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The Other Side


It was early when I woke and checked my alarm clock. Being a Saturday, it wasn't set to go off, but I woke at the same time regardless. My name is John Adel, and I knew I'd never get back to sleep now that I was awake enough to check the time. So I got out of bed with the intention of getting some early morning shopping done since I had nothing better to do.

You see, I've been a bit down lately. I'm 26 years old and single. I was dumped by my girlfriend 3 weeks ago. Then my car was stolen, and now I'm struggling to pay the rent and just received my final notice in the mail.

I pulled on my coat as I stepped outside into the cold winter air and started walking down the street towards the mall. Buying the groceries stopped me from dwelling on my predicament, although when my credit card was declined and I had to fish a second one out of my wallet, my heart sank. How could I pay the rent if I could barely afford to eat? I left the store feeling worse then when I entered and began the trek back home. My depression only deepened when a headache began to develop. As I reached the alley leading to my street a blinding pain ripped through my skull and I lost conciousness.

I awoke sometime later with a mouth full of bitumen. My face stung from hitting the pavement. I struggled to stand as the blurred vision slowly cleared and the pounding in my head subsided. Too depressed to think much about the fall, I hurried home with every intention of going straight back to bed, this day was already shaping up to be a real shit.

When I arrived at my apartment, my key no longer fit the lock of the front door.

"What the fuck!" I yelled out loud. I was on the verge of losing it, what else could go wrong?

My head swam with the implications, what was I going to do now? Had I been evicted without notice? Did someone wait for me to leave and then change all the locks? Surely not, there would have to be a note at the very least. Perhaps my key was just bent out of shape or something, I looked down and studied the key. It looked fine to me but there was no other explanation. I decided I would have to walk back to my parents house to get their spare key. I groaned. My parents lived on the other side of the mall, where I had just came from. At least it was in walking distance, that was better than the alternative since I had no car.

I left my shopping sitting in front of my door and started to walk back, hopefully it would still be there when I returned. The walk back to the mall was torturous. My head still ached slightly and I couldn't stop worrying about the whole mismatching key dilemma. Except for the occasional car flying past the streets were deserted. It was still quite early so everyone was likely still in bed. Finally after what felt like hours but was probably only 20 minutes, I arrived at the Mall... again. But this is when my tale takes a turn for the bizarre. I froze, dumbfounded at the sight in front of me.

Before me was a woman, average height, dark hair, slender build, probably in her early 20s, sexy as hell. But what shocked me was what she was wearing. She was wearing sandals. Just sandals. Walking toward me, holding a shopping bag, was a completely naked woman of incredible beauty with sandals on her feet. The shock of such a sight completely knocked me off balance and for a moment my mind was completely distracted from my predicament. The guys were never going to believe some crazy chick was walking around the mall in her birthday suit.

For a moment I openly stared at her, taking in the details of her body. Her breasts were slightly larger than average, a C cup. They were perky too, holding themselves up. Probably fake I guessed. Her pussy was absolutely gorgeous, and completely shaved. She had a light tan but I couldn't discern any tan lines. Was this chick a serial exhibitionist?

I snapped back to reality and tried not to look as she passed me, but I immediately spun around to watch as she walked outside. I followed her at a distance and watched her walk to her car. The crazy woman's breasts bounced slightly as she walked and could be seen slightly poking out from the contour of her body. Her firm ass fought for my attention with each step she took and my eyes bounced back and forth from her ass to her tits while my cock stretched the fabric of my jeans. I just managed to get a glimpse of her pussy lips as her legs swung past each other. I began trying to imagine what I'd say down at the pub later when I caught up with my friends. I didn't think anything I could say would convince them I wasn't lying.

The woman had long driven off in her car before I came back to my senses, so I turned around and went back inside the mall. It wasn't long before I came across more people, and realised this wasn't an isolated incident. What I saw actually made me question my sanity. Did I have some kind of x-ray vision? Or more likely, perhaps I was hallucinating after hitting my head on the pavement earlier that morning.

