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The Photo Shoot


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"Does my bottom look big in this?" my wife said to me. It was the classic woman-to-man line, and she grinned at me as she said it, but she really was asking for my opinion. "Seriously, does it make me look fat?"

The dress Nicola was wearing was cobalt blue, and fairly close-fitting. The skirt came to the knee but had a slit up one thigh and the top was cut low enough to show a small amount of her generous bosom, but it was more classy than slutty. Nicola had a curvy body, with lovely 36D breasts and an hourglass figure but that was the shape I liked my women to be. Since having our two boys, she had put on a little weight. Her tummy wasn't as flat and her bottom wasn't as firm as it used to be when we first met ten years ago as teenagers, but I really didn't care. I loved her just the way she was, and that included all her 'wobbly bits' as she referred to them.

"I love it," I said honestly, but my compliments didn't satisfy her. She gazed at herself in the mirror, twisting and turning to see herself from different angles.

"It shows off all my lumps and bumps," she complained, "I don't like it."

I sighed and rolled my eyes. The dress had cost me a fortune and she had even tried it on in the shop but now we were finally going to go to the wedding we had bought it for, she now decided she didn't like it.

"I think I'll go for the black one instead," and off she went back in to the bedroom to change, so I put down my drink and followed her in. It was time to do my husband's duty, boosting her confidence with some flattery and compliments.

I timed it perfectly. Nicola had slipped out of the dress and was stood just in her lacy black bra and panties. She had her long, almost-black hair tied up on the top of her head while she got ready, and I always found that to be sexy. Something about her neck and shoulders just begged me to kiss and nibble them, plus she always smelled so good, even without perfume. I couldn't help walking up behind her and putting my hands around her waist to plant a trail of wet kisses down her neck, but she stopped me.

"We don't have time for that now," she said looking at me standing behind her in the bedroom mirror. Her green eyes had a sparkle in them, so I wasn't going to let her get away with it that easily, and I held firm while she tried to wriggle out of my embrace, giggling as I continued to nibble at her neck.

"Paul!" she squealed at me as I reached up and pulled her bra cups down, her beautiful, round breasts popping out only to be grabbed by my hands immediately, "Seriously, we don't have time. Later, I promise."

"Okay," I said, disappointed, "I'll keep you to that though. You look so sexy, I need you."

"That's if you're not too drunk," Nicola replied with another smile as she pulled her bra back on.

"I won't be," I promised. "Please wear the blue dress. It really did look nice."

"I don't have the figure for it. I shouldn't have bought it. I don't know what I was thinking," Nicola said, but she did pick up the blue one again, considering it as she spoke.

"Trust me," I said as sincerely as I could, "You do. I will have a bet with you, right now, that you get checked out by someone at the wedding."

"Yeah, right," Nicola arched an eyebrow.

"Ten pounds if you don't."

"And what if I do? What do you win?"

"Do I need to say?" I chuckled.

"I'm not doing anything dirty," Nicola said, looking at me suspiciously but she relented and stepped back into the cobalt dress.

"Would I get you to do something dirty?" I pretended to be shocked, putting on my most innocent expression. "Me?"

"If you win the bet, I will treat you to something nice in bed, but none of your kinky stuff," Nicola smoothed the front of the dress down, "You know what I mean. But look, my tummy looks huge!"

I did know what she meant. I did like a bit of kink now and again. Nothing extreme, just a bit of playful fun in the bedroom like a mild spanking or anal sex made me happy and horny and it had kept our sexual relationship healthy for over a decade. I had other unusual desires too, but Nicola wasn't interested in them. Things like swinging or perhaps just trying a threesome with either another guy or girl really turned me on, but she wouldn't entertain the idea at all.

"Your tummy looks fine," I assured her, "Honestly, you look great." I tried my best to convince her of how great she looked, but I could tell she still didn't feel one hundred percent comfortable. She kept the dress on though, and went to do her hair and make-up, so I had done enough.

The wedding was one of Nicola's female cousins, and it was a good party. The hotel was really nice, great food and plenty of wine and drinks on the tables free for the guests, so it wasn't long before we were a little drunk and dancing along, Nicola's reservations about her tight dress forgotten for a time.

