tagBDSMThe Pet is Chosen Ch. 03

The Pet is Chosen Ch. 03


"i will have an answer for you. It is only right that i think about this a bit. i know that no matter what my decision might be that it will change my life."

"That is all that I can ask. I know that I have not given you much time but time isn't something that I have a lot of to give you. We do need to get under way. you can bathe tonight but our talking while idle is burning the light we need to travel by."

With that said camp was quickly packed. We fell back into a silence that was at least this time with some purpose to it. i knew that the choices given to me were not ones he was giving lightly. Each of them had their pros and cons. i was glad that my horse was of the mind set to follow the horse in front. It allowed me to be able to think without constantly directing its path.

We did not stop much that day. Just after night fall we reached a place suitable for camping and bathing. Camp was quickly set and as dinner was set upon the fire i ventured to the water to wash off the grime of the road. The water was quite warm when i eased my body into the water. i let out a yelp when i was startled by a bird up in the trees. Draven heard me and came running to see what was wrong.


"i am fine. i was just startled by a bird. i think he is right up in that tree."

i pointed up to the tree where the bird had perched. His eyes looked briefly to where i pointed but quickly returned to gaze upon me. i could feel his eyes upon me. i stood there not moving. He reached out and pulled me to him. His lips sought mine in a tender kiss. After a few moments, he broke the kiss and pushed himself back a bit from me.

"Tell me to go back to camp brie. Tell me that your choice is not made."

"Go or stay if you wish but either way my choice is not yet made."

"brie, please the choice has to be yours. I do not wish to take that from you. You are a sweet temptation and one that I do not know if I can continue to resist. Tell me brie."

"my choice is not yet made."

With that said Draven turned around and made his way back to camp. A part of me wanted to call him back to me. The maiden in me though was afraid and had not made up her mind. i quickly washed and made my way back to camp. He was not in camp upon my return. What would have been dinner burned in the fire. That made me quite angry to see. i had no idea where he had wondered off to. i knew it would do no good to try and look for him.

i settled down next to the fire and ate a bit of cheese and bread. i soon became sleepy and pulled my blankets close to the fire. He was not back in camp when i went to sleep. i wasn't about to lose a night's sleep over his injured ego. i awoke that morning to find myself alone in camp. His bed roll appeared to be not slept and i didn't see him close by. i wandered down to the water to see if he was bathing and i did not see him there.

i packed up our gear from around camp. The horses pranced a bit waiting to be saddled and made ready to leave. i wandered a little ways from camp when it was long past when we would have broken camp for the day. i wanted to see if he was hurt as i walked a certain radius around camp. i collected up some fire wood and berries as i made my way back to camp. By mid day both the horses and i were restless. i brought them water to drink and gave them a small bit of oats.

The day was mostly over when Draven strolled back into camp with a couple of rabbits ready to be placed on a spit and cooked. In that moment my emotions went from concern to anger. i went over to the horses and picked up their water buckets and doused the fire with its contents. i could see a bit of anger cross his face as i headed down to the water to refill the buckets. A part of me knew that he would follow me.

"What the hell was that for brie? Mind telling me why put out the fire? It is obvious that you had kept it going all day?"

"Why should you be allowed a warm meal when you left me alone to worry all day? Ever stop to think about someone besides yourself?"

"Why you ungrateful little..."

"Don't finish that sentence Draven. So before you call me ungrateful and worse consider the things you have done. i am sorry if your ego couldn't handle me wanting a bit more time. Did you ever stop to think that i am afraid of what i am feeling inside?"

"I was afraid last night of not being able to keep my word about you having a choice. I dropped dinner and came running when you yelled out last night. Your beauty has a way of captivating me. A bruised ego I can deal with. I was never that far away but I kept out of sight. I wanted you to have some time to think. I needed time to think as well. you are not the only one a bit afraid of what they are feeling inside. A part of me wants to take away the choices I gave you and keep you for myself."

