tagFetishThe Panty Trap

The Panty Trap


I knew that I was in trouble as I walked through the front door. My girlfriend, Marie was standing in my living room twirling a pair of black, lacy, silky panties around one finger. I recognized them as the ones left at my place after that one night stand fling I had with a waitress named Antonia. I had tucked them away in my shirt drawer, but had overlooked Marie's habit of borrowing my shirts. There was little doubt in my mind that Marie was really upset!

"Would you care to explain these, mister?" she said archly.

In a mild panic I heard myself blurt out "Uh, those are mine."

Her eyebrows shot up "What!?", she was almost screaming, "You fucking pervert!"

I put my arms around her and tried to calm her down. I wanted to see if I could lie my way out of this mess, but she was having none of it.

"You let go of me right now you damned fairy, or I'll tell everyone about your little hobby."

Whoa, I was thrown for a loop. I stepped back quickly and said "What?". Her voice was suddenly soft and calculating "That's right. I'll tell everyone we know that you're a panty-wearing fairy-boy unless you do exactly what I say. Now strip!"

I found myself doing as she commanded. I could see no way out. I was about to lose my girlfriend or my social standing if I didn't obey. I soon found myself naked before her.

She handed me the panties "Let's see what they look like on you, fairy.". I started to protest, but her look stopped me. Meekly, I complied. She soon had me parading up and down. The slippery nylon was having an effect I had not expected. My cock was growing harder and harder, soon making a very distinct bulge in the panties. This was getting out of hand.

She sat down on the couch and stripped her stockings down off her legs. Ordering me to turn around she pulled my arms behind me and wrapped one of the stockings tightly around my wrists once she was satisfied my wrists were tightly tied behind me, she spun me around to face her and gloated "I've got some big plans for you, pansy, and if you know what's good for you, you'll behave."

I watched as she reached under her skirt and pulled her white satin panties off. "Open wide" she said, as she wadded her panties into a ball. This was too much. She was starting to frighten me. I closed my mouth tightly. Big mistake. Her hand shot out, grabbing me by the balls. I opened my mouth to scream and it was quickly filled with her panties. Before I could spit them out, she tied the remaining stocking tightly around my head, holding the panties in place and silencing my protests.

Now Marie was all business. She guided me into the bathroom and directed me into the tub. Forcing me to kneel, she removed the laces from my sneakers and tied one of them tightly around the base of my balls. Pushing me onto my side, she took the second shoelace and tied my ankles together. Pulling my legs up behind me, she fastened the loose ends of the laces together. There was just enough slack that as long as I remained still, there was no pressure, but if I tried to struggle, the lace around my balls would cause me intense pain. Once satisfied with her knots, she looked hard in my eyes and said "I've got to go and get some things. You'll be a good little sissy and stay right here, won't you?". I could only groan as I heard her high heels click down the hall. The front door opened and closed again, leaving me alone in this fix.

She was gone about an hour. It seemed like much, much longer. At first I struggled,

trying to get free, but the incredible pain soon caused me to give up this ridiculous effort. I then just tried to stay as still as I could so that the strain on my poor balls would lessen. After a bit I heard the front door being unlocked and opening. At last Marie was back! Hopefully she woujld release me. For that reason, I was happy to see Marie return . . . at first.

She came back into the bathroom with a number of bags. Placing them on the floor she rooted through them until she came up with a bottle of white cream. She squirted this cream onto my body from the neck down as I looked on fearfully. She donned a pair of rubber gloves before smoothing it all over, then she left the room.

The skin on my legs began to itch and then to burn. I tried to call Marie but if she heard she ignored me. Eventually she returned to turn on the cold water and rinse the cream from my body. I was relieved until I noticed that the hair was going with it! From the neck down, with the exception of my privates, my body was completely hairless! She finished by taking my razor and shaving my pubic hair into the shape of a heart. Marie then untied the shoelaces from my ankles and used them to make a leash. With one end still tightly wrapped around my balls, I had no choice but to meekly follow her, my arms still tied behind my back.

