The Party


I was standing and talking was two men who both were cupping one of my bare cheeks. As I expected, one of them slipped a finger between my legs and tried to force his way between my lips. I spread my legs a little so he could have access. He immediately pushed a finger into me until the egg stopped his entry. Just at that moment the egg started to vibrate and he quickly pulled his finger out of me. I tried to laugh, but the vibrations were increasing in intensity. Within seconds, my juices were running out of me and could feel the beginnings of an orgasm. After another minute I could no longer stand and I started to fall down. The men on either side of me grabbed my arms and held me up. Suddenly, the vibration stopped and I started to regain control. I looked around and found that all the women had just experienced the same thing. We resumed out conversation and all of us tried to act as if nothing had happened.

I could sense that men were standing behind me and I assume were enjoying the view of bare bottom. All of sudden a man was right behind me and whispered in my ear, "Hi, how is the best girl tree climber in the county."

I immediately recognized the voice of my cousin, Ned. I turned around and faced him. "Well what a surprise seeing you here."

"You know, this is the first time I have seen your beautiful backside since we all skinny dipped ten years ago. Now tell me what your rules are for relatives?"

"Well we can not refuse any man, even cousins. Don't worry, we can't make any babies tonight." I laughed at him and pulled up my skirt. "You might as well see the rest."

I dropped my skirt and gave him a smile and a pat on the arm. He in turn patted my right cheek, then smiled and said, "See you later."

The rest of the pre dinner passed quickly, the egg went off twice more and by the second time I was wet all the way down to my knees. I also was very relaxed and enjoying the internal stimulus and the touching by the men. My breasts had been caressed by several men while two men reached between the folds of the skirt and touched my pubic area.

I was looking forward to the vibrations in my vagina and when the next one started, I smiled to my companions. Again, the speed increased as did my arousal. This time, it did not slow down or stop but kept on going. I knew that I soon would be unable to control myself and had better at least be sitting down. I pulled out the closest chair and slumped down into it. My muscles began to spasm in my groin and moved outward. I had a grimace on my face and my teeth were clinched together. I finally could not hold it back any longer and I put my hand between my legs while the other pressed into my abdomen. I inserted first one then two fingers into my vagina and could feel the warm metal object deep inside my body.

I finally let go and began to writhe in the chair and scream with my pleasure. This continued on for several minutes until the egg finally stopped and I began to get back in control. As I looked down, I found what little clothing I had pulled to the side leaving my breasts and groin were exposed to all.

As I was getting as covered as possible, a very handsome man came up in front of me. "You must be my slave for dinner. I then asked him for the code and as he helped me up, I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. "I want to thank you for all the pleasure I have enjoyed tonight. That last one was as intense as I have had without passing out.'

His hands instinctively wrapped around my waist before slipping down to my buttocks. As we kissed, he massaged my butt and tried to slip a finger between my legs. I was only to glad to let him touch me and spread my legs for his access. As his fingers moved between my lips and into my inner reaches, he said, "my word, I have never found someone so wet in my life."

Dinner was announced and as leaving to find my seat, "Remember you will be my first."

My companions for dinner were Dick and Tim. At first they were perfect gentlemen, holding my chair and making sure that I was seated comfortably. I had noticed earlier that the planners of this event were very thorough. All of the chairs for the ladies were covered with a small towel that matched the seat fabric.

I settled into the chair and started a conversation with Dick and Tim. Suddenly the egg went off at full speed and I was suddenly moving around on the chair. My conversation stopped as I reacted to the intense pleasure I was feeling. My right hand moved to my pubic area and at first I pressed inward in an attempt to lessen the tension in my abdomen. When that did not work, I slipped a finger inside my vagina and began manipulating the folds of skin. I finally could take no more and began to again spasm until I slumped in my chair. As suddenly as it started the vibrations stopped and slowly recovered control.

As I looked around, I noticed that all the girls were in a state similar to mine. Dick had his arm around me trying to keep me from getting hurt while he cupped my breast. His other hand caressed my stomach as he tried to help me recover. On the other side, Tim was cupping my pubic area and had multiple fingers inside my vagina. Judging by the feeling, his thumb had been on my clitoris.

