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The Photographa


Laura was just about to leave the office when Alan Carter, the managing editor of Close Up, called her into his office.

"Have you anything important on tonight?" he asked.

Laura looked at him puzzled. Was he about to ask her out? He saw the expression on her face. "No,

I'm not asking you out," he said with a smile. "It's just that I have these two tickets for the opening of a new photographic exhibition that features some of Jim Lisle's work and I was wondering if you could use them."

Jim Lisle was one of Laura's favorite photographers. She loved his pictures. She nodded at Alan. "No, I have nothing important on, and yes, I would love to use them."

"Should be a good do," Alan said. "I hear it's an exceptional collection, and there's always plenty of free champagne flowing at these do's." Laura looked at the tickets he handed to her. She saw that as well as the other photographers exhibiting, Jim Lisle himself was going to be there in person. Interesting, maybe she could get a story.

Laura was one of the feature editors of the magazine Close Up, a new magazine that dedicated itself to the up and coming as well as the better known photographers. She made her way down to the parking lot and before she got in her car, she rang her friend Andria and asked her if she fancied a night out. Andria, never one to refuse a free night out, told her she would love to go and Laura arranged to pick her up at eight.

The street around the gallery was well parked up with cars when the girls arrived but they managed to find a spot not too far away. As they entered the exhibition, an attractive young lady handed them a program while another offered them a glass of champagne.

The gallery itself was quite full with people and it was not easy to get near some of the exhibits. Jim Lisle's work always attracted the crowds. He was one of the countries leading photographers. His main subjects were classic nudes photographed in unusual locations, mainly in or around well known public buildings and busy city streets.

As usual at these do's when the food was served, it was easier to see the pictures as everyone was feeding their faces. Adrian had wandered off to get some food for them both while Laura walked around looking at the pictures. She was standing looking at a wonderful picture of a totally naked woman taken in a busy fruit market. The contrast of the naked woman and the colorful fruit made it an excellent picture, but what interested Laura was the fact that there were people all around her, although none of them seemed to be noticing the naked girl.

Looking at the picture Laura felt a sudden realization. This was the fantasy that had invaded her thoughts on many lonely nights when she was alone in her bed: being totally naked in a very public place.

"Do you like that one?" A voice behind her made her turn quickly. A tall strikingly handsome young guy in a denim jacket and jeans was smiling at her.

Laura nodded. "Yes, I think it's exceptional," she said. It was then it suddenly struck her who she was speaking to. "You're Jim Lisle," she stated.

The guy smiled and nodded. "And you are?" Laura gave him her name and passed him a business card. He nodded. "I've seen Close Up," he said. "You do some good work."

Just then Andria came back with a plate filled with food. Jim smiled. "Are you that hungry?" he asked, looking at the plate.

Andria nodded as she munched on a filled roll. "Starving."

He smiled at Laura. "It's been nice meeting you both," he said. "Enjoy your food and I will catch you later." He smiled again in Laura's direction as he walked over to talk to some other guests.

Andria watched him go, then turned to Laura. "I think he fancies you," she said with a grin.

Laura and Andria hung around as the crowd started to leave. Laura knew it would do her no harm if she were to get an interview with Jim Lisle for the magazine. They were at the bar refilling their glasses when Jim came up to them. "You two still here?" he inquired with a cheeky grin.

Laura smiled. "Well, you can't let all this free drink go to waste, can you?"

Jim nodded. "Just help yourselves, girls, it's all paid for."

"I was hoping you might do an interview for Close Up," Laura said.

Jim smiled. "I can't see why not," he said. "It's a bit busy tonight, so why don't you come over to the studio tomorrow and we can work out something." Laura thanked him and said she would ring him the following day.

When the following morning Laura informed him of the proposed interview, Alan was impressed. "Good for you," he said. "Jim Lisle will make a good article. Let me know how it's going. We might find a position for it in the next issue."

Laura was pleased with Alan's compliments and she rang Jim up to make an appointment. "Come over any time this afternoon," he said. "I've nothing spoiling."

