tagLoving WivesThe Other Men In My Life Ch. 03

The Other Men In My Life Ch. 03


"What the hell are you doing, Sophie?" I cursed myself. "What the hell are you doing?"

Standing in the middle of the room I looked at myself in the mirror. "I shouldn't be here." I said, admiring Tommy's taste in lingerie. I was wearing the sexy red basque that Tommy had sent me. It had a sexy black flora lace overlay which included black see thru panties and red stockings. He trusted me with the shoes and I didn't disappoint with a shiny pair of black four inch heels.

I was ready, or as ready as Tommy expected me to be, but fear and guilt was starting to set in, a mixture of emotions had taken over and I was starting to have second thoughts as images of my husband crept into my head.

Then suddenly there was a knock on the door. Three slow knocks to be precise, and I knew it was Tommy. This was it. No going back now. I swallowed, my throat dry with anticipation as my heart started to beat faster and faster. I heard the sound of a key card slid in and out of the door, and then I watched nervously as the door handle moved downwards. A murmur of fear escaped my lips as I turned to face the door, but not before I noticed my hard and prominent nipples through the thin lace fabric of the basque.

I suddenly felt nauseous as everything seemed to turn into slow motion. Within seconds Tommy was standing before me. He was tall; suddenly remembering I had only seen him sat in his pick-up and on his webcam. I already knew he was handsome but he looked even hotter with his toned muscles bulging in his tight designer t-shirt and pants.

Tommy looked me up and down and smiled any thoughts of backing out suddenly evaporated as his appreciation of my efforts were obvious.

"Hello, are you Mrs Williams?" Tommy asked, still smiling.

"That depends ..." I teased, "are you my secret admirer?"

"Yes," he grinned.

"Well then ... I'm Mrs Williams." I replied.

"Excellent, because your here to be fucked!"

Two days previous I was sat at my office desk when a package arrived from "a secret admirer." I opened the card that had been cello taped onto the box and read it:

Dear Sophie

I hereby demand your company this Sunday evening (when your husband leaves you for work, again!) at the Woodhall Hotel Resort and Spa. You are to arrive at the front desk 7pm prompt, do not be late. You will be given a key to a room where you will immediately go to. Inside that room you will remove your clothes and neatly hang them in the wardrobe. Then you will dress in the attire I have supplied in the box you have just received. An overnight bag is optional should you wish to stay the night. And you will be ready 8pm on the dot, dressed with hair and full make-up.


"Hey, what's in the box, Sophie," Helen, my colleague shouted across the office.

"Oh, it's just Rhys being romantic," I lied, "for my eyes only." I laughed nervously.

"Something sexy is it?" One of the men chuckled.

I quickly stood up with the box, clutching it against my side as I headed out of the office to my car.

"Where are you going?" My boss, Ian, grinned.

"Cigarette break!" I replied, turning out of the office.

I could hear the roars of laughter as I left. The box was white but had a big red heart shaped bow on the front, thanks for being discreet Tommy, you fucking arsehole I thought. And how the hell did he know where I worked?

I got to my car opened the boot and placed the box inside. I lit a cigarette and read the card again. Bloody hell Tommy I thought throwing the card inside the boot. I quickly removed the lid on the box and gasped at its contents. Staring up at me was the most gorgeous red and black basque I had ever seen. I looked at the tag and saw it was designer. I lifted it up but kept it inside the boot of my car just in case somebody walked past, and underneath the basque I discovered some sexy panties and stockings to match. There was another card demanding I choose the sexiest shoes to go with the lingerie.

Shocked, embarrassed and defiantly excited I took my mobile phone out of my bag and began to text Tommy. I was about to send the message thanking him before I suddenly came to my senses. What the hell are you doing, Sophie. I thought. This is madness. You can't accept or allow this to happen.

But I did. Another weekend with Rhys and I couldn't wait to meet Tommy. It sounds terrible now but at the time it didn't feel terrible. Rhys had always found extra work stressful, he couldn't seem to handle it but he always wanted the big salary. The worst thing was we didn't even need the money.

Cuckolding my husband reignited the passion back into our marriage, but then he took this promotion and our passion went away again. I'm not justifying what I did, but being a "hotwife" brought us to life and no job or amount of money could take that away from me. Not yet anyway.

