tagGay MaleThe Other Side of the Window Ch. 03

The Other Side of the Window Ch. 03


A few days after my neighbor's wife discovered what we were doing she wanted to see him fuck me. She took the afternoon off from work and he came home at lunch time,this was our usual time to be together. I went upstairs dressed in my wife's tweed skirt with a half slip, a white blouse and matching panties and bra. This was the first time I fully dressed up. I was not really a passable girl but not too bad even though my wife's clothes were a bit snug.

She met me at the back door and led me in by the hand to the living room. He was sitting there on the couch waiting for me. She walked me up to him and he grabbed me and pulled me into his lap. I could feel his rapidly hardening cock growing as I settled in. He grabbed My face and and started kissing me. As his tongue explored my mouth he first started rubbing my tits through my blouse then his other hand went under my skirt and started rubbing my legs through the silky slip. His hand felt amazing on my legs. I was kissing him back totally wantonly. I had almost forgotten his wife was watching.

He unbuttoned my blouse and slipped a hand into my bra stroking my breast and pinching my nipple. I was moaning as he pulled my tit out and bent down to suck my nipple. Between the feeling of his hand stroking me through the slip and he mouth and tongue on my nipple I came like a rocket.

When she realized what had happened she said "you are one horny little faggot aren't you?", all I could do was moan. When I regained my senses I slid down to the floor and started undoing his pants. I pulled the object of my deepest desire out of his pants and started kissing the monstrous head and lovingly licking and moaning around the shaft.

I was proud of how I could take this meaty weapon and give it the attention it deserved and that she couldn't or wouldn't give it. I slipped the head in my mouth licking the sensitive areas around the crown knowing that he loved it. I slid my mouth down the shaft taking it in till my nose was buried deep in his pubic hair.

He was moaning and his precum was flowing, I loved every drop. She was almost face to face with me watching this fat bat of a cock easily slide all the way down my throat then back out to be licked and kissed before being buried back in to its proper place deep in my throat again. The look of amazement on her face and the hint of jealousy in her eyes made me want to really show off how much more I could do for him that she could not.

I started pistoning my head up and down his cock and sucking hard. He was moaning and saying "Oh my god" over and over again. I felt his balls tighten up to the bottom of his shaft, a sure sign he was about to cum.

I went deep and fast on his cock a few more strokes and felt his cum rocket up the shaft. The first shot went straight down my throat and in to my stomach showing her I could take it without gagging. He was roaring and not really saying words as I backed off to keep the head in my mouth licking those sensitive areas and filling my mouth with his amazing sweet and salty cum.

I swallowed every drop and started deep throating him again working his cock, not letting him lose his hard on. Once I was sure he was not going to go soft I kissed the head of his cock and removed his pants the rest of the way.

I stood up and took his hand helping him to his feet. He hugged me hard and kissed me roughly. He lifted me up and carried me to their bedroom and gently laid me on their bed without breaking our kiss. He was lying half on me and tore open my blouse, pulled the bra down below my tits and went crazy sucking, licking and chewing on my tits and nipples.

He unzipped my skirt and slid it off with one hand but left my slip on. I was more excited than I had ever been. He pulled his shirt off and I captured one of his nipples between my lips. I licked and nibbled at his manly nipple. realizing that mine were truly more feminine. In fact I think in the last few months with all the pulling and sucking they received they were significantly larger.

He grabbed my legs and put my feet on his strong shoulders. He looked at his wife who had joined us on the bed having lost her pants and panties along the way. He pushed my slip up and tore off my cum soaked panties. I was hard but that did not matter, he never puts a hand on my cock. I was lying there like a horny woman waiting for her man's cock. He told her to put his cock into my ass.

She hesitated for moment sort of looking hurt. He growled "Do it" but she just sat there with her mouth open and he said "You wanted to see this". Shocked she said "I did not know just how much you liked fucking around with this faggot". He bellowed again "do it". She grabbed his massive rod and pushed the head into me, as she did he and I both moaned.

She again shocked said "Look at him. The faggots cock is growing a lot bigger as you are sliding into him". She was right, I never realized it but when he was in me I was much harder and longer than I usually get.