Laura was excited that afternoon when she took a cab over to Jim's studio. She knew this could be a big break for her. She pressed the buzzer on the door next to his name plate and a voice told her to come up. There was a buzz as the lock was opened. The studio was larger than she had expected. It was in what used to be a large warehouse or factory, and had much worn wooden floors and lots of light that came in from windows all along one side. Scattered around the floor were a multitude of objects from a grand piano, odd items of machinery, parts of cars and other items too numerous to mention.

Jim came over and greeted her with a smile. "Yes, it looks a little untidy," he said looking around, "but I like it that way." He offered her a glass of red wine from an open bottle and they sat down to chat about his work.

The first question she asked him was why was it he predominantly photographed nudes? Jim looked at her and smiled. "That's because I like to see a woman with her clothes off." Laura felt a little uncomfortable as he looked her up and down. "There is nothing as beautiful as a naked woman," he said. She then asked him about his work and his on going theme of picturing his nudes in very public locations.

"I like to show a contrast between the naked body and its surroundings. Many photographers shoot their models in beautiful locations. This is fine but then you have two beautiful things in the picture. By photographing them in urban surroundings it intrigues the person looking at the picture and also contrasts sharply with the model.

The interview went very well. Laura seem to get on with Jim. She could see where he was coming from. He showed her pictures from his early days, and she noted that he had always concentrated on the same theme, putting the model against or in some location or with an object that strongly contrasted with her naked beauty. Between them they finished the first bottle of wine and started on a second. Laura quickly realized she was beginning to feel the effect, but she wanted to keep things sweet by not being negative and refusing.

"Have you ever done any modeling," Jim suddenly asked her.

Laura shook her head and laughed. "No, it's not for me," she said.

Jim shrugged. "It's a pity. You have a very expressive face and from what I can see of it, an attractive figure." Laura felt herself blushing slightly at the comments. Jim picked up a Polaroid camera and shot off a couple of shots.

"Oh, no, I must look awful," Laura cried.

Jim laughed at her embarrassment. "That's what they all say, but they really know they look great. Here, look," he said, handing her the pictures.

Laura did have to admit that the pictures did look good of her. "Can I keep these?" she asked. "I don't have any recent pictures of me."

Jim nodded. "My pleasure," he said. Then he got up and went over to a bench and picked up another camera, a more professional looking one. "Let's take some decent pictures of you," he said, aiming the camera at her and looking through the view finder. He took several shots, then plugged the camera into a computer and showed Laura the pictures. She was amazed! She had never seen herself looking so good on a photograph.

Jim saw the awed expression on her face. He smiled. "I told you, you would make a great model."

He poured her another glass of red wine while he printed off a couple of the pictures for her. Laura was thrilled. He then suggested that they take some more. By this time Laura was in a relaxed, excited mood and readily agreed. He placed her up against some of the objects scattered around the room. Laura was quickly becoming excited about the whole thing. The drink was relaxing her and she was enjoying her new experience.

She never considered or hesitated for a moment when he asked her to loosen a couple more buttons on her blouse, or raise her skirt a little higher to expose for him the frilly lace tops of her hold ups. She laughed and enjoyed the sensation when he suggested the she remove her blouse altogether. Quickly her skirt followed and she posed happily for him in her brief undies. She felt hot and excited as the attractive photographer looked at her through his view finder, asking her to turn this way and that.

She truly expected his next request would be for her to remover her underwear and she was getting more than a little aroused by the prospect of appearing naked before him, but to her disappointment, he suddenly called it a day. He left her slipping back into her clothes as he went back and sat at his computer desk and downloaded the pictures.

She was feeling hot and aroused as she watched him print a selection of pictures. Inside her tight bra, her nipples felt hard and she knew she was probably leaking a little into her panties. He ran off a couple of sheets of pictures for her and told her to take them home and pick out a few and he would run some prints off for her. Laura thanked him, and he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Its been a pleasure meeting you," he said. "We should do it again sometime soon. Give me a ring when you have sorted out the pictures you want and we will fix something up."

