tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Plan Ch. 02

The Plan Ch. 02


Day 1 - P.M

Back in the room I could feel my cock was still sticky with the woman's juices, the more I thought about it, the harder my cock was becoming, at this rate I might even reach the elusive seventh inch.

Jennie looked hot, what a slut, I couldn't hold back. I told her to strip to her underwear and get on her knees. She did this as quickly as she could before asking. "Are you going to fuck me now?"

"Not your pussy." Came my reply. "Today is about fucking your mouth." I said shrugging out of my trousers and removing my shirt.

I could feel her bra was still wet from the session downstairs, as I grabbed a handful of her left breast. I wanted to see if she did like pain. I twisted her tit hard, she screamed but didn't try to release my grip. Again I twisted and again she yelped but didn't asked me to stop. I let go of her breast and taking a hold of her hair dragged Jennie roughly to her feet.

"Do you like that slut." I asked her, she couldn't move her head but I could see by the look in her eyes that she did.

Using my free hand I unclipped her bra and moved my mouth to her nipple and bit down hard. This time her moan contained real pain but the urine taste I was getting from her tit spurred me on. I slapped her arse hard as I continued to clamp my teeth hard on her nipple. Jennie was wriggling, trying to escape my grasp but I was not yet ready to stop. I again slapped her arse, then again and again my cock was at bursting point.

Letting go of Jennie, she screamed at me with tears in her eyes. "Bastard, you fucking bastard." She was so hot, I wanted her mouth now. "Knees!" I ordered her and to my relief she did as she was told. She must really like the pain.

My cock was now easy for her as I banged her mouth without inhibition, lots of saliva and noise but not much gagging. I couldn't hold back for long, when my spunk flowed there was a little cough and a small amount of leakage from the left of her lips. As I withdrew from her mouth Jennie held her position for a few seconds before tilting her head forward. My sperm poured from her mouth, running down between her breasts before coming to rest, soaking her panties. Had I really cum that much.

I now wanted to taste her, to see how turned on she was, to see how wet Jennie's cunt had become. I pulled her up quickly and pushed her onto the bed before she had stopped bouncing my hands had found the band of her sticky panties. I heard the material snap as I ripped them down and off her body. Without stopping I ploughed my tongue through the mass of hair and in-between her pussy lips. Jennie tensed, her thighs squeezing my head as I entered her deeper. She was wet, very wet, the taste and aroma of her pussy told me she had orgasmed.

I sucked and licked her pussy and clit for a good five minutes before coming up for air. Jennie had bucked and squeezed against my face through the whole process. I noticed her panties laying next to me, I picked them up without speaking a word to Jennie and moved them to her mouth and forced them against her lips. She didn't open her mouth, just looking at me bemused.

"I want you to taste yourself while I taste your pussy." I told her, she shook her head.

I didn't want to do I but I slapped her face and screamed in her face. "Well get dressed and fuck off. You know why you are here, to do as I tell you. If you don't want to do it fuck off and tell your Dad the business if finished." I made to get up as her lips parted.

I stuffed half her panties into her mouth, she borked, I laughed. "Enjoy." Was all I said to her, as I went back to eating her cunt. Within minutes I felt Jennie stiffen and heard a loud muffled moan. The taste in her pussy changed she was Cumming in my mouth. I tried to go deeper sucking harder but the involuntary bucking of her hips threw my head clear of her pussy.

I looked at Jennie and we both burst out laughing, the panties falling from her mouth. I moved to her and we shared a deep passionate kiss before she licked her pussy juice from my face and chin.

I ordered lunch from room service, while we were waiting we both showered and then started to get dressed. I sat and watched Jennie as she pulled up the pale blue silk French knickers trimmed with white lace and a little white bow. Next the matching bra, WOW, I could feel my cock twitching as the white stay up stockings slid up to her smooth creamy thighs. She was amazing, Jennie gave me a naughty smile as the short revealing summer dress fell over her head, barely covering the lingerie.

The food arrived and we ate quickly, I told Jennie I wanted to visit a sex shop and purchase toys for the days to come. I looked up shops an my mobile phone and found there was one nearby, a five minute drive. Soon we pulled up outside and nervously entered.

I had always seen these sex toys in shops and images of them on the internet but I had never handled them before, I liked what I was seeing. My hand moved to what was called the "Thick Jelly Cock." As I picked it up I imagined it stuffed into Jennie's cunt. Jennie looked at me caressing the full ten inch length, trying to stretch my fingers around its girth. I stared back at her

"Do you think this will fit in your pussy?" I asked smiling.

"Do you think it will fit in your arse?" She replied, an evil smirk on her face. I had never thought about it before, my arse getting fucked but now the idea was starting to fester in my mind. I didn't think I or Jennie would ever be able to take this jelly monster but I noticed a basic triple butt plug set on a lower shelf. As Jennie had never had her arse fucked I thought these would be good starting point, she eagerly agreed.

We continued to look around as the sales assistant approached. The man looked in his early fifties but had taken care of his well sculptured body. "Are you finding everything you need?" He enquired, looking at what we held.

I didn't want to seemed nervous or naive as I spoke. "This is Jennie, we are looking for equipment to help her with her training."

