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The Park


I went on a job about sixty miles east of here, not to long ago and while I was in the area, I found a State Park that I didn't know was there. There was nothing pressing going on with the company last weekend, so I decide to ride over and check it out. Friday about noon I had, had enough of the phone calls and the nit picking bullshit that really should have been handled by the people in the field.

I grabbed an ice chest, and filled it with what beer and cokes I had on hand here at the house. I tossed in fixings for sandwiches and hauled it out to my old Ramcharger. Back in the house, I threw a couple of pairs of levies, a couple of shirts, tee shirts, and socks into a small travel bag.

I slipped on a tee shirt and a pair of shorts and stuffed my feet into an old pair of worn moccasins. I rounded up my digital camera, my laptop, my shaving kit, and my old hiking shoes. With all this and a pillow and a blanket I loaded the truck.

Ten minutes tops and I was on the road with no phone and no one even aware I was gone. I stopped in town long enough to get money, gas and cigarettes and then I was headed east through the rolling hills of central east Texas.

Once out of town, I set the cruise control for the speed limit, rolled down the window and kicked back to enjoy the drive. It was a beautiful spring day, all bright sunshine, and blue skies. The Oaks and other hardwoods were just leafing out and the Dogwoods were in full bloom. All in all, the farther I went, the more relaxed I became.

Just before you get to the Park, there is a wide expanse of water called Towne Lake. It's a mile and a half wide where the highway crosses it and probably four to five miles long. The lake dam and two other lake dams up stream keep a steady water lever on a large swamp where the two rivers come together. The lake is shallow for the most part and cut through by hundreds of deeper channels and old creek beds. Right now the lake is down some four feet, I notice as I drive across it.

The Park is in two sections, one north of the highway, and one south. I turned into the one to the south, as that's where the Park headquarters is located. I stopped to get a map of the Park and to tell them I was going to drive around and look the place over.

As I drove around that section of the Park and its campgrounds, I noted that it was quite deserted for a Friday afternoon and Easter weekend. I stopped occasionally to make notes on the map of good-looking campsites and to take some pictures of the wildlife, squirrels, and deer where everywhere.

At the boat launch I figured out why there were so few people, it was dry. There was no way to launch a boat larger than a canoe or Jon boat.

After I finished my tour of this side, I headed across the highway to the north side of the Park. The Park Ranger at the main gate told me that they were working on the dam and the lake was going to be four to five feet low for the next year, at least.

When I asked him about attendance, he just laughed and replied, "It's going to be one long quiet summer if you want my opinion. Normally ninety percent of our guests are fishermen and their families, with the low level of the lake, they will go somewhere else."

I drove through this section checking the campgrounds and making my notes. This was an even prettier area than the first one had been. There were four trucks with small boat trailers at the launch ramp. It had a little more water than the first but not much. The Park here is divided into five sections by a couple of creeks cutting across the point it's built on.

The last section, out on the end of the point has two dozen screened in cabins, right on the waters edge. That is, when the water was at normal height. I only saw a dozen people in the whole park and they were mostly in the travel trailer area near the entrance.

I had only intended to visit this place and to check it out, before riding on up north to visit some of the Parks and wildlife areas on a more popular lake. After looking this area over, I decided, I might just spend a night or two here in one of the screened in cabins.

I hadn't brought my cooking and supply box, but I did have an air mattress, and the cabin had electric lights and a fire pit outside near the lake. I remembered passing a small convenience store and café at the little town on the far side of the lake. I could get breakfast there in the morning and of course my lifeblood, coffee.

As I drove back to the Park office, I decided to stay in the cabin at the small inner point, where a creek cut through. It was set off to itself and had a great view along the creek and out across the lake toward a series of islands.

I tried to remember what I'd seen of the weather on TV before I left home. I knew it was to be cool at night and moderately warm during the day but I couldn't remember if it was to rain or not. Well, it didn't really matter, I'd be in the cabin, and it should be fairly dry.

