tagLoving WivesThe Phone Call

The Phone Call


"Hello? Danny? What do you... what?

"Danny! For God's sake! Get over it will you?

"Yes... I know you feel guilty. You've already told me that... but it happened! We can't go back and change it, can we?

"Look... I know it shouldn't have happened. We've been over that already. Face it, Danny... I'm your best friend's wife and you fucked me!

"No... that's not a complaint... you know it isn't.

"Listen, if it makes you feel any better, it was exactly what I needed... and I've no regrets as long as John doesn't find out. You're the one with the problem...not me!

"No... I don't mean that I planned it! Well... not exactly... I mean...what? Okay... you want the truth?

"Right, then... yes, I was. I was hoping something would happen. Does that answer your question?

"No, Danny. Well... okay... I'll admit I've always had a bit of a 'thing' about you. Yes... even before I married John...okay? But I swear I'd never have done anything about it if it hadn't been for the accident... and that's the God's honest truth!

"No... I wouldn't, Danny... not ever! Yes, I know I used to flirt with you... but it was just a bit of fun...and John knew all about it. If it hadn't been for... "That's easy for you to say, Danny... but I'm a normal, healthy woman with normal, healthy needs. Remember, John had been away for almost six months before the accident... "Yes... that's right! And it's been almost another four since then... and they can't even tell us how long it might be before...

"Oh, yeah... so how come you weren't thinking about that last Friday?

"Oh... come on! Don't be such a hypocrite, Danny! I didn't need to seduce you... you've been wanting to get into my pants for years!

"Well... it's true! I mean... I'm sorry if it wasn't as good as you'd been expecting it to...


"Well... thank you, kind sir. And to be honest, I didn't have anything to complain about either!

"Yes... that's what I said... I've always... sort of...fancied you. How many times do you want me say it?

"Danny! Stop laughing at me, you rotten sod! Anyway, I don't think I fancied you as much as you fancied me.

"Well... at least it stopped you making fun of me!

"No... I wouldn't...really. It's only since John's accident... no, honestly... the longer he wasn't available...I mean...well... the more I thought about it...you know... with you.

"That's not funny, Danny! Anyway, there's only so much fun you can have with a plastic tube and a couple of batteries! And stop trying to make me blush!

"So...that's what caused last Friday. I mean... I'll admit I was feeling a bit...

"I was going to say 'restless,' Danny... the word 'horny' didn't enter my mind!

"Oh, by the way... whose idea was it for me to Act as your 'date' at that party? Was it you or John?

"Right... so you told John and he suggested taking me along just in case you 'ex' turned up with some fit bloke, yeah?

"No... that's pretty much what he told me. That's why I put a sexy outfit on.

"No... it wasn't about trying to seduce you... well... not really! In fact, it was John's suggestion... he said it would show that tart that you could do a lot better than her.

"Don't blame me! That's what he said. I don't think he had a very high opinion of whatshername... Shelley...yeah...right. And that's why I was being all lovey-dovey with you.

"No... we'd never met. She didn't know me at all. It wouldn't have worked if... eh? When did what change?

"Oh, I see. Well... I'm not sure, really. I mean... it was a lousy party and I was glad we left early...but I'll admit I was getting a bit turned on dancing with you.

"Hmmm... I don't know. It was probably a contributing factor. I mean, I haven't had that much to drink for a long time.

"No...I wasn't that far gone! It was definitely you that suggested a nightcap at your place... not me! If you'd just brought me home like you were supposed to, you'd have got a little kiss goodnight... and that would have been that! No... that's the truth.

"Yeah, well...I mean...once we were there... your flat's a shit heap, by the way... I didn't see much point trying to pretend we were both gagging for a cup of coffee!

"What? I didn't, did I? Honestly? You're not making that up, are you? You're saying that, as soon as I took my coat off... I asked which was the bedroom?

"Jee-sus! I'm a bit vague about that bit to be honest...

"No... I'm not blaming the drink for what happened... it's just that a few of the details aren't completely clear. I'll tell you what, though... I do remember you trying to hide your dirty magazines under the bed!

"Yeah...right! Since when did Classic Car magazine have two naked females on the front cover?

"Ha Ha! No... it doesn't bother me. Why should it? So, how far into your bedroom did I get before you pounced?

"I'm kidding! Chill out, Danny! No... really... that's something I can remember... you just standing there... looking helpless... as if you didn't know what to do next.

"That's right. That's why I put my arms around your neck. It's why I told you to forget who I was and just react to what you could see.