First I passed a man wearing a coat coming down to his mid thigh, but no pants, his dick swinging back and forth between his legs as he walked. Then another man rounded a corner and came into view wearing nothing at all. His 6 inch cock was fully erect and he held it in his hand, jerking it steadily as he walked. I couldn't believe my eyes! This ruled out the x-ray thing so I guessed I really was hallucinating. I didn't know where to look and tried to look straight ahead. I got the feeling people were staring at me, but I refused to look back at them.

I walked around the corner that the masturbating man had come from and was greeted with an eye full of various people in various states of undress outside the busiest section of the mall. The supermarket.

There was a middle aged woman wearing a tight sweater and nothing else, as if she was getting dressed and just forgot what she was doing halfway. There was also a younger woman wearing only a transparent bra. Her tits were massive and clearly needed the support. She also had a small bag slung over her shoulder. She had a large ass but was otherwise quite slender, her cunt was covered in thick dark hair.

My attention swung around to the supermarket where I could see 2 girls working the registers topless. They were both wearing skirts bearing the company logo and their name tags were collars around their neck made from the same blue material as their skirts. The first girl was just leaning back and filing her nails, her small tits pointing straight out in the open air, an expression of boredom on her face. The other girl was scanning items for a customer. A naked man with the biggest cock I had ever seen stood opposite her waiting to pay with money out of the bag slung over his back. His cock must have been at least 9 inches long and it was standing straight out fully erect. I guess he enjoyed watching the checkout girls jugs bounce around as she scanned his purchases as much as I did. Her tits were much larger than the other girls.

I couldn't process everything I was seeing. I was incredibly aroused and worried about my health at the same time. My cock hurt from the constraints my pants where placing on them as it continually tried to get even harder. I had to get out of there so I left the supermarket and made a beeline towards the exit.

A young naked couple walking hand in hand had just entered from the exit that I could now see. As I drew closer they began moving towards the centre of the walkway and climbed onto a flat white thing fixed right in the middle of the walkway with potted plants on either side of it. What the hell is that thing, I wondered?

I stopped dead and watched the couple. Suddenly I realised what it was, it was a bed. Or an Ottoman, something in between. They were spaced out all the way down the walkway. A bed in a mall, how hadn't I noticed this sooner? The couple were on the bed now and the woman, mid 20s, blonde, tall with impressive C cup melons and a partially shaved pussy with a triangular patch of pubic hair was now mounting the man and impaling herself on his cock as he lay back on the mattress. They began to fuck right in front of me, right in the middle of the mall.

My heart was pounding and I felt like I was suffocating, but I couldn't move. I was entranced as I watched this couple fuck each other with vigour. He was lying on his back and she was on top of him, resting on her knees and leaning forward so they were face to face. Her cock filled pussy was facing me as she bounced her ass up and down. I was horny as hell as I watched his dick withdraw from this woman's cunt and then rip back into it right to the hilt. Her juices gathered around the base of his cock with each thrust.

My own penis was hurting under the strain and I developed the urge to pull it out and start jerking off to the sight in front of me. I almost did until I remembered I was in public, so I settled for reaching down my pants and rearranging my junk so it was more comfortable.

While I was rearranging myself, the woman lifted herself off her partner and kneeled at his side. She leaned down and smoothly engulfed his cock with her mouth, her ass sticking out into the air. Did she move around to that position for my benefit? I had a perfect side view from where I was standing. As I watched her trying to swallow the dick in her mouth my hand absent mindedly went down to my crotch and I was rubbing my hard-on through the fabric. I don't think I even realised I was doing it.

At some point I noticed a man had entered and was walking towards me. I stopped rubbing myself immediately. He was a big guy, not fat, but muscular. I'm quite skinny myself, always have been. He was completely nude and jerking his hard cock in front of him as he walked, his gaze was glued to the woman's cooch as it wiggled in the air. He arrived beside me and just joined me in staring at the sight in front of us for a while.

"She's pretty hot isn't she?" he said.

"uh... yeah." I managed to stutter. My voice was barely working.

