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The Peeping Mom


Sitting in the darkness of her backyard, Kim King enjoyed the night air. Her husband and children were asleep and she thought it must be near midnight but she still wasn't sleepy. She was tired from a long day of normal family activities--meal making, attention to the children and her husband, a bit of playtime in the yard after lunch--but sleep wasn't coming to her so she decided to enjoy the quiet of the night.

Wearing only a thin cotton sleeping 'T' and matching gray Capri sleep pants, the cool air felt nice after the warmth of the day. Looking up into the night sky, she looked at the stars and the lone airplane that she'd seen high in the air. "I wonder where those people are traveling to at this time of night?" she'd wondered to herself. With almost no moon to speak of, it was very dark and from where she was reclining in her back yard, nobody would know she was there if she was completely silent.

As her mind wandered the lights of a car pulling into the Sweeney's house next door pierced the darkness momentarily before the car straightened out in the driveway and she returned to the darkness when the engine shut off, also shutting the car lights as well.

She heard the car's door slam shut and assumed it was Brandon, the Sweeney's youngest child. Youngest--he was now 19 years old. Kim had known him since he was a young boy and had watched him grow up over the years. Now a sophomore in college, he was home for the summer and was working part-time. Probably out with friends or maybe a girlfriend? Brandon's mother Joyce hadn't mentioned that Brandon was dating anyone but things can change quickly Kim thought.

Her mind returned to the next day's events. A grocery store trip was a must. Having the kids home during the summer really increased the amount of food she had to have on hand.

The night was once again pierced by light from the Sweeney's house as a light was turned on in the downstairs bedroom. This had been their oldest son's room for years but he was long gone from home--married and living across the country. Kim turned her head to see the source of the light.

She saw through the open blinds of the bedroom that it, in fact, Brandon who was up next door. Kim didn't move from her position on the chair--she simply turned her head to the left and it provided a clear view. This was one part of her yard where there weren't any trees or bushes to block her sightline. Apparently Brandon must have laid claim to his big brother's old bedroom for the summer.

"Brandon certainly has grown up fast," she thought to herself. "Seems like yesterday he was a little boy riding his bike around the neighborhood and now he's done with his sophomore year in college. Time sure is flying!"

Bathed in the only light around, Kim watched Brandon move around the room before disappearing. Moments later he was back with a toothbrush in his mouth as put something on the dresser. With the bed between the window and the dresser, Kim couldn't see what he was doing as he stood there for a few lingering seconds before disappearing back to what she knew was the small bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. The Sweeney's were the only family she knew of in the neighborhood with a downstairs bedroom. The rest of the homes were all of similar layout and featured upstairs-only sleeping rooms.

Kim's mind wandered to thoughts of the neighborhood and the changes that had taken place over time before she was brought back to the present when Brandon reentered the room. Standing and facing the bed, Brandon pulled the dark T-shirt from it's tucked position in his jeans and up over his torso before removing it completely.

Almost instantly, as she stared at the young man's bare chest, Kim realized she really shouldn't be watching her young neighbor. "But, of course, he'll close the blinds before progressing any further," she thought to herself.

Brandon had developed a bit of chest hair, dark brown to match that on his head. But the muscular development of his chest was pleasant for her eyes to gaze upon. She was a fair distance from the window but even so, it was evident he not only was maturing, he was physically developing.

"Oh my God..." she thought to herself. "He's undoing his belt."

She knew she should look away but rather than turning away, she found herself rising up from the patio chair in the darkness--transfixed by the scene unfolding before her eyes.

Brandon unbuttoned the waist button, followed quickly by unzipping and the jeans were being pushed down his thighs. Kim saw the black briefs he was wearing as she silently walked nervously across her patio and onto the grass in her bare feet to get a closer view.

Brandon stood with the pants in his hand, eyeing them for something--perhaps a stain or something--as Kim came to a halt at the edge of her house. Still bathed in complete darkness, she knew her own relatively dark pajamas would help to conceal her presence.