I paid for two days and they gave me the key to my weekend getaway home. One thing about it, I wouldn't have to even think about the office and work until Monday. I had noticed several signs about not gathering firewood, so I stopped by one of the Park monitors trailers to buy two big bundles of firewood.

I expected to be met by an older couple or some older retired guy getting away from it all by working in the Park all summer. I was pleasantly surprised when a tall redhead in her mid forties came out to take my money and to help me load the wood. She was pretty, with no makeup on and her hair tied back in a ponytail. With makeup and all the normal female trappings, she would have been gorgeous.

A yellow sleeveless blouse with the tails tied together just below her ribs, showed off her great tan and flat belly. The blouse had only one button, buttoned so it was obvious that she did not have a bra on. With her small breasts, I would have been very surprised if she had worn one.

A pair of dark brown short shorts just accented how long and trim her legs were. As she bent to pick up a stack of wood, I had to smile as the thin shorts she wore pulled up tightly into the crack of her shapely ass. It was obvious that she wore nothing under those shorts.

I had to shake my head sharply to break the spell my mind had spun so quickly. I chuckled as I moved to the wood stack and picked up the other bundle of wood. When I straightened and turned around, I found her standing next to the truck with a grin on her face.

I cocked my head to the side in a questioning look, which made her laugh before she said, "I figured that if you could check out my ass, I could check out yours."

I chuckled and shook my head as I headed for the back of the Ramcharger to load the wood. As I passed her, I said, "Well, yours is beautiful, and being a guy, I find it hard not to look at beautiful things. Of course I've always been an ass man, in more ways than one."

She laughed and then grinned. When I closed the rear hatch and reached for my wallet, she said, "I can't say yours is beautiful but it ain't bad for an old white boy."

"Hey, watch your mouth." I replied with a chuckle. "I'm three quarters Indian and a quarter Irish, so there's no way I'm white."

This made her laugh before she stuck out her hand and said, "Hi, I'm Paula. I'm the peace keeper, official snoop, and supposedly the one to keep everyone safe from themselves and each other."

As I shook her hand I introduced myself, "Well, hello. I'm Randy, but most of my friends call me Rad. I'm a runaway worker, who had to get away from it all, before I went Postal."

We both were grinning like idiots as we shook hands. As she slowly released my hand, she cocked her head over to one side and said, "In that case, I have two reasons to keep and eye on you."

I must have had a confused look on her face because she paused and continued. "You're going Postal could be dangerous to others and being randy is a hazard all its own." I laughed as I realized she was referring to the old English definition of my first name. It's synonymous with horny.

She continued by saying, "I'd hate for you to be out here in that state chasing the poor little squirrels and deer around."

"I don't think they are in much danger. I'm in such bad shape; I'm doing good to catch a sandwich without being out of breath." I said with a chuckle, although it was truer than I cared to admit.

Her eyes traveled slowly down my body and back up before she replied, "First of all, you're not in to bad of shape for your age. What are you forty five, forty six years old?"

I laughed and shook my head, "How about fifty five?"

She looked at me hard for a second, "Okay, that's even better. A little exercise and fresh air will do wonders. You also need to throw those away." She said pointing to the cigarettes in my pocket.

"Yeah, I know." I said, "But if I do, I have this problem of not knowing what to do with my hands or mouth most of the time."

A grin split her face and she chuckled before replying, "I don't think I'm going to touch that one, right now."

I laughed and teased, "The story of my life."

Changing the subject, she asked, "Where are you staying?"

"I'm in cabin twenty four for the next couple of days, the one nearest the creek mouth." I answered. "I hadn't really meant to stay here this weekend, just to check out the place for when I had some time off, but it's so beautiful and I need to relax and chill out."

Grinning, she said, "One thing about it, it should be peaceful and quiet. With the lake down, we're only expecting a third or less of the people we normally handle. It sure makes my job nice and boring."

Smiling back at her I replied, "If you get to bored, come on by, and visit. I've enjoyed our conversation."

As I got into my truck she said, "I might just do that, and you take care now."

