tagFetishThe Piano instructor Page 1

The Piano instructor Page 1


"Hi, I am Randy." I am in my fifties and for the longest time I have been wanting to learn piano. But as the Late John Lennen said, "Life it gets between you and what you want to do." Also I was moving around and that can be difficult when you have a lot of money invested in a piano.

In my late fourties I decided to get down and serious about piano. I heard of a Big music store over in Clearwater Florida so I hopped into my Ford Ranger and headed up McMullen Booth Rd. There it was and hot damn they had digital keyboards that were totally grand.

Eighty eight keys with a good feel to them compared to other brands. This model I saw was a Yamaha P-70 and with the money I had I could afford that plus the keyboard amp, keyboard stand and bench. If I had to move, this would go with me.

So I purchased a few beginner books and had an idea of things musicly speaking but I needed a good piano instructor. So I looked in the phone book

There were a few instructors who were men. No trouble with that but they were away for the summer and it would be months before I could get a lesson. There was one woman who was available though and she lived on the other side of town. She told me how much the lessons were and what time slots she had available. So I picked a Wednesday at two pm.

I arrived on time with books, notepad and pencil. Her name is Miss Goodinson. She was wearing a nice white dress with green and black swirlies, black patent two inch heels with bows and hanging off the V of her white ruffled blouse were a pair of gold half-glasses of the rectangular shape known as granny glasses.

Miss Goodinson stood a little over six foot with long dark hair, blue eyes and a nice face. She also has a most pleasant personality and it may be that which caused me to have feelings for her somewhat stronger than I had intended.

I guess she may have been a bit lonely. Because after the lesson was over she asked if I would like a cup of coffee and could we talk for a short time, like till four o'clock?

I told her that was fine and I really meant it. I had such a nice time talking to her. "Call me Joanie." She said. So I had a feeling that I would be a very good pianist in the fullness of time. Joanie apologized for not having any doughnuts or cookies. I told her not to worry about that. I said I had always wanted to learn piano and that I just bought a Yamaha digital with a good feel and sound. Joanie asked how much time I could devote to practice and I said three to four hours most days but never less than two and she was impressed.

Two months later.

I was doing pretty good with my lessons and really enjoying them and her company as well.

She called me at ten one Wednesday saying, "Don't come. I have a bad cold and don't want you to catch it."

I suppose I was already in love with her and to catch a cold was no fun but I wanted to be close to Joanie as a good friend. So I did the only manly thing I knew. I went to her house with a pot of home-made chicken soup. That did more for her than she or I guessed. Joanie was so happy that some guy who took lessons from her thought so much about her as to want to make her a pot of soup. "I had the stuff to make a soup with." "Of course Joanie but you did'nt, because when you don't feel well you want to take it easy."

Well Joanie loved the soup and was so pleased that the next lesson was to be a freebie. Joanie thought me somewhat different that I did not want a free lesson.

"Joanie, I made the soup for you because I like you a lot, I was so glad to do this for you."

"Geeze Randy, that is so kind. I want to do something nice for you as well."

"O.K. Every time I am here for a lesson let me enjoy your company till the next student arrives."

"That would make you happy, Randy?"

"Joanie, it really would, I like your personality and how you dress and I really like talking to you."

Her granny glasses were on the table so I took them and with the corner of my red flannel shirt I cleaned them so they sparkled.

She looked through them and said,

"Flannel shirts do a great job of keeping my glasses clean, I don't remember the last time they sparkled."

"Joanie, tell me when they are not sparkling and I will do something about it."

"Could you do me a favor, Randy?"

"Glad to, if I can."

"Swing by a drugstore and pick me up an eyeglasses chain, I am always leaving my glasses somewhere in the house and it can be a bother to find them. Of course I will pay for it.

Joanie did not know I knew how to string beads and that when I was married, my wife had the same problem of leaving her half-glasses somewhere in the house.

So not liking the eyeglass chains available in stores I learned how to make some very feminine styles and sold them at Flea markets

The next time I had a lesson I gave her a very nice hand made eyeglasses chain and picked up a few nice pair of gold half-glasses as well. The phone rang and Joanie went in the other room to answer it and I guess she was so happy about the beaded eyeglass chain she forgot about the two pair of gold half-round glasses I gave her.

"Randy! This is the nicest I have ever seen, where did you buy it?

"I made it for you Joanie."

"You made it! This is so nice. Thankyou so much! you have to come over for supper, very soon."

"Now that sounds like a great idea!"

Joanie walked over and threw her arms around me and hugged me tight and she had to know there was something like love growing in my pants.

"I love this chain. I never saw one this nice in the stores. What would you like for supper when I have you over?"