"Look at that ass! I wouldn't mind getting myself some of that pussy either." As he said this he began walking over to the couple.

I couldn't believe my eyes as this man stepped up onto the bed, knelt behind the woman and without any hesitation grabbed hold of her waist and guided his cock to her pussy lips. He slowly pushed forward and split her open with his spear, continuing forward until his dick was completely buried in her body. He began thrusting, gaining in speed while the woman continued sucking on the first man's cock. She didn't even look back to see who it was pounding away at her cunt. I couldn't stand it, what the hell was going on?

"Do you know these people?" I blurted out at the new arrival.

"No... should I?" The man looked confused.

His nonchalant answer ripped through my understanding of reality and I couldn't take it any more. I turned and walked out the exit and towards my parents house as fast as I could without running. Luckily they don't live far from the mall. I passed two people on my walk, a man and a woman sitting at a bus stop. I would have been extremely relieved to see they were both wearing shirts if it weren't for the fact that they were also bottomless and the man's erect penis was buried in the woman's mouth.

I then met a woman walking the opposite way. She was very tall, at least 6 foot. She wore the most clothes I had seen since this incident started. She had both a blue shirt and pants on. However, the pants were crotchless and exposed her slightly hairy twat to my view while her shirt had a big section of material missing right over her breasts. They were at least a C cup perhaps more, and were fully exposed. Her areolas were rather large and formed their own slight mounds on the end of her jugs. I tried to ignore her and walk past without looking, but she stopped me.

"Hold it right there." she said, holding her hand to my chest to stop me moving.

I stopped and looked at her. Only then did I notice the gun and nightstick hanging on her belt and the silver badge pinned to her shirt just above and to the right of where her massive tits were hanging out. Holy shit, she was a cop.

"Yes?" I asked, my voice wavering and uneven.

She pointed down at my crotch, "I don't know where you got these pants from, but you better pull that penis out."

I was shocked, she was asking me to pull my cock out? I decided this cop must be a complete hallucination and wasn't even here.

"I should write you up for that, on the spot fine you know. But I guess I'll let you off with a warning, Its not often I see someone so brazen."

I was totally confused and just stared at her blankly.

After a short pause she continued when it seemed apparent I wouldn't respond, "Promise me you'll expose yourself and you can be on your way."

"Ok." I said, "I will." And with that she seemed content to turn around and walk off.

I noticed as she walked off that her ass was exposed as well. I continued on my way, speeding up to a jog. I'd have to get my parents to take me to the emergency room, this was getting serious.

I arrived at my folks place and rang the door bell, finally I was safe from this madness. When the door opened, my little sister Caitlin had answered. She turned 18 last week and still lived at home. When the door swung open I was shocked to see she was completely butt naked. I couldn't see her face as my eyes were trapped looking at her right nipple.

"What the fuck?" she said.

I looked up at that, and saw the confusion on her face. What was she confused about? Was she upset that I was looking at her breasts? Dammit, I need to control myself. But then I saw the reason for her confusion. Everything went black as I passed out, But I could have sworn that right before everything went dark, I had seen someone else over my little sisters bare shoulder. It was me.


I woke up in bed, my own bed. Thank god, it was just a dream. I relaxed and took a few deep breaths. Then my bedroom door opened and my sister walked in, her bare breasts bouncing. Shit, still dreaming.

"He's awake." she called out to someone in the other room.

"I'll be right in." said a familiar voice.

Then I walked in. The voice was mine, another me. I really had seen myself before blacking out.

"What the hell is going on!" I exclaimed, "Who the hell are you? And how did you get into my apartment?"

"Who am I? I was going to ask you the same thing. I'm John Adel, and I live here. I brought you here before my parents came home, this would have freaked them the fuck out."

"But I'm John Adel! And why are you both naked?"

The Bizarro Me and Caitlin exchanged looks at each others nude bodies.

"What do you mean why?" said Caitlin, "Clothes are weird. It not even cold in here, why would we wear them?"

