tagErotic CouplingsThe Parking Lot

The Parking Lot


It's eight thirty in the evening and I am sitting in my favorite pub sipping on a vodka screwdriver. The pub was not very busy tonight aside from its loyal regulars. I make small talk with a few people and then return to my seat and my drink. As I sit and think out of the corner of my eye I notice a new face in the pub tonight. It's not her face I notice but her stunning body. She's about 5'5. Has long toned legs that lead up to a plump and delicious ass. Her long brown hair with a touch of red reaches her shapely ass. She turns around, and looks around the pub. I notice her large round full breasts almost busting out of her top. She is wearing a silk business type shirt and a black mini skirt with black stockings. As I check her over top to bottom, I notice that something is off about her outfit, her clothes look like she just got off work at a busy office but as I look down at her shoes I notice that she is wearing a pair of black PVC high heeled stripped type shoes. This seems odd but after thinking it over for a bit I realize that underneath those fine office clothes she's wearing, hides a dirty whore that wants someone to know who she truly is. That is why she wears those shoes.

As I sit there sipping on my drink, I watch her fend of a number of men who try and fail to arouse her interests. She casually lets them know she is not interested in their macho bullshit and goes back to sipping her strawberry daiquiri. I finish my drink and decide to go talk to this mysterious woman that entered my bar. She glances over in my direction, I smile to let her know I am interested, she gives me a quick look over and flashes me a big smile with her luscious ruby red lips. I finish my drink and get up to walk over to the bar and strike up some kind of conversation.

As I walk up to her, I go through many scripted pick up routines, trying to decide which would work best but by the time I reach her I decide to play it by ear. I sit down next to her on a bar stool and order another vodka screwdriver. I turn in her direction and we start chit chatting in the usual way, we talk about the usual subjects, current events, things in the news, I throw a few jokes her way. Her name is Amy. She is a lawyer, a district attorney working for the city. She seems to enjoy my sense of humour as she laughs at my jokes. We hit it off quite well but we both know that under the small talk and jokes lies an undeniable layer of sexual tension, her body language gives me clues about her. We end up talking for a long time I finish off two more but she only has two daiquiris during the whole night. We talk for a long time letting time slip by, as I look over at the clock hanging over the vast arrangement of liquor bottles I notice that it is almost midnight. I casually bring up what time it is and that I must get up for work tomorrow early in the morning, she agrees that its time to call it a night. I pay for my drinks as well as hers and I walk her to her car.

On the way out the back door of the bar I realize that I am in no condition to drive and casually mention that I should call a cab. But Amy insists on giving me a ride home, "It's the least that I can do, after you payed for my drinks" she says, I do not argue for long, and agree to her driving me home. As we're walking through the long corridor toward the back parking lot of the bar I can't help but notice her ass and her shapely legs, I can feel my member growing larger with blood in my pants. We approach a door and I step ahead to open it, she walks out and I follow. The parking lot is dark with few street lights any where, but there is just enough light to get you where your going.

We walk to her black BMW sporter and make small chat, all this time my thoughts take a sexual nature, I imagine fucking this girl in my bed, sucking on her large tits, making her cum over and over again. These thoughts make my cock swell too almost a full hard on. As she walks to the driver's side of her car and puts the keys into the lock I throw caution in the wind and step up behind her and lay my hands on her sides and slowly kiss her neck and nibble on her ear lobe. At first this startles her and she stiffens up but as soon as my lips make contact with her skin she melts in my arms and urges me to proceed.

As I am kissing her neck I reach around to caress her big breasts, her nipples are already hard and erect. I rub them through her shirt, massaging her breasts and squeezing her nipples, she lets out a moan. As I rub her big tits, I grind my already fully erect cock into her big juicy ass. She turns around and our eyes meet, we stare into each other for a few seconds and then get back to a flurry of passionate kisses and gropes. As we make love without lips I slip one hand under her shirt and massage her left breast and with my other hand I grope and grab at her ass, she returns the favour and rubs my hard cock and my large balls thought my pants. I unbutton her shirt and open it to reveal a shear bra , her hard nipple show through the lace and look like the peaks of two large mountains, I pull down her bra cups letting her mammoth tits fall out into my already waiting mouth.

As my tongue makes contact with her nipples she lets out a loud moan, she places her arms on my shoulders and holds me close to her chest. I start by kissing her breasts, ignoring the nipples, she lets out frustrated moans and tries to guide her breast into my hungry lips, I take her nipple into my mouth and suck on it, its large enough for me to bob my head up and down in a sucking motion. She moans as I do this, I accidently bite down on her nipple and notice that she moans even louder then, so I bite down on it again, harder this time. She lets out a loud groan so I continue to alternate between sucking and biting her large nipples and nibbling on her tits. With my one free hand I explore her ass and her smooth toned legs. After eating her tits for about 10 minutes her moans turn to quiet screams, to my surprise she climaxes just from having her giant tits licked and sucked and bitten.