What little bit of resolve i had left in me to be angry with him went right out the proverbial window with those words spoken. i still was not happy about being left alone for the day and made to worry. i knew, however, in that instant that i was not the only one afraid to let go and simply let fate lead the journey. i closed the distance between us and looked into his eyes.

"Draven, the road that is before us is not for us to decide really. Fate for what ever reason has crossed our two paths. i am still scared of the emotions that i am feeling but i know what my answer is. i knew last night but i was afraid to say it. Do i really need to say it out loud when we both know is the answer?"

"Yes, brie, you need to say it aloud. I want to hear you say it. It is still your choice. I will not force this upon you."

"my answer is yes."

"yes what?"

"i want to stay with you and be Yours."

"And how do you want to be Mine?"

"i want to serve You."

"No holding back or saying that I never gave you a choice?"

"No holding back and the choice is and was mine to make."

A whiney from one of the horses reminded me then of why i truly had started down towards the water. i turned from him for a moment and proceeded to complete my intended task. There really wasn't that much more to say and a few things needed to be completed before there was no light left to complete them in.

As i began to walk past him back into camp he stopped me. He took the bucket from me and looked into my eyes. He instructed me to remove my garments and carry them back to camp. i was told that i would not be wearing clothing when we were camped from that point on. A part of me wanted to resist but another part of me realized that was some reason to this logic. i would have to learn to trust him on these things.

i stepped out of my garments and neatly folded them and carried them as we went back to camp. The bucket was returned to where i had grabbed it from. i quickly moved to prepare camp for sleeping and set things out to bathe. He was able to restore the fire without much fuss. Soon enough dinner was set to cook over the flames. i could see how he watched me as i moved.

"It is time to bathe. Dinner can cook without us standing over it for a while. I have a task that you will repeat every time it is time to bathe. you will wash me."

i looked at him and was bit unsure of how to respond. i quickly gathered up the items needed for bathing. His eyes followed me and i could hear a small chuckle from him.

"It looks like someone is so eager to begin this task that she has forgotten something."

"What have i forgotten?"

"When you are given direction I wish for you to respond with your answer and the words my Master at the end. Do you understand?"

"I do understand my Master."

"What do you understand kitty?"

"i understand that you wish me to bathe you from now on and that i am to respond to your questions my Master."

"you are such a good kitty. If you continue to be good there will be a reward in it for you. If you are bad you will be punished."

"Yes, my Master."

"Hum something seems to be missing. Oh yes...but I think I am going to make you earn the collar I spoke of kitty. Come with me and we will begin your first lesson."

"Yes, my Master."

i followed him down to the water. He stopped beside a tree stump and motioned for me to set the things in my arms upon the ground. He sat down on the tree stump and offered up his foot to me. Taking the hint, i removed his boot from that foot and from the other one when it was offered up. He looked at me to continue and i timidly undid the laces on his shirt and tugged it off over his head. i stopped for a moment as the sound of my heart drowned out the sounds around me.

"Did I tell you to stop kitty?"

"No, my Master."

"Then why did you?"

"i have never undressed a man before my Master."

"It is no different from undressing yourself. The ties are just in different places. Now continue so that we can be done with our bathing by the time dinner is ready to eat."

"Yes, my Master. Would You please stand so that i may be able to remove Your pants my Master?"

Without saying a word to he stands and a soft blush creeps across my face. i wasn't expecting such a quick response to my request. At in my mind i wasn't. i slowly undo the laces that keep his pants together and slow ease them down his thighs. i gently touched each foot and without a word your raised it up off the ground so that i can finish my task. i try to keep my focus on my task but a small part of me can't help but sneak a look at him.

"kitty, you need to keep your mind on the task at hand. you can gaze and explore upon Me later."

"Yes my Master."

i set his pants with his other clothes and waited for his next instruction. He walked to the water and stopped when just his ankles were covered. i wondered why he did not go further into the water but i did not question him. He motioned me over to him and i picked up items we would need to bathe with. i started to stand behind him but he pulled me around to stand in front of him.