I entered the hotel lobby and paused. Looking around I felt anxious. I looked up at the large clock that hung above the hotel reception and noted the time. 6:55pm. Five minutes to calm down and regain control of my emotions I thought, gazing at the business men and women checking in courtesy of their corporate companies. I had kissed my husband goodbye and told him to have a safe trip only a few hours ago. What a bitch I thought to myself, wondering if Rhys was doing this very same thing at this very same moment, checking in ready for a week of hard work.

I took a deep breath and stepped towards the pretty blonde standing behind the large marble topped desk. God knows what the young girl thought as I trembled at her questioning. She only asked for some personal details, the usual when you check in to a hotel. I was like a nervous wreck by the time I stepped into the elevator clutching my key card so tight my knuckles had turned white.

Finally entering room 204, a number I shall never forget, I smiled at how expensive this must have all been for Tommy. My nerves disappeared as I suddenly became overwhelmed by everything. The room was a double deluxe and I was immediately seduced by its modern decor and artwork that hung from every wall. Running my hand over the ice bucket, containing a bottle of champagne and two flutes I opened the bathroom door and smiled with delight, a large bath for two, and a walk in shower. I hated hotels that combined baths and showers.

Like a big kid I fell back onto the bed, forgetting the reasons I had come to the hotel. I rolled over onto my tummy and grabbed the covers in my hands, feeling the fine fabric. This is nice I thought. I looked down at my wrist and stared at my watch, forty minutes to get ready, I started to panic. What if I just stay dressed as I am and then tell Tommy I can't go through with it?

To clear my thoughts I opened the window and lit a cigarette. Taking a few deep inhales I turned to the box, tugged the ribbon and removed the lid. I smiled down at the lingerie for a few moments before crushing out my cigarette and removing my jacket ... suddenly changing my mind yet again.

I closed the curtains, took off my clothes and after hanging them up as strictly instructed I slipped my nervous but excited body into the erotic basque and panties. The soft lace fabric made me feel incredibly sexy as it fit perfectly, hugging my slender frame. I admired my firm breasts, cupping and weighing them in my hands before turning my body to the side and smiling at my rear in the mirror. I then rolled the red stockings up my soft, toned legs and stepped into my black four inch heels.

My heart was now racing excitement as I admired my reflection in the mirror, oozing the come and get me look. I felt fabulous. I felt like a lingerie model. Having already done my hair I removed the bobble and shook my head allowing my long brown wavy locks to flow freely down my back. I then quickly went through my bag and touched up my make-up, applying fresh red lipstick that matched my nails and basque, some mascara and foundation.

I checked my watch before removing it and slipping it into my bag. Shit. Five minutes to go, and then the doubts began to creep back in. "What the hell are you doing, Sophie?

"Hello, are you Mrs Williams?"

"That depends ... are you my secret admirer?"


"Well then ... I'm Mrs Williams."

"Excellent, because your here to be fucked!"

I gasped at his statement, my jaw fell open trying not to giggle, whilst Tommy admired my body, running his sexy dark eyes over my curves.

"You look amazing, Sophie," he said, "I knew you would."

I smiled and blushed like a schoolgirl at his words, feeling my nipples harden further. Tommy removed his t-shirt and it was my turn to explore his sexy body. For an older guy he kept himself in great shape and it added to my arousal, fuelling my fire before he removed his jeans and socks. Standing in front of me in just his boxers and I could see his cock growing harder as we stood admiring each other. My body was now raging with excitement as I stared down at his groin biting my lower lip.

Tommy placed a finger under my chin and lifted my head to look at him. "Your my cheating hotwife, aren't you, Sophie?" He said before kissing me forcefully. I opened my mouth and welcomed the kiss, but his words bounced around my head making me feel guilty again.

"What's wrong?" he asked, as I suddenly pulled away. "Do you want to leave?"

I stared into his eyes for only a moment, but it felt like an eternity. "No ... but I ... I don't think I should be here." I mumbled.

Tommy smiled and removed his boxers. I shook my head and smiled back at him. "I want to fuck you, Sophie, and I know you want me to fuck you too ... don't you. I can see it in your eyes, hear it in your breathing and I have read it in your e-mails."

He stepped closer stroking himself before taking my hand and placing it on top of his cock. Instinctively I wrapped my hand around the shaft and gently took over stroking him. He placed both his hands on his hips and sighed, closing his eyes and thrusting his hips towards me.