It was as Nicola left me to go get more drinks that I saw the two young guys. Both of them were in their late teens, sitting by the dance floor watching the frivolities, and I didn't recognise either of them, so I assumed they were from the groom's side. As Nicola walked past them to the bar, I saw the older of them turn and look at her ass, his eyes following her, then he nudged his friend and said something to him, and the other guy stared at her, his eyebrows raised. I could tell they were saying something appreciative because one of them made a rude gesture with his hands and they both grinned and laughed.

As she returned with a bottle of beer and a glass of wine in hand, they both watched her again, their eyes checking out her tits and her behind again until they saw me looking at them, and then they quickly averted their gazes and began to talk innocently to each other.

"I win the bet," I told Nicola as she passed me the beer.

"What do you mean?" she asked with a little smile.

"The two young guys sat behind you - don't look now - but they were seriously eyeing you up," I said triumphantly, "Even talking dirty stuff about what they'd do to you. I saw them."

Nicola didn't say anything for a second, then slumped her shoulders theatrically, "You win, I suppose."

I looked at her suspiciously. "That was too easy."

She giggled. "You were right. The bartender just chatted me up too, and earlier when I went to the toilet, a guy gave me his card. He's a photographer and said he has some assignments he needs models for."


"Yes, the bar guy even gave me his number, but I didn't take it."

"No, I mean the photographer?"

"Oh, yes, "Nicola shrugged. "I sort of know him; he's a friend of my uncle. He does shoots for mail order catalogues and that sort of thing, I think."

"Aren't you flattered?"

"Well, yeah, I suppose," He was at the bar now and Nicola pointed him out to me, "But then he ruined it a bit when he said it was a plus-size-clothing line. I don't want to be plus-sized!"

"Plus-size women are hot!" I insisted, "Why don't you think about it? Even if you don't want to do the model thing, you could have a nice photo shoot done. I'll pay for it as a treat."

"That's nice of you, but..."

"No buts," I interrupted her, "It would be nice to have nice professional photos done. We could get your hair done nice, some professional make-up and everything. It'd be great?"

"I don't know..."

"Let's go talk to him," I said, taking her hand and leading her over towards the photographer paying for his drink at the bar. "What's his name?"

"Eddie," Nicola said, "I'm not promising anything though."

"Just see what he says?" I laughed, "Come on, it'll be fun!"

I didn't give her much time to argue, introducing myself to a very surprised Eddie.

"So you'd be interested?" he said, genuinely pleased after I'd done shaking his hand and the other pleasantries.

"I don't know about being in a catalogue or whatever," Nicola said, suddenly shy, "But if you do portraits, that sort of thing..."

"Just a personal private shoot?" Eddie said, "Of course I do. No problem."

Eddie was tall and good looking, for an older guy. He was silver-haired, tanned and seemed pretty confident, but friendly and approachable too. One of those people that has charisma. That you seem to take an instant liking to.

"You have my card," he checked with Nicola, "Just give me a call tomorrow or sometime and we'll discuss it properly?"

"Cool," Nicola said, seeming happy to get away from him as she dragged me back to the dance floor. "I don't know about this, Paul. What if I look horrible?"

"You won't," I said as I kissed her, "There's no way you could ever look horrible. You're beautiful."

It was getting towards the end of the night, and the slower songs were playing, so we danced and kissed the rest of the night away, but as everyone started to leave I managed to catch Eddie alone for a second while getting our coats from the cloakroom.

After saying hello again, I explained the reasons for the photo shoot enquiry - that I wanted to do something to boost Nicola's flagging self-image, and a photo shoot had never crossed my mind before. Eddie put a hand on my shoulder and told me to relax - he had guys do this for their wives or girlfriends all the time. It was a really nice gesture, and he would make sure she looked great on the pictures for me. Seeing as we were almost family now, after tonight's wedding, he promised to do me a deal on the price, and would even let Nicola pick any clothes she wanted to wear from his huge model wardrobes. I thanked him and promised to get in touch in the next couple of days.

When I got Nicola back home, I didn't waste any time. She'd had enough to drink to make her horny without being too drunk and sleepy, and she pulled my clothes off in the bedroom with almost as much eagerness as I did hers. This time, she didn't resist as I pulled her bra down, my mouth going straight to her sweet, dark nipples sucking them even as my hands pulled her knickers down and she tugged at my boxer shorts.

