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The Pet Teacher


Jenny looked up on the bulletin board and found her student id. She pulled her hair out of her eyes and looked closer. Next to it were five asterisks. *****. What did that mean? Everyone else had scores. Some high. Some low. But no one else had asterisks. She felt a stab of fear through her insides. She prayed it wasn't what she thought. She didn't get much sleep that night and then she showed up the next day for Dr. Stone's class. She stayed in her seat after class, waiting for the other students to leave so she could talk privately.

"Jenny, there is something important I need to discuss with you in my office," Dr. Stone said taking the initiative. "Please follow me."

Jenny followed silently. This was bad. Very bad.

Dr. Stone closed her door behind them. "Have a seat Jenny," she said.

Jenny sat down in front of the desk while Dr. Stone sat down behind it. Dr. Stone fixed her student with her steely gray eyes from behind a pair of spectacles. She was an imposing woman, with gray streaked hair pulled back in a bun. Her mouth was stern and her lips painted deep red.

"Do you know what this is about?" Dr. Stone asked.

Jenny clasped her hands together to prevent them from shaking. Then she took an errant strand of curly sandy blonde hair and slipped it back behind her ear. She didn't want to divulge too much, so she hedged her bets. "Something about my test?" That much was surely a given.

"Jenny," Dr. Stone said. "I'm giving you a chance to make things easier on yourself. To handle this like an adult. Now why don't you tell me why you are here."

Jenny considered the offer. Then considered the consequences and quickly made up her mind, decided not to lie - but telling the truth was out of the question.

"I don't know," she said, her voice trembling, her blue eyes wide with uncertainty.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk," Dr. Stone shook her head. Then she flipped her monitor around so Jenny could see it and tapped a key on her keyboard. "It would have been much easier if you had handled this as an adult."

Jenny watched the black and white video with growing despair. It was of Dr. Stone's classroom. The students were all concentrating on the papers on their desk. All save one. Jenny watched herself glance around furtively, then bring a small piece of paper from her pocket and hide it in her hand. Glancing to and fro, she glanced in her palm then jotted down on her test.

"Jenny," Dr. Stone said. "You are aware of this university's zero tolerance policy in regards to cheating, are you not?"

"Yes ma'am." Jenny's voice squeaked as she fought the urge to cry.

"And what is the penalty?"

She wanted to say, I don't know. But felt she would get in an even worse fix by doing so.

"Expulsion." Jenny sniveled, losing the battle against the tears that welled in her eyes and streamed down her pretty cheeks.

"And you know dear," Dr. Stone said. "That this would be on your permanent record. I can't think of a major university that would want to hire someone of such dubious character. But it isn't the end of the world, maybe you can find a community college of sorts."

"I'm sorry ma'am." Jenny wiped her eyes and nose with the back of her hand. This was horrible. How could she tell her parents? What would this do to her plans? Her life's plans were falling in shambles from this one mistake.

"It's a shame that you have to pay such a high price for your first offense," Dr. Stone said. "Really, your behavior should have been corrected well before college, but society has seen fit to send me students who are supposed to be adults...yet are merely spoiled children."

Seeing an opening, Jenny interrupted. "I promise I won't do it again. Can you please give me a chance?"

"My dear," Dr. Stone said. "I don't really have the time or the inclination to see that you learn an appropriate sense of consequences and 18 years worth of growing up into one short semester. No matter how much you may need it."

"Please," Jenny begged. She could not bear the thought of getting expelled from college.

"Are you asking me to handle the consequences myself? To bypass the university regulations?"

"Yes." Oh please. Jenny kept a firm grip on her tightly clasped fingers. Dare she hope? It was enough to stop the flow of tears.

"Are you positive my dear?" Dr. Stone asked. "If you can't take on the adult consequences, the only recourse left are those suitable for someone much younger."

"Please," Jenny pleaded. "I'll take them. I'll take whatever consequences you see fit."

"The problem my dear," Dr. Stone said. "Is they took corporal punishment from the schools. The good sisters made sure I learned not to cheat long ago. Are you willing to learn the same lesson I learned?"

"Yes." Jenny said. Maybe she wouldn't be expelled after all. That as all she heard. The other words fell on deaf ears.

"I'm talking about a spanking," Dr. Stone said. "Are you willing to take the consequences of your actions."

A spanking? She could barely remember the last time she was spanked. But if that was what it took, she'd do it gladly. "Yes, ma'am," she said. A spanking was better than expulsion. Was better by far than the disappoint she would face with her parents.

