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The Pecking Order


Author's note

This story was co-written with another author called Vintage. This story has been altered in accordance to Literotica's rules.


The landscape in TNA has been rocked with the addition of the women's knockouts division. Now, more and more women have been on TNA Impact. Some women in TNA have earned their way into the company, going through the rigorous training, travelling around the country to make a name for themselves, etc. Some women in TNA got there because they were good in bed, good enough to be married to the top superstar in TNA, Kurt Angle. Karen Angle, the wife, had been with Kurt for a long time, but once Kurt brought Karen into TNA, their relationship got rocky. After allegations and rumours, Karen and Kurt had separated from each other. That story within TNA has been a main vocal point on television and pay-per-views. However, two people in particular have been extremely upset at the fact that Karen has been taking up a lot of air time. The Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, have been through the hardships of the business, unlike Karen. They came to TNA to wrestle and look good doing it, since nobody else was too interested in looking good while wrestling. But ever since they got to TNA, Karen Angle was the one that got TV time, Karen Angle was the one that got the recognition, and Karen Angle was the one that got all the attention. After nine months of taking a back seat to Karen, The Beautiful People still managed to establish themselves, and now, it was time for them to teach Karen a lesson.

Karen Angle was scheduled to have an interview on TNA Impact about officially becoming a part of the TNA roster. That interview was about what most of TNA Impact has been about recently, Karen and Kurt splitting up, but it was also about how Kurt Angle had put a hit out on his wife Karen. The Beautiful People were shocked that Kurt didn't choose them to make the hit, but they weren't discouraged about it, if things went their way, they'd teach Karen a lesson she wouldn't forget. So Angelina and Velvet decided to wait in the shadows during Karen's interview so they could confront her...

"Karen Angle, first off, let me congratulate you on your new Spike TV deal, you are now an official member of the TNA roster," said Jeremy Borash.

"I am, and JB I am so greatfu..." Karen Angle responded before JB interrupted.

"But more importantly than all that, Kurt Angle, your ex-husband, takes out a hit on you on the program tonight?" JB exclaimed, "I mean you're the mother of his children."

"Right, and you know JB, that's all I am, is the mother of his children. This whole thing, has gone too far, and, I know the real Kurt, I know what's deep down inside of him, and once he re-thinks this whole situation and what he has done, he's gonna call it off, if not for my sake, then at least for the sake of my children, this is ridiculous. JB, you can find out what he's up to, you need to go talk to him..."

"I'll diffuse this whole thing,"

"...yes diffuse it...you need to...yes, yes, go," Karen said, starting to turn JB around. However, The Beautiful People have heard enough of this lousy interview.

"Oh well well..." Velvet Sky said, interrupting the interview.

"Oh look Velvet, its the new TNA Star, Karen Angle," Angelina said in a bratty tone.

"Congrats on your new contract Karen, but, how much will they be paying you anyways? Cause word going around in the locker room, is that you'll be making double, what the other girls make," Velvet sneered

"You know what? My contract is none of your business," Karen responded defiantly.

"Oh but I think it is,"

"OH, but I also think it is," Angelina interrupted, "because we're gonna make it, our business. Hey, look bitch, The Beautiful People never liked you to begin with. You think, you can just walk into our world, make more money than we do, get more TV time than we do, well guess what, it doesn't work that way, there's a pecking order in TNA, Karen! It goes, The Beautiful People, and THEN, everybody else."

"You know what Angelina? I do not need this tonight," Karen said as she tried to walk away, however, Angelina Love grabbed her by the hair and pulled the shrieking Karen Angle back.

"Velvet, get the BAG!"

"Ah, ah no!" Karen's cried in terror. But before anything was done to her, AJ Styles came in and broke everything up. The Beautiful People made fun of AJ for his interference, but then came on to him to show that they are above Karen, after pushing Karen aside. They then left together.

