The Others Ch. 1


You all know the score. This is a parody and nothing more. The names of the bands bare no relations to current/past bands.

Buffy and co. are all property of their respected studios etc. So therefore all the rest belong to me, any copying will result in a large number of lawyers ransacking your homes in anger. ;) This is a work of fiction and nothing more. Enjoy it or hate it please rate it… as this is my first go at it.


* * * * * *

Where do I begin? In four years my life from student lay about to rock superstar has been an amazing ride, times has been tough but other times has been phenomenal. But what was best? The thousands screaming at your presence on stage? The money? The parties? Or the women? I know and I'll tell you.

This is the short version of my rise; the long one is too dull. It all started back in university when me and four other guys decided to form a band, our goal was to destroy that thing called popular music and all that it stood for, four angry young men looking for a way to reach the masses we turned to rock. After much searching four more guys joined the band, which was, christen 'Organized Solitude'. It was our very own posse who all contributed to the band. I was the lead singer and could play no instruments at all but it never troubled me. The band spent at least a year writing and playing small gigs; the biggest capacity crowd we attracted was around 200, not much huh? But one record company spotted us and before you know it we produced an album, it sold 16000 worldwide. At least someone brought it!

We were delighted nonetheless and we drank what profit we had and partied in Holland whenever we could.

This stopped briefly after another year because our big break came, well more slapped us in the face. A small U.S movie was being produced and the makers contacted us to write a song for the film, never in my time with the band have we worked so hard, never have we been so sober for so long. But then it was ready and sent off to America, we waited and waited, six months later we got a call from our U.S contacts, the film was number 8 in the charts, we released the song that week and then it was there, 34 on the billboard charts but not for long, it peaked at number 6! Yes six!

Here in the UK we made number 10 alone all thanks to the expose in the U.S but best of all we had two number ones, in Germany and Australia, we loved those guys.

Our contracts was extended, money was pouring in, more drinking began, and an album was produced, with our second single reaching number 4 in America and number 9 in the UK. The album wasn't a big success but we sold more than our last one that's for sure.

It all went wrong a year ago and we split rather angrily, but I managed to keep one of our base players with me and formed a new band, 'The Others'. Me on vocals, Jon on base, Rich on lead guitars, Dave on guitars and our drummer was a find, Suzie. Let me tell you about Suzie, she was born in Hammersmith, London and has a long musical background, she always wanted to go into music but found many groups ignored female drummers but Suzie was a find, not only was she good she was amazing. She was also stunning, chocolate skin you just want to eat, short dark hair to compliment her beautiful face, 34D breast that really have a life of their own when were playing, sometimes it's very hard to concentrate, trust me. But Suzie was a tough girl, she made it clear she wanted to be recognised for her talents and not her breasts, and we understood her feelings which is why this band got on so well, we were forward and truthful, if we were shit on stage, we'll say so.

The band worked and worked, we found a new record company and produced an album, it was a great success, we broke the U.S market with our first number one but still missed out on the UK one, success was all down in fairness to the record company for publicising the band so much.

Then a bigger break came, days after our number one, a long distance call from the representatives of Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show wanted us to appear on the show, we agreed and this is were the fun began.

We guessed as a vampire band touring the world and eating the groupies after show, we do a gig at Sunnydale where as you guessed it Buffy sorts us out. We were on screen a total of 4 mins but it was cool even the two hours in make up. Of course the best part was the women, Willow, sorry Alison, Emma Caulfield and of course Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Now Sarah was and still is one of the women in the world who you just can't help but stare at and who looks stunning no matter what time of day it is, what situation or what she has on. Being around her was amazing; although we had met a number of so called celebs, with the exception of Angelina Jolie and J-lo, no one like Sarah made me nervous. Sarah was a quiet girl when it came to off set interaction, the cast were like a family so it was hard as one off guests to break into that clique but the night after our shoot we got invited to a party with the guys, Sarah wasn't going to attend which was a disappointment but Emma Caulfield was enough to keep me happy.

The night went well, plenty of drinks for all in a local studio bar, when out the blue Sarah showed up, she wore her blonde locks up in a bun and a frown on her face. The clothes she had on was casual, jeans with a black thick jumper, it turned out Freddie, Sarah's love of her life, had to bail out of their date because of a re-shoot on his latest movie. Sarah didn't say much to us, we were outsiders, but a few more JD and coke was making me braver and when she suddenly decided to leave, I followed. I don't think anyone noticed me leaving.

I caught up with Sarah and asked if she was all right, she tried to brush me off so I asked if I could escort her to wherever she was going, after much pressuring on my part she agreed. She needed to pick up something she left on set, a coat. She cleared me with security and we wandered on set.

