, but the fact was when Kevin wasn't occupying my thoughts Jeff would often as not crawl into them.

Kevin laughed and I switched my attention back to him. He said, "You should probably stay off the ladder, especially if you are having any more of this." He handed me my wine glass. I had almost forgotten he had gone to get me a refill. Rose had found a particularly good vintage at Trader Joe's and she had stocked up. It was a good thing too. At this rate the case would probably barely last through New Year's.

"Maybe I should slow down?" I asked. I didn't want to look like a lush.

"No way. Don't stress on it tonight. We can hang the stuff later. Why don't we help Rose and Jeff with the tree?" he replied with a grin.

"Sure," I said, covering up my embarrassment and crossing the room over to the boxes surrounding our other roommates.

Jeff was lifting something carefully out of the box. "Oh wow. I had forgotten I bought this," he said. His voice sounded far away. He slowly lifted out a fragile ornament of spun glass. It was a fairly simple red ball, but I couldn't take my eyes away. The way the light caught it was breathtaking. He turned it over in his hand and it shifted and scattered the light around off its uneven surface in moving patterns.

Rose asked with a bit of awe, "Where did you get it?"

"I found it in a curio shop when I was in Germany last summer. I remember I saw it and I thought it looked like something I had seen in one of my books. I...I don't remember what now. I went in and just couldn't stop looking at it so I bought it. It seems so odd I forgot about it. And yet now I remember it...not exactly clearly. Hmmm, I remember going back to the hostel and there were these two hot Italian girls and..." Jeff trailed off with a grin on his face, obviously remembering something particularly pleasant.

I tried to roll my eyes at his bragging, but I couldn't look away from the ornament. There were so many facets and odd imperfections and the light kept playing on it differently. It was endlessly fascinating. Something in the back of my head thought it was odd that Jeff was talking about getting laid; it wasn't his style. The answer was immediately there; what man would turn down the inducement of two women? What was wrong with bringing it up? It was better to be honest and open about these kinds of things, wasn't it? I followed the logical progression and the conclusion felt right. In fact it made me feel giddy. That seemed odd. It must have been the wine going to my head.

Jeff hung it in a place of honor near the top of the tree. "It's beautiful," I heard Rose say. There was something a little odd in her her tone, but I totally agreed with her; the ornament was lovely. It was turning very slowly from the radiator's flow and the blinking lights made for an ever-shifting display. I couldn't stop staring. I didn't want to stop. The more I watched the more relaxed I felt and the better the whole world seemed. My skin tingled. The ornament was searing itself into my retinas. It was like a flame, dancing around seductively. Seductively...why had the word come to mind? I wondered, but it was easier not to wonder. It was easier to watch the ornament spin and the lights to play on its surface.

It was starting to get really warm in the apartment. The thought bubbled up that I should take off my sweater. Why not? I had a camisole on underneath. Was a camisole decent in mixed company? I began to wonder again. Quickly the wonder faded as the heat increased and I couldn't handle it any more. I shrugged myself out of the sweater. The tingling had spread through my whole body leaving it extremely sensitized. I fought the urge to fondle my aching breasts and the need increased almost to the point of pain. The air didn't feel any cooler since I had taken off my sweater, but I noticed my nipples were hard beneath the camisole. How embarrassing! I hoped no one had noticed as I struggled to pull my eyes away to look around.

Jeff was standing in the same place he had been since he put the ornament on the tree. He seemed rooted to the spot, he appeared lost in thought and was still stroking his beard. Kevin was sitting cross-legged on the floor a little ways away and also seemed to be thinking deeply as beads of sweat dripped from his face. Rose was sitting in an armchair. Her red hair was damp on her brow over her hazel eyes which were slightly glazed over. She had taken off her cardigan and I saw her nipples were hard too; poking out through her t-shirt. I had never noticed before just how nice Rose's breasts looked. They weren't large, but the shape was perfect. I saw myself stroking them, my fingers drinking in the softness of her skin. Wait, why was I looking at her breasts? What was I dreaming about? I had never thought about anything like that that before...with any woman.

The lights bouncing off the mantle drew my eye back to the ornament and my mind had the answer as if by magic. Why wouldn't I be looking at Rose's rack? It was normal to appreciate beauty and to respond. That made sense. Everything made sense. Why did I need to ask questions? It was better to just look and feel and accept. At that thought a wave of pleasure spilled over me and it became harder to think. That didn't really matter now. I didn't need to think. I didn't want to think. Why bother when it felt so good to let go?

The ornament shone like the heart of a star and I was falling in to the center. It was a brilliant spiral and I wanted to just keep this sensation going forever. It was burning hotly and so was I. Every inch of me felt on fire. I noticed that I was sitting in a half lotus and my other leg was curled up underneath me and the heel of my foot was grinding into my mound through my jeans. I was a little surprised, but I couldn't bring myself to shift positions. It felt too good. Every inch of me was screaming with need and my body was demanding stimulation. A part of me started to protest that masturbating in the living room in front of my roommates wasn't ok. Was I so drunk I had lost all my inhibitions? The other part, the part that felt so relaxed and joyful, asked me why I should hide. We lived together, why should we bother with pretenses? The heat in the apartment was getting oppressive. I was in my own home. Why did I need clothes? It would feel so good to get out of my clothes.

