tagBDSMThe Pillory

The Pillory


Monica was relaxing in a warm bubble bath on this early Saturday afternoon. Rich was outside working in his shop where he had been spending a lot of his time lately.

As she washed her body, she became aroused in the warm water. She played with her nipples, kneading her breasts until her fingers found their way between her legs. She gently parted her labia and teased her clit with her other hand. Monica wanted more.

In the drawer across from the tub was one of her waterproof vibes. She knew it would feel so good inside her, but she also knew that she was not allowed to play with any of her toys until Rich gave her the okay.

Just knowing sweet relief was only a few feet away was driving Monica crazy, and the thought of doing something she was not suppose to do overwhelmed her as she climbed out of the tub to get the toy.

She quickly settled back in the tub and wasted no time parting her legs. The heat of the water and the vibration as it slid inside her unconsciously made Monica moan out loud.

Monica watched herself in the mirror when she noticed that the bathroom door was open and Rich had been watching her.

"I'm sorry Sir," she exclaimed as she quickly withdrew the vibrator.

Rich grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her from the tub, her toy falling to the tile floor, still vibrating.

Rich walked at a fast pace, pulling Monica behind, out the door and into the back yard.

Although they lived in the country and had a private back yard, there was always the chance of someone stopping over to visit.

Rich led her to a wooden stand that she had not seen before. It was approximately 48" tall with three holes in it. Rich opened up the top half of the three wooden holes and explained to Monica, that this was her pillory.

The pillory used hinged boards, raised on posts, to clamp around the offender's neck and wrists, forcing the malfeasant to remain standing and exposed.

Rich guided first her wrists to the two smaller holes, then lowered her head to the middle. He lowered the top board, then secured it with a padlock. Monica tried to look up as she watched Rich remove his belt from his pants.

He walked around Monica, then gently tapped the belt on the inside of her right thigh. "Spread them," he ordered.

Monica complied as Rich chained her legs wide apart leaving Monica completely vulnerable.

Rich walked around in front of her and removed his pants. He brushed the hair from her face and ran his hard cock over Monica's lips for her to taste.

"I thought I had told you not to play with your toys without supervision," Rich asked calmly.

"Yes Sir," Monica said softly.

"You know that you must be punished, right?"

"Yes Sir", she sobbed.

Monica could still see his belt hanging from his right hand.

Rich walked behind Monica and stood there looking at her there, spread open for him.

Monica cried out as she felt the sting of the first lashing across her bare ass. She felt the heat from the second, then the third until finally her whipping was over, leaving her ass pink and warm.

Monica cringed as she felt his hand on her warm ass, spreading her cheeks, exploring her moistness.

She felt his fingers on her slippery lips, then his cock plunging deep inside her.

Monica screamed as he thrust meticulously, over and over driving each thrust deeper than the last.

Monica's fists were clenched as He ground his cock deep inside, hanging on to the pillory hard.

Rich pulled his soaked cock out of her dripping pussy slowly and walked in front of Monica.

"I want you to lick all your juices off my cock," as he held the hair away from her face. Monica took what she could, sucking and licking her cum off his hard cock.

Rich's knees became weak and grabbed Monica's hair hard and pulled away. Rich went to the house leaving Monica spread wide. A after a couple of minutes, Monica heard the screen door slam shut, then felt a cold liquid dripping on her ass. There was a lot of it too. She felt it run over her ass hole, then down over her pussy, then drip off her clit.

Monica struggled with the pillory, she needed to be touched, and now.

Rich rubbed the liquid up and down her wet pussy then began to tease her tight asshole with his fingers.

Slowly, he probed one finger in and out of her forbidden hole.

As Monica began to relax, she began to moan louder and louder. Monica felt his huge cock part her pussy lips, just to tease, then force it's way into her tight little ass.

"NO!" Monica cried out, but Rich pushed it in deeper.

"Ow, ow ooooooow," she cried as Rich took her all the way.

He grabbed her tits and squeezed her nipples as he thrust in and out of her.

Rich rubbed her clit harder and harder as he felt himself beginning to cum. Both Rich and Monica were screaming out loud as he came deep inside of her.

Monica shook.,,,"No," as Rich tried to pull out of her. His balls and thighs were soaked from Monica's release.

Rich withdrew slowly, then unchained her legs, then unlocked the padlock and lifted Monica's final restraint.

Rich helped Monica out and kissed her softly on the lips.

Rich grabbed her hand, "Let's finish that bath, shall we?" Rich laughed.,,"and maybe this time, without toys?"

Monica giggled, and like a little girl, led Rich inside. She looked forward to further punishment.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous07/04/17

Good but.......

You can get so much more out of a girl in a pillory. You seem to lack practical experience.

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