The young man dropped the jeans to the floor and reached effortlessly to his waist to push the elastic waistband of the briefs down his hips. Kim stood transfixed as she first saw his pubic hair and then watched Brandon's penis hang before him as he reached down to pick up both the underwear and jeans. He didn't seem to be in any hurry as he once again began to inspect the denim closely. Kim ignored that activity and kept her eyes glued to his penis.

With a significant amount of brown pubic hair covering the area above his penis, Kim could see the limp shaft dangle and sway as his body moved every so slightly. The head looked small, light brownish/red in color. She could make out his scrotum, also covered with brown hair, but her eyes were glued to his limp shaft. It had been a long time since Kim had seen an adult male penis that belonged to anyone other than her husband.

Brandon turned to the right and disappeared from view. Kim thought momentarily that she should go inside but just as that thought entered her mind, Brandon reappeared in her view. This time she got to see his butt--tight and so very white. Clearly he wasn't a nude sunbather! He reached in his dresser for something that was in the top drawer as she saw a glimpse of white as he turned once more her direction towards the bed.

Kim assumed he would put on some pajamas and crawl into bed but she was mistaken. Rather Brandon turned his back momentarily to the bed and said down. He almost instantly reclined on the bed, laying completely naked and allowing Kim to have a complete view of him. He didn't move for a few seconds and once again Kim thought he'd be shutting out the light to go to sleep--and once again, Kim was mistaken.

Kim saw Brandon's right hand, the one on the opposite side from the window, go to his crotch and grasp his limp shaft. He began to tug on his organ...

"He's going to..." she silently said to herself. "He's going to masturbate!"

Kim stood frozen in place as her young neighbor began to rub his limp penis. The shaft went from soft to hard in a fairly short period of time and she watched intently as he stroked himself back and forth, up and down. She looked around nervously as if to see if anyone was else was watching--like anyone else would happen to be in her yard at this hour of the night! Throwing better judgment to the wind, she took several steps forward to get an even better view of Brandon.

While technically there was nothing to hide her from view if anyone were to look between the houses, Kim knew that it would be a one-in-a-million chance that anyone would see her. But she kept her guard up nonetheless and took a hard look around to make certain there was nobody else that might come upon her. She could sense the pounding of her heart as her adrenalin was suddenly high.

Returning her view to Brandon, much closer to her as she edged a bit closer to the property line, she saw his cock was completely erect and he was stroking himself in a controlled rhythm. The purple head had expanded greatly as blood flowed through it and it was now a large knob on the end of Brandon's erection.

"He sure seems comfortable--must have a lot of experience," Kim thought to herself with an internal smile. "Everyone's experienced by the time they're Brandon's age!"

She noticed that Brandon had his eyes closed and was slowly increasing the speed of his stroking.

"I wonder what is running through his mind right now?" Kim thought. "Was he on a date that left him in need of some sexual relief?"

As Kim stood and watched her young neighbor, she realized her right hand was rubbing her left breast. She didn't recall having moved her hand at all and suddenly she found it was gently pulling on her nipple through the thin cotton top. Almost as soon as the realization hit her that she was playing with her erect nipple, she robotically moved her hand from her small breast and dropped it to her waist before inserting it under the elastic waist of her sleep pants.

Down her abdomen until she felt her own blonde pubic hairs touch her fingers. Soft and curly, she had always liked the feel of the soft hairs when she touched them. Her husband also appreciated her female hairs so it was a rare thing for her to shave it off. As the fingers continued downward, she felt her finger touch her clit but she snaked her finger down to her vaginal opening. Kim was surprised by the moist condition she felt between her legs. She hadn't gotten "instantly wet" in many years so it was both a surprise as well as a pleasure to realize how quickly her arousal had been.

As Kim rubbed herself between her legs, her eyes were focused intently on the young man laying on the bed. His cock bobbed up and down slightly as his hand went back and forth. She had never seen a male masturbate--even her own husband--so while she had imagined it, seeing it actually happening was another level. Periodically Brandon would move his left hand to his hairy scrotum and gently pull on the skin.

"I wonder if that feels good or if he's trying to prolong himself before he ejaculates?" she thought in her mind.

