tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Pew with a View

The Pew with a View

byThe Freek©

The meager sunbeam cascaded down upon my weary face. I had been resting comfortably in that place between sleep and awake. Various thoughts swam through my head, rapidly changing from one perverted image to another. I was sleeping on my stomach, something I rarely do, with my half full manhood grinding into the bed beneath me. My hand was strewn across the bed and had come to rest on top of a beautifully shaped ass.

Susan's ass was slightly bigger than most women's, but I was enjoying a full handful as she slept beside me. Realizing where my hand was I slipped my fingers a little deeper inside. She barely moved as my hand crossed over her soft voluptuous rear, dipping into the softest folds of her body. Gently I rested my hand on top of the folds of skin. I didn't want to rush things and ruin it all.

After a few moments wait I gently wiggled my middle finger into her awaiting body. She barely moved as I found her enjoying her dreams as well. Her moisture was forming and building up as she reacted to my touch. With her nightgown riding high upon her body, I had access to her entire body. The gentle skin of her lower back was illuminated in the sunlight. Her face was turned away from me as and audible breath escaped her lips.

With gentle writhing I searched for her clit. I knew that if I found it, she would get so hot I would have no choice but to finish her off with my ejaculate covering her ass before she came, in order to satisfy her. I could feel the warmth of her body against my hand as the rough texture of my fingers searched out their prey. It was at this point that my hopes were dashed.

Just as I found her clit and started to rub it, her legs closed upon my hand. Swinging her head towards me, she just smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead before pulling away. I was kind of upset. I watched her rise and leave the bed; she must have known how horny I get when I touch her while she sleeps. My needs had once again been left unfulfilled. Such is the story of every man's life at some point, but this is not a sad tale, for this was just the beginning. A few minutes later she emerged from the bath with a funny look on her face.

"Let's go to church this morning," she said. I was stunned and not sure of what I should really say. Before I could think it through, I agree.

The next hour was spent preparing and fussing over what I should wear, nothing was good enough. After what seemed like eternity of changing my clothes for her approval, we were finally ready to go. I was confused as to why today she had wanted to go to church. We hadn't gone in at least three years. We were part of the holiday's only crowd. It didn't take long to figure it out once we were there.

Sitting in the back of the church, we watched and acknowledged all the people as they entered. No one sat in the same row as us, must be a tradition when the sinners arrive. Susan snuggled in close to me as she reached across in front to grab a book. It was then that I noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra. Her incredible B cup boobs dangled in my view as she reached for the book. I could see a slight rise in her nipples from my vantage point. Plopping herself back down in the pew, her bare legs slapped against the hard wood bench, the sound attracted the attention of an elderly gentleman in front of us.

The music started and we all rose to our feet. The choir entered as the organ boomed out the melody. We stood silent as the church shook with the power from the organ at full volume. Glancing down I spotted Susan's dress dropping back down into place. My mind started to race. What was she doing? Or better yet what was she planning?

After a minute or two we returned to our seated position, Susan's dress had risen higher than it normally would have been. I slid my hand firmly into place just under the raised hem of her dress. Susan pulled in tighter to my arm. We listened to the minister as he started to talk about something I didn't care for; I was more interested in Susan's hand as it rested on top of my manhood.

She started to squeeze me through my pants as she snuggled in, all the while pretending to be listening to the sermon. I looked at her wondering if she was for real. Was she trying to get my horny at church? Several times she readjusted herself in her seat. Each time she pulled up her dress a little higher. Her intentions became clear as I could see the top of her kitty in plain sight. She wasn't wearing her panties either.

Looking around I noticed there was no one watching so I moved my hand higher into her lap. She quickly opened her legs just enough to allow me access to her kitty. Several times I drew my fingers up and down her slit as she gripped harder and harder against my cock. I was unable to stop the raging hard on she had created. I wanted to loose the beast and put her over the pew and fuck her hard and fast, but I knew that wasn't going to happen.

