tagBDSMThe Pin Ch. 02

The Pin Ch. 02


"Heather! Hurry up. We need to get moving," said Maureen Johnson to her daughter.

Heather was moving slow. Not because it was Monday. Not because of a letdown now that her big 18th birthday celebration was over. It was because, before she goes to school, she had to go with her mother to get her Pins.

This was supposed to be a good day--an exciting day-- the day she officially becomes a woman. And it was, for the most part. It was just that she was nervous. Heather wasn't sure what to expect and her mom never really talked about it. Plus, she was one of the oldest amongst her friends so they could provide little insight either. She was in the dark.

In the car, Maureen noticed her daughter's mood.

"What's wrong honey?"

"Nothing...I guess," Heather replied.

"There's nothing to be nervous about. It's mostly paperwork. Think of it as getting your driver's license," Maureen stated.

"There's a TEST!?" Heather yelled.

Maureen laughed out loud. "No, honey. There is not a test."

About that time, the two ended up at their destination. It was a large, rectangular, non-descript building. An imposing black gate surrounded the parking lot. At the entrance there was a large sign that read:



Inside, the mother and daughter pair found a room labeled "New Pin Registration" and entered. Maureen signed a pad at a reception window and joined her daughter sitting in the waiting area. The whole experience felt like going to a doctor's office.

Looking around the room, Heather noticed several girls her age. Most were reading magazines or listing to their iPods. And like her, most were with older women, presumably their mothers.

Eventually, a door opened and a large women holding a clipboard called out, "Heather Johnson."

Heather and her mom got up and entered the door.

"Down the hall, to the left. Room 206," said the portly woman.

The ladies turned the corner and approached an open doorway marked '206'. Inside the small office was a basic metal desk pushed to the far wall. On it was a small computer terminal and an open file folder. Behind the desk was a middle aged man with a pale complexion and balding hair. He was wearing brown pants, a white shirt, and an obviously cheap, small necktie. Everything about him screamed typical civil servant.

The man looked up from the file to see Maureen at the door and Heather behind her.

"You must be Heather Johnson. Come in, come in."

The man stood up and motioned to the two small chairs in front of his desk.

"Have a seat, ladies. My name is Frank Williams. Are you Heather's mother?" he addressed Maureen.

"Yes. Maureen Johnson," she replied.

"Great. Lets get started," Frank said.

After asking several routine questions and entering the data into the computer, Frank reached in a drawer and pulled out a felt covered jewelry box. He opened it up and displayed the contents to the ladies. Inside were two broaches about the size of silver dollars. They were shaped like flowers with a bright pink stone in the center of one and turquoise in the other. Each were surrounded by six golden petals. Underneath was a pointed pin and clasp so they could be attached to clothing.

"Heather, these are your two Pins. They are just like your mother's apart from the unique 10 digit number imprinted on the back. This number [PIN number?] is what identifies you in the Pin network and, while stored in your phone, should be memorized. Speaking of...let me see your phone and I'll set it up for you."

Heather handed Mr. Williams her smartphone. He downloaded and configured the Pin app with Heather's information. As he was finishing up, he began to give a well rehearsed speech, like a cop reading an arrestee's Miranda rights:

"As I am sure you are aware, Pin laws state any Pin eligible females must immediately perform fellatio on any requesting man. Current regulations limit this to once per day, although you may exceed the minimum obligation as you see fit. Men must ejaculate in your mouth and said ejaculate must be swallowed with the exception of a minimum quarterly facial, which you must prearrange before ejaculation. Additionally, you must engage in intercourse with one unique male per month. You are obligated to bend over and present your vagina but do not have to remove any more clothing than necessary for this. Are you with me so far?"

Heather glanced at her mother. "I think so."

Frank continued, "After ejaculation, men may feel your breasts for a maximum of 5 seconds each. Every encounter is to recorded in the Pin network. After recording, you may remove the appropriate Pin. This signals to other men that you have fulfilled your Pin obligation. Pink is for fellatio, turquoise is for intercourse. Any questions?"

"Yes, what does the smartphone app actually do?" Heather asked.

"Unfortunately, without recordkeeping some women would cheat and simply not wear their Pins. Noting the encounter proves that you are abiding by the law. And let me tell you, if an undercover Pin officer catches you not wearing your Pins when you have not performed, there are severe penalties. It also allows both men and women to rate their counterparts on various factors. Consistent bad scores will also bring penalties."

"Can someone just knock on my door and ask for a blowjob?" Heather anxiously queried.

"Not exactly. I'm glad you asked," answered Frank. "There are some places Pin activity is prohibited. This building for instance. We used to have dozens of men pouncing on young ladies like yourself just as they walked out the door. We had to put a stop to that -- it just wasn't sporting. Pin activity is also prohibited inside your own home, school, and workplace. Also, there is no Pin activity allowed inside restaurants. Parking lots are fair game, though. Most importantly, you must wear the appropriate Pin or Pins anytime you leave your home."