At the end of the show, chaos was rearing its head inside the TNA ring. Suddenly Karen Angle came out to try and restore some order, but what she did was start her downfall. After mocking her ex-husband by asking if he would hit her, Karen heard the theme music of her worst nightmare possible. It seemed that Kurt Angle's hit would be answered by TNA Women's Knockout Champion, Awesome Kong. Kurt held onto his ex-wife's arm to keep her from leaving as Kong entered the ring. When Kong was right in front of her, Karen tried to plead Kong not to do it, but in the end, Kong laid out Karen with one punch, or at least that's what it looked like to the viewers at home. A few seconds later, Kong picked up Karen and Awesome Bombed her with reckless intent, causing Karen to be knocked into unconsciousness. A stretcher was brought down for Karen before she was taken to an ambulance. Once Karen was put into the back and was secured, the EMT's shut the doors and signalled for the driver to take Karen to the hospital. However, little did they know, that the real ambulance driver had been lured from his vehicle, knocked out and replaced by The Beautiful People, who had no intention of taking Karen to the hospital, they were going to take Karen to a place where no one could hear her scream. Karen was about to learn about the pecking order in TNA.


As she slowly returned to consciousness Karen heard a noise which in her dazed state sounded distant and far away, but as she began to wake the noise got louder. The noise sounded a lot like... moaning... female moaning... pleasurable female moaning.

When Karen's eyes finally blinked open she was greeted by an unfamiliar sight. The last thing she could remember she was in the Impact Zone but she now appeared to be in what looked like an expensive hotel suite. It wasn't so much where she was that caused her to freak out as it was what she was seeing in front of her very eyes.

There lying on their sides on the queen sized bed and wrapped in each other's arms were The Beautiful People, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, the two women who had mocked and threatened her earlier, passionately making out and caressing each other's bodies. Even in her current state it was obvious to Karen that the moans that had brought her back to consciousness were coming from The Beautiful People and as she became more aware she soon realised why. Both of The Beautiful People's right arms were moving rapidly and although it was a little hard to see given that their bodies were blocking her view Karen quickly realised that Angelina and Velvet were finger fucking each other.

Karen was so mesmerised by this wanton act of lesbian lust shown between The Beautiful People that it took her a few moments before she became aware of her current position.

It was then Karen Angle screamed hysterically.

Her scream was muffled by the ball gag in her mouth which up until now she had failed to notice. This however was not even half as distressing as the fact that she seemed to be tied down to some kind of bored leaning against a wall and was unable to move her arms or legs.

In desperation she tried to pull herself free but all Karen ended up doing was knocking the board off-balance so she fell sideways, almost knocking herself unconscious again as her head ricocheted off the carpeted floor.

The sound of Karen's screams caused Angelina to smile into the kiss with her BFF/girlfriend. She broke the kiss and looked up just in time to see Karen hit the floor with a hard thud. If Karen had knocked herself out it was no real concern to Angelina. They had the suite booked out for the rest of the week and because they had used fake names she seriously doubted that anyone from TNA would be smart enough to find them so they had plenty of time to put Karen in her place. And besides, Angelina was really enjoying the soft mouth and fingers of her besties/lover Velvet and could quite happily spend the next few hours with her before having to lower herself down to Karen Angle's level.

Unfortunately Velvet didn't feel the same way, who removed her fingers from Angelina's panties and try to get up.

"Oh come on Velvet, she isn't going anywhere." Angelina said, grabbing a tight hold of the only person other than herself that she cared about.

"But I want to make her pay." Velvet whined.

"We have plenty of time for that." Angelina pointed out.

"Oh, come on Angelina." Velvet pleaded in that voice Angelina could never resist, "You know you want too..."

"Ok." Angelina sighed after a pause.

Velvet smiled wickedly and The Beautiful People untangle themselves from each other, rolled off the bed and walked over to where I dazed Karen lay crying on her side, still securely strapped to the stretcher from before.

"Oh sweetie, did you fall and bump your head?" Angelina taunted.

"Boo-hoo-hoo." Velvet mocked.

Without waiting for a response The Beautiful People laughed, high five'd, and pulled Karen back up and put her back against the wall.

"There, there." Angelina said insincerely, stroking Karen's face and then her hair, "Don't cry, we haven't even started yet!"

Karen cried loudly into her gag as Angelina suddenly pulled on her hair hard enough to pull some of it out.

"WE TOLD YOU BITCH!" Angelina screamed.

