tagFetishThe Photo Shoot Ch. 01

The Photo Shoot Ch. 01


Being a university student is tough but sometimes opportunity knocks.

I was down to eating ketchup soup when I saw the ad for male lingerie models. 200 bucks for a few hours work! I jumped at the chance. If they didn't want me, so what! It was worth trying. I needed the money, BAD!

The next morning found me in the waiting room surrounded by guys. There were at least 20 other applicants for the job and based on the look of some of them, they had done this before. I realized I had no chance and stood up to leave. The receptionist stopped me by signaling that I was next.

Instead of walking for the front door I turned and headed for the office door that had swallowed the first few guys.

Inside the office I was greeted by an awesome looking brunette babe who motioned to the chair in front of the desk.

Once I had seated myself she started to ask me some routine questions.

"Have you ever modeled before?"

"No, I haven't and from the look of some of the guys in the waiting room, I kinda doubt I will be now." I replied.

"Why do you say that?"

"From the looks of it, a lot of the other guys out there are more suited for the job."

"That depends."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"On the size of your basket."

"On the size of my basket? What basket?"

"Come stand over here." she said, twisting her chair to the left and pointing to the floor in front of her.

I did as she said and was shocked when she reached for my zipper and undid my pants. Before I knew what was happening I was standing there with my pants around my ankles, in my Snoopy boxers, only inches away from this gorgeous babes face.

She started to laugh hysterically when she saw the picture of Snoopy dancing on the front of them. Still giggling she playfully scratched snoopy under his chin with her fingernails. I saw that her nails were a deep shade of red as I looked down to watch what she was doing. That's when I noticed her cleavage and the fact that her nipples were visible through her dress shirt. Upon further examination I realized that she wasn't wearing a bra.

That's when my cock started to stir. Slowly Snoopy's feet started to rise. When the fabric restricted my cock it started pulsing. I tried my best to stop it but it had a mind of it's own. Fighting it only made it worse, it started to throb rapidly, totally taking control.

"Oh look!" she started giggling. "Snoopy's starting to dance."

That made it worse. Not only was it throbbing but it was rapidly lengthening, threatening to expose itself out of the leg of my boxers. Before I knew it that was exactly what happened.

"Oh my." she said as she watched, her eyes getting bigger and bigger. "It's oozing."

With that she started to slowly spread the pre-cum all over the exposed tip of my cock. My knees suddenly buckled and I found myself with my face in her crotch. She was laughing once again, rollicking back and forth in her chair.

"Ok, get up and go sit down." She said still chuckling at what had happened.

I stood up, sheepishly pulling up my pants and went and sat down again.

I found it hard to concentrate on the questions as she continued the interview. I was too pre-occupied with the lump in my pants. No matter how hard I tried to think about something else my gaze always wandered back to her breasts and my mind returned to what had just transpired. Needless to say, my left leg had a close excitable friend that wouldn't stop drooling.

"It appears that your basket will suffice." She said with a slight giggle.

"What basket?" I asked again.

She ignored me and asked me what shoot I was applying for.

"Um, I'm here for the underwear one." I said, my mind starting to focus on something other than my dick.

"Gee, that's too bad. There's a better one open for the CFNM ladies at the moment. Would you prefer that one instead?"

"CFNM ladies?" I asked.

"Yeah, the Clothes For the New Man representatives." She replied. "Their interested in seeing our line in male undergarments."

"You mean that the clients will be present as well?"

"In this case, yes. I think you are the right man for this shoot. What do you say?"

"How much does it pay?" I asked pondering the situation.

"That depends on the client. If they buy our line then you will receive a commission of 1% of the first years sales."

"In English please..."

"About ten thousand dollars"

"Wow" I thought I said to myself. That's sweet. My mind drank in the possibilities. If these CFNM ladies liked me I could score some serious cash. I doubt that I would embarrass myself again as my mindset was now focused on selling a product to a bunch of ladies in suits.

"Ok, I'll model your undergarments for the CFNM ladies."

"Good choice. Fill out these forms please."

Some of the categories seemed a little strange, and when I asked her about them she told me that they were due to legalities and I had to answer yes or they would take the next suitable applicant.

"Ok. " I said as I handed the completed forms to her. "What type of undergarments will I be modeling?"