Frank could tell Heather was a little uneasy.

"You'll be fine, Heather. I assume you've given a blowjob before," said Frank.

Although males under 21 were prohibited from demanding sex under the Pin laws, there were advantages for them while growing up. No girl wanted to be inexperienced when she turned 18. And she certainly didn't want her first sexual experiences to be with a stranger. So most girls were pretty loose about having sex with their boyfriends or even hooking up with random guys.

Heather nodded in the affirmative.

Frank looked at Maureen, who gave a subtle, approving look.

Frank stood up and said, "I'll tell you what, Heather. I'll help you break the ice. Why don't you come over and suck my dick?"

Heather's eyes got big. "Now!? I thought..."

"That rule is just for visitors. First crack at newbies is officially one of my fringe benefits," Frank interrupted.

Maureen reached into her purse and pulled out a pink, folding knee pad with a little bow stuck to it.

"This is for you, hon. Congratulations."

"Oh mom! It's just like yours. And my favorite color. Thanks!"

Frank broke the exchange, "Why don't you come over here and put it to good use?"

Heather got up and walked behind the desk to where Frank was standing. She got on her new knee pad and gazed up at him.

"Why don't you practice pulling it out?" Frank asked.

Heather gently unzipped Frank's zipper and reached inside . After a few seconds of awkwardly rummaging around, her hand emerged with his cock in tow. She took in a deep breath and wrapped her lips around Frank's member. Frank lustily gazed at Maureen and said, "I think she's going to be a pro, Mom."

Soon, Heather began to get into it and was nosily slurping on the dick in her mouth.

"Now Heather, let me point out that, while officially men are not allowed to face fuck you, you should learn to put up with a little motion. Let me show you."

Frank put both hands on Heather's temples. "It is an unwritten rule that when men touch you like this, stop bobbing your neck and let them take control."

Heather stopped moving and Frank began to slowly pump his dick in Heather's pretty little mouth. Every so often, he would insert the entire length of his shaft into her, forcing her to deepthroat him. The last time, he held it there and shook her nose against his pubic hair. Frank released his hands and allowed Heather to break free, gasping.

"Mr. Williams, perhaps you and I should demonstrate an illegal face fuck. You know, so Heather can recognize the difference," Maureen said.

Maureen stood up before Frank could respond.

"I think that is a great idea," Frank said.

Maureen kneeled before Frank next to her daughter. Frank inserted his glistening, erect cock into her mouth and quickly grasped her head. Without hesitation he began to roughly thrust into Maureen's mouth. Excess saliva drooled from Maureen's mouth and her eyes watered as she struggled to breath with a cock all the way down her throat. Frank let go of Maureen before he got to close to cumming.

"Wow, mom!" Heather said.

"Whew!" Maureen said as she wiped the tears from her eyes. "I haven't had that kind of treatment in a while."

Frank slapped Heather in the face with his dick. "Ok, Heather. Finish me off. I have another appointment soon."

Heather took Frank's dick and began to suck hard. With Maureen still on her knees, Frank put his index finger in her face and she obediently began to suck on it. Within seconds, Frank's balls dumped their contents into Heather's waiting mouth. Rope after rope of hot jism filled her to the point she couldn't hold it all and some sticky cum leaked out the corner of Heather's mouth. Maureen quickly took her free hand, caught the spilling cum, and raised it to her lips.

Mother and daughter swallowed at the same time.

After everyone was standing and had collected themselves, Frank approached Heather closely. She thought he might lean in to kiss her when Frank placed his hand inside her jacket and squeezed one of her breasts.

"You have great tits, Heather. I'm sure everyone will love to get a good feel."

Frank switched to the other breast and roughly massaged it. As he withdrew his hand, Frank turned to Maureen and said, "You know Maureen, technically this was Heather's event. But you did take my dick in your mouth. Do you mind if I get a quick feel?"

"No problem, Mr. Williams," Maureen replied.

"Great. Turn around," Frank ordered.

Maureen faced away from Frank and he slid in behind her. As he wrapped his arms under hers, Maureen could feel his still swollen cock rub against her ass crack. Frank grabbed both of Maureen's melons and the same time.

"I see where Heather got it. You have a great pair of tits, too."

Maureen smiled.

Frank showed Heather how to note the blowjob in the Pin app on her phone then said, "OK ladies, I think we're done here. Heather, don't forget your Pins, you'll need to put on the turquoise pin now. Good luck."

"Thank you, Mr Williams."

Frank replied, "Oh no, Heather. Thank you."

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