tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Parking Garage

The Parking Garage


-- Joe's Vantage –

Where the heck is that woman? Joe thought to himself as he sat in his car. Sandy wasn't really late but Joe had been thinking about this day for weeks and was anxious to ravish her. Why had they decided to meet on the second highest level of the parking garage? They probably thought it added an element of intrigue to their secret affair.

The two of them had been meeting infrequently over the past year. It never seemed like their schedules had openings at the same time. The hazards of being successful professionals, he guessed. But when Sandy and Joe got together it was explosive. First of all they fit together well, both physically and emotionally, shared the same adventuresome spirit in bed, and both wanted to please the other more than they wanted pleased themselves.

Joe really enjoyed oral and feeling Sandy move as he licked her was a turn on. And when she came she tended to lift her butt off the bed and that always made him want her almost immediately. He would kiss her feet as they made love and when she came, which was often, her faced turned crimson. During their meetings they had shared many hours and orgasms. So where the heck is she? he anxiously wondered.

Finally her car pulled up next to his. There were only a few vehicles on this level and they were mostly at the other end. The plan was to meet here and then travel to a nearby motel for a few hours of hot sex.

"I'm sorry I'm late," said Sandy as she emerged from her SUV.

"Oh, you're not late at all," said Joe. "Mmmm, it is so good to see you again.

Sandy melted into Joe's arms and they kissed passionately, Joe holding her tightly. My god, how he missed holding her like this.

A car came up the ramp and turned to make its way toward the uppermost level. Joe looked furtively around, making sure that no one was around. That person will be taking the elevator so there wasn't much chance of being seen. He could barely see the car as it pulled into a spot on the upper section behind them.

"Mmmm, that felt good," said Sandy, smiling. "Got any more where that came from?"

"Oh, yeh, but you better be careful. Another kiss like that and I'm gonna want you right here."

Sandy laughed and pulling Joe closer again said, "Well, I'm not sure I can wait."

Sandy's kiss made Joe even more excited and when her hand brushed against the front of her pants she smiled. "Oh, what's this? Someone is glad to see me, huh?"

Kissing her again, Joe's hand began wandering as well, cupping her ass as they kissed. Sandy kissed back in earnest as Joe's kisses made their way down her neck. Oh these two knew each other well, what got the other going. It was a perfect match sexually.

Dropping down on one knee, Joe began unfastening Sandy's jeans. He had to get a quick taste of her and he had to have it now. Soon he had her jeans down to her knees and his face was buried between her legs. To make it easier for him, Sandy bowed her legs a little and leaned back to enjoy the feeling of his tongue darting inside her. Being in a semi-public place only added excitement to her already aroused state.

Joe knew exactly what Sandy liked. He had licked her many times before. Tugging on her pussy lips with his teeth, he let his forefinger slide into her, and was pleased to feel how wet she was. He began sucking on her clit and was delighted to hear those familiar little moans of hers. He was sure she was biting her lip trying not to cry out loudly. Then he gave her clit a little bite, knowing that was what she really liked and when he did so, she came in a gasp. He felt a gush of wetness on his face and chin and eagerly lapped it all up.

Thoroughly aroused, Joe got up and bent Sandy over the hood of her vehicle and quickly unbuckled his own pants, tugging them down to the top of his thighs. Knowing that Sandy liked it from behind and excited by the prospect of doing it in a public place, he grabbed her hips and thrust inside her. Oh, it felt so good. It had been so long. Furiously, he pumped in and out of her. At one point he thought he caught glimpse of someone moving around on the upper level, but he was so excited he didn't care if an army of people were around.

Moaning loudly, Sandy came just an instant before Joe erupted inside her. Collapsing against her, he kissed her neck. After lingering there for a moment, the two of them hurriedly got their pants back up, looking around as they did so.

Hopping into the car, they drove off to continue their sexy afternoon together.

-- Sandy's Vantage –

It had been so long since Sandy had seen Joe. Chatting on-line and the occasional phone call was the only contact they had had for a few months. But both knew that the desire was as hot as ever. They had met several times before and each meeting exceeded the previous in both passion and intensity.

Turning into the parking garage, Sandy made her way up to the penultimate level. As she turned onto the level she quickly scanned the area for Joe's car. Seeing it she pulled up next to it, looking over at Joe's smiling face. God, it was good seeing him again.

"I'm sorry I'm late," she said.

"Oh, you're not late at all," said Joe. "Mmmm, it is so good to see you again.

Sandy felt so good as Joe's arms surrounded her. She had been thinking of this moment for the last week, ever since they made the plans to meet.

Suddenly another car emerged from the ramp and turned to make its way to the uppermost level. Sandy turned to watch it go, still holding onto Joe. Gee, that car looks kind of familiar, she thought to herself.

"Mmmm, that felt good," said Sandy, smiling. "Got any more where that came from?"

Sandy enjoyed sex but when she met Joe, her enjoyment went to a new level. She had never cum so intensely and so frequently. His cock seemed to fit perfectly inside her, touching just the right spot that made her feel so good.

"Oh, yeh, but you better be careful. Another kiss like that and I'm gonna want you right here."

