tagBDSMThe Pet is Chosen Ch. 07

The Pet is Chosen Ch. 07


brie was happy to spend the time with Draven. Even if it meant after the festivities going back to how things were for a while longer. Surely they could get through four months. Their love was growing with each passing day. True brie could not serve Him as she hoped but there was plenty of time for that.

The King stayed on a while after the wedding to make sure things continued smoothly. It was of no shock to brie since the criminal, Lord Ulrich, was still at large. There was a bounty placed upon his head that was sure to attract bounty hunters and honest people to the crown a like. The King and the Duke hunted and there was no hardship to the stores of food that year for the crops had been plentiful.

The Duke and the Princess welcomed brie into the household like a daughter. Princess zara enjoyed having a fellow cat person to talk to and share stories with. brie enjoyed the company as well because it made her miss Draven less. Sure He was just within the dungeon below but she wasn't permitted there.

The dungeon was no place for a lady and brie was a lady first. Draven enjoyed his daily walk with her. He knew this was a special privilege being bestowed upon them. He made sure to make the most of each moment and still taught things to brie that she needed to know in order to serve Him best. brie used those moments to share what she could with Him.

Princess zara and brie got along famously until one day she brought up the subject of Lord Ulrich still being on the run. They had a terrible row and Princess zara ran from the room in tears. brie felt terrible about it and made herself scarce the rest of the day. brie had not realized how long the Princess had been with Lord Ulrich and had made light of her plight.

brie spoke with Princess zara with Duke Elrik in attendance that next morning. The room was tense for certain. It was then that brie finally understood the torment that Princess zara had endured at the hands of Lord Ulrich. brie apologized for having made light of it the day before. Princess zara forgave brie for it because it wasn't truly her fault.

It hurt Duke Elrik to hear the things that Princess zara said about her time with Lord Ulrich. He was quite thankful to have stolen her away from him. He knew then that His motives had been right on despite it bending a few laws in the process. brie was lucky to be alive, but He knew she bore physical scars from her short time knowing the man.

The next day a letter arrived for brie from her Father.

My darling daughter,

I have news for you that you will find enlightening to your heart as it is to mine. I shall be coming to visit you at Duke Elrik's within the week. I was able to get my crops in early thanks to help from some neighbors who knew I was worrying about you so. I can not wait to meet this Draven fellow that has taken your heart so. I hope to not be a burden to the Duke and will be bringing some provisions of my own that perhaps you hunger for. Things that your dear mother used to make.

Your loving father,


Tears of joy fell down brie's face as she read the letter to herself several times. On one hand she was happy he was coming so soon to see her, but on the other hand she knew that then her father would know that Draven was in the dungeon for his crimes. she went straight away to Duke Elrik and consulted with him about what to say in her Father about such things. The Duke was very understanding and assured brie that things would work out as they should.

He couldn't change the sentence but perhaps could bend the rules a wee bit while her Father was here. That made brie excited to hear and would be happy with what ever Duke Elrik would be able to arrange for her precious Draven. she set about making plans for her Father's arrival so that things would not seem a miss. she knew a return letter would only be for naught. He was probably all ready on the road by now.

Time passed quickly and Duke Elrik was more than fair about the changes to the rules that He set forth for Draven and brie. Draven would be allowed out of the dungeon so long as He promised not to try and make a run for it. Draven was more than willing to make such a promise to the Duke and to be able to spend some time with brie outside of the previous arrangements was a god sends in some aspects.

brie waited impatiently each day for the arrival of her Father. she knew that some things she may have to keep hidden from him but was none the less excited about the prospect of seeing him once again after all these months. Princess zara kept the girl busy with little tasks to do in hopes of keeping the girl grounded. It did seem to help.

Finally six days after receiving the note her Father arrived about mid-day. Sure enough he had brought some provisions and things her mother used to make and they had traveled well. A huge celebration was thrown that night in her Father's arrivals honor. Even though the man was tired from his long journey he stayed for a huge chunk of the celebration. It was a good time had by all.