I tried my best to make chit chat but she didn't seem to open up until I asked her about her future husband. She talked about him working on a big movie and the wedding plans but she seemed a little disappointed by the idea she was soon to be Mrs Freddie Prinze. She told me about how much she was in love with him but thought marriage to him might have been too hasty.

"It's just wedding day nerves." I said.

"The wedding is eight months away." She said with a smile.

"Well guess it's early then."

It was at this point she seemed to act little bit more comfortable with me, we picked up the coat on the set of willows bedroom and made our way back. When we passed through the street sets we had begun to talk about love and all things men/women. She asked me were I get ideas for our songs about love I said we don't sing love songs only ones about how crap life is. She saw the funny side but I wasn't joking.

At some point, in view of the exit, we stopped; the conversation was now about past girlfriends on my part and sex on her part. If I wasn't sobering up I would have sworn she was flirting with me and what I was about to do would have been blamed on my drunkenness (Only I wasn't that bad). I moved in suddenly and gave her a kiss on her lips; she wasn't expecting it at all hence why she moved back in horror. She was shocked; I was about to say something when a sharp slap connected with my face.

"What?! What are you doing?" she said in a raised voice.

"I'm sorry, really, I just thought, you could do with a kiss, I mean I just wanted to kiss you."

She moved past me without a word, "Leave me alone." She said harshly.

"Sarah wait," She stopped but kept her back to me, "I'm sorry, I'm just a little drunk, you know, a good looking, beautiful woman like yourself, talking to me is just to hard to resist, you know? I'll never meet you again so I figured what the hell. Please Sarah no one will ever need to know about this right?" yeah I saw the headlines, 'Singer tried to seduce me' Gellar tells all!

Sarah glanced over her shoulder, I wasn't sure but there was something in her eye, a glint, a glimmer of understanding or maybe attraction, but it went as quickly as it came. She walked away.

I turned back to the set and cursed. I was alone in the streets of Sunnydale after being blazed by Buffy. I moved towards a shop window looking inside, forgetting it was a TV studio for a minute when I was startled by the reflection of Sarah behind me, I turned suddenly and faced her, she gave me a small smile and moved towards me, "No one has to ever know…" she stepped right into me and we locked lips, first it was a soft kiss which turned into a full lock, her tongue darted into my mouth and stroked mine, it was an electric feeling, a jolt to my senses, I began to kiss back, my hands found their way to her back as I pulled her in further, she then stopped and moved back an inch, "Right?"

I stared in her delicious eyes, she knew my answer when we locked lips again, she threw her arms around the back of my neck, her pert breast thrusted into my chest, despite the thick jumper I could feel them and the heat her body was radiating. I moved her around and pushed her back into the wall, I stared to kiss her down her neck, she signed in pleasure, raising her head to allow me better access. Her skin was so soft, it was like silk, and I wanted to saviour every taste like a man who hadn't eaten for the last year. My right hand moved to grasp her breast, while my left hand edged around her ass, pushing her hips into mine. By now I had a raging hard on, I was still in shock by what was going on, even months on this was the scene that helped me wank off on those lonely nights.

I massaged her breast through the jumper as we kissed like crazed animals, this wasn't making love, this was going to be pure raw sex. My other hand quickly moved up the back of her jumper, her skin jumped up with Goosebumps from my cold hands, I caressed her silky back until I found her bra but it went no farther, Sarah spoke in-between kisses, "Stop playing….around,….fuck me."

I couldn't believe my ears, this was truly the night of my life! Sarah grabbed my hard on through my jeans, I couldn't help but gasp, next she bit my bottom lips and sucked on it hard, I realised then she like it a little rough. She fumbled with my jeans and undid it; I removed my hands from her to help. Under the jeans I wore black CK boxers, Sarah stroked my dick through the material, it felt so good to be touched by such a woman. We embraced again as I kicked of the jeans and began to undo Sarah's tight pair, she help as they too were kicked off. She wore a pair of pink panties that were soaked with her juices, I never forgot that smell, it was wonderful. I pushed her into the wall again, we kissed roughly before she pulled my boxers down to reveal my eight inch prick, she cooed slightly from the sight and grasped it in her tiny hands, "I want it so bad." She said. God so did I. I removed her hand and took hold of my dick, I teased it briefly over her soaked panties, this caused her to moan gently. "Please." She begged, "Please fuck me." I pushed aside her panties and let the tip of my prick touch her pussy, she smiled briefly, "This feels good, put it in, please."

Both my hands went to her ass and hoisted her up in my arms, again she was forced into the wall along with my prick sliding into her about an inch, she groaned even more, "Please….fuck….this will be so…uhhhgg!"

I wasted no more time before I rammed it in all at once, her pussy was so damn tight I had to let out a groan, Sarah was in ecstasy, I was in heaven, this was the tightest pussy in my life, the warmth, the pleasure was indescribable. After a few seconds I began to pull out and then push back in, I quickened the trust, each time Sarah would gasp, "Uhhg….yeah….God!"