By the time the first course was served, I was back to normal and very hungry after all the sexual energy I had expended. My sexual scent was very evident and over shadowed my perfume. The dinner was delicious and Dick and Tim were marvelous conversationalists and gentlemen. As we ate, I did not rearrange my gown and left my aroused breasts and wet pubic hair exposed. My body continued to react to the sexual stimuli and I could feel drops of moisture leak out. The idea of what would happen shortly kept my arousal to high level and everyone once in a while I would feel a muscle twitch in my lower body.

Finally, the desert dishes were cleared and the waiter were standing at the back of the room. I had not realized that not only the dinner guests were enjoying seeing the women, the waiters were also getting many a free look at a woman's bare body. Doctor Ed served as the host and opened the entertainment with a few jokes as all the women walked up to the stage area. We lined up with Margo lined up as the closest to her husband. I was the third one in line. I glanced at all of us and saw that we were all a little disheveled but each of us had that just fucked look women get when they have been sexually satisfied.

I remembered to pull off the tape holding my dress in place. By hanging loose, my hips were more exposed but my pubic hair and breast were fully covered. Ed called Margo to his side and reached behind her neck and let the gown fall to the floor. Margo smiled and struck a pose that showed off all her assets. She then squatted down on her haunches exposing her inner folds of her sex. She took the antenna wire and gently pulled the silver egg from her vagina. When done, she stood back up and walked to the other side of the stage. The next girl went through the same routine with less style than Margo who appeared to thoroughly enjoy being naked in front of the men.

My turn came and moved to Doctor Ed's side. He made some comment about my missing half of my dress. He had me turn around and show my bare backside to the audience who showed their appreciation of my efforts. When I turned around, my dress was released and fell around my ankles. I was now fully naked and I reacted to the realization that I was getting and giving pleasure with the gift of my body. I almost did not hear Doctor Ed offer to help remove my egg. I instinctively bent my legs and spread my knees. Doctor Ed did not use the antenna to pull it out but instead pushed his thumb and forefinger into my vagina. My body was very relaxed and the egg was just barely inside. His fingers easily pulled the egg out while his other hand rested on my backside. His unoccupied fingers were also touching my clit. I felt another spasm as he moved his hand away from my body.

Tina also got extra attention and obviously was enjoying herself. She hammed up for the audience and got several laughs as she tried to pull the egg out. Her mime expressions were very entertaining for all. When all the ladies were nude, Margo led us out of the room. As we walked out, Doctor Ed was telling the men "remember the ladies are here for our pleasure and have volunteered to share their bodies with us with very few reservations. They have agreed to have vaginal sex with any one of you. You may not force them to do anything else. Kissing, oral sex and anal entry are at their option. Now gentlemen, the restrooms are to the back. Place your clothing in the basket with your room number on it. Any valuables may be checked at the desk in the lobby. Now, guys lets get naked and have some fun."

Margo led us back to the orientation room and told us, "quickly use the restroom and clean up your groin and legs. The men will be out be the pool in a few minutes and they will expect us to be in position."

I took care of my business and used a wet towel to clean my juices off. I combed my hair and sprayed a little fragrance to cover up my womanly scents. I walked onto the pool patio with Margo and we settled into the first two lounges. I found a tube of lubricant and squeezed a dollop on my finger and worked it around the entrance to my vagina.

I sat on the lounge and since I knew who my first partner would be, I watched for him to come onto the patio. He exited the door and headed straight for me. As he approached, Margo took my hand and gave me a squeeze and said with a smile, "good luck and have fun."

Margo had told us not to expect much foreplay. That was the reason they stimulated us before and during dinner. My fist partner sat down on the lounge beside me and took my chin in his hand and tilted my head for a kiss. I didn't encourage him to explore with his tongue and he quickly broke the kiss. His lips moved to my nipples and gave each a tender kiss. He also suckled on the nipple for a moment. I started to get aroused and when his hand covered my pubes, I was looking forward to laying back and letting him take me.

