The Park


Here on the bench I sit
Suddenly wanting to touch my clit
Not sure how to go about it
I reach up and grab a tit

I look around but no one sees
And slowly put my hand in my skivvies
I caress myself light as a breeze
Oh must I be such a sleaze?

As I touch, in circles my hips go
Harder and faster, then slow
That it would feel this good I did not know
But it just goes to show

I look and someone is watching me
Oh, man! How could this be?
He is sitting under a tree
How much can he see?

I see he has his hands in his pants too
He penis he slowly withdrew
It looked so shiny and new
What a wonderful thing to screw!

I sauntered over and sat in his lap
I was waiting for some unforeseen mishap
But I climbed on and my ass he did slap
After that I did not give a crap

Up close it was definitely no runt
So I slid it into my cunt
No to be really blunt
But I rode like a monster truck stunt

As I rode I moaned and fussed
I felt in the park, such lust
I did not want to come but I must
If I didn't I would surely bust

I left after a few more stabs
We exchanged numbers in order to keep tabs
The next week I found some scabs
Oh shit! The fucker gave me crabs!

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