She'd shaved her pussy just that morning, so her mound was soft and smooth and her pussy was soaking wet as I shoved myself in to her, desperate to fuck her and she arched her back as I went deep into her.

Nicola had one of those sexy moans, not a loud, vocal woman in any way, just a soft, low animal moan which drove me crazy and I knew I wasn't going to last long as her lips sought out mine and we fucked. Her legs coiled around me as I got close, and as I sped up, her hand snaked between our bellies, searching out her clit. A few minutes later I shot my load inside her, and as I rolled off she touched herself until she too orgasmed.

"I love you," she whispered into my ear as she cuddled up alongside me.

I pulled the bed covers over us, "I love you too."

"I will have a photo shoot done for you, if you like," she said softly.

"Don't do it for me, do it for yourself," I said, turning to look in to her beautiful green eyes. The room was dark, but there was enough light to see her smile.

"Okay, I'll do it for me," Nicola giggled and I told her I would phone the guy tomorrow to set it up. Her arms tightened around me, and we both drifted in to a contented sleep.

The next morning, we slept off our hangovers, then after something to eat, I stumbled across Eddie's card as I emptied my pockets and decided to give him a ring, soon rather than later, before Nicola could change her mind.

"I didn't expect to hear from you, to be honest," Eddie said on the other end of the phone as I reintroduced myself, "But my offer still stands, if Nicola wants a shoot?"

I told him that was why I was calling, and made an appointment to go and see him the following weekend. Nicola overheard the latter end of the conversation and I showed her the card to tell her who I was calling. When I put the phone down, she smiled nervously.

"I don't know if I can do it?" she said after a moment, "I'll look horrible."

"No, you won't," I assured her, "Eddie told me, no - he promised me - that he'll have his stylist make you look gorgeous, and you can have a choice of what to wear from his studio wardrobe."

Nicola still looked doubtful and indecisive. "I don't know."

"I've made the appointment now," I said firmly, "It's just a consultation, so let's just go and see what he says, and then make your mind up?"

I tried to make it sound as noncommittal as I could, and it seemed to work. Nicola thought about it for a second, then shrugged and said she'd give it a try, which really pleased me.

I didn't mention it the whole week after that, I didn't want to make her nervous at all, and when she raised the subject, I did my best to convince her to go for it. Even if she didn't like the pictures, no one else would ever see them so what did she have to lose? I had every faith in Eddie making her look great though, and when she saw the resulting photos I was sure that it would be a huge confidence booster for her.

The weekend came around quickly enough, and we found ourselves at Eddie's studio, which turned out to be a large extension built on the side of his house. Both the house and the studio were very impressive, and I realised that Eddie must be pretty good at what he did, to be able to afford such a lovely and expensive home.

Eddie and his girlfriend, Leanne, showed us around his house, which was really nice of them and made us feel very welcome and looked after. It all served to relax Nicola, which was a good thing. Leanne was lovely, short with strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes, and she got on really well with Nicola, as they were roughly the same age. Nicola was only a year younger than me at twenty-six but Eddie was more than two decades his girlfriend's senior. Money was a great thing to have for a guy.

We were treated a couple of glasses of nerve-calming wine, then shown around the studio, a series of increasingly large rooms, decked out with lighting equipment, camera accessories and props. It was all very impressive and Nicola seemed to become more at ease as she saw how professional it all was.

In the studio was Eddie's helper, a very effeminate, young Oriental guy called Liu, who was very friendly and helpful and took Nicola into the clothes storage for her to look at the outfits. The Chinese guy was obviously gay, so I felt comfortable letting him take her away while I spoke to Eddie.

"Good set-up you have here," I congratulated him and he nodded.

"Thanks," he said sincerely, "It's twenty years of hard work. I like to think it's a good studio."

"It certainly is," I smiled, "If Nicola's happy with having some shoots done, then I am, but it's up to her."

"Speak to her about it when she comes back," Eddie said, "I can do it now, I'm free all afternoon, or just do a few demo shots and then give you time to think. No pressure, either way."