I started to unbutton my jeans and looked around the room again. I felt a tiny bit of shock when I saw that Jeff and Kevin were both down to their boxer shorts. Something was going on here...something was wrong. Or was it? Hadn't I just been thinking how hot it was and how good it would feel to get out of my clothes? Of course the guys felt the same way. It must be all the wine we had drunk. I tried to ignore the bulge poking out of Kevin's shorts, but I couldn't stop myself from wanting to see more. I had imagined what Kevin's cock looked like dozens of times before, but never had my daydreams been so vivid. I could see veins pulsing and almost feel what it would be like in my hand.

My fuzzy mind remembered the day we all met. Our mutual friend Christina knew Rose needed roommates and knew I needed a new place to live since I was 22 and sick of living in the dorms on campus. I had to find a place close by and it definitely fit the bill; convenient and in my price range. When I got there to look the place over and came face to face with the best looking guy I had ever seen.

"Hi," I mumbled, looking down. "I'm looking for Rose Potter? Does she live here?" I couldn't look him in the eye. I had always been shy around guys, especially ones as out of my league as this one.

He smiled pleasantly and I nearly swooned. "Yeah she does. Come on in. I'm Kevin I just rented one of the rooms."

I blushed. I tried not to, but I was kind of freaked out at the idea of living with a man. "Oh. How many people are living here?"

Rose came in just then. "Hi, are you Anne? Nice to meet you, I'm Rose. To answer your question, I have four rooms. So far I've rented out one to Kevin here and I'm in another. I have a guy from my American Poetry seminar coming later to look at the place as well. I trust Christina to not send me a flake and Kevin here is an old family friend. I didn't want to have to put up a flyer on campus or God forbid Craigslist and get a bunch of creeps so I hope you like the place. Come on in and I'll show you around." As I walked away I had to lift my eyes and I couldn't avoid seeing the outline of Kevin's perfect prick through his jeans. I had my first fantasy of what it looked like right then; and every night for the first month afterwards.

I admit now I was even more freaked out at the thought of living with two men, but the place was perfect on every other level and the thought of time around Kevin was a major turn on so I signed the lease that day. Things fell into place relatively quickly. I met Jeff the day I moved in and we immediately bonded over our mutual fondness of garlic lover's pizza and dissecting Carl Jung. We all loved Kubrick and Scorsese and hated Michael Bay. None of us liked dubstep and beyond that we all had pretty divergent but not incompatible tastes in music. All in all when we weren't busy with our work and were around each other we got along rather well. It was also really nice to have my own room and more privacy, especially since I was running through a couple sets of batteries a month thinking about Kevin and Jeff.

My heel dug into my pants harder than ever and I realized I wasn't just working my pussy, but I was also rubbing the entrance to my asshole. I had never done anything anal. I never knew that area was capable of so much sensation and now it was twitching with desperate need. I thought about what a finger or... even more would feel like back there and I shake with lust. Why was it so hot? Why did the why matter?

I pulled down my jeans and kicked them off. No one noticed. Now I only had on the camisole and my cotton briefs damp with my sweat and juices. It felt natural for us all to be sitting around in our underwear. Why should I worry about it if nobody else was worried? There was no need to worry or to wonder. It was much easier not to worry. I felt that sensation of giddiness return and I went with it instead of fighting and the giddiness increased. It was like a blanket smothering my thoughts and it felt wonderful. Why worry and wonder and think? Why waste the energy? There were so many better uses for that energy.

A last little part of me asserted itself. I knew what was happening. I was a psychology major and I knew the signs of hypnosis. But how? There was no hypnotist. No induction. Why was I slipping into this state? I began to panic. How had I lost control? And to what? Another pleasure wave rolled over me as I struggled to get my thoughts together. It was a losing battle. I knew I was going into trance and it felt so good. I was not in control of my own mind and that thought felt even better; like a butterfly kiss on my clit. I tried to fight the powerful sensations, but the more I thought about what I was fighting the harder it became to fight, or think.

Why should I fight? There was no sinister Svengali here. I was in my apartment with my roommates. There was no reason to keep fighting against something that felt so good. I knew what was happening and if anything that made it even better. My subconscious mind was opening up like a flower unfurling its petals. I knew the dangers of the hidden parts of the mind and I knew sometimes it had to be released or processed. I had fought my own needs and held them down so long; working endlessly on my schoolwork. How could anyone feel anything after years of studying mental malfunction? I wanted to lose control and sink into a world of pure pleasure. The heady, giddy feeling increased again. I needed to cum. If I could just cum it would clear my head enough I could make this stop. If I could just cum...