"We told you!" Velvet echoed helpfully.

"We told you that there was a pecking order in TNA, but did you listen? Did she listen Velvet?" Angelina yells turning to her partner.

"No." Velvet said.

"That's right, no, you didn't, but you're going to listen now. There's a pecking order around here, and the pecking order is real simple, it goes, The Beautiful People, and THEN, everybody else. You think, you can just walk into our world, make more money than we do, get more TV time than we do, and get away with that? Fuck that! And fuck you! We're going to teach you about the pecking order." Angelina said menacingly before turning to her BFF/lover, "Velvet, get the scissors."

This caused Karen to scream even louder than before especially after Velvet returned with a large pair of scissors and handed them to Angelina. The Beautiful People had been more than partly responsible for Roxxi Laveaux losing her hair and had threatened to shave the head of a few of the other TNA Knockouts and Karen was terrified that Angelina and Velvet might try and do the same to her.

Karen's screams came to an abrupt end however when Angelina pressed the scissors up against her cheek and began to slide them over her face.

"Are you scared?" Angelina asked after tormenting Karen with the scissors for a while.

Fearing what would happen if she didn't answer, or if she gave the wrong answer, Karen nodded.

"Good... cause you should be." Angelina said menacingly as she leaned in close, "You see Karen, this place is very special. It caters to the high ups of society, like Velvet and me, who want to engage in a little fun with out anyone asking any pesky questions or hearing anything they shouldn't hear. Sure it was a little bit of a chore sneaking you in but when you know how to, tip, the right member of staff, it's very, very do-able. And now you're here in our little private, luxury, soundproof suite of ours your going to learn a very, very important lesson."

"Don't mess with The Beautiful People." Velvet laughed.

Angelina joined her friend/girlfriend in laughter, carefully brought the scissors down to the bottom of Karen's shirt and began to cut.

Karen screamed and wriggled but The Beautiful People just continue to laugh.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you bitch." Velvet chuckled.

"Yeah, I might slip and cut you." Angelina pointed out.

"And you don't want that, cause we don't know first aid and even if we did we wouldn't risk messing ourselves or our clothes up for you bitch." Velvet said.

"We so wouldn't." Angelina laughed, stopped cutting off Karen's shirt for a second to high-five Velvet before continuing her quest to rid Karen of her shirt.

A terrified Karen forced herself to stay still as she possibly could, her body still visibly shaking as Angelina cut her shirt off before turning her attention to the rest of her clothes. Her pants, bra and panties were next, Angelina only leaving Karen her high heels which she simply slipped off her feet and tossed aside. Once Karen was completely naked Angelina placed the scissors on a side table near the bed before she and Velvet got up close to Karen, The Beautiful People standing either side of their still bound victim, smirking wickedly.

"You know Karen, The Beautiful People are going to do whatever they want, as always." Velvet said, pausing only to high-five Angelina.

"Totally." Angelina said.

"But if you, play nice, tonight might not be so bad for you." Velvet said suggestively, she and Angelina each running a finger over Karen's helpless body, "All you have to do is do anything and everything we say..."

"And we mean anything and everything we say..." Angelina added.

"Then maybe you'll enjoy this as much as we're going too. What do you say?" Velvet asked.

Despite her fear and helpless state Karen just couldn't bring herself to take the easy way out and agree to do anything and everything The Beautiful People said, especially when she had a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach she knew what that meant. Not that she wanted to even voice it in her own head. The Beautiful People's creepy touches and looks made Karen's skin crawl, but at the same time there was a dampness in her pussy she refused to acknowledge.

Summoning up all her courage Karen yelled 'Fuck you' through her gag and although it came out as complete jargon both Angelina and Velvet knew what she meant, and they couldn't have been happier.

"Good." Angelina said, as she took off her belt.

"We were worried you were going to be too easy." Velvet said as she grabbed one of Angelina's belts from their travelling bag.

The Beautiful People stood in front of Karen, exchanged an evil look, and brought the two belts down hard upon Karen's boobs. Karen screamed hysterically into her gag but this only caused The Beautiful People to laugh as they continued to beat Karen's unprotected cleavage.