I laughed and responded, "The only worry or care I have right now, is whether the café across the lake has good or bad coffee. I didn't bring my cooking gear, so I'll try the breakfast there in the morning."

She shook her head. "They won't be open over the weekend. The owner's sister died and they left this morning for the funeral."

"Okay." I said slowly, "Then where is the closest place to get coffee. No coffee and my day is shot to hell."

"The nearest café is in Jasper about eight miles east of here. You won't like it though, the coffee is lousy, and the food is only half that good." She replied.

Shaking my head I said, "That's just my luck."

With a chuckled she replied, "Of course, I make excellent coffee. Care to join me for breakfast?"

I looked at her for a long second, not believing my luck. "Sure. What time do you usually eat?"

With a big grin she answered, "It's according to what time I get to sleep and how wore out I am."

I blinked twice before a grin spread across my face, "Hmmm, my kind of woman." I said and then laughed as I put the truck in reverse. "I'll see you later."

"You can almost count on it." She said still grinning. "You know how us women are?" She waved as I backed out and headed for my camp.

My mind was running around in a tight circle as I read into the last part of that conversation probably more than was really there. But then again who knows, stranger things have happened, but not for a long time. I shook my head and realized I was still grinning like a jackass.


I opened the cabin up, unloaded my stuff, and stowed it away. The cabin was screened in on one half and had boards in a horizontal louver pattern around the other half. The only furnishings were a large picnic table and the two benches that went with it. I stacked the wood out by the fire pit and used an electric pump to blow up my bed.

I opened a beer, sat down on one of the benches, and leaned back against the table. After taking a long pull on the beer, I sighed and sat there staring out over the lake. She was right about it being quiet and peaceful. The only sounds were the sighing of the wind through the treetops, the birds, and a squirrel chattering about something that pissed him off.

I was really relaxed as I sipped the beer and watched a crane wading slowly along in the edge of the water looking for a snack. Without thinking, I pulled the cigarette pack out of my shirt pocket and started to take one out. I paused and stared at the pack for a minute, thinking she was also right about me quitting these things. I tossed them over onto the table along with my lighter. Maybe now was a good time to give it a try.

I got up and walked outside, I glanced at the angle of the sun and then at my wristwatch. It was only three thirty. It didn't get dark until seven; maybe I should take a walk and have a better look around. Back inside, I put on my hiking shoes and checked my digital camera as I finished the beer. As I went back outside, I checked to make sure I had the key to the lock before I shut the door.


I remembered seeing a nature trail not to far back down the road when I came in earlier. I cut across the grassy area in front of me and followed the edge of the creek until I came to the road. To the left about a hundred yards was the bridge over the creek and just before that was the hiking trail.

I paused to look around the campgrounds, of the twenty-four cabins; mine was the only one with a vehicle. In fact mine was the only car or truck here. I seemed to have the place to myself.

I headed for the trail, there wasn't any kind of a map or anything to tell me where it went so I shrugged and headed off. I figured it had to go somewhere. I followed it along the creek for about a quarter mile before I came to a footbridge. The creek spit into two here and I could see open water at the end of both sides so I guessed the bridge led to an island.

As I crossed the footbridge, I paused to take a picture of a large white crane standing on an old log. I also got a close up picture of a brilliant electric blue Dragonfly sitting on the handrail.

At the far end of the bridge was a wooden plaque with a map carved into it. Yes, this was an island and the trail made a loop around the outside of it. The trail was about six feet wide as I headed out to my left. It was fairly smooth and level, covered with a very fine, and hard packed white sand and gray rock.

I walked along slowly, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. I had taken several pictures, a couple of the flowering Dogwoods and three of some beautiful butterflies perched on the purple flowers of some thistles.

I was close to half way around the island; open water was to my left and the wooded center of the island to my right. As I rounded a sharp turn in the trail, I saw a pair of bicycles parked on the edge about fifty feet in front of me. A thick stand of switch cane was between the lake and me at this point and I was surprised to see a short pier and view platform jutting out into the lake as I neared the bikes.