Sitting me in a chair, Marie now produced several lengths or rope from her bag of tricks and used two of them to lash my ankles to the chair legs. She untied the stocking and used two more lengths of rope to bind my wrists tightly to the chair's arms. Then she carefully painted my toenails bright red. Long glamorous false fingernails were glued to my own and then painted the same bright red color. While the polish dried, she used her lipstick to write on my chest. Marie then produced a digital camera and quickly documented my predicament. Bending in front of me, she held the camera and made me look at the pictures. There I was, tied to a chair, with the words "Panty Slave" emblazoned in lipstick on my now hairless chest. She said that these were for blackmail purposes should I decide to misbehave. She walked to her laptop and loaded the pictures onto her hard drive, then opened her email client and sent them to her online storage site.

Now satisfied that she had all the leverage she needed, Marie untied me completely. I thought briefly about overpowering her but she reminded me of the pictures which she had hidden online before untying me. She handed me a brand-new pair of black, seamed stockings and ordered me to put them on. I did and I must confess to some excitement as the sheer nylon slid smoothly over my shaven legs. I could see the red polish on my toenails through the nylon. She then outfitted me with a red satin waist-cincher with garters to support the stockings lace trimmed satin panties and a padded, push up bra. Red high heeled shoes with an ankle-strap were put on my feet to complete my attire. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was shocked to see that I was now dressed like a tramp. I would have assumed that any woman that wore this type of lingerie had only one thing on her mind

Marie interrupted my reverie by taking my hand leading me to the bedroom. I turned to face her when we reached the bed and she pushed me backwards until I was laying on my back. She reached into the night stand and pulled out four lengths of soft nylon rope attached to leather fleece lined cuffs. With the pictures as her trump card I could do nothing but comply as she fastened each of my limbs to the corners of the bed, leaving me spread in the shape of an X. Realizing my predicament, I struggled against the bonds, testing to see if I was indeed as helpless as I felt. I could only moan into my gag as Marie stood smugly and watched my ineffective struggles.

She pulled a chair close to my bound form and while stroking my panty-covered cock said quietly "Didn't know that Antonia and I knew each other, did you?". I felt my eyes open wide in horror as she continued "She's on her way over now. And she's not happy at all with the way you lied to her and then dumped her after you'd gotten what you were after. Well, I'm going to leave you two alone. I'm sure you've got some things to discuss.". She watched me struggle and shake my head for a few moments before turning and walking out of the room, laughing. My struggles reached a fever pitch as I heard the front door open and close, leaving me alone in my bondage.

It seemed like an eternity had passed as I awaited my fate, wondering what would happen to me when Antonia arrived. I thought she had enjoyed our time together as much as I had and was unaware that it had meant anything more than a fling to her. I would soon learn how wrong I was and pay the price for my mistake.

It was about 45 minutes before I heard a key being inserted in the front door. I heard it open and close and the deadbolt being thrown. Seconds later, the door to my bedroom opened and Antonia walked in. After setting the large gym bag she carried in down, she stood at the end of the bed, taking in my plight before speaking, "My, my will you look at the big stud now. All dressed up in his pretties with a pair of panties gagging his lying tongue."

She ran her fingers up the insides of my legs and over my panty-covered privates, causing my cock to twitch in its satin prison. Antonia noticed the growing bulge in my red panties and laughed at me, "You really like being made to dress like a slut, don't you?" She grabbed my tool and stroked it. "I have the proof right here you worthless sissy! Look at how hard you're getting. You never got this hard for me when you conned me into dropping my panties for you. If I had known that this is what you meant when you said you wanted to get into my panties, I would have taken care of it right then. "You are my toy now to do with as I please. You are going to find out what it's like to be used for someone else's pleasure. Marie told me what she was going to do to you and I agreed to help her teach you a lesson you'll never forget. You know, you weren't really all that good a lover as a man, all you wanted was to get your rocks off and to hell with the poor girl and what she may have wanted. I'm going to teach you the right way to make love to a girl, up close and personal, like they say on one of your stupid sports shows. The difference is, you're going to play the part of the girl."

I shook my head from side to side, pleading with my eyes for her to stop and let me loose. What did she want? I already had been completely humiliated, wasn't that enough?

