tagFetishThe Photo Shoot Ch. 02

The Photo Shoot Ch. 02


What seemed like an eternity later I noticed that I was lying on the floor staring up at the lights. I tried to raise myself to my elbows but discovered that I couldn't move my arms. Panicking I looked at the floor and saw that I was restrained by the wrists and ankles to what appeared to be an X shaped structure. I then realized that I wasn't on the floor but I was suspended against a wall.

Suddenly the lights dimmed.

In front of me I saw the women walking towards me. Only this time they looked different. My cock couldn't help reacting to what I saw and what they were wearing. They had all dressed up as schoolgirls and were acting the part as well. I noticed the photographers were keeping busy while the brunette strode forward and said "Now we have you where we want you Professor."

I looked on helplessly as I saw what was on the silver tray the brunette was carrying. Feathers, condoms of all kinds, pantyhose, and some other stuff that I couldn't make out were displayed on the tray in her hands. What were they up to now, I wondered...

The Photo Shoot Chapter 2

The Brunette set the tray down on a little table that was resting beside me. She turned and told the 'students' to sit down as class was about to begin. They sat down in the student chairs that were arranged in a semi-circle around me.

"Now professor, it's time to teach the girls a few things" the brunette said.

I was in no position to resist as she started her lesson.

"Now class, let's see... maybe we should start with a little lesson on stimulation"

With that she selected one of the bigger feathers that rested upon the tray.

"Cassie, Vanessa."

"Yes Miss Tess?" the girls on each edge of the semi-circle responded.

"What do you think is the best way to stimulate a man?"

Cassie spoke first. "Tickle his penis with the feather?" her voice cracked as she spoke.

"What about you Vanessa? Any ideas?"

"Maybe we could caress his body with the feather making sure that we never touched his penis" she said as she pushed her breasts together with her arms.

My cock throbbed involuntarily as I stared at her chest. Her breasts seemed to be begging me to touch them, excite them any way possible. Only the sheer fabric that encased them kept their full glory from my sight. My thoughts were suddenly shattered as I heard the laughter emanating from the schoolgirls in front of me.

"It looks like stimulating him won't be a problem Miss Tess" one of the girls in front of me said.

"I see what you mean Kimber" the 'teacher' remarked. "He sure is making no secret of the fact that he is already stimulated."

"Look at it twitch" Cassie said between giggles as she pointed at my crotch.

"It's starting to ooze." The photographers chimed in unison, never losing a beat with their cameras.

The brunette shook her head as she plucked a Kleenex from the box on the tray.

"Ok girls" she said as she wiped the pre-cum from the head of cock, "Let's see what just exactly causes his dick to ooze."

With that she started to squeeze my shaft near the top, forcing a huge, clear drop out of the end of my pulsating member. She deftly wiped it away and repeated her milking, moving her hand down, inch by inch, squeezing and wiping. When she reached the base of my shaft her grip tightened somewhat and she slowly drew her hand up the length of it, all the time wiping the pre-ejaculate from the bulbous head of my straining member. My body shuddered, my back arched. I think my toes even shook spasmodically as she brought me within a whisker of relief.

"OK girls, time to see what makes him wet"

"Are you sure there's no more pre-cum?" Vanessa said as she leaned forward, her hot breath bathing my cock.

"Wow, did you see it jump!" Cassie squealed as she fell back laughing into her chair.

"Oh look, it's already oozing again" Kimber noted as she stood to get a better look.

The other girls followed Kimber's lead and gathered around the object of their attention.

"Miss Tess" Cassie inquired. "Can we play a game now?"

"Why sure Cassie" the teacher replied. "What do you have in mind?"


"I know" Vanessa panted excitedly.

"Let's take turns kissing it until it pops" she said as she planted her lips on the very tip of my cock.

That's when it started. All four of the girls started taking random turns kissing my dick all over. My cock responded by jerking away from their onslaught. Eventually two of them gripped my shaft on each side, rubbing their noses together with my cock benefiting from the motion of their lips as they tried to kiss each other, my shaft between their questing lips and tongues. Somehow they managed to control my pulsating member while the other two girls took turns kissing its head at alternating angles, each time studying the method of the other and trying their best to out do each other. My cock swelled beyond belief when suddenly the teacher told them to stop.

"Well now, don't we learn fast" She said as my cock felt like it had split its skin. Never in my life had I been this hard. One more touch, just one more touch.

"Everyone sit back down and watch as I show you something you may never see again" the teacher said. With that she walked behind me and started to whisper in my ear.

"I know you like breasts, big breasts, perky breasts, luscious breasts, any kind of breasts"

Her fingernails started to lightly tickle the back of my neck as she went on.

"Do you like the girl's breasts?" She said, licking my ear while her teasing fingers found my nipples.

As if on cue the four students surrounded me, pushing their chests forward, sideways, side to side, and ever closer to my eager eyes. The sheer material that covered them left little to the imagination but seemed to mask them in erotic beauty. I couldn't breathe as they teased my face. By the time they had finished their shirts were covered with my saliva but I had achieved my goal as their nipples strained against the wetness I left behind.