"Very well," Dr. Stone said. "Take off your shorts and underwear."

"Ma'am?" Jenny asked. Did she hear right?

"Never mind," Dr. Stone said. "I can see that you are a hopeless cause. I'll turn this over to Dean. Please see yourself out Jenny. Perhaps I'll see you outside the university some time. Maybe as my waitress or clerk."

"Wait," Jenny said. It was clear that Dr. Stone wasn't one to back down. The thought of waiting tables when she was 30 made up her mind. She had to have faith and follow orders or she would be expelled. She slowly stood up, kicked off her shoes, then wriggled out of her shorts. She stood there in her T-shirt and a pair of tight boy cut panties. She suddenly felt quite embarrassed and hesitated at the remainder.

"It's too late dear. You had your chance," Dr. Stone said, not looking up from her paperwork. "Now go see the Dean."

There was no hope for it. She took hold of her panties and they soon lay in a puddle at her feet.

"Please," the young coed begged.

"Are you still here dear?" Dr. Stone said now taking notice of the attractive coed naked from the waist down, but betraying no emotion. "I thought I told you to see the Dean."

It was so hard to say it. It was hard to make her mouth form the words. Even harder now that she was naked for all practical purposes."Please Dr. Stone ....please spank me," Jenny said.

"Why?" Dr. Stone pushed her glasses up from the tip of her nose and appraised the young woman trembling before her. Naked from the waist below. She had narrow hips and a flat stomach. A nice tight triangle. It was a good start.

"I deserve it."

"Yes my dear," Dr. Stone said, opening a desk drawer. "You certainly do. I guess I can give you another chance. Now climb up on my desk. I want you on all fours."

I can't believe I am doing this, Jenny thought as she mounted the desk. When she had last been spanked as a child she had worn pants. But like this, nearly naked, on a desk, she felt - exposed and vulnerable in way she had never before. Then watching Dr. Stone remove a wicked looking paddle from her drawer and walk behind her, trailing the paddle on her exposed flesh....touching her bottom with it. If she didn't know better, it was almost sexual.

"My dear," Dr. Stone said. "When you were younger, did your teacher ever make you write lines?"

"Ma'am?" Jenny said, all she could seem to think of was the anticipation of the spanking. Wondering how much it would hurt on her bare bottom.

"Lines," Dr. Stone replied. "On a paper. I will not talk in class 100 times? Something like that?"

"Yes," Jenny said, wishing there were a way to hide her nether parts from Dr. Stone. The professor was behind her, with a good view of everything Jenny wished to keep private. Was she still planning to spank her or talk about writing lines.

"You will find a pen and paper in front of you," Dr. Stone said. "I want you to write some lines for me. You shall write I will not be a stupid slut and cheat on my test. Please spank me Dr. Stone. 100 times should be sufficient."

"Yes ma'am." Jenny took the pen and paper and began to write. She had written lines many times before. For talking. For passing notes. But not for cheating. And she never had written that she was a stupid slut, but she could she the Dr. Stone was angry with her and that must by the why of it.

"I want you to say it as you write it my dear," Dr. Stone said. "Repeat each word."

"I will not be a stupid," Stupid. The word hurt when she said it. Hurt in a way that was so different from when she had written it. And it hurt even more when Dr. Stone leveled the paddle and spanked the delicate alabaster skin of her bottom.

"Ooof," Jenny gasped. Her bottom stung. God how she wanted to rub the sting away, yet her hands were occupied by pen and paper.

"These new carbon fiber paddles are whisper quiet...and so light," Dr. Stone said. "Keep going dear."

"Slut - ahhhh." She gasped after being stung by another blow.

"And cheat - oooff"

Dr. Stone smiled. Now was the point where the stings would be accompanied by an aching hurt as the brain processed the signals the body was sending.

"on my test. Please spank - owwww- me Dr. Stone."

"Again," Dr. Stone said.

The humiliation and embarrassment of being displayed as she was on the desk began to fade as the stinging pain of her bottom began to blossom. By the third line, Jenny had come to learn a pattern. Every time she said stupid, slut, cheat, or spank, Dr. Stone leveled a heavy handed spank to her bottom. At first she thought it had given her an advantage by knowing when the licks would come. Instead, she began to dread those words in particular. For instance, stupid and slut were side by side. Each time she got to that point in her lines, she had to endure two spanks one right after another. Of course she tried to delay them. To pause. Stupid. Slut. If she had only been required to read the line she wrote, she would have said it quickly - emphasizing other words instead. However, now that she was being spanked when she said them...she was pausing and emphasizing them herself. Those words meant something more than just a bunch of lines. Those words described her - what Mrs. Jones thought of her for cheating. What kind of girl needed to cheat. What kind of girl got caught. A stupid one.