Antonia just smiled a Mona Lisa smile and shook her head. "Oh no, my little panty slut, you're not getting off that easy. You're going to serve me like you have never served a woman before. You body will be just a plaything and I intend to utilize all parts of it for my pleasure. Before we start however, I think we need further documentation of your submission in lace." She reached into her gym bag and retrieved a Polaroid camera. First, she took a close up of my panty-gagged mouth, the several shots from varying angles showing my bound state. She sat on the bed idly stroking my cock while she waited for the prints to develop. When they were done, she showed me her work. My face was plainly visible in all the shots, there could be no disputing that it was indeed me in all of them. "These would look really good on the front page of your company newsletter, don't you think? I'm going to mail them now. I want you to know that. You will have to obey my every command or these pictures will end up on your boss' desk."

She slipped the ten prints into a pre addressed mailer and left the room. I heard the front door open and close and the sound of her heels receding as she walked to the entryway and the street beyond. I knew there was a mail box just outside my building and that it would take her only minutes to return. Sure enough, she was back in less than five minutes.

"There my pet, now that I have assured complete control, I want you to see how I dressed in my special undies just for the occasion. I'm sure a panty slave like you would appreciate seeing what his Mistress is wearing under her street clothes, wouldn't you?

Without waiting for a reply she began unbuttoning her blouse. She shrugged it off her shoulders, exposing a frilly white half cup bra with pink lace trim. She stroked her exposed nipples, teasing them until they were erect, like two erasers pointing at me. Next she slid the zipper at the side of her skirt down and let it drop about her ankles. Her panties were a match to the bra with one difference. There was a zipper down the front and as she turned to pick up her skirt, I saw that it continued to the back. Completing her ensemble was a lacy pink satin garter belt and white seamed stockings. My maleness grew, excited by the vision she presented.

"I hope you like this outfit. I bought it just for tonight. I like to think of it as my rape suit. I can use every part of your body without the bother of having to take my lingerie off. I think we'll start by allowing you to worship my nipples. Of course I'm going to have to take Marie's panties out of your mouth first. If you have any ideas of yelling for help first think about how you're dressed and the pictures I just mailed."

She untied the handkerchief holding Marie's now sodden white panties. I tongued them out of my mouth and she picked them up and dropped them next to the bed. She got on the bed, straddling my waist and lowered her left nipple to my mouth, "Come on sissy, show Mistress Antonia how much you want to please her. Suck my nipple into your hot mouth and flick it with your tongue until it's nice and hard."

I did as she demanded, reveling in the feeling of her nipple growing in my mouth. Her breathing began to deepen as her level of arousal increased. She removed her nipple and replaced it with her right one, ordering me to continue until it too was nice and firm. Now, her breathing changed again, beginning to come in short pants of pleasure. "That's it slut, make me hot, make me want more! Suck harder tramp! Let me know there's a pair of slave lips on my breast! I redoubled my efforts, sucking and licking her distended nipples until apparently satisfied, she pulled away.

"Not bad for a start, in fact I'm getting a little wet from all that attention. I think you may have some small talents in this area. I suppose the only way to find out would be to explore further." She raised herself and keeping her eyes locked on mine, began to slowly pull down the zipper hidden in the lace folds of her panties. As her panties parted, I was treated to proof that she was indeed a blonde. She continued with opening the zipper until she was exposed from front to back. With her legs spread on either side of my helpless body, her pussy was parted, revealing her moist inner lips. I caught the unmistakable aroma of her musk, inflaming my senses further. With one finger, she reached down gathered some of her dew and pushed her wet finger into my mouth. "Look at what you've done to your Mistress you harlot. I'm all wet now. I suppose the only thing to do is to have you lick me clean. Be sure and get every drop or there will be severe penalties."

She moved over my head and lowered her womanhood to my waiting mouth. The pink lace of her panties framed her perfectly. She was right, she could keep her sexy lingerie on and still enjoy using me for her pleasure. I probed tentatively at her slit, running my tongue up and down her folds until I found her clit. The slightest touch caused her to shiver and tremble, so I was sure to not press too hard. I continued in this manner, flicking at her love button with butterfly soft strokes until her breathing began to come in gasps. At this point, I increased the tempo and ever so slowly the pressure I was applying. Suddenly, her thighs clamped against the sides of my head, holding me a prisoner against her pussy. I knew she was close to climax and to further it along, I sucked her clit into my mouth and lashed it with my tongue as rapidly as I could. Even with my ears covered with her silky legs, I could hear her screams as her climax overtook her. Her juices began to flow, filling my mouth with her oily essence. She was trembling now, every muscle taut and straining to hold herself in position over my mouth. At last, the tremors subsided and she pulled away before collapsing next to my bound form.