His left hand gently pushed me onto my back and I positioned my legs so that he could easily kneel between them and access my sexual regions. His lips gently kissed me and his tongue wedged between my outer lips and slipped up to touch my clit. After I only a few moments I was fully aroused and ready for penetration. He too was anxious judging by the hardness of his member. He slipped up my body and the tip of his penis pushed between my legs I guided it into my slippery opening.

He easily slipped into me all the way and began a gentle in and out motion. He continued to move over me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel the beginning of an intense arousal in my groin. He continued at a measured pace in order to make it last as long as possible. Suddenly my muscles contracted into an intense spasm and I let out a rather vocal grown. With my release, I stopped any motions to help generate the necessary friction for my partner's release. As I came back down from my high, I started to again help as he increased his speed of thrusts. At this time Margo let out a scream of pleasure as her partner pounded into her body. I could feel the warm sperm shoot into me as he pushed far into me. He then relaxed and his body slumped down onto me.

For the next moments he gradually shrank and finally slipped out of me. Fluids gushed out of me and I could feel my legs getting extremely wet. As soon as he rose up and got off of the lounge, another Dick appeared between my knees. His smile was very sweet and when he told me that he and Tim had flipped a coin over who have me first, I pulled him down and gave him a open mouth tongue tangled kiss. His hands gently massaged my breasts as he leaned back on his heals.

"I can't believe that I will sex with such a beautiful woman." I could see Tim off to the side and noticed like Dick, he was obviously very aroused and anxious for Dick to be finished. Dick kissed my breasts and moved his hands down to my sloppy pubic area. He easily slipped a finger into me, followed by two more. Not only was I well lubricated my muscle tone was such that I was able to accommodate a variety of penis girths and still apply an equal pressure. Dick could wait no longer, after a gentlemanly "May I" and a nod from me he positioned his body between my legs. As he slipped his erection into my inner recesses, I began to feel that wonderful feeling of impending sexual release. He moved into me and I put my heels on his buttocks and pulled him into me. My muscles began to tense as his thrusts became faster. My muscles tensed and again I began to lose control. My head was moving from side to side and I could hear my moans of pleasure.

Before Dick could deposit his seed in me, I again lost control as I climaxed. As I recovered Dick continued to pound into me and finally pushed in and stopped as his sperm sprayed my cervix. Dick did not collapse on me but kept his weight on his knees and arms. When he was recovered he moved to the side of the lounge and while Tim joined us on my other side. Tim reached for my left breast and gently cupped it in his hand. I was enjoying the tender touch and the intimacy with two gentlemen when Tim leaned down and spoke softly in my ear. "We were wondering if you would let us come back later. We will need some time to recover. Since we can expect only one-on-one vaginal sex, we wondered if you would agree to a little more with us?"

"Sure, what do you have in mind?"

Before Dick could speak, Margo let out a scream as a second pounded into her. I looked over and could visualize what I had looked like only a few minutes ago. Margo's head rolled and faced towards me. She looked me in the eye and smiled. I reached my hand out and patted her shoulder. By this time her partner was grimacing and stiff as he obviously was spewing into her. "What we wondered is, would you be willing to have us both at the same time?"


"Well since I am the smaller, I would like to have anal intercourse while Tim is in your vagina."

I had never had two men at once or even two men in the same week and now two gentlemen were asking to be in me at once. "I have never enjoyed two at once, however I would like to try with you both. Why don't you come back and you two will first after the break." A smile from Dick and nod from Tim told me that they would be back. Tim continued to caress my breast as his other hand moved down my abdomen until his hand was slipping through my pubic hair. His finger found my engorged clit and gave it some gentle attention. His touch sent shivers through my body and suddenly and tensed as the feeling spread from my sexual center.

Tim noticed that I was otherwise engaged. He positioned himself between my knees and gently positioned his manhood at my opening. He did not need any help in sliding into me and he was soon rocking back and forth on his knees. I was really of no help as body had still not recovered from his attack on my clitoris. Finally, his thrusts had their desired affect and I again tensed and climaxed just before he deposited his fluids into me.