He was slamming into me and she suddenly grabbed my cock. At that moment I came shooting my cum into both her face and mine I was loving every moment of his manic fucking. Loving the feel of every ridge and vein. The feel of his cock pulling out of me resting against my asshole then slamming all the way in till his pubic hair was tickling my hole over and over for fifteen or twenty minutes was driving me crazy.

I started yelling for him to give it to me, he reared up grunted and buried himself in me as far as he possibly could and blasted his cum deeper than ever before. I could not take it anymore and came again spraying my cum again over her and me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and held on to him pulling him on top of me kissing and hugging him tight till he drifted off still deep inside me.

She laid down beside me her face almost touching mine and told me that he would fuck her silly but never fucked her with the intense passionate fury he just did to me. She was now afraid he might actually leave her for me.

I reached out and pulled her face closer. I started licking my come off of her face. Then kissed her eyes. I told her as she started crying that I loved her husbands cock and being used by it but I still dream about girls and desire them. I am not attracted to men as far as looks go. His cock just did something to me. When with him I felt feminine not like a man but a woman. I still wanted to fuck my wife but she was frigid.

I told her she did not have to worry about me, if she wanted I would never get near her husband again. She kissed me on the lips and said that was not necessary if I meant what I said. I kissed her back and slid my tongue into her mouth. She responded with hers and we kissed that way for several minutes as he slept on me. We soon joined him sleeping for almost three hours.

At some point he rolled off of me. When I woke, she and I were intertwined in an almost lesbian looking embrace. I kissed her forehead, the tip of her nose then those full lips. I slipped my hand over her breasts lingering on her nipples. she moaned lightly then rolled on to her back.

I saw her legs were spread and her pussy was exposed. I gently raised her tee shirt to her neck and started lightly licking and barely sucking the tip of her closest nipple. I slid my other hand down her stomach and over to her narrow hip gently teasing the area where her leg joined her mound.

I slid my hand down the inside of her thigh to her knee then back to her cunt which was now opening with subtle excitement. Again she lightly moaned then I slid a finger over her oddly large clit and slowly into her very wet pussy. She opened her eyes as my finger penetrated her. She rubbed my hair and started teasing the other nipple with her fingers.

I asked her if she was sure that she was OK with this. She said "If he can use you I can too". She pushed my head back to her nipple for a moment then pushed me down towards her dripping cunt.

I licked and lapped at her clit which grew like a little cock almost two inches long. I slid down the bed still dressed in a half removed bra and silky slip. I got between her thighs and slid my tongue deep into her. I alternated first licking her pussy hole and fingering her clit then sucking that little dick and fingering her pussy.

She was holding my head and quietly moaning. I slid up and started sucking her nipples while sticking my thumb in her and fingering her clit. I slid back down and did it all again three or more times.

On my fourth time up to her nipples she was tightening up like she was about to cum. Instead of my thumb I slipped my cock quickly into her. She gasped my name and came while trapping me with her legs locking around my waist. I was pumping in and out of her when suddenly I felt his cock slid its full length into my ass. I did not even notice he had moved. She started moaning loudly and said "Oh God I can feel you growing bigger inside me".

He rode me hard and never said a word about me fucking his wife. He pounded into me and I pounded into her. After a while she screamed and came getting so tight I almost couldn't move causing me to cum deep in her cunt. When I came I tightened down on him and he came deep in me. I was thinking I could really live like this.

I was spent but he wanted more and pulled her on to him she climbed on our shared object of desire and rode him until they both came again. When they were done I licked them both clean.

Once we were cleaned up I went downstairs and got dressed normally. I went back up and we talked about what happened. He was fine with her and I fucking anytime we wanted. There was one problem though. After their second child he had a vasectomy, that being the case she was not on the pill anymore.

We all knew I had cum deep in her pussy, they did not care and said whatever happens was OK by them. We all agreed that she and I were not to fuck again until either she had her period or found out she was knocked up.

I was to dress up anytime I was with either of them. I wanted this as much as they did because it made me feel somewhat normal if I was a woman for him because women loved cocks. I got off on the semi lesbian aspect of being dressed up with her.

There is much more to my life with them and in other ways.

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