The next day, Gregory and brie were out walking in the garden when he started asking some pretty touch questions of her. she tried to side step some of them with half answers but a Father always seems to know when their daughter is keeping something from them. It must be some sixth sense or something of the sort. May not be as strong as that between Mothers and daughters but none the less it still exists.

By the end of it, brie had broken down and had told her Father most everything about what had been going on. Through some of it, he held her tight in his arms, and through other parts he tried to give her a stern lecture. But really what he wanted most was for her to be happy and he could see that she truly was happy with this man. That was the most important part in all of this.

Gregory pulled Duke Elrik aside later that day and asked the man why the ruse about Draven not being in trouble with the law. The man realized that he wasn't packing any punches and explained simply that he didn't really see Draven as having broken the law per say but was merely doing what he thought have been the King's bidding. A real catch 22 if you will. Gregory accepted that answer and understood it from his time in the army.

Gregory waited until the next day to corner Draven for a nice long chat. He wasn't very thrilled about his daughter being unwed and not a virgin any longer. He knew that his daughter was an adult and had a right to do as she wished with her virtue, but in the same token there needed to be a chat about it. Surprisingly Draven was anticipating such a conversation and actually welcomed it.

Gregory and Draven talked well into the afternoon and Gregory was actually the one surprised in the end. Draven had not even discussed one matter with brie yet....and that was the matter of one day getting married. Gregory did inform Draven that there wasn't much of a dowry to be had. Draven informed Gregory that He wasn't after a dowry but rather was after a more permanent solution to T/their arrangement.

So things were settled and now it was just a matter of speaking to the King since Draven still had quite a bit of time left on His sentence. Gregory would like to be there for the union but would understand if that simply was not possible due to the rules sent forth by the King for Draven's imprisonment for His crimes. Draven had learned a valuable lesson in all of this -- one that He soon would not forget either.

Draven and brie were able to sneak away one afternoon and spend it in one of the seldom used rooms in the west wing of the castle. It was an old map drawing room, and there were scrolls scattered about dusty shelves and the like. Some scrolls soon found themselves upon the ground as He brushes off some space and Draven lifted her upon the table in the room. They soon found themselves locked in an impassioned kiss and were kissing one another with wanton abandon.

Those kisses soon lead to caresses and touching and roaming hands over one another's bodies. Draven didn't take time to undress Himself or her, but simply rather removed what was in the way of things and quickly sank His cock into her pussy. He thrust into her balls deep over and over again, but made sure to take some time to make sure she was enjoying this time as much as He was. They took their time but yet things were a bit rushed because they didn't want to be "disappeared" for too long and get Draven into any trouble.

Once they were both spent, Draven curled up on the table with her and held her tightly in His arms. He told her that He had something He wished to discuss with her and quickly spilled out the entire conversation He had with her father the previous day with one omission...that being of wanting to marry her. That He wanted to save until word from the King was received back. That word could be any day now because the King was holding court in Ulrich's old lands.

They ended their stolen time together with a few more kisses and Draven showed some restraint in not claiming His girl once again. Time had creped along while they had hidden themselves away and He did not want to take Duke Elrik's good graces to any advantage. They made their way into one of the many gardens and made sure the guards could once again see where they were.

That night Ulrich sunk into Duke Elrik's lands and was hiding in the woods with a small group of hired and long trusted mercenaries. He had thoughts to steal back his zara or perhaps to even steal brie since she would be worth less trouble in the end for him. He was bidding his time tough and didn't want to make it too soon. There was needed time to learn the guard's movements and other such things in order for his plan to work.

Duke Elrik's men never saw or realized there was a group of men hiding in those woods some distance from the lands. It was an unused section by many because of all the thorn bushes and winding branches from over grown trees. An area left to nature to take care of. Not thought of as a hiding place for a bunch of wanted criminals and thieves. The camp fires went unnoticed as well because it was not visible from the watch towers.

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