On the way home in the cab she was fantasizing what it would have been like if he had asked her to strip completely, and just what it would have felt like to display herself naked in front of him. She realized of course that he had seen lots of naked women, but for Laura it would have been the first time. She sighed. What a pity things had ended when they had.

The following day she went in to see Alan and told him that the interview had gone well, but as she was going back to interview him more, she thought it would be better and it would give her more time if the Jim Lisle interview was held over until the next issue. Alan had to agree with her. She did not mention the pictures he had taken of her, but she did consider using them in the final article.

It was two days since she had done the interview with Jim. She had spent the last two nights lying on her bed looking at the sheets of pictures that Jim had given her. She had to admit she did look good. She was glad that she had worn some sexy undies that day. The more she looked at the photos, the more she fantasized about what it would have been like to strip completely naked, to let the attractive young photographer see her body as he had seen so many other women's bodies: naked, hiding nothing from him. She felt herself getting wet again. She slid her hand inside her panties. Her pussy lips were moist and as she pressed her finger inside, she could feel the warm wetness.

She was jolted from her reverie by the phone. She wiped her hand on the bedclothes and picked up the phone. It was Jim. "Hi, there. I thought you were going to ring me?"

Laura didn't know what to say. "I've been a little pushed. I was going to call you tomorrow," she said a little unconvincingly.

"It's about tomorrow I've called," he said. "I want you to come over. I have something I want to discuss with you." She pressed him but he wouldn't discuss it on the phone. "Come over tomorrow, just after lunch." Laura said she would be there.

She arrived at his studio at around 1:30. Jim buzzed her in and greeted her with a smile. "Nice to see you again," he said. He offered her a glass of wine. Laura smiled. He always seemed to be drinking. She accepted a glass.

"What is it you wanted to talk to me about that you couldn't say on the phone?" she asked.

He went over to his desk and picked up a folder. "It's about these," he said, passing the folder to her. Laura opened the folder and pulled out several 12x10 pictures. They were the ones he had taken the other night.

She looked through them. She could see he had worked on them. They were stunning! She couldn't believe it was herself she was looking at. She looked up at him as he stood there, sipping on his wine, watching her. "I have to say they are very good," she said.

Jim nodded. "Yes, they are good, but it's not just the pictures that are good, it's the model as well. Laura, I have to say you would make a superb model and that's what I want to talk to you about."

She looked at the pictures again. She knew when these were taken she was a little worse for drink. Yes, she had wanted to strip for him then, and she began to feel warm as she remembered the last two nights, but that was a fantasy. To do it in the broad light of day was a completely different thing.

"I want to thank you for the offer," she said, "and I can't say that I'm not flattered but I already have a job."

"I'm not offering you a job," he said, "just maybe a couple of day's work." He smiled. "I thought that maybe we could work it in with the interview." He looked at her. "I have a new exhibition coming up, of all my own work, that I am working on at the moment. I'm sure your magazine wouldn't turn down a picture scoop of a Jim Lisle exhibition."

Laura thought about it. She knew what Alan would say if he had heard the offer. "You go for it, girl," was what he would have said. She looked at Jim. "What do you want from me?"

He shrugged. "I just want you to model for me for the last few pictures. I have the biggest part of the work done, but I can't find the right girl for the final shots." He smiled at her. "I knew the first time I saw you that you were the right girl, so that's one reason I took the pictures of you. Once I saw the result, I knew I was right."

"But I've never modeled before," Laura protested.

Jim nodded. "That's another reason I want you, you're a fresh face."

Laura sighed. "The main thing is I'm not sure I could model naked, and I suppose I would have to be naked."

Jim nodded. "Oh, yes, you would have to be naked," he said with a grin.

He poured her another drink. "Would you at least consider it?" he asked. "I wouldn't ask you if I weren't desperate." Laura said she would think about it, they finished their drinks, and he rang a taxi for her.

Later that evening she rang Andria and told her what had happened. "I told you he fancied you," she said. Laura asked her what she should do about the photo assignment. Andria told her that she knew what she would do if an attractive guy like Jim Lisle had asked her to take her clothes off.