Kim noticed that Brandon's thighs were bent just slightly at the knees--still resting on the bed but definitely not in a state of relaxation. She continued to watch his fingers go up and down on the shaft, continuing to increase in speed. Without breaking his stroke, he took his left hand across his body and reached for something hidden from Kim's view. She saw that it was the white object he'd pulled from the dresser and in a second she realized it was a handkerchief. He expertly shook the folded item and in one shake, it was spread out wide. Brandon then paused his stroking for a moment as he laid the white hanky on his stomach and abdominal area, making sure it laid flat under his erect cock.

Resuming his stroking, Brandon's legs tensed and she saw he was no longer bending them but rather they were fully extended. His body began to tense and Kim knew from her own masturbating experiences that Brandon was nearing his orgasm. She also increased her self pleasuring as she watched the young neighbor.

Brandon increased his tempo and was using only his index finger and thumb to hold his cock. And she noticed his strokes were very short--concentrated near the head of his penis. As that thought went through her mind, she saw him lift a part of the hanky up with his left hand and moments later she saw what she knew to be semen being ejected out of his cock. He continued to stroke furiously and several more blasts flew out of the purple glans into the white handkerchief.

As he finished his orgasm, Kim saw Brandon remove his hand from his shaft, dropping the engorged organ to fall towards his body and lay on the hanky. He didn't move for about a minute, basking in the aftermath of the orgasm. Then using both hands, he used the handkerchief to wipe off the head of his cock. While definitely less in size and beginning to lose it's erect form, his cock was still pointing more up than down as he stood up and wiped the last vestiges of semen from his penis. He took the cum-filled hanky and walked out of view towards the bathroom once again.

Kim meanwhile, still rubbing her own sexual organ, knew that she should clear out. She had seen far more than she could have ever imagined but something made her stay put. She slowed her own self pleasuring but kept her fingers rubbing her vaginal lips as she waited silently for Brandon to return. Rewarded moments later, she saw him carrying a pair of what looked like gym shorts and watched as he put them on. From the angle she had, she could only see his buttocks so she assumed his penis had returned to it's normal non-erect form. Before he even touched the bed, he reached to the light on the nightstand and the room was enveloped in darkness.

Kim realized that the show was over and she knew that she had to get to bed herself. She slowly walked back to her own back door, her mind racing with a replay of the scene that Brandon had given her. She knew that sleep would not come easy to her in her current state of arousal but it was far too late to wake her husband for a 'quickie.'

* * *

With her husband off to work the next morning and her children occupying themselves, Kim retreated to the privacy of the master bathroom. Locking the door, she pushed her shorts and her panties down to mid-thigh and leaned up against the wall while looking at herself in the mirror. Her right hand moved to her pussy and she inserted her middle finger up inside her. As she moved the finger inside her and slowly pulled it out before inserting back in, the scene of last night replayed in her head over and over. Brandon's hard cock, his hand furiously stroking himself, the engorged purple head, the tensing of his body and the eruption of his semen--vividly played out in Kim's brain. As her finger continued to enter her body with an in-and-out fashion, she used her thumb to rub against her enlarged clit. She knew that it would take only moments to get that familiar feeling when her orgasm would engulf her. She wished she could strip naked and masturbate on the bed but with the kids around, the standing method would have to do.

Faster and faster she moved her fingers, her palm rubbing against her soft blonde hairs, until she felt her body begin to quiver. Inserting both her index and middle fingers inside her wet opening, she moved her left hand to rub her clitoris. In seconds her body tensed and she felt a rush of adrenaline that left her gasping for breath. The orgasm rushed through her, exciting every nerve in her body and she moaned out loud--only to catch herself so that she wouldn't have anyone interrupting her with questions about the unusual noise. She felt momentarily she might collapse but by leaning against the painted wall, she used her weight to position herself and prevent any problem.

Kim opened her eyes and saw the scene of a middle aged mom with her fingers in her vagina, her panties stretched out at mid-thigh and a look of total bliss on that woman's face!