As she scanned the forms a sly smile started to form on her lips.

"Come with me and I'll show you." she gestured as she walked towards the door behind her desk. Rising, I followed her into a corridor occupied by two department store dressing room doors and at the end, a 90 degree turn into a small room with five chairs against one wall and black curtains covering the other three walls. There were cameras positioned in the corners beside the chairs and a multitude of various lighting fixtures adorned the ceiling.

"Are you nervous?" She asked as she turned back to the dressing rooms.

"No, should I be?"

"I think you'll do okay. In here." She said, pointing to the dressing room nearest to the corridors end. "There are five different styles that we want you to model. Put on the smallest one first and cover it with the next biggest. Let me know when your ready.

With that she disappeared back into the office leaving me alone. I entered the dressing room and stared at the underwear I was to model. They were hanging on separate hooks within the small cubicle. On the fifth hook was what appeared to be a condom but it had a couple of thin strips attached to it. When I held it up I noticed that it was made out of a white, mesh, silky material. It would barely cover my dick, let alone my balls. The fourth hook held what looked like an elephants face, trunk and all. From the third hook a leopard skin g-string dangled. The second hook contained a red and black striped speed-o and the final hook sported a ripped up pair of gray boxer shorts.

Taking a deep breath I shed my clothes and started putting on the skimpy white ones first. My dick quickly responded to the light caress of the material as it inched it's way down my shaft. Pulling it tight gave me a bigger boner than I had gotten in the office. It was several minutes before I calmed down enough to notice that there was a bunch of stretchy material at the base of my cock. I reached down and realized that I had them on upside down. My balls were supposed to go in this part. Taking them off and putting them on again gave me another raging erection. This has to stop I thought to myself. This is a professional shoot and I can make a lot of money if I do this right. I can't afford to get excited in front of the clients or they won't buy the product and I won't get paid.

It seemed to work, my cock settled down to a semi-flaccid state that allowed me to continue donning the rest of the underwear. The elephant was a bit tight and caused my dick to throb but the G-string held it in check. The speed-o seemed to clamp my cock in place and the boxers helped to cover the lump below.

Taking another deep breath, I exited the dressing room and returned to the office.

The girl that was there before was gone and in her place were two petite blondes who almost looked like identical twins. When they saw me they started to giggle and whisper to each other.

"Where is the girl that was here before" I asked realizing I didn't even know her name.

"She's waiting for you in the photo room" The one closest to me said. "Come with us."

"Who are you?"

"We're the photographers," They said in unison as they walked past me to the door.

Turning I followed them to the curtained room. My eyes almost fell out my head when I saw the women sitting in the chairs. They were all gorgeous and dressed to drive a man wild. The brunette was there, waving me in. The other four women were looking me over with expectation. Nervously I walked into the glare of the lights before the curtain.

"Now that the model is here we can get started." I heard the brunette say. I couldn't see past the glare of lights, which was a good thing if I wanted to keep my cock in check.

"As you know, we here at 3X lingerie have come up with some perfect underwear for CFNM parties. The first example is shown here. Instead of boxers, we call them exposures, as you can well imagine." The other four women, as well as the two photographers, nodded in agreement.

"Turn around and grab your ankles." one of the women said.

As I did what she said another one remarked that she could make out the next sample through the shreds of material. With that the brunette told me to face the lights and take off the first pair of underwear. My eyes were getting used to the lights and I could make out the shapes of the women sitting on the chairs. I hesitated a bit before I took off the boxer's. I was nervous as hell and I think it showed. My cock was straining against the tightness of the elephant and the restraint of the speed-o. How was I going to retain my dignity in front of these ladies? With a deep breath I doffed the boxers, revealing the tight speed-o underneath.

"Wow, nice pattern." A voice said from behind the glare. I think it came from the third chair but I couldn't really tell. Before she said it, I raised my arms above my head and turned around twice repeating the ankle move.

"He's getting into it now ladies." I heard the brunette say. "Let's see the next pair."

The G-string received a few excited remarks; the one that stood out the most though was the mention of "Nice basket" from the photographers. I still didn't know what that meant but for some reason it caused my dick to swell. I struggled to keep my dick in check but it was a losing battle. The only thing keeping it from pointing to the ceiling was the very thing I was about to take off. With this in mind I struck numerous poses until the swelling subsided. I was just about to remove it when one of the ladies asked me to step forward. I walked towards the voice and out of the bright lights.