Even though she knew screaming was hopeless at this point Karen continued whaling on every strike of the belts against her flesh, tears running down her cheeks as she tried to cope with the pain. It was hard to tell which was worse Angelina's belt or Velvet's belt. Angelina's belt was metal with a pattern on it which dug into Karen's flesh but Velvet's belt was bigger and although it was only made out of leather it seemed to hurt just as much as the metal belt.

Karen quickly learned that there was no escape. In the beginning of the beating when the pain of the breast beating she was taking would become too much she would knock herself over for the chance to have even a moment's break. Each time she fell she prayed that she would smack her skull against the floor hard enough to knock herself unconscious so she wouldn't have to deal with this pain any more. However the floor was too well carpeted and the stretcher kept her body straight so no matter how hard she tried her weight landed on her entire body instead of just her head and she could not get enough whiplash to knock herself out. Not that she got much of a chance to do so. After each attempt to knock herself unconscious The Beautiful People would stop beating her tits just long enough to start beating her entire body, punching and kneeing her in the stomach and smacking her in the face repeatedly before using their belts to whip all over her body before going back to concentrating on her bruised boobs.

Finally Karen just gave up and just let Angelina and Velvet do what they wanted.

That unfortunate was a mistake.

When The Beautiful People realised they had beaten the fight out of Karen, temporarily at least, they exchanged another wicked smile, and then lowered their aim.

After what felt like hours of screaming Karen didn't think she had any voice left. She was proven wrong the second the two belts simultaneously hit her cunt.

Even with the ball gag in her mouth the scream Karen let out was ear piercing, but it only made The Beautiful People whip her harder.

Brutal strike after brutal strike was raining down upon Karen's cunt, the metal and leather belts digging and cutting into her pussy to provide her with the most excruciating pain she had ever felt before in her life. Fresh tears filled her eyes as she tried helplessly to get away from the agony. Again she knocked herself down, not even having the strength to try and knock herself out, no, this was just a desperate attempt from a desperate woman to escape unbelievable torment. Unfortunately this enraged The Beautiful People who after picking her up, placed both their bodies either side of her, a hand on each of her shoulders to make sure she stayed in place this time as Angelina and Velvet took out all their frustrations on Karen's helpless pussy.

Karen screamed, struggled and cried for what felt like an eternity but it was no use, The Beautiful People just kept beating her and eventually the fight drained from Karen and she just hung limply as Angelina and Velvet continued their assault.

Time lost all its meaning to Karen and her world became revolved around her cunt and the agonising pain it was in. Just when she thought she would die or at the very least pass out from the pain Angelina and Velvet stopped concentrating on her cunt and began spreading their abuse all over her body. From the tips of her toes to the hair on her head Karen was hit by belt shot after belt shot, but oddly enough after the beating she had received she was just grateful The Beautiful People were no longer concentrating on her cunt.

The beating continued for what felt like hours, and then all of a sudden The Beautiful People stopped beating her, pulled the gag from her mouth and undid the straps holding her to the stretcher.

Physically and mentally exhausted Karen fell like a lifeless body to the floor, the only thought in her mind a whisper that she hoped her ordeal was over.

It wasn't.

Karen let out a cry in utter pain, frustration and hopelessness as she felt the sting of one of the belts against her right ass cheek. A blow to her left ass cheek quickly followed as The Beautiful People began to attack her now exposed back and back side.

Digging down deep Karen summoned every ounce of strength she had to force herself to move, to try and run, to try and run away from this horrible beating. Scrambling onto her knees Karen saw a door, a way out, her escape, her salvation, something to push her forward and force herself to try and reach.

Velvet and Angelina were whipping her every step of the way, their belts covering her back, butt, legs, arms, and even hands in brutal shot after brutal shot, but it didn't matter because she was so close, so very close, so close that she finally lifted herself up onto her feet and threw herself towards the door turning the handle and pushing forward.

Nothing happened.

She tried turning it the other way.

Nothing happened.

She tried pulling while turning the handle first one way and then the other.

Nothing happened.

She screamed in frustration and desperately trying to get the clearly locked door open, and the only thing she succeeded doing was making herself an easy target for The Beautiful People.

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