I tentatively stroked his cock, enjoying the feeling of him throbbing in my tiny hand. Without further thought or delay I sank to my knees, tilted my head to the side and licked the underside of his shaft, from the base to the tip and back again. Tommy lifted himself up onto his tiptoes before falling back onto his heels again, grunting as I teased his hard, sensitive cock.

I continued to tease him, running my tongue up and down his shaft, savouring the taste before he decided he had had enough and grabbed a handful of my hair. I opened my mouth and swallowed his swollen head, again he grunted and cursed before I took his length as deep as I could, sucking him deeper before withdrawing and then sinking my mouth back down him again. I did this three or four times before Tommy grabbed my head with one hand, then grabbed my left breast through the basque with his other hand and then started fucking my mouth. I gripped his arse cheeks and dug my nails into his tensed flesh. Quickly finding some stability I was able to bob my head back and forth in time with his thrusts, allowing his cock deeper down my throat.

His panting and grunting turned me on as he continued airing his pleasure. His hand was rough on my breast but also nice as he slipped it inside the cup of the basque and started squeezing it and teasing my aching nipple. I was so turned on I hadn't realised that I had slid a hand into my panties and was now circling my clit. I teased the sensitive little bud before stopping every few seconds to slide a single finger quickly in and out of my quivering pussy. I was soaking wet and couldn't wait to get Tommy's big cock inside me.

A few more minutes and I would have climaxed and probably screamed the hotel down, but Tommy was also close and without warning he pulled away insisting I don't make him cum too soon.

"Now it's my turn. I want to taste your juicy cunt!" He spat.

I loved the animal in Tommy. I loved it on webcam, I loved it in his pick-up the first time we met and I loved it now at this very moment as he quickly pulled me up onto my feet and led me to the bed. I loved rough sex, but most men however macho they think they are usually too afraid to fuck a girl's mouth properly in case she stops, and in most cases they are probably right to be.

My breathing was heavy and my heaving breasts, barely contained in the basque, hadn't gone unnoticed by Tommy as he jumped on top of me, between my legs and buried his face in my cleavage. He licked my breasts and neck, gently kissing and nibbling on the sensitive areas of my flesh whilst sliding his hands around my back and quickly unzipping the basque. My back arched as I felt the restriction ease around my body, my breasts seemed to relax and become more sensitive as the blood rushed back into them.

Quickly sliding the basque down my body a couple inches, Tommy exposed my bust and immediately started sucking and biting and teasing my nipples. A rush of adrenaline shot up my spine as a hand, Tommy's hand, was suddenly pushed up hard against my pussy, rubbing and easing the ache that was building there. He teased me like this for a few minutes before removing my panties. Still sucking on my nipples he shimmied up onto his knees and as smooth as you like, slid my panties down and off. I lifted my bum off the bed to help him and when he tossed them onto the floor he quickly shoved his hands under my bum and cupped my tight cheeks, feeling how smooth they were.

I was now lying under Tommy on top of the bed in just my red stockings and black four inch heels, he was naked and I could feel his solid cock rubbing against me, little wet sticky patches on my thighs as his pre-cum seeped from the tip of his cock.

"Fuck me!" I begged. "Fuck me now!"

"Not yet. I want to taste your pussy." He said, remaining in control.

As Tommy slid down my body, planting little soft kisses as he went, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, full with anticipation. Tommy was already positioned between my legs but once his head was inches from my soaking wet pussy I spread them a little further for him.

Tommy teased, starting slowly as he slid his tongue up the right side of my pussy around my swollen clit and then back down the left side. "Ohhhhhh yes," I moaned.

Tommy continued to lap at my entrance this way, teasing up one side then down the other before running his tongue up and over both of my lips. It felt so good, so intense, as I moved my hips, trying to entice him inside, and then ... "yes ... oh yes, ohhh fuck Tommy!" I moaned loudly, his tongue parting my sensitive folds, penetrating the very inside of my pussy with his slippery tongue. "Ohhhhhh yes," I quivered on the bed.

Then, he slid two fingers slowly but firmly inside me. His tongue was now working my clit, gently licking and pressing down on the spot, "uhhhhhhhh you're good," I groaned, clutching the bed sheets with my hands. I began to drive my hips upwards, tilting my pelvis towards his face, wishing he could go deeper with his fingers. My breathing was growing shorter with each breath as my orgasm approached. "Ohhh ... yes ... yes ... yes ... ohhh Tommy yes," I panted, and then with a sharp upward thrust with his fingers, he scrapped along the roof my cervix and caused an explosion deep inside of me.