"Over here." said the one that called me forth. "I want to feel the material that is being used." I walked up to her and she reached out and started caressing the pouch that covered my dick. It was all I could do to keep from getting an erection as she squeezed me, rubbing her thumb back and forth on the head of my cock. With a slight moan I pulled away as my cock strained and throbbed. The women all laughed as they stared at my beating crotch.

"What's next?"

"I think you'll like this," the brunette said as she ushered me back towards the curtain.

"We call this the elephant man."

It felt surreal as I started to take off the g-string. The blinding lights, the camera flashes, the women watching me. I turned my back to them as I stepped out of the leopard skin. Straightening up I realized that I had blown it. My cock, or trunk, was fully extended, pointing to the sky, the tightness of the grip of the elephants trunk made my dick throb and I couldn't stop it. I slowly turned towards them and was instantly greeted by a burst of laughter that got louder as I finished my turn. I was called forward again and this time all of the clients played with the elephants trunk. Here I was worried about getting an erection and now my biggest concern was not to come as these ladies kept squeezing and lightly slapping at the elephant's trunk. They all agreed that the elephant was great but they were also eager to see the last piece in the line. By this time my cock was leaking uncontrollably, actually oozing through the elephants trunk towards the floor. The women noticed this and one by one they dabbed their fingers into the slow moving flow. Instead of retuning to the glare of the lights I pealed the elephant off in front of their eager eyes and revealed the final piece. They all sat there mesmerized. Their eyes were riveted to the pulsating show in front of them. I couldn't help it. Each time my dick throbbed the slick material agonizingly rubbed against it. This caused it to keep throbbing and each throb produced more pre-cum. I couldn't believe it. It felt like I was going to come right there and then.

"It looks like it's ready to explode."

"That's for sure. I bet you we can make it come without touching it."


"We'll give him a blow job he won't forget. In fact I bet you that he comes within the next ten minutes"

"Your on, what's on your mind."

With that they gathered together and started whispering. The two photographers kept taking pictures and commenting on how nice my basket was. I asked them what a basket was and they just started giggling. Before I knew it the other women had gathered around me. Two of them knelt beside me and took hold of the straps of my underwear while the other two stepped behind me and started to lightly rub my nipples using all of their fingers like a washboard up and down, up and down, over and over again. I had never had my nipples played with before and it didn't take long to regret it. The sensation I felt made me want to spurt right there and then but it wasn't quite enough. My cock ached and throbbed. I had never wanted to come so badly in my life. To top it off the brunette was tickling my stomach with her fingernails when I suddenly felt the silky fabric of the underwear being tugged back and forth in a slow agonizing rhythm. I looked down to see them pulling the straps back and forth while they blew on the head of my cock.

"I bet you he is pointing on my side when he comes." The woman tugging on the right side said. I was lost in a world of lust as the end of the of the underwear slide back and forth across the tip of my cock. Fingernails were exploring my groin as I sagged, come shooting from me. If it weren't for the quick actions of the two women behind me I would have crumpled to the floor. They held me up as my cock spasmodically jerked, exploding over and over again. My sperm sprayed like a showerhead because of the mesh underwear and the continued manipulation of the straps. I was vaguely aware of the continued flashing of camera bulbs as I bucked and heaved. Never before had I ever experienced such a mind-blowing orgasm.

What seemed like an eternity later I noticed that I was lying on the floor staring up at the lights. I tried to raise myself to my elbows but discovered that I couldn't move my arms. Panicking I looked at the floor and saw that I was restrained by the wrists and ankles to what appeared to be an X shaped structure. I then realized that I wasn't on the floor but I was suspended against a wall.

Suddenly the lights dimmed.

In front of me I saw the women walking towards me. Only this time they looked different. My cock couldn't help reacting to what I saw and what they were wearing. They had all dressed up as schoolgirls and were acting the part as well. I noticed the photographers were keeping busy while the brunette strode forward and said "Now we have you where we want you Professor."

I looked on helplessly as I saw what they had with them. Feathers, condoms of all kinds, pantyhose, and some other stuff that I couldn't make out adorned the tray in her hands. What are they up to now, I wondered.

To be continued...

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