By now was body was like a limp rag, I could not raise my legs to wrap around Tim's back and my arms lay limply around his neck. When he started to disengage himself from me, I smiled and my arms fell to my side. As I lay there I was able to have conscious thoughts and think logically but I could not make my arms and legs do as I wanted. Another man kneeled between my legs and immediately pushed into me. I could feel him inside me and my clitoris was being stimulated as he moved into me but I could not raise up anything to help him. My feet slipped off the lounge so that my feet were now flat on the deck. My legs were spread as wide as possible, when the man tensed and pushed up into me. I could feel his juices splash into me. He pulled out before he had shrunk down and the slurping sound proved that I was full of fluids and more was leaking out of me.

As the man pulled away I gave him a smile and blew him a kiss. Another man took his place and I again could feel my muscles tense and then contract as another climax racked my body. Margo's scream woke me from my thoughts and I found the man moving into me in with enough force to push my head off the lounge. To my relief he saw my plight and helped pull me back into a comfortable position. In moments he tensed and pushed up into me and again I could feel moisture at the top of my vagina. He too pulled out quickly. I looked down my body and saw four other men waiting their turn with me.

The next man was Dave, I returned his kiss when he leaned down and I was able to put my arms around his neck. As he held me, he whispered, "everything OK?"

"Yes, I am so sexually satiated I can only lay here like a rag doll."

"Well, I have never fucked a doll before. He proceeded to tease me in the way people who are familiar with each other do. His touches brought me off before he even thought about entering me. When he did finally slide into me, he helped me get my legs around his back and my arms around his neck. He moved into me with a rhythm that was so familiar and loving. Without warning my body was racked with spasms and the biggest climax of the night. When it subsided I was even more relaxed and when Dave finished my head rolled to the side and my arms and feet fell over the side of the lounge.

Margo must have noticed my actions and she called Doctor Ed to check me. He was naked and half erect. He kneeled down and talked with me. His hands checked my pulse and made sure my eyes responded normally. When he finally determined that I was totally relaxed and not in any danger he told me, "now don't give out on me, you promised me something."

I smiled and raised my hand to his face, "Maybe you better go know, I might not be awake later."

"I can't with a client waiting but I will return." As he left my side, another man got between my legs. I could only smile and keep my legs spread. All the rest was up to him. When he was done, another took his place. My body gently tensed every few minutes and after relaxing I laid back and enjoyed the attention. Seven other men serviced me or is it me servicing them, before Margo called a break. She immediately came to my side and along with Doctor Ed helped into the restroom. As I stood, fluids ran down my legs and I was wet all the way to my ankles. They led me into the shower and helped me rinse the excess moisture from my body.

The water revived my body and I was soon able to move on my own. I finished cleaning up and dried off. I could feel more moisture flow out of me and down my thighs. Margo said I should douche out my vagina but Doctor Ed said no, because I could lose all my moisture and really hurt myself. Thus, I walked back to the pool as my vagina continued to leak fluids.

Before I got back to my lounge, my cousin came up to me and asked "Are you OK, I saw that you needed some help a few minutes ago."

"I am OK, as the Doctor said, I am sexually satiated. Now stand back, I want to look at my naked cousin."

"Well I sure glad I have a reservation already booked; it seems all the guys want you tonight."

"I know, it seems like you and the Doctor are the only ones I have missed."

Margo stepped up on the top step and announced "Sara and Rachel are going to entertain us for a few minutes." Two girls walked behind Margo and got on the lounge and began to make out. They kissed and fondled each other while there hands explored their pubic areas. Finally one of the girls reached under the lounge and pulled out a U-shaped double dildo.

My cousin was standing behind me and then reached his arms around me and pulled me back into his body. I could feel his erection on my spine as his hands caressed by breasts. As the girls positioned the dildo inside one of the girls, he slid his hand down to my pubic hair and cupped my mons. He whispered in my ear, "you are really wet down there. Are you sure you are OK?"

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