I had been thinking back over my day since I woke up and suddenly it hit me. My blackout earlier in the day had to be the key. Perhaps I was brain damaged, but the presence of another me suggested something else. Had I slipped into some kind of alternate Universe? Or was I still lying on the pavement hallucinating this whole thing?

"Hold on a second... Are you saying its normal for people to not wear clothes?" I asked.

They both nodded.

"And it always has been?"

They nodded again. I hesitated before saying it out loud.

"Then either I'm dying on the pavement after smashing my face into it, or I've crossed over into some kind of alternate reality. Because as far as I know clothing isn't optional, its required."

"I considered the same thing." said un-John, "Well not the dying part. But I would never wear what you're wearing."

The three of us said nothing for the longest time. Caitlin looked confused and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"So, there is another world out there where people walk around covered up all the time?" asked Caitlin, her face painted a picture of wonder.

"Possibly, I can't think of another explanation." replied the other John.

"You make it sound ridiculous. Is it also ridiculous that there also aren't any people having sex with strangers in the mall?" This time both of them looked at me like I was the dumbest person alive.

The other me interrupted, "Ah, yeah. Do people not have sex where you're from?"

"Of course, but not in the mall, or with strangers."

"A sexually repressed universe. Fascinating. Doesn't that cause problems? I mean, I've heard stories of people not getting laid for a few weeks at a time and going crazy."

I tried to explain that people still had sex or masturbated to relive the tension, just not in public.

Caitlin piped up after that, "Wow, that's insane! I couldn't wait to turn 18 so I could throw my clothes away and legally screw whenever I wanted. I can't imagine not being able to do that."

All three of us were fascinated by the differences between the worlds. We talked for hours. I explained to them all the taboos of our society and un-John and un-Caitlin as I was now calling them explained to me how everything worked over here. We eventually determined that the differences between our societies may stem from differences in our evolutionary development.

It seems that in their world, people have the ability to turn their fertility on and off at will, how such an ability managed to evolve completely stumps me but apparently it has always been that way and probably resulted in complete sexual freedom among the species.

Almost everyone is attractive and nobody gets fat. They don't feel the cold as much as we do, or perhaps the climate is warmer here. Either way clothing was invented to protect from the cold but its not as necessary as it is here. When I brought up STD's they didn't know what I was talking about, apparently they don't exist either.

The more I heard about their world, the more excited I was to be here. I no longer felt like I needed to run away from it all. I wanted to explore. It sounded like a 24/7 pornography channel come to life. People fucked like rabbits here. There were no concerns about disease or unwanted pregnancies. The only potential problem was the impact on the young, which is why almost every country in the world had made under-age sex and nudity illegal a long time ago.

I also asked about the bed I had seen in the mall, apparently they were common here and many public places had them, they are called sextions, as in sex stations. I commented that I thought that was a stupid name.

As excited as I was to experience this world I was also scared, and worried about getting back to my own world. What if I was stuck here forever? I stayed in un-John's apartment for days while he went to work, too afraid to venture out. I spent my days watching TV and looking at his stuff in the apartment.

Almost everything in this world was the same, except for the sex thing. Photos were mostly the same, my 21st birthday album was still in the same place, with mostly the same photos. Everyone was naked in every photo of course, and there were quite a few new ones showing various people fucking in my parents backyard. I spent a lot of time masturbating to a particular set of photos of myself with my cock buried in Sarah's cunt. She was my high school crush. I never had the guts to ask her out and we lost contact after school. The next photo depicted her giving me a blow job while I gave the thumbs up to the camera. The final shot has a close up of Sarah's beautiful face covered in cum.

The TV programs here were even better than the photos. All the same shows were on, but in pornographic form. Graphic sex was incorporated into everything, and it was done well. Not like those lame porn versions of popular shows in our world. For the first time in my life I actually watched and enjoyed Dancing with the Stars. They combined fucking and dancing into something so awesome I didn't want it to end. un-John was amazed at my interest, he found this Dancing with the Stars as boring as I found it back home.

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