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The Pics of My Wife


A few weeks ago I read some articles in a newsgroup. I answered a news from a guy who is looking for some guys to send them a picture of his wife. One day later I got an answer from him. He asked me where we life and how old my wife was, but send no pic. I answered the same day that we life in Germany and my wife was 30 years old.

The day after he asked more special about my wife what I answered like this:

She is 173 centimetres and has a weight of 50 kilos. She has long blond hair, a narrow waist and beautiful long legs.

He wrote that he need a picture of her, immediately. So I send a picture from her standing at our new Sportscar with a short skirt, a top and high heels on. He mailed that she looks beautiful and that I should send him a picture where he can see her tits.

Than came the day where I make the big mistake sending him a picture of her topless, without her knowing. The next days I never heard from him. One week later I found six mails from guys telling me how buff my wife looks and that she has nice tits with great nipples. After this I write an angry Letter to the guy I posted the Pictures. I told him that the Pictures were only for him and that it's not ok to show them to Others.

The same day I got a mail from him:


I know who you are, where you life and where you work. If you want me to post the pictures to your friends, your boss, the boss from you wife and around the world, mail me in the way from your last mail! If you want the pictures from your wife be secured by me and my friends send some more hot pics.

Do the right Thing, you have only one Chance!

This Night I have Flies in my stomach. In the morning I decided to send some pics, because my wife don't know anything about sending the pictures to others and she would never agree with it. If she knew this she would divorce from me, I think. So I post two more pictures. One where she's standing in front of our car with a short skirt, a transparent blouse, so you can see her tits, and high heels and the other where she stands with her back to the camera with her skirt up, so you can see her buttocks and her panties.

In the evening I got new mail. I should send some real hot pictures of my wife for his friends.

In the past I took some pictures of her breasts and her butt with panties on, but not more. The reason for my wife was, that we must give the film to other people for development and so they can see them. So I write that I haven't any real hot pictures.

Within five minutes I got six new mails. My "friends" from the internet want to see more of her great body. They like her big outstanding nipples and want some close-up shots. One guy wrote that I should use Nipple-Clamps on her, take pictures and send them to them.

I was in great trouble. What should I do? I haven't pictures like this!

This day a friend from work told me about his new digital camera and the advantages of digital photography. That's it, I think. I need a digital camera. So I look at the internet to find some tests of digital cameras to find the one with the best quality! After this I went to a shop and bought one. The next day we visit a zoo to make our first tests with the camera. At home I told my wife that I need more training with the camera to learn all the features.

When I came out to our Terrace my wife was sitting on a bench in Shorts and a Halter-Top. That's my Chance to get some new pics. I sat beside her and play with her tits. Then I pulled her Top up and pinch her nipples. Wait a minute, I told her and go for the new camera. Your tits and nipples are a very good motive to test the macro mode. At first she pulled her top down, but with some kisses I convinced her to pull it up. So I make some close-up shots from her tits and nipples. Then I ask her to eat a banana and make a nice shot from her, the banana shoven into her wide open mouth.

I turn my computer on, transfer the pictures and send them to the guys with the note that I was sorry about sending no pictures with Nipple-Clamps.

Well done, was the answer. We saw enough of her tits. Now it's time to see more of her beautiful body and time for more private parts. They want her to pose in a more provocative way. All of them force me to make some Pictures of her open pussy with legs spread wide.

At Friday evening I ask her for a backgammon game. Not a normal game; the winner has a wish free and the looser has to do as told. She agreed and we start playing. After 30 minutes she looses.

I need a model for the new camera, I told her. First she tried to freak out, but I said, a bet is a bet. She should take a shower, shave her body and put on some more makeup than normal. When she finished I take her to the bedroom and give her a blouse, a leather skirt with a zipper at the back, high heels, bra, g-string, stockings and a garterbelt. Everything in black.

She poses in front of our big mirror, so you can see the front and back at the same time. After a couple of shots I opened her blouse down to the navel and the zipper from her skirt half the way from the bottom to the top. I let her pose with legs spread shoulder wide. In the mirror you can see her long legs and some flesh above her stocking-tops. Next I removed her bra and open the zipper to the top. With her upper body down to me, you have a good look of her tits and in the mirror her buttocks parted by the g-string. Than I take her g-string, turn her around, spread her legs wide as possible and let her grab her ankles with her hands. Her ass and pussy were full in view, so I make some shots of her whole body and some close-ups from her pussy. As I told her to open her pussy with her fingers, she said that it's enough. I said it's enough when I say it's enough and open her pussy myself to take the open pussy shots as told. I thanked her and she said that she wanted me to be very careful with the pictures that nobody see them.

I go directly to my computer and send the mail. Saturday morning I got the reply. They asked me why it takes such a long time! From now on I had to return the requested pictures immediately or they send the pics around the world. The task for the Saturday was to shot some pics outside. They want some pics from her only wearing a Blazer, not much longer than her ass, and Shoes. Nothing else! Then some with the Blazer complete unbuttoned and last and least more than twenty pictures still nude.

After dinner I ask my wife for a new game with the same rules. This time she caught me, she says and go for the game. I was lucky again and send her to prepare herself in the bathroom while I'm looking for the Blazer. I found the right one. If she bends over you can see clearly her butt. I said, come on we'll drove around. I can't get out of the house this way, she said. You loose and I take the decision to go out the way you was. We drove to a nearby forest and I let her walk around, bend over and open her Blazer for the next shots. She felt more and more secure due to the darkness and the forest. Than I take the Blazer away and do some shots my wife standing and lying on a bench.

I'm happy with the result and take her home. It was nearly 12 PM when I send the pics.

The next week I got no mail till Saturday. You show us last week that it is possible to make the pictures in the time we've ordered. Good, but the pictures wasn't good! To make some pictures at night in a forest is nearly the same as at home! Now we want pics more public! We want no pics of her alone! On every picture it is recommended that we see at least one more person! And we want some pics where it is clearly to see that she is far away from you and your car! She should wear the same clothes like last week. And add stockings and a garter-belt. You have time till tomorrow!

End of Part 1

If you want more or have special additions, please mail me.

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