"Yeah... that's exactly what I meant... and I gave you a really long kiss to prevent you from saying anything. Oh... and you're a pretty good kisser, by the way!

"Ermmm... no. I'm a bit vague about the next bit. I know there was lots of kissing and a fair bit of tongue tango, but... oh, yes... I remember you sticking your hand up my jumper and grabbing my tit!

"Oh, for God's sake, Danny! Don't be so serious. I know it wasn't like that. As I recall you were actually very smooth. I mean, I was definitely getting hot by then, so I don't think I'd have even bothered where your hands were going if they hadn't been so damn cold!

"That's more like it! You've got a lovely dirty laugh, you know.

"What? That's wicked, that is, Danny Smith! My nipples are not like bloody fruit pastilles!

"Yes...okay...I know they were! I was as randy as anything by the time you started playing with them!

"Er... no! That wasn't anything to do with being in a hurry. I took my jumper off because it happens to be a very expensive one and I didn't want you tugging at it.

"Okay... I'll give you that. But most men can't cope with bra fastenings, can they? I didn't want to be standing there half the night while you...

"Strawberry flavoured? What...? Not funny! I've told you, they're nothing like bloody fruit past...


"Yes... I know it was me who pulled your tee shirt off. I remember that. I was afraid you were starting to get cold feet.

"Oh, come on! It wasn't anything like straight away. We were kissing and cuddling... and you were playing with my tits and sucking my... no! nipples... not...! Anyway... we were doing that for ages before I tried to undo your belt.

"Oh, no! No you don't! I definitely did not push you down onto the bed! It was just after we'd both got our trousers off, and it was definitely you who pulled me down onto it!

"Yeah... right...whatever! Anyway... you were the one who made all the moves once we were lying down.

"What? You're joking! You never let me get a look at it, let alone touch it! Probably just as well... if I'd known what you had down there I'd have probably screamed and made a run for it!

"Hmmm? No...I didn't mean it like that. John's fine. He's a good man and a perfectly good lover. There's nothing wrong with...

"Yeah...it just took me by surprise... that's all. I mean, I was wet enough before you started touching me down there.

"Mmm...you did. You found it straight away... and you really tormented me, you bastard!

"Yes you did! You kept bringing me really close to an orgasm... and then you'd slow right down...and...

"I know I did! I don't normally say very much at times like that... but you were driving me mad! I know I was yelling. I don't know what, but...

"Oh Christ... you're kidding! I didn't, did I? Honestly?

"I've never said anything like that before. No... honestly. I have never... never... asked to have my... erm...

"Yes... okay! To have my cunt filled! Jesus, Danny! Are you getting off on hearing me say it? Alright... I'll say it again...at that moment I wanted nothing more than to get your cock inside my cunt! Is that what you wanted to hear?

"Danny? Are you touching yourself?

"Mmm... me too! We shouldn't be talking like this.

"What should be doing? I'll tell you the answer to that... if you don't already know. We should be doing what we did last Friday.

"That's right, Danny. Just as soon as you get over your guilt trip about fucking your best friend's wife... I'll be more than ready to do it again!

"It's what I want, Danny. I'm not going to go all coy and pretend it's not. Once you managed to get that enormous cock of yours inside me, I didn't care about anything else!

"No... it didn't matter that you didn't last very long. We didn't have a lot of time to spare anyway, did we? In any case... it was enough to make me cum, wasn't it? I mean... talk about a damp patch! Jesus! Your bed must've been soaked!

"I loved it, Danny. I loved the feeling of your cock pounding my cunt! I loved it when you lost control... when you rammed it so far up me that it hurt. I loved it when you shot your load... when I felt it jerking and twitching inside me

"No... I told you... I loved it! I felt really chuffed knowing you were shooting your load up me!

"Of course I want...to...do...it...again. I...want...to...Ahhhhh!

"Oh God! I've just cum, Danny! I've been touching...and fingering myself. And I've cum! Just thinking about you!

"Oh, yes, Danny! I do want to. I want to do it again. I want you put your cock in my cunt and fuck me really hard... I want it more than you'll ever know!

"What about tomorrow?

"John's going away tomorrow for a couple of days of treatment. I could come 'round and...

"Oh, yes! No limits, Danny! I'll do whatever you want. Only... no more guilt trips... okay?

"Okay, then... tomorrow at... Hang on! Did you hear that? It was a sort of click...

"Oh shit! The extension..."

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