"I want to see you kitty. Now is not a time to act shy. you will wash every part of me. This time i want you to see what it is you are washing."

"Yes, my Master."

i started to suds the wash cloth with the soap and started with him arms. He stood very still while i moved to wash his body. i walked around behind and scrubbed his back. i slowly washed downward towards his hips. i washed over his buttocks and some what quickly between his cheeks. i rinsed the cloth and then began to wash down his legs to his ankles.

i then stepped back in front of him and scrubbed down his chest. my eye followed the washcloth and was learning the contours of his body. i washed down to his treasure trail and then skipped over to the front part of his hips and then down his legs. i tapped each foot in turn and washed them.

"kitty, aren't you forgetting a part of My body?"

"No, my Master, i am not yet finished."

"Oh I see kitty is saving the part that will be inside her later this evening for last."

"No, my Master, i was just a bit unsure of how You liked to be washed there."

"kitty there is truly no wrong way to wash Me. If you were to do something wrong I would tell you."

"Thank You, my Master."

"Now continue please kitty."

"Yes, my Master."

my face turned bright red as he said that to me. Truth was there were some parts of a male that i had never washed when they weren't injured and bed ridden. Some things a maiden just didn't do for an able bodied man. i rose back to my feet before him and tried not to blush.

i could feel his gaze upon me and began to get nervous. i slowly began to reach towards him when he took my hand in his and showed me how he wanted to be washed. i could feel him growing hard beneath the cloth. Once i had his body washed to his satisfaction he waded out into the water. He dunked himself down into the water and rinsed the soap off his body.

"Wash yourself kitty. I want to see your body as you wash."

"Yes, my Master."

i started to walk a bit deeper into the water and he motioned for me to stay where i was and wash. i started to blush again. i soaped up the wash cloth and washed my body. He watched me as i went over my tail. He saw the breath intake i did when i rubbed over the tip of my tail and between my legs. When i was done with washing i waded out to rinse off and then wash my hair. He washed his own hair as i rinsed off.

While i was washing my hair, he left instructions for me to bring everything back to camp with me. He wanted to head on back and check on the progress of dinner. i didn't want to tarry too long and i quickly picked everything up after drying off. Master was sitting down next to the fire with his towel draped loosely around his hips. He motioned for me to join him after i finished putting the stuff from our bathe up.

"As of tonight you will serve the meals. you will always sit on My right side and serve what is prepared to Me first. Once I have eaten a few bites of the meal you may then serve yourself tonight. you will see that My glass does not go empty. You may not partake of spirits unless I give them to you from My glass. There will be more for you to learn when we are not camping like this. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my Master, i do understand."

The meat had all ready been cut and was ready to be served. i selected some of the rabbit and set it upon his plate with some of the potatoes that had been cooked in the coals of the fire. i poured him a cup of the coffee and patiently sat back to wait and see if he desired more. When he had eaten several bites i served myself some of the meal and refilled his cup. We ate in mostly silence.

What was left of the evening meal was put up and away from the wild animals. i was sent to the water to wash the dishes as the fire was prepared for the rest of the evening. i tried not to tarry too long on the task. i was nervous about what the rest of the night would bring. i put things were they belonged on my return to camp and sat down beside my Master.

"you have done a good job so far this evening kitty. There is a few more things before we retire for the evening. I will try my best not to tax your nerves and make you uneasy. Some things I will not be able to help much, but I will take things slow. Are you ready to learn a bit more?"

"Yes, my Master."

He went over to our pack and set a few things out onto one of the towels from our bathing earlier. He had his back turned toward me and i didn't see exactly what he was doing. i waited patiently for him and then he called me over to him. He had taken his towel off from about his hips and motioned for me to crawl into his lap. His arms encircled me and held me close against him a few moments. i could hear his heart beating and i felt safe.

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