tagInterracial LoveThe Pact Ch. 04

The Pact Ch. 04


I wasn't surprised when Cristina joined me in the shower. She had plans for me that I hardly minded. It was high time that I gave this saucy Filipina what she really wanted. Cristina knew that she would have to get me hard again, so she didn't hesitate to suck my cock once we had washed and rinsed off. I already started to recover merely from seeing and touching her slick, smooth body.

"Ian, take me now, please! I don't want to wait any longer. Blanca's had her turn, now it's mine!" Cristina begged me, which finished the job of getting me into the mood to fuck this cutie.

I naturally lasted a bit longer with Cristina than with Blanca, but we didn't care to end up like prunes, so I transferred us to the vanity. I continued screwing her from behind, as I did in the shower, which allowed me to go far deeper than I might have otherwise. If the goal was to knock the girl up, this would help a great deal in that respect. I certainly hoped to put a bun in her oven, and I knew that Des wanted me to give my new lover a baby as well. This reminded me to fuck Blanca's pussy next time, as great as her ass was. At the risk of stating the obvious for the anatomically ignorant, anal sex wasn't known for causing pregnancies.

When I came in Cristina, she turned around and smiled deviously, as if she kept a secret that she was about to divulge. It turned out that she did. It was a fantastic secret from my perspective.

"Ian, my dear, I have a confession to make," Cristina announced as we made out.

"Funny, I don't recall being a priest. Shouldn't you call me 'Father' and ask me to bless you, in that case?" I teased her as my hands caressed her buns.

"Cute, but I mean it. I went off the Pill today, in the hope that you would give me a baby. I'm extremely fertile and in that position, you have a better than even chance of knocking me up. I hope for more fun and games after supper, but I wanted you to know it first. You're likely to be a daddy soon, Papi. I'm afraid that Blanca will want your seed, too," Cristina warned me.

"Well, I guess that means I'd better eat up. I want the strength to keep on fucking for a while, don't I? Three gorgeous women who want hot sex. That's a hell of a problem for any guy. It's certainly one I've never had before. You won't hear a gripe from me," I told my Filipina with a satisfied grin on my face.

"Come on, stud. Let's see what your fiancee is cooking up tonight," Cristina encouraged me as we left the washroom. The view of her slick and naked ass reminded me of what awaited after the meal. Wild sex and incredible food sounded like the best end to any red-blooded man's day. They worked for me, at least.

We walked in on Desiree licking my cum out of Blanca's ass. I wasn't sure if my lovely fiancee meant my seed and Blanca's tush as an appetizer or a dessert. I decided to give Des a taste of her own medicine, spreading her cheeks to rim her while she licked Blanca clean. Cristina put her ass in front of Blanca, creating a daisy chain like those in porn flicks. If these ladies had read my dirty mind, they could have plucked that very fantasy out and played it out just the way that they did.

"Oh, God, Ian, yes, keep it up! Lick my ass just like that!" Des begged me, quite desperate to cum while she got Blanca off.

I relished the taste of my sweet lady's bottom as always. I licked every inch of Desiree's ass, while she did the same for Blanca, and Blanca rimmed Cristina eagerly. It wasn't a long wait for each of the girls to climax, since the orgy sizzled as hot as fajitas. If I hadn't already fucked two girls in a short space of time, I would have taken Des right there, but sadly I was "all too human", to quote Nietzsche. We all had a serious difficulty standing up and walking for a little bit, but we finally got to our feet.

"Now that you're really famished, I think that it's high time that I feed us all. Blanca and Cristina, Ian can testify that we tend to eat a lot of Italian, but I am branching out to other cuisines as well. Tonight, in honor of you gals, I opted for some fish tacos. I hope that isn't too silly, given the lesbian aspect of our little festivities. Sorry, Cristina, I don't know any Filipina foods yet. Perhaps you can teach me some recipes. You're all welcome in my home and even my kitchen, since you're Ian's other women now," Des stunned all of us by being even warmer and more hospitable than usual.

"When did you have time to make them?" Blanca wondered.

"Oh, I prepared them earlier, but I'm actually cooking them now so as to make them fresh," Des explained flirtatiously. She knew how to even make talking of a Monday night supper erotic.

"Can we join you in the kitchen now?" I asked her, trying to see how if she would relax her ban on men in the kitchen.

"Sure, honey. I guess that I've been overzealous about not sharing the kitchen duties with you. Just remember that it's my turf, that's all I ask. You're the boss in bed, but I wear the apron and the chef's hat in the kitchen. Capice?" Des answered, punctuating her declaration with one of her fiery kisses.

"Fair enough, lover," I kissed her back with equal intensity.

"I would say 'get a room', but this is your house and I would end up joining you in the sack," Blanca joked.

"Jealous?" I grinned at Blanca.

"Envious, I would say. But I'll take a rain check on my kiss from each of you until the food's ready," Blanca winked at me.

"Alright, folks, let's get to work here," Desire insisted, getting us back on task.

The fish tacos were soon complete, since they didn't take a lot of cooking. Desiree even used lime zest and cilantro to give them more flavor and character. She found a use for the rest of the lime in the shots of clear tequila that she poured for each of us. Obviously, she had some devious purpose intended that required at least partial intoxication on our parts. I was eager to find out, but I also wanted to eat these fish tacos first. It was a breakthrough for all of us, especially the usually territorial Des in HER kitchen.

"We Italians usually toast by saying, 'salute', but I'll let our Spanish speakers pick the toast this time," Des announced as she raised her shot glass.

"Ours is similar, just in Spanish. I don't know Cristina's native language, so let's go with that, if that's okay," Blanca suggested.

"Salud, then!" Cristina made the actual toast as we clinked our glasses.

Tequila wasn't generally my favorite beverage, but it worked for this particular occasion. The fish tacos soon more than made up for the vile taste of the tequila, as did the chips and Blanca's special salsa. The beer didn't hurt, either. Cristina seemed especially happy about the choice of fish, since it was familiar to her from her native cuisine. When we were stuffed to the gills (bad pun, but I couldn't resist), our thoughts again turned to sex. It was impossible not to think of a good orgy when three gorgeous, naked women sat at the table and made me the center of attention.

Desiree gave me a look that told me that I was about to be the "victim" of a reverse gang-bang. Naturally, Blanca and Cristina saw her plan written on her face and swiftly decided that they agreed with it. I could sense that I was "gonna get it", as one ex-lover, a Georgia Peach, once told me. Another man might have been scared, but as the saying goes, you can't rape the willing.

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