She quickly recovers and pushes me against a car parked next to hers, she quickly gets down on her knees and massages my cock again, then she unzips my pants and my large member eagerly flops out of my pants, she reaches in and pulls out my balls and smiles approvingly when she notices that they are freshly shaved. She hungrily licks my big balls, I let out a groan as my whole body adjusts itself to the pleasure spreading from my loins to my externalities. She takes my cock in her hand and slowly starts to jerk it up and down, then she licks the tips making small circles with her tongue. She pulls down my foreskin to reveal a large swollen cock head, she looks at it for a second before she swallows it whole. As her head moves up and down she makes slurping sounds with her mouth. She sucks on my swollen cock and massages my balls with her other hand. Tightness starts to build within me and spreads to my cock, and then bolts of electricity travel up my spine, I moan in pleasure as I lay my hands on her head guiding her mouth on my cock. She increases in speed and starts to suck even harder, I can feel the tightness spreading to my balls and I know that orgasm is near. My cock gets harder and harder growing ever bigger in between her big soft lips. My head flies back as I being to shake and convulse as I pump Amy's hot mouth full of my sweet cum, to my surprise she eagerly swallows my whole load. I cum hard and fast as I stare up into the stars, she continues to suck until she squeezes the last drops of cum out of my cock and swallows them. She stands up licking the last drops of cum off her lips and we kiss once again.

I regain my posture and push her against her black BMW as we continue to kiss fast and hard, I rub her large tits and she moans. My hands work my way down to her ass, I rub it and squeeze it and slowly lift her mini skirt up. To my delight she is not wearing any underwear. When my fingers make contact with her already wet and swollen pussy she lets out a moan loud enough for passers by to hear, this only excites me more. I start to rub her pussy and her clit, spreading her lips with my fingers and sneaking in a finger or two into her hot cunt. As I finger her, I kiss at her lips and her neck, moving down to her once again swollen nipples, I bite them again as I finger her wet pussy. I trace a line of kisses from her left breast to her right down to her stomach. I kneel down face to face with her dark wet pussy. She is also shaved, with a small triangular patch of hair above her clit. I immediately dive in and start to kiss and lick at her wet pussy. I suck on her swollen lips and stretch them with my lips, she moans and pulls at my hair with one hand and with the other she plays with her large breasts. I continue to lick her cunt, I like her lips, spreading them with my tongue, I move up to her clit and take it in between my lips, she almost faints as I start to suck on her clit. I form my lips around it and flick my tongue over it rapidly, I take a chance and lightly bite it, she loves this and urges me to do it again. I bite it again, harder this time. Instantly as I bite her hard clit I feel a steam of a liquid squirt on my chin. I bite again and again, sucking on her clit in between bites, she is getting wetter and wetter each time. There seems to be no limit to how wet she can get. I continue to pay attention to her clit with my mouth as I start to finger her pussy with my free hand. Her back arches and her muscles tense up as an orgasm slowly builds deep inside her wet pussy.

As I am licking her pussy and fingering it, I pushed her up on the hood of her car and continue licking. Her hands were busy rubbing and pinching her tits, with one hand I continue to finger fuck her wet cunt and with the other I started to rub and explore her asshole, at first she tries to tighten up her butt cheeks so I could not access her asshole but as soon as my finger make contact with it she relaxed and forgot all her anal inhibitions. I continue to lick her clit and suck on her large pussy lips as well as fingering her pussy and asshole. She began to moan louder then ever, as she wrapped her legs around me pushing my face into her cunt, I could tell she was getting close to orgasm, both by the way her whole body was arching and the way her pussy started to taste. I increased the stimulation of her clit as she starts shaking and squirted white cum all over my hand, she let out a loud scream and collapsed on the hood of her car, cum was running out of her pussy onto her car.

I got up with a satisfied smile on my face. I waited a few minutes and let her recover and then I helped her up on her feet. We kissed for a moment then she stuffed her breasts back into her bra and buttoned up her shirt, she pulled down her skirt, as if we were done, but I wasn't done. That long oral marathon left me with a large boner and an urge to fuck her wet pussy.

As I stood up and moved to open her car I pinned her against the door and pulled her skirt up and forced her to bend over. At first she tried to fight but my strength was no match for her. I bent her over and spread her legs with one foot and started to massage my large cock on her still wet pussy, instantly she stopped fighting and arched her back exposing her pussy even more. I pushed my large cock into her. We let out a simultaneous moan as the length of my cock filled her wet hot pussy, she was tight, I could feel it on my cock. I slowly began to push my cock in and out of her pussy, slowly increasing the speed and strength of my thrusts, her pussy made wet slurping sounds as I fucked her faster and harder with each thrust. Soon my thrusts were at the speed of a full gallop which were accented by her loud moans and groan, intermediately she would say things like "fuck me, oh yeah" and " fuck that pussy," she must have said god about a hundred times. This only served to make me go faster and harder, my balls were slapping against her clit, I could feel her fingers playing with her pussy as my cock slid in and out of her. I continue to fuck her harder and faster until my balls were making a slapping sound against her clit. I could feel my cock swell as I began to fill her cunt with hot cum, this set off her orgasm, I could feel her pussy pulsating around my cock, we came together and both our orgasms were very intense. After I finished filling her cunt with cum I pulled out my cock and cum spilled out of her cunt on her leg and one of her shoes, we both laughed at this as she pulled down her skirt.

We got into the car and she gave me a ride home as we decided before. Neither of us said a word about what happened on the ride home, we said good bye and as I was stepping out of the car she reached over and handed me her business card. She said, "my home phone is on the back" and smiled.

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