"Excuse me Miss Tess"

"Yes Tesa?"

"I wanna play with the feather"


"Because teasing is so much fun"

"Funny that you are the one to start"

"Why" Tesa asked.

"I thought that Cassie would want to be the first, how about it Cassie?"

"Let Tesa go first, I liked getting my nipples sucked" Cassie panted as she smothered me with her left breast.

My dick slapped against my stomach at the first touch of the feather against it. I thought I had felt the height of ecstasy but Tesa was about to prove me wrong. While the other three girls teased me with their pleasure buds, Tesa teased my shaft with delicate skill. She was learning her lessons well, the teacher showing her parts of my prick that had never seen the light of day. I couldn't stand it any more. I was going to cum and nothing was going to stop me.

All of a sudden they were gone. I couldn't see or feel anything. Someone had turned out the lights. I heard the photographers laughing as a strobe light starting flashing. Only it wasn't a strobe light, it was the flash of their cameras. My dick was pulsating, I was straining at my bonds, my face red with frustration. So close, in fact so close that I was still going to cum. Nothing could stop this, nothing at all.

Suddenly, the lights blared back on. I blinked repeatedly, not used to the bright lights. For some strange reason my need to cum subsided. As my eyes stopped seeing spots I heard the girls giggling.

"That was close Miss Tess" I heard Cassie chuckle.

"Yes it was" She simply stated as if she had seen this more than once.

"Now we will learn how to apply a condom"

"Do I have a volunteer?"

All of the 'girls' hands eagerly expressed their interest in being the first volunteer.

"Vanessa, would you like to go first?"

"Yes Miss Tess" Vanessa replied as she quickly stood up and approached me.

My God she was gorgeous. Her reddish brown hair was accentuated by two ponytails jutting from beside her ears. She licked her lips as she stared straight into my eyes. Without reason my dick throbbed. The rest of the class saw this and responded by clapping their hands together. I glanced out to get an eyeful of them, licking their lips and fingering their besotted nipples.

"Easy to open, this one" I heard Vanessa say as I turned to look at her. She had torn open a small, and I mean small, foil package. What she pulled out of that package must have been made for a midget, it certainly wouldn't fit me. The teacher grabbed my engorged member at the base and held it as it quivered. Vanessa tried her best but she couldn't breach the head no matter how hard she tried. Before she had finished trying I was well on the way to the planet Pluto. I couldn't believe the sensations that shot through me as she kept trying to fit it over the head of my cock. After 5 minutes of this agony/ecstasy, the teacher told her to sit down. I think she misunderstood as she sat on my lap, my rock hard cock pushing against her panties.

"Let's lap dance" she said pressing her breasts against my face.

That was it. My cock started to pulse as she ground her hips against me. I was finally going to get some relief, finally.

It was like a dream, the teacher pulling Vanessa off of me. My cock straining in the open air, begging for relief. The rest of the girls just stared as it vibrated and then started laughing as it throbbed, my body humping trying to find something, anything to end this agony. I wagged back and forth trying anything to give me that final moment but was once again denied.

"My turn" Cassie said as she quickly approached me. She stopped inches from me and turned to face the other students. Bending over she pressed her ass into my groin and slowly wiggled her butt against my erection.

"I think I'll try this" she finally said.

Turning suddenly she smiled as she held up a pair of nylons. "And this."

'And this' I strained to see what else she had selected from the tray.

"Kimber, Tesa, come give me a hand"

A few more flashes reminded me that the photographers were keeping busy. My God, what were they going to do with the pictures? Before I could think about it Cassie started to squeeze me from top to bottom only this time the hand that encompassed me was covered in the softness of nylon. Before I knew it Kimber and Tesa were gently rubbing my nipples. My cock seemed to groan as they continued. After what seemed like an eternity Vanessa came forward and started to plant kisses on the head of my swollen member. I thought my leg muscles would give as these schoolgirls played with me. Always so close but never close enough. The squeezing, nipple stimulation and bondage was just too much. If she kisses my cock again, that's it.

"OK girls, that's enough."

Suddenly it's over. My cock feels like it's going to rip through to a new dimension. They can't stop now, no, not now.

I feel my arms being untied, then my feet.

"What's happening" I manage to say.

"Time's up!"

"Time's up???"

"Go home boy."

"Go Home?"

"Yeah, go home."

"That's it?"


"Well what?"

"If you stay chaste you can come back next week for another shoot"

"Are you man enough to do that for us?"

"See you next week, see you all next week" I said as they left me naked and horny as hell. My boner wouldn't quit as I walked towards the dressing room. I opened the door to retrieve my clothes and realized they weren't there. Further investigation revealed that nothing was there. I was in some dingy warehouse that was empty. Naked as I was I couldn't somehow believe that I was set-up like this.

Suddenly I was bathed in lights.


Blinded by the lights I was brutally grabbed by both arms. Spots formed in my vision as I was thrust to the floor.

"Well now, what do we have here?"

I thought I recognized the brunette's voice...

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