Then there was long time before she said cheat. A break. She loved the break - looked forward to it. But as she got to the word cheat, she began to dread again. Dread that after that word, the blows went fast again. She did a quick mental calculation. 100 lines. 4 spanks per line. That was 400 blows. Dear Lord! She had only receive 40 and was about to give up. It was taking all of her concentration to keep writing.

Dr. Stone smiled as she enjoyed the sight before her. Another pretty college girl had taken her place on her desk. Her modesty had long since been forgotten. She wriggled her pretty ass. An ass that had grown both red and welted from the blows. She arched her back in anticipation of every blow. Displaying her pretty pussy and arse with every flex. And the way she said those words. Stu-pid. And the way she bit her lip, and then hesitated mid- s on the slut. Oh, it wouldn't be long now.

"I will not be a..." Jenny paused.

"Come on dear," Dr. Stone said. "We haven't got all day."

Poor Jenny. She was in an impossible position. She had to hold the paper with one hand and the pen with the other, as such, there was no way for her to move her hands back to avoid the blows as she had when she had been spanked as a child. Worse, being on the desk on all fours meant she couldn't hunch or squirm out of the way. She was trapped and totally helpless. She was completely and utterly at Dr. Stone's mercy. And now the pain had reached her threshold. Tears leaked from her eyes and dropped down to the paper she was writing lines on...forming blue puddles as the ink dissolved.

"Please...." Jenny begged, red-faced and chin trembling. "Please Dr. Stone...I don't think...I don't think I can..."

"What in the world?" Mrs Stone said. "Is the little baby crying? My God, you are, aren't you?"

Jenny wished she weren't. Wished she could stop, but Dr. Stone's remark only served to make the tears fall all the more. She sniffed her nose and wiped her tears on the back of her arm. "Yes..." she whined.

"I have a feeling this is going to be a long day for both of us dear," Dr. Stone said. "Do you need a break?"

"Yes..." God did she ever.

"All right," Dr. Stone said. "I guess we can take a break. How long do you think you will need?"

"Fifteen minutes or so," Jenny said. She would like a longer break than that, but decided not to push her luck.

"Okay," Dr. Stone said, pulling out her chair and sitting back down at her desk. "I've got some papers that need grading, so just tell me when you want to begin again."

Thank God. Jenny went to get up, and out of the humiliating position she was in. It was worse than humiliating. Her knees and elbows ached terribly from the hard metal desk.

"Oh no dear," Dr. Stone said. "It's only a break. You stay right up there until you are ready to begin again. But I will need you to move your foot over. Hurry dear, I really must see to these papers. You've delayed me long enough."

Oh no! Jenny felt the pen poking into her foot, nudging it over to the right. Dr. Stone was behind her, and now as she moved her foot over, spreading her legs, she was being exposed even more than ever. She pictured the old woman ogling her. Leering. Licking her lips. She cast a glance back, and realized the old woman wasn't even looking at her. Was merely grading papers. She hadn't even noticed her.

But of course she had. Now that Jenny wasn't looking, Dr. Stone was free to examine the young coed's bottom at her leisure. The formerly alabaster skin was now a deep red/purple color and there were welts crisscrossing that delicate skin. She had a pretty cunt. Smooth skin and curly sandy blonde hair. She watched as the young girl kept her bottom tight in hopes of preventing its display. It was a battle she lost and those cheeks relaxed, displaying the cute crater between her cheeks. Oh it looked tight, so very tight. This girl was going to be such a delight.

And poor Jenny, she couldn't get Dr. Stone out of her mind. She had been spanked. Put on a desk and displayed. God, in such a humiliating manner. As if she were preparing to be taken from behind. The woman had shown no real interest in her...and yet ... and yet she couldn't help but feel...hot...tingly. And that thought brought an even greater horror....she was getting turned on and with Dr. Stone there behind her...how long would it be before she noticed.

Dr. Stone licked her lips as she watched the young coed's sex begin to plump and color. Watched as those lips began to grow wet. She gave a sniff and captured the hint of musk. Most of the college girls took several times on the desk to begin to enjoy it. The new one was a natural.