Eddie was a cool guy, I had to admit to liking him and when Nicola came back, she was thrilled at the amazing clothes that she's seen. She hadn't tried any on, but they had plenty in her size and some amazing shoes too. Nicola had the usual girl thing going with her shoes. She had more in her collection at home than I'd owned in my entire life.

"So Eddie says he can do the shoot today," I said, "Or he could just take a few demo shots to show you on the laptop and then we can make our mind up in our own time?"

Nicola wasn't sure, so Eddie left us to talk it over for a minute or two, during which Leanne came over and asked Nicola if she was okay, or if we wanted another drink or anything.

"He's really good," Leanne said, "He'll make you look great, plus I'll do your make-up and Liu will style you really nicely. It's just a few photos."

Nicola finally agreed to let Eddie do a couple of photos and see how she liked them, and so after another glass of wine to relax her, she went off with Liu and Leanne to get ready. Eddie was pleased just to have something to do on an otherwise empty day, and he busied himself setting the camera up while I had a browse through some of his portfolios on a display at one side of the studio.

The shots were good. The first book I picked up was a family-portfolio book, showing mums and dads with their kids, or grandparents and the whole family. Candid-type shots, and really nicely done. I flicked through a couple more books, including a wedding book and through what looked like a fashion shoot, with some incredibly attractive men and women wearing various clothes and posing like they did in catalogues.

The collection was all very good, and what I would expect from a studio of this quality, but then when I opened the final two portfolio collections, I almost dropped the first one in shock.

It started off innocently enough, with a young lady posing on a chair, but then she stripped off a little more clothing each time and I realised that Eddie did glamour photography! I glanced over my shoulder at him, but he was doing something with his light metres so I carried on looking through the photos, quite a few different women, some in much less explicit poses than others. The final few photos were very naughty indeed, with the women baring all like in top-shelf men's magazines.

So it was with more than a little curiosity that I opened the last album, and I wasn't disappointed. This one started off with women in lingerie and swimsuits, then they got naked and posed in various dirty positions, but then the women appeared in the same photographs and suddenly I was looking at hardcore photos. I flicked over one more page, and saw a guy and a girl fucking on that page, but just as I turned another page, Eddie appeared at the side of me.

"I do all types of photography," he smiled and then laughed as I closed the album quickly, like a child caught red handed playing with something he shouldn't. "It's okay," he chuckled, "They are there for display. Feel free to have a look through them if you like."

I really wanted to, but felt slightly awkward, so I didn't. Plus, the last page I had turned had featured Eddie's girlfriend, Leanne, in just some lacy black underwear, and I didn't want to embarrass either him or her by turning to that page. He might think I had been staring at his woman, and be offended. Part of me wondered if Leanne had done any hardcore in there. I was tempted to open the album and look but I put the album back where I had found it.

"No, it's all right," I said, fumbling for something to say, "You're a talented guy, the photos are great."

Eddie eyed me for a second, "The girls are hot too, aren't they?" He cracked a grin but before he could say anything else, Nicola walked back in to the studio, looking very glam in a close-fitting dark red dress and with make up done expertly. Her black hair was curled up beautifully on top of her head, exposing her creamy pale throat and a glittering diamond pendant nestled between her cleavage. She looked absolutely amazing and I told her so. She beamed at me, and I realised she was suddenly almost as tall as me and then I noticed she had some stunning red heels on too.

With the combination of the wine, the arousing images I'd just been looking at and then Nicola looking so beautiful, I became aware that I was sporting a pretty good erection in my shorts. I hoped it wasn't visible as I complimented Nicola.

"Wow! You look amazing," I said honestly, and she beamed at me in delight.

"Really?" she did a twirl, and I put my hands in my pockets to readjust my cock and hide the boner I'd grown.

"Absolutely," I promised, "Good enough to eat!"

"I have to say," Eddie took a step back and viewed Nicola, "You look even better than I expected. That dress really suits you."

That made Nicola blush, but she didn't flinch as Eddie walked around her, checking her out from different angles.

"Thank you," she managed to stammer, before he ushered us towards a white chair at one end of the room. It took me a moment before I recognised it as the one from the glamour portfolio, though I didn't say anything about that of course.

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