She held her legs open as I pushed my fingers into her soft folds. I could hear her breathing become more raged and abrupt as I danced my fingers all over her clit. I pinched her clit between my finger tips as her legs drew open as wide as she could. Calmly, I stared forward as I dipped my fingers into her soft wetness. Dragging upwards, I found the spot she loved. It was evident I had found it, as she nearly squeezed my manhood until it burst.

Sliding her hand across her chest, it slid into her top. I glanced down as she pulled my arm in front of her hand, hiding her breast from sight. I could feel the movement of her fingers as she grabbed and fondled her perfect breast. Her hard nipple poked my arm as she twisted it in rhythmic fashion to the penetration of my finger into her pussy. With every flick of her clit, she quietly grunted into my shoulder. I longed for the chance to take her nipple into my mouth and flick it with my tongue.

I felt her body lurch several times as I helped her get off. The biggest contortion occurred as I forced three fingers deep into her. Her rasping breath filled my ear as vulgar comments escaped her lips.

"Finger my pussy, flick my clit.....make me cum. Finger fuck me in the house of God. I'm a naughty girl. God knows it already.....Deeper...come on push them in deeper. There... there, squeeze my clit. Make me leave the seat all wet......I'm gonna suck your cock so hard when we get home...Damn... you are the greatest," she grunted quietly.

I was about to loose it. I love it when she talks dirty to me, the thought of her doing it in church made it infinitely more provocative. I obeyed her commands as she moved closer towards an orgasm. She was so incredibly turned on that her folds were dripping her essence all over my hand and the bench. Gently she removed her hand from her top and reached for my manhood.

With great expertise she slid open my fly and pulled my manhood from its restraints. Here I was sitting church finger fucking my girl while she stroked my cock in plain sight of anyone who would walk by. It was incredible. I worked her pussy as best as I could, her passion was nearing its overflow. I was ready to cum into the air. It would be a shame to stop now. We barely noticed as the people in front of us stood to sing another song.

As soon as Susan noticed she leaned away from me pointing my cock towards her ass. That was the only prompting I needed, I took my cock in hand and started to pump. The purple bulbous head was swollen with anticipation. Susan's ass was red from sitting on the hard wooden pew. She held her legs open just enough to let me get my fingers on her clit. I rubbed franticly as I knew my time was short.

Her scent filled the air as I worked her clit like never before. In order to help things along, she reached back and grabbed my balls. With a gentle pulsating she squeezed my orgasm out of me. I jammed my fingers into her pussy, now rough and horny I banged away at her clit. My fever grew beyond my control; I was acting on primal instincts.

I pointed my engorged cock towards her ass as my hot seed bolted from my body. Now I was the one lurching. Streams of cum attacked Susan's ass, even landing roughly into the crack of her ass, as I emptied my cum all over her.

She too had enjoyed herself as she started to have her orgasm as soon as my hot cum landed on her body. The waves of pleasure ran roughshod over her body as she convulsed several times around my fingers. Her wetness had escaped her and was dripping out of her kitty and running down her leg. She lay on the pew for a few moments regaining her composure.

I left her ass uncovered as I smeared my seed all over her. I had shot a lot more than normal as her ass was easily covered in a nice glossy finish. I flicked my finger across her asshole with no reaction from her. I played for several minutes until she was able to breathe normally. I probably didn't help her much, but I enjoyed it. I tucked my manhood away, slimy and all. I tried not to get any on my pants but wasn't successful. Susan on the other hand just sat up and straightened her dress. Her still hard nipples protruding through her top excited me more because of her obvious arousal.

Once again she leaned into my shoulder and whispered in my ear.

"Damn that was great. I think I need to have your cock in my mouth. I need to taste your cum," she whispered. "Let's get out of here and finish this up."

Who was I to refuse her? I replaced the hymn book and straightened my pants as best as I could. Looking up towards the front I noticed the preacher was glancing in our direction. He had a look of concern on his face. He must have seen Susan sit up. Her red face and spaced out look must have looked like she was sick. I nodded politely and helped Susan stand up as a noticeable smell waffled through the air, the smell of wet pussy.