"Well, I'm not sure I can wait," Sandy said laughing and pulling Joe closer.

As they kissed Sandy's hands naturally found their way to Joe's crotch. She was pleased to feel the hardness she found there. "Oh, what's this? Someone is glad to see me, huh?"

As they kissed again, Sandy knew what was coming for she knew her lover too well, and knew just what got him going, what turned him into that sexy animal that she loved so much. When he dropped to his knees and began tugging on her pants, she was in such a state of arousal that she didn't care even when she saw a glimpse of the car parking on the upper level opposite and above them.

Joe's tongue was a wonder as it parted her pussy lips. He loved to please her orally and she never refused him. It was so rare to find a man who could lick her for such long sweet times. Over time she had told him what things she especially liked but he was quite adept on his own. Throwing her head back, she rocked in pleasure as the first orgasm swelled inside her. As she turned her head in ecstasy, she caught a glimpse of a woman watching them from the upper level. She only saw the face for a moment because the woman darted back behind the pillar, but she knew who it was. It was her best friend Cindy. So that's why the car looked familiar.

Sandy and Cindy told each other everything. Cindy knew everything about Joe, every detail of what he and Sandy did together, and she knew that Sandy was meeting him today. Curiosity must have gotten the best of her, so she had to see Sandy's lover for herself.

Just then a big orgasm washed over her and Sandy no longer cared that they had an audience. Except that it was exciting.

Joe rose and leaned her over the hood of her truck. She heard him frantically undoing his pants and wanted his cock inside her as much as he did. Joe was in a state, a state that Sandy liked very much. When he was so aroused, Joe became an animal, even growling sometimes. It was one of the very sexy things she liked about Joe. She liked to know that she could arouse such passion in a man and it was exciting when she was taken forcefully. Now she had him inside her and the feeling was fantastic as he pumped in and out of her in a frenzy. Glancing upward again she saw Cindy peering over the wall again, but this time she wasn't hiding, but watching intently.

The excitement of fucking in a public place and with her friend watching sent Sandy over the edge. She moaned loudly and then felt Joe stiffen inside her.

In a moment he collapsed on top of her and kissed her neck. Both of them quickly gathered themselves and piled into Joe'a car to continue their adventure in the privacy of a room. As they pulled out and started down the ramp, Sandy saw Cindy smile and wave.

-- Cindy's Vantage –

Sandy had told Cindy so much about Joe and their adventures. Oh, he was such a good lover. He made her cum so many times. He wanted her so badly. Cindy began to be curious about him. What did he really look like. Sandy had shown her a picture but she wanted to see him in the flesh.

She knew when Sandy was meeting Joe and her plan was to go to the parking garage at about the same time, simply drive by and see what he looked like.

When Cindy pulled onto the next to highest level of the garage, she saw them standing between their vehicles so she kept going up to the next level where she pulled into a spot directly above them. Getting out of her car, she peered over the wall to see what was going on. He's a nice enough looking man, she thought as she watched them kiss. She was so happy for Sandy that she had a lover that treated her so nicely.

Cindy was about ready to get back into her car when she saw Joe get down on one knee and begin to undo Sandy's jeans. Oh, my god, he's going to go down on her right her in the parking garage!

She watched in fascination as Joe pulled down Sandy's jeans and began licking her pussy. Sandy was clearing enjoying it. When Sandy turned her head to the side, Cindy could swear that Sandy saw her. She quickly ducked behind the concrete pillar and then peeped out again.

The sight of her friend being eaten in public made Cindy get a warm feeling between her legs. Without out knowing what she was doing she found her hands unbuckling her own jeans and then fondling her own pussy as she watched.

Sandy now seemed oblivious to her and Cindy peered out from behind the pillar a little more. It was so exciting to see her friend being pleased in that way, and Cindy's own pussy was now very wet. Sliding a finger inside herself, Cindy felt her own pleasure building as she watched Sandy cum down below.

Mesmerized, Cindy couldn't take her eyes off the pair of lovers. She watched as Joe stood up and turned Sandy around, slumping her over her truck. She watched as Joe undid his own pants and pushed them down to his knees. As she watched Joe's hard cock slide into Sandy's pussy, Cindy's fingers were rubbing her clit frantically. Her jeans were now down over her butt so she could more easily work her pussy as she watched her friend and her lover fucking on the level below.

Then Sandy turned her head and seemed to be looking directly at Cindy. The two of them locked eyes for a moment until Sandy shut hers, obviously cumming again. Cindy watched Joe's body stiffen as he, too, was cumming. The sight was too much for Cindy and she brought herself to a satisfying orgasm as well.

Hand still between her legs she watched as the two lovers quickly pulled up their pants and hopped into Joe's car. As they pulled away, Sandy looked up again, smiling, and Cindy could do nothing but smile and wave as they left.

Pulling up her pants and opening her car door, Cindy sat there for a moment reliving the past few minutes and thinking about the rest of the adventure that Sandy would tell her about later. Finally, starting her car up again, Cindy left the parking garage. I'll never be able to come here again without thinking of this she thought to herself.

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