She went quiet for a while as I began pistoning faster and harder in her pussy; the juices that flowed gave me more of a chance to do this. She buried her face in my neck, breathing sharply and fast, the faster and harder I went her breathing match it. But I wanted to see her face, I wanted to know I was fucking Sarah Michelle Gellar, so I pulled her head back, she gave me a wicked lustful grin and began moving her hips into each of the trust, "That's it." She groaned even louder, her eyes glistened with lust, sweat shone of her face, she looked like she was in heaven. Sarah pushed back against the wall, arching her back and trusting her hips forward, the access was superb, I was getting close to Cumming, I had to slow things down or this night will have been over before it began.

I let her drop from my hands, luckily she landed on her feet, but she was shocked, "What? No don't stop." Her voice retained a lustful tone. I wasn't going to, I motioned for the ground and she understood, we carried on kissing as we made our way to the concrete floor, Sarah rolled on top of me, kissing passionately, sucking my tongue, biting my lips, she was loving every moment, she guided my prick to her pussy, it slid in without to much trouble this time as she straddled me and bucked her hips in time against each of my thrusts. She put both my hands on my chest, feeling my body through my shirt, she closed her eyes and moaned, "God this feels sooooo…." She never finished, as I wanted the control here, I turned her over to the ground; my hand comforted her head as I positioned myself on top.

I put my weight on my hips as I began to thrust with all my might, my arms free and by the side of her head I watched her face intently, Sarah said in between breaths, "Harder….please…." I was going as hard as I could, god this girl was going to the death of me!! I could however sense she was close to Cumming. She matched the thrusts from me, God this was heaven, her pussy was red hot.

"Oh God….yeah….that's so good…." Sarah had her eyes closed as her head went side to side, her delectable mouth agape as her tongue licked her lips, her breathing was heavy, "God….I'm Cumming…..I'm gonna cum….yeah, God yes!"

Me too, shit I didn't want to get her pregnant, I wanted to pull out but just as the words formed in my mouth Sarah said, "Don't pull out….Uhhhg. I'm on the pill…ohhhh…." That's all I needed to know, Sarah's legs wrapped around my ass, allowing me to go in further, then I lost it, with a sharp intense groan I shot my load deep into her pussy, Sarah went over the edge, "Yessssss….I'm….cummmmmmmmmmmm!!!!" she never finished as she let out a shudder with vibrated her whole body and mine, I could feel her juices coat my dick as I kept shooting what I had and coated her pussy walls as best I could.

After a long thirty seconds, my lips met hers, in a kiss that lack the previous energy we had minutes before, I rolled to the side still locked in the embrace and still with my dick in her but she wanted it inside her as long as possible and so she rolled on top of me, making a kind of satisfied humming noise as we kissed. Finally my dick slid out of her amazing pussy and our kiss broke, she looked into my eyes and smiled before she rested her head on my chest.

I kept my eyes on her as she rose and fell on my chest as I breathed deeply, I couldn't see her face but I believe she too was exhausted. Yes I know it was only a few minutes long but it was an intense few minutes with one of the world sexist women. It didn't sink in until the next morning but I had just shagged Sarah Michelle Gellar!

My thoughts were broken by her voice, "No one ever needs to know." This wasn't a question but a statement. I agreed. She looked up at me briefly then back across the set, I could only assume guilt was now striking her but nothing was said for a good five minutes.

I could feel the warmth of her pussy against my bare leg and it was exciting, add to that we could have been caught by one of the guards and my dick stirred to life. Sarah noticed it slowly rising to a half erection, she got up on her elbows and looked at me, she smiled, "Ready to go again huh?"

I was about to answer when a mobile phone went off, it wasn't mine but Sarah's, the smile disappeared as she looked at me with a disappointed frown. She does that a lot I found out. But it never stops her from looking extremely beautiful.

Needless to say the night ended there. Sarah escorted me back to the bar but went home, no one had really missed me. I got on with my life, as did she I'm sure. But a funny thing happened two weeks later…

After a busy day of filming a video and recording on Jay Leno's show, we went for drinks in New York and were back in the Hotel buy 3am, we had a flight back to the UK at 6am!! I got a call on my mobile, only four groups of people ring me on my mobile ever; my family, the band, my very few close friends and the boss of our record company. This time however it was a mystery caller, adamant to answer I wasn't going to let it keep ringing, I answered and got a female voice on the other side, she said, "I saw you on Jay Leno, You sounded good."

"Who is this? How did you get this number?" I was straight to the point but I'll give you one guess who it was. Yep.

She said to me, "I don't know how to put this, but I kinda wanna meet up again, if you like."

To be continued...

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