The older man in front of us spun around in his seat and sniffed the air. He just looked at us as we gathered our things. The only thing we left behind was the puddle of kitty juice from Susan's orgasm. A nice little donation for the cleaners I thought. I bet he would enjoy cleaning that.

We made our way out of the church and into the parking lot. The back of Susan's dress had a very visible wet mark, a combination of my seed and her juices. I let her walk a few steps ahead of me as the scent of her juices trailed behind her. She raced to the car and was staring back at me even before I arrived. I plopped into the car only to have Susan rip open my pants and yank out my manhood.

"Drive," she barked!

With that order I put the car in gear and headed out of the parking lot. I had barely turned the car when her head dropped into my lap. She was still enjoying the after effects of her orgasm as she sucked desperately upon my gooey stem. Several times I heard her voice her appreciation for the taste as she bobbed up and down. With her left hand she exposed her breast as she roughly kneaded it between her fingers. I was trying to drive as best as I could, but she was far too ferocious in her sucking.

I stopped the car to avoid an accident. We hadn't left the parking lot. Her silky red hair bobbed up and down into my lap, heightening the experience. She had curled herself up in the seat leaving her dress available to me. I grabbed the back of the dress and pulled it up. The incredible shape of her hourglass ass quickly became exposed. My hands roamed over her with increasing speed as the intensity of her sucking increased. Her ass was still damp and slightly tacky. I didn't care, I headed straight for her rosebud.

The touch of my hand across her ass caused her to lunge downward further onto my rod. She was deep throating me for the first time. She gurgled and swallowed hard as she adjusted to my length. I drew my hand back to my mouth before returning it to her anus. Drawing circles around her anus drew few results. It wasn't until I poked her directly on her anus that things started to change.

Suddenly she shifted her weight and got on her knees and curled herself closer to me to allow me better access. She also drew her mouth up to the tip of my cock before diving down rapidly completely engulfing my hard on. I continued to poke and press on her ass as she continued to jerk me off with her mouth. I could feel some competition around her ass, as she moved her left hand back between her legs.

Now was my turn to talk dirty to her. I hoped to push her over the edge again, while setting the stage for a possible anal assault with my cock and not just my finger.

"That's my dirty girl. Take all of it in...Yeah....I'll poke your ass for you to make you cum again...If you can make me cum again you can eat it all or I will cum up your ass for you if you want," I cooed.

I didn't think it would be possible, but she sucked even harder. Her long strokes, combined with the powerful sucking, were simply the greatest feelings I have ever had. She reached between her legs and grabbed my hand. Pushing me to the side she rubbed her wet hand over her anus. I could see the glistening of the wetness as she wiped a large swatch of her ass. Finding my hand as she reached around for it, she placed my hand back on her anus.

I continued poking her anus for a moment before tried to push my finger up her ass. She shrieked with excitement as I fingered her butt. Susan attacked my cock like never before. Her long quick strokes had me blowing my load in seconds. She held her head down deep against my balls as I shot string after string of my seed into her throat. She swallowed it all never missing a drop. Her strong sucking cleaned my cock from top to bottom in one fluid motion.

She lifted her head and looked me in the eyes as she swallowed the last drop down. She never looked more beautiful than she did just then. Turning back in her seat she noted we had better leave. Church had just let out and people were coming towards us. Without fixing myself, I put the car in gear and gave it lots of gas. The tires broke free as we sped away.

"You were amazing," I said, "what brought this on?"

"You got me horny this morning when you were holding my ass. I only planned on flashing you in church but this worked out quite well. Come on hurry home I'm still feeling horny. I need to get fucked a few times. Do you think you could help me out," she retorted.

"Where do you want it," I responded cheekily.

"Umm...In every hole we can find," she slipped with a sly grin.

What a day this was. I pressed the gas to the floor speeding at every opportunity, zipping into the driveway skidding to a stop. I jumped from the car my cock still hanging out and raced her to the door. She pulled up her dress as we hit the back gate. Only a few steps through she stopped and dropped to the grass on all fours.

"Let's start here," she shouted. I dropped in behind her thrusting my tongue into her rear, as the gate closed behind us.

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