tagInterracial LoveThe Party Ch. 02

The Party Ch. 02


I replied sleepily that I was, in fact, Terry, still not realizing who was calling and inquired, "Who's calling, please?"

"Did you request the honor of attending an all day party on September 6th?" the voice continued.

All of the excitement and anticipation I had previously felt rushed back into me at that moment as I realized that this call was being made in response to our application. I meekly answered, "Yes, Sir, I did". My voice must have sounded totally different to him because of its renewed yet subdued energy.

I could almost hear the smile in the stranger's voice, "Do you and your lady still wish to attend?"

"Yes, sir, I believe we do." I must have sounded like a school child who learned of a friend's birthday party.

"Do you and your lady friend understand the capacity in which you are attending; that you will be required to serve as commanded?"

"Yes, Sir", was all I could muster at the moment.

"You are aware that you will undergo some depilation?"

"Yes, sir, I answered, again, and inquired if any of the hair removal would be obvious to the public after the party." He assured me that all would be below the neck and only if I wore short sleeve shirts and/or shorts would any of the hair removal be obvious.

I don't wear either and it wouldn't seem odd if Annie were shaved so my first question was answered satisfactorily.

"Do you and your lady friend consent to obey your Superiors as commanded and do as you are directed at the party?"

"Yes, sir."

"Has anything changed in your or your lady friend's limits since you filled out the response form"?

No, Sir, We are excited about attending and nothing has changed in that or in us." We do have some security concerns. May I ask a few questions?

"Of course, we want you comfortable or at least as comfortable as you can be in this type of circumstance", came the immediate answer.

In answer to our concerns, we were assured that the couple hosting would be well known to us if we heard their names. We could rest assured that no harm would come to us; that we were simply to be sexual objects for this day and that these parties had been going on under our unaware noses for many years without incident or injury. I finished the conversation convinced that we were in safe hands and continued.

"Make a note of the following instructions: At precisely noon on Saturday, the 6th, you and your companion will arrive at the drug store parking lot at the southwest corner of Central Avenue and 66th Street. Casual attire is appropriate. You will be carrying one red rose that will act as tribute for your hostess and identification to the party picking you up. A taxi will deliver you to the host couple's residence."

After the instructions were acknowledged, the calling party hung up the phone without saying another word. Now I was wide-awake! I immediately reported to Annie with all of the enthusiasm that I had originally exhibited about this extraordinary offer of adventure, for I was truly excited by what seemed to me to be an exceedingly rare opportunity to explore our combined submissive sides in the company of so many Black Dominants, both male and female. She went through all of the security questions with me again and I assured her with each one that I was convinced that we would be in no physical danger. We might be uncomfortable but that was part of the thrill of submitting, after all.

Friday night, the 5th of September, came too slowly. While we went to bed early, neither Annie nor I slept comfortably because of the excitement and anticipation of our next day's planned activities. We talked briefly about the effects of doing something this daring and outrageous on our boring, everyday existence and agreed again that we needed an adventure of this type to spice up our lives.

Saturday, we arose early and showered. As I towel dried, I noticed that Annie, who had bathed before me, had chosen her best Guia La Bruna lingerie to wear under her casual, dark blue, zippered skirt and white, front buttoning silk blouse. I watched with pride as she slowly covered her marvelous breasts with the soft white lacy bra and adjusted her nipples so that they were perfectly level. The effect was as intended as the bra, evident through the blouse, made her breasts the obvious focal point of her presentation. She then sat as I continued to watch and rolled her opaque, nylon, thigh high stockings onto her shapely, sculpted legs. She belted her finely fitted, satin garter belt and rose slightly to attach the fasteners to the tops of her stockings. Then she slowly slid into her matching t-back panties through which the outline of Annie's light triangle of neatly trimmed pubic hair was barely visible. Annie is a very attractive woman and has always kept her figure in nice shape. I love to watch her pamper herself as she allows the fine feel of silky under things to caress her lithe body. This morning, she was obviously looking forward to the opportunity to show herself off as much as I looked forward to her doing so and the anticipation was mounting in both of us by the moment.

We ate a very light breakfast, just a bit of yogurt, skipped our usual morning coffee and afterward sat quietly in our kitchen for what seemed the longest hour and one-half of our lives. We left our home in plenty of time and arrived at the designated parking lot about five minutes until noon. Having exited our car, I stood with the all too conspicuous long, red rose in my hand until the shiny, yellow taxi entered the lot. The driver, an older, very tall, muscular Black man, apparently noticed me immediately because, without delay, he drove to where we nervously waited. He calmly exited the vehicle and opened the right rear door for me in the most respectful manner. He instructed me to enter the taxi and make myself comfortable because he was going to secure a blindfold over my eyes and fasten my seat belt across my chest in order to maintain the security of the couple that was hosting the party. He asked if I was comfortable with the blindfold and I answered that I was, understanding that the hosts might not want us to know the location of their home. They were happy to have us as guests but did not want anyone seeking their company after the party. My nerves were alerted at this juncture but he assured me that the couple, or at least one of them, were very high profile in our community and simply couldn't afford to have anyone seeking them out without invitation. I complied and the driver secured the blindfold and then gently tightened the seat belt around not only my chest but my arms, pinioning me, comfortably but securely, in the right rear passenger seat of the taxi.

Annie was left waiting by the driver's side rear door until the driver had secured me and was then smoothly placed in the driver's side of the back seat directly behind our transporter. Annie later told me that the driver lightly brushed her breasts as he secured the seat belt and gently pried her knees apart after she had been seated and blindfolded. Being the lady that she is, she resisted his apparent attempt to see her panties and held her knees tightly together. At the time, she made no protest, not knowing whether this was part of our duties or not.

We were instructed not to speak for the remainder of the journey to the party location. The driver closed the door quietly behind us. The darkly tinted windows of the vehicle were a pleasant sanctuary as the Florida sun was already shining brightly at that early hour and Annie and I welcomed the privacy that the tinting and the blindfolds provided. The taxi driver drove silently in what seemed to be a southerly direction after exiting the parking lot. He instructed us that the trip would take approximately ten minutes although it seemed somewhat longer than that, in reality. We later agreed that we would have been more comfortable if we could have held each other's hand during the ride, as we were both understandably nervous. As we motored on and somehow tried to relax in the tense darkness for the duration of the ride, I wished that Annie could firmly squeeze my hand showing me both her excitement and her support. I was uneasy. Even without touching her, in anticipation of what was to come, I felt the familiar swelling of my cock which slowly came to a full erection that did not leave me until the ride was nearly ended. Because of our circumstance, no one else knew of my sexual arousal, I believe.

In time, we felt the taxi slow and smoothly enter a driveway. The taxi came to a gentle stop. Annie's door was opened first and she was freed from the constraints of the seat belt. Only then, did the driver tell her that she could remove the blindfold from her eyes. Annie was asked to stand by the taxi while the procedure was repeated with me. The sunlight nearly blinded both of us after the substantially total darkness of the blindfolded ride. When our eyes had finally adjusted, we found ourselves in a very nicely landscaped, spacious, enclosed courtyard at an as yet unknown location. We could smell the flats of the Gulf of Mexico at low tide so we realized that the hosts' home must be close to the water. Annie and I were both aware that we were about to embark on the adventure of the year, if not of our lifetimes and the exotic location didn't dampen the anticipation.

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