She pulled her fingers out of her opening and brought them to her face. Covered with a sheen of juice, she sniffed them as she always did after masturbating. It was a habit she'd had since she first began to pleasure herself years ago. And following her habits, she inserted the two fingers into her mouth and used her tongue to lick her fingers clean. Another intimate trait developed from many years of experience.

Walking a step forward to the sink, Kim washed her hands and dried them. Then waddling to the toilet, she used toilet tissue to clean up between her legs before sitting down to empty her bladder.

* * *

Later that afternoon while watering plants and flowers in the back of her house, Kim was lost in her thoughts when she heard a friendly, "Hello Kim!" from next door. Looking towards the Sweeney's, she saw Joyce Sweeney walking towards her. For a moment Kim tensed up--for no legitimate reason--but she saw the smile on Joyce's face and realized there was nothing to worry about.

The two women conversed with one another as Kim continued to spray water on her flowers adjacent to the patio. As they gradually made their way in the direction of the Sweeney's house, Kim couldn't help but look at the window where she'd seen so much last night--or was it actually this morning?

As the women talked with one another, their conversation was interrupted by the sight of Brandon coming out of the back of the house. One again, Kim instantly tensed up upon seeing the young man--although this time he was dressed. Thankful for the sunglasses she was wearing, she couldn't help but stare at his crotch as he walked across the Sweeney's back yard and into the Kim's own yard. Ironically he ended up standing almost exactly where Kim had been standing the night before as she had watched him pleasure himself.

"You certainly have grown up and filled out Brandon. Just last night I was thinking about you and realized that you're already done with two years of college. It seems like just yesterday you were tearing around here on your bike and now you're halfway through college," Kim said to the bashful young man.

Joyce, a proud mother, added her amazement of her son's seemingly rapid growth from youth to adulthood.

After some additional discussion, Brandon confirmed with his mother the items he needed to get from the store for her and excused himself. Kim once again watched him as he walked away, looking at his legs and recalling his butt from her voyeuring experience.

"He's a good kid," Joyce said. "I am glad he found a job. He's working for Kearney & Company from 3 'til 11 helping to restock. He's making good money but unfortunate for him, it prevents him from having much of a night life. By the time he's done, his friends are all in bed and he gets home around 11:30 or midnight. But he has time for fun when he's away at school."

"Does he have a girlfriend Joyce?" Kim asked.

"No. For whatever reason, he doesn't have much success with girls. I'm not sure why. I mean, I'm his mom so I'm biased but I would think he'd be fighting off the girls. I think he's too shy around them. He needs one gal to pop open his personality and make him comfortable. Then we'll see the girls..."

"Anyone in mind? You seem to have that scenario figured out for him." Kim asked.

"No, no. I didn't mean it that way Kim. Well, you know, it's just a mother's perspective. He might meet one gal, fall in love and get married. Who knows? I just think he needs someone to unlock his love potential and then we'll see a different Brandon. None of his siblings seemed to have the challenges with the opposite sex that Brandon does," Joyce added.

Her mind wandering back to the scene not far from where the two women were standing, Kim contributed, "I'm sure he'll do just fine with the ladies. We all needed experience at one point in our lives and Brandon will find the right woman to show him the ropes!"

As the conversation drifted to other topics, Kim's mind kept replaying the scene with Joyce's son from the previous night over and over again.

* * *

Once again sitting in the darkness of her backyard, Kim nervously enjoyed the night air. Her husband and children were fast asleep but her adrenaline was keeping her awake. The scene from 24 hours ago had been too much for her to pass up the opportunity to see if Brandon would have a repeat performance.

Kim was again wearing the thin cotton sleeping 'T' and matching sleep pants she'd worn the night before. She tried to pass the time by looking into the night sky and bidding her time. Kim was jolted into reality when the headlights of Brandon's car pulled into the Sweeney's driveway. As was the case the night before, with the shutting off of the engine the area was bathed in darkness.

She heard the car's door slam shut and she nervously stood and walked along the rear of her house. She waited breathlessly, her heart pounding, as she waited to see what might transpire. Seconds seemed like minutes and minutes seemed like hours. Maybe he was going to watch TV? Maybe he was sleeping in another room? Maybe he would close the blinds and close off the view she had?

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