"Meatloaf is always good with onion gravy and mashed, maybe string beans cooked with ham or ham hocks."

"Randy, You got me two pair of glasses for reading?"

"Yup, gold half-glasses style, these are the half-round stle. Do you like them?"

"Yes very much."

And she gave me a nice hug and once again I felt my loins stirring up into the size of a Nathans foot long frank.

Joanie tried her new half-glasses and said she could see very well with them. I told her I would make sure they were spotless when I came over and that she has two more eyeglass chains comming.

Six months later.

I had been taking lessons for eight months now and I was starting to understanding the mechanics of music.

I was starting to think about Joanie in a loving way, what could I do that would make us really close? I knew I wanted her sexually but I had romantic thoughts as well. And I gave serious thought to having her as my wife.

One day Joanie called me and asked if I knew anything about car electrical systems. She was ending up with a dead battery quite often and did not trust garages.

"I'm heading over now Joanie, I might be able to help. She had a VW squareback that still used a generator to charge the battery as compared to cars that used an alternator. As it was I had actual experience with generators and by simply flashing the field I was able to get that generator to once again furnish the volts and amperes needed to keep the battery up. I had also checked the battery and it was good.

The day I fixed her car was cold and windy and I decided to start getting closer to her. So when I was in her house, I walked over to her giving a nice hug and said,

"Well the generator is working again, you should have no trouble now Joanie."

Joanie gave me a squeeze and pulled me in closer. I was getting my shorts in a knot and Joanie reached her hand down and felt the lump in my pants.

"That a pistol in your pocket or are you happy to see me?"

Damn she does a good Mae West voice and I loved Mae West with her sexy insinuations.

Thanksgiving was three weeks away and I had no real plans, heck no family down here but I knew how to cook. Not like a chef but enough to take care of my needs like a real good burger, meatloaf; pork ribs; yada yada yada suffice it to say I had no trouble making what I liked eating.

Two days after a lesson Joanie called and asked if I could come over. The time was around seven and it was cold and raining out. Joanie did not sound good, very sad really. So I told her I was on my way. I picked up an apple pie from Sams Club and brought it over.

I knocked and she let me in. She was very quiet and I had to wonder if it was some some sort of medical thing that was troubling her.

I wrapped my arms around her and gave her a hug and asked what the trouble was.

"I feel so all alone lately and to be honest, I can't wait for you to come in for a lesson. I love how you wipe my half-glasses with your shirt to make them sparkle and how you make me laugh or giggle at times.

"And when you are here till the next student comes I don't want you to go home, and I think I fell in love with you."

Well if that did not touch me, nothing would. Thing is I fell in love with her awhile ago.

"Geeze Joanie, I don't know what to say, but that I fell in love with you first."

"You Did?"

"Yes I knew it when I made the pot of chicken soup for you and fixing your car. Hell Joanie you had to know when we hugged a few times. I know Mae West knew it.

"That was only two months after taking lessons and you felt that way about me then? to want to make me a pot of soup?"

"Yes Joanie that is it, you are a lovely and loving woman who for whatever reason is a single woman but not any more!"

I already knew how I felt about Joanie, that I wanted her to be mine and after a couple of years I might want to marry her. I did not tell her that I just let her think that we could be close. Close like in real close, intimate even. Joanie is nicely bosomed, I bet they are 46D's and I would love to check them out.

"Lets work on that Chopin piece you like so much Randy."


So I sat next to her on the bench and started to play opus ten number three and she was softly humming the piece.

"Randy, you play the melody I will play the lower cleft."

We played that etude for all it was worth and it was just the best thing ever. We were bonding, Joanie and I. She was wearing her half-glasses and I moved my head back to see through hers.

"I wondered when you would do that," she said with a smile.

"Do what Joanie?"

"Look through my glasses, why do they turn you on so?"

"No idea, I just like the looks but not any old pair of glasses they have to be the half-glasses style or ovals or rect- angulars which I call granny glasses.

"Does your mother wear reading glasses?"

"Yes but I was liking women in glasses long before she needed them."

"And besides, I already have this attitude, like people don't know how electricity is produced but they like what it does for them. Same with me, I don't know why wearing glasses does things but I like what I feel about it.

"Do they get you aroused?"

"Quite often yes, and when a woman has them hanging from a sexy feminine style eyeglasses chain, I can only imagine what a woman could do wih them. Good thing I never said anything about patent black high heels."

"Is that a fetish, Randy?"

"I don't know, maybe we will have to find out some time. What do you say about that Joanie?"

"For the sake of science, we should check it out. You never know what may be discovered."

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