She had a restless night thinking about the job. Could she, would she? In the end she decided that she needed to talk with Jim again, so first thing in the morning she rang him. "I hope you have rung me to say you will do the job," he said. She told him that the reason she had rung was to say she might, but she needed to talk to him about it. "Fair enough, get a cab over her and we can talk." Within an hour she was in his studio.

She explained to him her concerns. She had never modeled before, she had never displayed herself naked, she was not sure that she could do it. Jim smiled and patted her arm. "You'll be fine," he said. "It may be a bit nerve racking at first, but I can assure you it won't be long before you will be wondering what you were worried about." She felt a little reassured. "Tell you what, why don't we do some pictures here and now get your inhibitions over?"

Laura looked at him. "Here, now?" she stammered. He nodded and picked up his camera.

Laura hesitantly followed him over to where the piano and the other items were set out. He pressed a button and light relaxing music filled the room. He started directing her as he had done the other night. She wasn't as high on drink as she had been then, but when he asked her to remove her blouse, she still did so with little hesitation. Her skirt soon followed and she was left in her attractive, though brief, bra and panties.

She was now beginning to feel excited. The initial feeling of discomfort had left her. Jim had been right, although she knew this time that she would have to go all the way. She was actually now looking forward to it. Jim was good at his job and he took things slowly with her, not wanting to push her too hard. He made sure she was totally relaxed about it before he asked her to remover her bra.

Once the bra had gone and her magnificent breasts were on view, she seemed to feel a change. He smiled to himself as he looked at those wonderful firm breasts. She was everything he knew she would be. With her bra removed Laura had no qualms about caressing her breasts in front of him and touching her already hard nipples.

Laura knew now that she wanted to please Jim. She wanted him to see everything she had to offer, but Jim bided his time, not wanting to rush her. He badly needed her to complete his exhibition pictures, and he wanted it to be her choice to do the job. He ran through a lot more film before he asked her to remove that last item of clothing. Laura smiled at him as she slid her panties down over her hips and eased them down her long legs.

She was naked at last. Jim looked at her in all her naked glory. Yes, she was perfect for the pictures: tall, voluptuous and sexy; everything he required. Laura herself was excited now being naked in front of Jim. Her nipples ached and she could feel her pussy was damp. He took loads more pictures of her, knowing that the longer he kept her posing naked for him the more used to it she would get. He wanted her to be totally comfortable with displaying her naked body before he got her to do the pictures he wanted, the special ones he wanted for the exhibition.

Laura was quite surprised when he told her she could get dressed. It seemed a bit of an anticlimax, but she slipped back into her clothes while Jim downloaded his camera. "You were sensational, Laura," he said. "How did you find it?"

She smiled. "You were right. It was a little nerve racking at first, but when we got going, it was quite good fun."

Jim smiled. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," he said. "Will you do the pictures for me?"

Laura smiled. "I don't suppose you are going to stop asking me are you?"

Jim shook his head. "No, you're right. I will keep on at you until you say yes."

Laura grinned. "OK, then, I'll say yes."

Jim came over and hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. "Thank you, Laura, thank you so much."

It was a few days later. Jim had come over to the office to speak with Alan with Laura present. Laura thought she ought to get the whole thing checked out with her boss. When Jim explained what the deal was, Alan looked at her. "Are you sure you're quite willing to go along with this?" he asked, a little surprised.

Laura nodded. "Yes, Jim has promised me it will be an exclusive scoop for our magazine."

Alan nodded. "Well, it's your story," he said. They talked some more and Alan said that as long as Laura was happy he was more than happy. It would mean a big boost in circulation, and that meant more money.

Alan agreed to let Laura have two days off to do the shoot, and Jim said that he would need to meet up with her to go through his requirements. "Maybe we could meet for dinner," he suggested. Laura agreed that would be a nice idea. Jim wanted to get her in a good mood before he told her about the pictures. He was not out of the woods yet. He knew that when Laura heard where the pictures were going to be taken she might pull the plug on the whole thing, but he really hoped things would go ahead now things had gone this far.

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