That sniff was enough to make up Jenny's mind. "I'm ready now," she said though she was far from ready.

"Are you sure dear?" Dr. Stone said. "By my watch it's only been six minutes."

"I'm sure ma'am." Jenny said. God was she ever. She could not let Dr. Stone discover what was happening down there. How her body was betraying her.

Dr. Stone stood back up and took hold of the paddle again. "Take care not to spill my papers," she said. "Start those lines again when you are ready."

Jenny wished she had stopped at the end of the line. Instead she had stopped at the worse part, so she would start with blows right off.

"Stupid - ooof."

"Slut.... mmmpphhh" This time slut brought a new meaning. When she had first started, it was just an ugly word for the type of girl who cheats on a test. But now? Now it meant something else entirely. What sort of girl would get hot....hot and tingly from being put on a desk and spanked? A slut. A stupid slut.

"Remember the papers dear." Dr. warned.

Jenny slid her foot back, spreading her lean thighs so as not to disturb the papers Dr. Stone left between her calves. The pain had been awakened again, like she had never had a break. There was a difference though. As Jenny read her lines, Dr. Stone began to vary the blows...not only giving blows that gave pain...but blows that could give pleasure. It was an easy enough matter. If Jenny pulled away or sought to evade the blow, she would give it extra hard. If not, she would give it soft and let it linger. Touching the flesh and caressing it with the flat of the paddle. Poor Jenny, unable to rub the sting out, was forced to avail herself on the lingering paddle to ease the pain.

It wasn't long before Jenny was responding. Not even realizing she was doing so. "I will not be a stupid..." she arched her back and lifted her ass into position. Meeting the paddle willingly. The paddle made contact with her bottom solidly, then it hung there, till finally Dr. Stone rubbed it soothingly on Jenny's behind.

"Mmmmpff" Jenny spread her young lean thighs. Pushed back up and out. Arching her sweat drenched back. Flexing her ass. Her body working as if being taken from behind by a lover."Slut - mmmm" she gasped and took another lick. She grew warm and wet. Her ass still ached, but it was a different kind of ache. An ache that made her hot inside. Then she got to the last. Please spank mmmmpphhh.....me Dr. Stone." And at the end the older woman stroked that fine ass with the paddle. Turning her name into a purr. Oh this girl wouldn't forget that name for quite some time. If ever.

Dr. Stone began to vary the blows in a different way yet again. Still giving some light blows, making the young coed work to meet them. However, now she began work in a few hard blows randomly. Blows that weren't just given, but received.

"Slut-ohhh!" Jenny gasped as she met the first such hard blow. It took her a bit to recuperate. She had never taken a hard blow that she had relaxed for and went back to meet. To give herself over to the paddle, only to have it rebuff her. To put her in her place. God, how it hurt! It was amazing the difference between it and the original blows. She tried to relax for the next blow, not sure if it were soft or hard. It was soft. Thank the Lord. She relaxed again. Meeting the blows. It was two lines later when it happened again.

"Stupid....oh fuck -ow-ow-ow!" Jenny groaned, bucking her narrow hips from the pain. She looked down at her letters...they were a mess.

"Young lady," Dr. Stone said. "That language will not be tolerated from you. Just for that, you will add a new sentence to the remainder of your lines. "My filthy mouth will not say the word fuck. Now do it over. Start from the beginning. My filthy..."

Dear Lord. No. No. Jenny had only written 50 lines. Now with this new sentence she was destined for many more spanks. Over and over again. She didn't think she would be able to stand it. "My filthy -ouch!" God that blow stung. "Mouth will not say the word .... fuck --- mmmppphhh"

Jenny's hips bucked. She tried to meet the blows that came on "Stupid" but she couldn't help drawing away. Then she tried to give herself over for "Slut" but it was a mighty lick. The hopelessness began to sink in again. Tears welled and began to fall.

She tried. Oh how she tried. Stupid. Slut. Cheat. Spank. Filthy. Mouth. Fuck. She was saying fuck still. Saying it willingly. Fuck. Oh Fuck. Sometimes it came out as a grunt. Sometimes a groan. A moan. A cry of passion. If she gave herself over to the blows, it didn't hurt as much. And Dr. Stone would say nice things, like, "That's my good girl. You are doing so good. I'm proud of you. Taking them like a big girl."

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