tagGay MaleThe Past Pt. 03: A Possible Future

The Past Pt. 03: A Possible Future


The three of us had showered and then reconvened in the living room. They had given me one of Gemma's robes that was pink, silk and barely covered my ass. Which seemed to amuse them both.

William seemed surprisingly okay about the fact I'd essentially violated him barely an hour before but I suspected that he'd actually enjoyed it.

We talked late into the night and shared a bottle of wine. As midnight approached William announced that it was late and I should stay in the guest room rather than try and get a cab back to the hotel.

Had I not been so physically spent and had the wine not softened my mind I would have refused. I'd done what I went there to do and a whole lot more. But instead I accepted and took William's direction as I walked towards the stairs.

Walking up the curve of the stairs William followed me up. I could feel his eyes on me. Drilling into the back of my head. Maybe he wasn't okay with the ass raping I'd given him. I hurried up the stairs as quick as I could without raising a question. I wasn't about to get thrown down the stairs by a cuckolded husband.

Closing the guest room door behind me I let out a slow sigh and clambered into bed, my head spinning as I tried to process everything that had transpired in the last few hours. Seeing Gemma again was one thing, fucking her silly was another. Raping her husband... It was a confusing thing. On the one hand the darkest side of me that I kept hidden enjoyed the violation. I enjoyed taking something from him like he had done to me. More than that fucking another man sparked something in me. Something I'd long ago thought I'd laid to rest. It felt good. It wasn't just the humiliation I'd heaped upon William, it felt...right.

At some point I fell asleep because I awoke as the door latch clicked. I didn't move. I felt the covers move and a warm body slide in. I felt breath on my neck and a hand snake over my hip and grasp my hardening cock.

'I'm glad you're awake.' Gemma whispered. 'Don't move.' She slipped back out of the bed and the door closed. I lay there fuddled, confused, aroused and trying to stay awake. Late night fucks were a common part of our relationship when we were together. It was also when she was at her most kinky. God only knew what restraints or harnesses she was secretly getting.

The door opened and closed again. I smiled to myself as the covers were thrown back. In my mind's eye Gemma was wearing PCV and had a riding crop. I was going to be disappointed. I was suddenly grabbed and pushed into the bed. I felt a body move over me, strong hands pushing down on the back of my neck, my face buried into the pillow. I felt strong thighs on either side of me...and a rock hard cock bouncing against my ass as I struggled against the weight on me.

I felt hot breath on my cheek.

'I told you no.' William growled.

I screwed my eyes shut as pain flooded through me along with the full and thick length of William's cock as it was forced into my anus. I felt my ass stretch and stretch and stretch as it struggled to cope with the thickness of his meat. Then I felt him pull almost all the way out, the pain being replaced with an aching pleasure, before he violently slammed himself hard back into me with a grunt.

He was relentless and brutal, pressing my face into the pillow so I could barely breath as he fucked my ass. I was powerless, semi conscious and being fucked by a man. And a growing part of me was enjoying it. The pain had subsided and been replaced by a primal pleasure. My cock throbbed beneath me.

I managed to turn my head and take a gasped breath of air or face blacking out altogether. And stood in the door way was Gemma watching her husband rape me as I had done to him. She stood there naked with a vibrator held to her clit, her legs trembling as she watched her husband tear me apart.

Our eyes met as my shadow side finally broke free and I pushed back hard against William's thrust. William responded, his thrusts becoming more rhythmical and faster. I pushed my hips up to allow him to fuck me properly, my back arched. The sudden change in position sent an explosion of pleasure through me. I could feel his cock head hammering my prostate with each violent thrust.

Suddenly William's pace picked up and he drove his cock in me like a piston and with a grunt of pleasure he exploded hot cum into my ass. I felt ever pulse of his cock, ever spurt of cum and shuddered as my own orgasm took over. My body shock, my ass tightening on his cock forcing him to cum even harder as my own shot a thick and heavy load of spunk over the sheets.

William slumped slightly spent, breathing hard. Then he pulled out as roughly as he'd entered me, letting his cum leak from my stretched and brutalised anus. I flopped to the bed exhausted and ruined. Feeling the warmth of his cum pouring out of me and my own smeared across my front.

William barely looked backwards as he pushed past Gemma who had had her own explosive orgasm along side ours and squired across the floor. She was sat on the floor in a patch of her own ejaculate. 'Clear that piece of shit up.' He said. She looked at me through glassy eyes and stood shakily to her feet and walked towards me.

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