I heard an inarticulate moan behind me and I was distracted momentarily. Maybe the distraction could pull me out. I forced myself to look away and turned towards the sound. Rose was completely naked and drenched in sweat. Three fingers were rapidly moving in and out of her dripping wet pussy. That must feel so good. I couldn't stop watching her get off. With every orgasm she coaxed from herself she cried a little louder and her posture grew more relaxed. I wondered if Rose would finger my begging box. Then I could cum and stop falling deeper and deeper down into this state.

I started to crawl over to her chair; my eyes glued to her glistening folds. I watched the moisture gather on her lower lips and I wanted so much to lick up the little droplets. I knew it would taste divine. How had I never realized how wonderful and hot and delicious women could be? As I crawled I kicked off my panties and pulled off my camisole. I was burning up with fever and lust; the pleasure filling my mind becoming more insistent and firm. Pleasure was to be shared. Of course, it was so simple. We were all taught in Kindergarten; sharing was best and most fair. Maybe if I gave Rose pleasure she would share in return.

I ran my hands up her leg and watched her shudder in ecstasy. Her other hand started stroking my hair, pulling my face close to her own. My first kiss from a woman was soft and delicate; then increasingly passionate. I saw the glazed look in her eyes and knew I must look the same way and that made me shiver; the fog of pleasure further taking over my mind. She took her fingers out of her pussy and I licked them clean as I replaced them with mine. She clenched around me, twitching and jerking viciously.

She pulled me into the chair with her; her hands teasing and twisting my nipples. She leaned in to kiss me again. I could feel myself floating away on a tide of bliss. We heard a noise behind us and broke our lip lock. Rose had an enormous grin on her face as she turned me around so I could see too. Kevin had also crawled across the room; to Jeff. Both of them had ditched their boxers at some point and Jeff had fallen to his knees as well. The stood kneeling in front of each other; Kevin was furiously stroking his erect dick as he swallowed Jeff down his throat. Jeff's hand was playing with Kevin's balls and scrotum. Both of them had the same look of blank glee as Rose and I. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I don't remember when I had stopped fighting what was happening, but now the concept seemed absurd. Why fight? There were so many better uses for that energy. I knew I had thought that before, but I couldn't remember when and not remembering felt so good. I looked at Kevin's dick and sighed. It looked exactly as I imagined it would; long, reasonably thick and standing straight and tall and firm. Then I forgot my imagination as the real thing was better than any dream.

Jeff opened his eyes and looked over at us and smiled. It was the sweetest, most joyful smile I had ever seen. He motioned for Kevin to look and they watched us while we watched them. Rose's hand had made its way to my clit and labes and was tracing little circles. Circles, spirals, around and around, down and down, deeper and deeper. Falling into the heart of the star, burning like a solar furnace. Two fingers plunged into my tunnel and I exploded like a nova. It didn't stop the heat. It increased it and made it burn fiercer and brighter. I had to share some of this heat or it would burn me up. I still wanted to taste Rose. I wanted to lick and eat and bring my housemate the same delight she was bestowing.

I broke our kiss again and moved my lips down over her body. I could taste the salt of her skin and savored it as the best of seasonings. I knelt on the floor and momentarily ached as the position forced her hand out of my snatch. I could still see the ornament in my mind's eye, swirling and undulating and I let my mind swirl as I plunged my face between her thighs. I almost cried at the sheer peace I felt. We lived together and shared each other's space. Why shouldn't we share ourselves?

I heard Jeff and Kevin coming up behind me and the pleasure fog grew heavier. My wildest and dirtiest fantasies, the ones I had never dared to acknowledge, were coming true. I felt a tongue trace along underneath me from my belly to my breasts and saw Kevin lying down between my legs. His face lined up with mine and we shared a kiss mingled in Rose's folds. His gorgeous ebon cock was standing straight up throbbing against my clit. I no longer wanted to stop my body from its natural reaction. I impaled myself on his shaft the way I had dreamt about since the day we met. I had never imagined I would have my tongue deep inside Rose at the same time, but I wouldn't have had it any other way now that it had happened.

Jeff ran his hand over and lifted up my buttocks. A finger danced around my aching asshole, the only part of me still left unsatisfied. The finger pushed in to me and I was absorbed by the brand-new thrill. It felt like a tidal wave building up behind a dam. A second finger joined the first and opened me up further. I was lost in feeling. Lost in a growing furor of desire and spinning, twirling titillation. I felt the head of his unit, still slick from Kevin's attentions, push against the ring of muscles and then they gave way. I almost screamed in overheated passion. Instead Kevin covered my mouth with his as we both pushed our tongues deep into Rose. She squealed with delight and her juices rained down over our faces. We licked the moisture off of each other's cheeks as I continued to ride his considerable girth.

Jeff plunged deep into my ass as I bounced on Kevin and drove my tongue further and further into the writhing Rose. The tidal wave broke and shattered the dam. Jeff was barely able to stay in as my backside bucked and shuddered and twitched. I clenched tightly around Kevin's cock and he cried out. His orgasm triggered all of us to go off at once in repeated rounds of fitful fulfillment. Yet it still wasn't enough. None of us could stand to stop.

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