I was also surprised to see a boy and a girl lying on a blanket in the warm sun out on the platform. What was surprising was that they both were naked as a jaybird. The boy was laying flat on his back and the girl was giving him a slow sensuous blowjob right there in front of me.

I hurriedly check the camera to make sure the flash was off and flipped it over to zoom. I eased over to the edge of the switch cane and squatted down next to a tree. They were both obviously enjoying what she were doing and were totally oblivious to me.

Both were in their late teens or early twenties and the girl seemed to know what she was doing. She would take long licks along the length of his shaft and then gently and teasingly suck at the head. Each time she did that, the boy would groan and lift his hips slightly. Each time he did, the girl would go back to licking the shaft with long slow strokes of her tongue.

I got several great pictures of this before he reached out and put his hand on the back of her head. As if this was a prearranged signal, she swallowed him whole and proceeded to bob her head up and down, massaging the full length of his shaft with her mouth. Just the thought of how great that must feel had my manhood at ridged attention in a heartbeat. His hips were thrusting upward to meet her as she worked at him; an almost continuous moan was coming from his lips.

About the time I figured he was about to explode, she released him from her mouth and squeezed the base of his shaft between her thumb and forefinger.

"Not yet." I heard her say quietly as she held him.

After he settled down, she released him and moved up to straddle his head. Her ass was pointed away from me as she squatted there, her sex only inches above his face.

"Now it's your turn." She said as she lowered herself to his waiting mouth and tongue.

She was facing straight toward me and for a moment I worried about her seeing me. Then I saw her eyes close as his tongue made a long slow lick up the center of her slit. I clicked off another couple of shots as he went to work on her. She reached out and used the lower part of the railing to aid in her balance.

She was a small girl, short and slender built. Small pointed breasts were topped with puffy nipples and with her legs spread wide as they were, I could tell she was smoothly shaven. The boy seemed to be getting the job done because now it was her turn to moan and groan, as her hips moved with short quick jerks.

"Oh, yes." She said sharply one time and quickly moved backwards along the boy's body until she was directly above his manhood.

"Now it's time." She said as she squatted down, reaching between her legs to lift his hard shaft up and rub the spongy head against her opening.

I took a couple of more pictures as she worked her hips up and down and back and forth, slowly sinking down until she sat on his hips, his manhood buried to the hilt inside her. She leaned forward and sweetly kissed his lips. She sat back up with a deep sigh. She smiled down at him and wiggled her hips from side to side.

She lifted her hips upward until just the head of his dick was inside and then she slowly lowered herself back down, the smile never leaving her lips. I took several pictures as she rode him slowly. It wasn't very long until she started to pick up speed and his hips were flexing upward to meet her, thrust for thrust.

The boy suddenly lifted his hips high in the air as a groaning grunt came from his lips. The girl arched her back and froze as she yelled, "Oh, yes, yes, yes."

Her hips were hunching back and forth in a sporadic fashion against his raised body as her own orgasm engulfed her. As I clicked off another pair of pictures, I could feel the heavy pulse of my own manhood against my leg, under the tight material of the shorts.

Slowly the girl straightened her back and relaxed as the boy's hips settled back to the blanket. She opened her eyes and grinned down at him saying, "Hmmm, I love the feel of you coming deep inside me." Then she leaned down and kissed him.

I figured it was time for me to get the hell out of there before they saw me. I eased back away from the tree and got back behind the screen of switch cane before I stood up. As I quickly and quietly moved back down the trail a ways, I realized I had quite a tent in the front of my shorts, along with a sizable wet spot.

My left hand automatically reached down to squeeze and then rub the rock hard protrusion. A shiver ran throughout my body. I removed my hand quickly before there was an even bigger wet spot. With a grin on my face, I cut to my left and entered the woods, circling around and again picking up the trail about a hundred yards past the bikes.

I stood there a moment looking at the bikes and thinking of the couple on the pier. My manhood was still rock hard and twitched a time or two, rubbing the sensitive head against the silky material of the shorts. Damn, I though, I'd better get a move on and get my mind off what I'd seen or I'd be masturbating right here.

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