"Uhhhhhhhh, Yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhhhh fuck yes! Oh Yes!" I kept panting and moaning, gasping for air as the heat and tingling moved up my body and washed over me, engulfing me until I thought I would pass out.

Tommy moved back up my body and we kissed. It was a soft kiss but I grabbed the back of his head and forced his head into mine, kissing more passionately.

"Are you ready to be fucked?" He grinned, kneeling between my legs, stroking his big cock. I bit my lower lip like a naughty school girl again and smiled. "I'm ready." I said softly.

In a flash Tommy jumped off the bed and pulled a foil wrapper from his wallet. He was so fast rolling the condom over his cock and getting back between my legs that we lost not a second of the moment. I closed my eyes and felt the swollen head covered in thin latex nudge up against the folds of my entrance. He rubbed his cock up and down, soaking it in my juices. I gave a whimpering moan, a soft cry as I waited for the unexpected moment of when he would slide inside and enter me.

"Are you ready for my cock, slut?" I heard him say, my eyes still closed. I nodded.

"Tell me slut," he demanded, rubbing the head of his cock harder against my lips and clit, "tell me what you want."

"Fuck me!" I told him, opening my eyes, staring at him deeply. "I want you to fuck me!"

Tommy grinned down at me, rubbing his cock against my folds for a few more seconds before I felt them part and his length started to ease inside my body.

"I'll fuck you, slut!" He grunted, and then his cock was inside me.

I gasped, then moaned closing my eyes, savouring the wonderful feeling his thick cock caused as he spread the walls of my womb. I felt him throbbing hard and powerfully inside me, my pussy clamped tight around his cock, throbbing in time with him. His cock went deeper and deeper before withdrawing again. I gasped when I felt the last inch of him leave me, my pussy throbbed for more, but Tommy didn't make me wait long as he drove his cock back inside, all the way until my tight pussy accommodated his size. I cried out, a mixture of pain and pleasure as he stretched my pussy. Finally buried all the way up inside of me, I knew I was taking the biggest cock of my life.

My body felt weak, all my energy rushed between my legs, concentrating on the cock that was slowly sliding in and out of me. My pussy fully expanded, offering no resistance as Tommy increased the pace of his strokes. Sensing my weakness, Tommy knelt up and grabbed my thighs with his hands, using his strong arms to hold them up. His thrusts were long and hard and I could no longer contain my screams of pleasure as he began fucking me, fucking me hard.

His cock felt different to anything I had experienced before, he was bigger but also stronger, like a cock on steroids as he continued to pummel into me over and over, deeper and deeper.

"Ohhhhhh ... fuck, yes ... yes ... yes ... oh Tommy ... Tommy, fuck me ... fuck me." I panted.

I threw my head back gasping for more air, my breathing laboured, clutching the bed sheets again as he fucked me mercilessly.

"Ohhh fuck yes ... I'm gonna cum ... oh Tommy fuck meeeee, yes, yes , yes," I screamed, and then it hit me, "uhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuck ... uhhhhhhhh shit, yes uhhhhhhhh fuck Tommy!"

Tommy released my legs, crashing back onto the bed as dead weight, and pulled his cock from my sopping hole. Still on a high, my orgasm starting to subside I slid my hand between my legs and gently stroked my shaven mound, my red polished nails tickling my already sensitive pussy. God I was wet, reaching for Tommy's cock with my other hand. I could barely reach him so he shuffled closer to me, allowing me a better reach to stroke his cock as I rubbed my pussy.

"Fuck, you're a dirty bitch, Sophie." He moaned. "Your wedding ring is on my cock!"

I tilted my head downwards and noticed the diamond on my engagement ring, next to my wedding ring, shining in the light as I stroked his cock. "Do you like it," I teased, "do you like having my wedding ring touching your cock?"

Tommy looked deep into my eyes. "Yes you fucking slut, and you love it too don't you?" He grinned through gritted teeth. I didn't answer him, but kept stroking his cock and my pussy.

"Do you enjoy fucking married women?" I asked, gently squeezing the latex covered head of his cock with each forward tug on his shaft. I was close to another orgasm and I loved this little hold I seemed to have. Tommy always dominated our chats, he dominated our first meet, and he had definitely dominated me up until now.

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