As her breathing returned to normal, she idly began to stroke my cock in its silky confinement. "My what a big clit you have little girl," she teased. "Lets have a better look at this." She pulled the waistband of my panties down, hooking them under my balls. Grasping my shaft, she slowly pumped it until I was sure she was going to give me the release I craved. "This is how I like my slut's clit to look! All hard and engorged, ready for service. I have just the thing to keep it this way too." Getting off the bed, she once again went to her gym bag and came back with a simple rubber O-ring, slightly smaller in diameter than my thumb. "Look what sort of goodies you can get at your friendly neighborhood hardware store my pet. This will not only keep your clit nice and stiff, but will also ensure that you don't have any accidents while I play with you. You see, I control you completely now, even to the point of when and if you'll be allowed to climax." She rolled it down the length of my cock until is was snug against my pubic bone. This works very simply my precious, blood can enter your clit, but can't get out. You'll be nice and hard for as long as I decide to keep you that way with no chance of cumming without my permission. Watch this," she continued as she took the black pair of panties I had worn earlier and dangled them from her hand. She let them fall over my privates, dragging them back and forth to arouse me further. "Doesn't that feel nice? Don't you love the feeling of fine lace and satin against your clit? I know I do. There's nothing like it. Does this make you hot, baby? Do you want your Mistress to take pity on you and fuck you? Well, you've got another surprise in store for you. I have a special treat for a panty slut like you. Not that you have any choice in the matter, but I'm sure you'll just love it!"

Returning to her seemingly bottomless gym bag, she reached in and pulled out what appeared at first glance to be a pair of latex panties. As she returned to the bed, she held them up, showing me the back side of them. "I think you're going to love these. They have a very special surprise built into them." Turning her back, she slipped them up over her hips, wiggling her ass to get them up the last few inches. She turned to face me and I almost fainted at the sight. Protruding from the front of the panties was a 6" latex cock complete with balls. In her left hand she held a small box with a wire going to the cock. I knew that it had to be the battery pack for a vibrator. "These are what I call my "fucking panties. You are going to experience first hand what it's like to be used like a woman." Tucking the control box into the waistband of the latex panties, she commanded that I raise my ass off the bed. When I complied, she stuffed two pillows under me and pulled my panties down to the tops of my thighs, leaving my ass completely exposed.

"Normally with a new slut I like to take them from behind. Its easier on them that way. In your case however, I want to be able to watch as I take your cherry. I want to see the expression your face as my cock slides deep inside your pussy" She started to probe at my ass with her fingers, sliding first one, then two, then three fingers inside me. Once I got over the shock of being invaded, I began to enjoy the sensation. She stopped only long enough to coat her cock with lubricant and then pressed the head against my rosebud. "Come on slave, relax. Trying to resist will only make it worse for you. Not that I care, but you may as well enjoy this. I know I will" I tried to fight my natural instinct to tighten my sphincter muscle and as I did her unrelenting pressure overcame the natural resistance and began to slide inside. At first, the pain was quite intense, but as I relaxed further and she pushed deeper, I began to like it. It was like nothing I'd ever experienced before. I was completely filled with her cock. Once she was all the way in, she stopped for a moment. Then she began to stroke in and out, increasing the tempo as she went. I started to really get into it, meeting her thrusts with my hips. "That's the girl," she grunted. "Take it like the slut you are. Are you ready for the really good part? Well ready or not here it comes!" She pulled the control box out and turned the thumb wheel on the side. As she did, the cock inside me began to vibrate, slowly at first, then faster and faster until I thought I would scream from the pleasure. The combination of my counter pressure and the insistent vibrations of the cock were not going unnoticed by Antonia either. She began to thrust harder and harder, grinding her hips against me at the bottom of each stroke. Finally, with a scream of pleasure that I was sure would wake the dead, not to mention every neighbor for 2 blocks, she came with a shattering climax. It was all she could do to summon the energy to pull here cock out of me. She stripped off the latex panties and let them drop to the floor, still humming and vibrating their obscene song of pleasure.

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