The man looked Jennie up and down. "You have made good choices so far, the jelly cock is very popular. Are other people going to be involved in her education?" He asked.

I hadn't thought that far ahead but I answered yes, just in case.

"This would be good for you." He said handing me a two cock dildo with a strap though the middle. "This is the Purple Pleaser, a double strap-on. This six inch end fits in the females vagina and the strap around her waist. Then she's ready to please anyone with the eight inch end." He smiled has he handed it to me. I liked the look and feel of the dildo and handed it to Jennie.

I decided it was time to be brazen as I spoke to her. "What do you think, would you like that stuffed in your pussy while you fuck someone else." I could see her knees were trembling, as could the assistant, he butted in.

"We have a room in the back, you can test them, if you want to. I will be available if you need any help." This bastard want to fuck her, I could see it in his eyes, he wanted to fuck Jennie but I had to disappoint him.

"Her training has only started we are still working on her mouth." I decided my next step as I looked around the shop. "Do you know any of these customers?" The assistant nodded. "You and four others can face fuck Jennie." His eyes almost left theirs sockets as he tried to stammer a reply but I continued. "But there are rules. She will not suck your cock or give you a blow job, you will fuck her face as if it was a cunt. You will only hold her head and not touch any other part of her body and when you are ready to cum you will pull out of her mouth and shoot you cum over her face. If you agree to this then I'm sure Jennie will." Jennie smiled but I knew she didn't want to do it, this turned me on even more. The assistant could not believe his luck.

He moved quickly around the shop talking to his customers and pointing in my direction. Within a couple of minutes he had returned and told me he had four very willing participants. He then directed Myself and Jennie to the back room, I asked him to give us a couple of minutes to get ready.

Jennie looked nervous as we entered the room, I had expected it to be dark and dingy but it was actually light and airy with just a table and four chairs. A rest room I suspected. I told her to strip to her underwear and we quickly decided how she would let these men take her mouth.

The shop assistant and the four men soon entered the room and shed their clothing, we had decided Jennie would take the lead. She quickly took over her role, walking up to each man she dropped her hand to their cocks, giving each one a stroke followed by a grope of their balls, making sure they were all hard. After she had finished the line of eager participants, she pointed to each one giving them a number. She was going to take the smallest cock first and work her way up to the assistant who had a good nine inches of rigid meat, she would struggle with that.

Jennie moved to the centre of the room and dropped to her knees, she looked extremely sexy in the silk lingerie. She beckoned the first man forward, he looked in his middle fifties, short and skinny. He moved swiftly, his tiny cock lining up with Jennie's lips, she took a swift glance at me, I smiled as her mouth opened. Jennie's head bobbed forward slightly as I told the man to fuck her, slowly he pushed his hips forwards, taking a hold of her head.

"Don't be gentle, her mouth needs fucking." I almost shouted out, my cock was now throbbing. The man looked at me for a moment before complying. "She's not her for fun, she's here to learn." I told the rest. "I need you to fuck her mouth hard, make her gag, stretch her throat and then cover her with cum. Make the slut beg for mercy." I could see my words were having as much effect on Jennie as it was on the men."

Moments later the man withdrew from her mouth, a disappointing splattering of cum leaving his cock. Before I could blink the next person had took his place. He looked a similar age to me but was a lot shorter and heavier set. He grabbed Jennie's head, maybe a little too roughly, as he rammed his cock deep into her throat. This time she did gag but the man never paused. Relentlessly he pounded her face, his balls bouncing off her chin. I could see Jennie was having trouble breathing and she started clawing at his legs. Five more strokes he took before pulling out. The jets of sperm leaving his cock, almost covering her face.

Jennie gasped in lungful of air as she scooped a dollop of cum from her right eye. Sperm was dripping from her chin as the third cock entered her mouth. This man was a cunt, he grabbed a handful of hair in each hand as he hammered her mouth. She as not enjoying this and I almost brought proceedings to a halt but decided that she must do this bastard if she as going to eat the big cock, that was to come.

Thankfully he didn't last long and didn't produce that much cum, Jennie looked at me with pleading eyes her mascara running down her face leaving its black marks. She thought she had reached her limit but she was going to go further. The first three men left the room laughing and congratulating each other. The next one up as young and nervous. His seven inches stood out proud from his twenty year old body. I could tell he was inexperienced as he slowly moved forward. Jennie had recovered as I beckoned him forward.

Jennie smiled at him. "Its alright, come on, fuck my face." I knew she wanted to take this cock. Encouraged by he words he slowly pushed his cock between her lips, inch by inch disappearing down her throat until his balls reached her chin. He almost fully withdrew before again slowly pushing it all in. Out again Jennie pulled it from her mouth.

"Fuck me hard you bastard." She taunted him. Again he looked nervous. Jennie took control, moving her mouth to meet his thrusts. One of her hands moved to his right arse cheek, getting a firm grip pulling him in deeper. The other soon found his ample balls and swiftly started to massage the taut flesh. The look on his face said he was starting to relax and he started to thrust with less inhibition. Drool was pouring from the corners of Jennie's mouth but she never stopped her rhythm, his balls banging against her chin with renewed vigour.

Suddenly her hand disappeared between his legs, I moved my stance to see what was happening. Her index finger pushed deep into his arse, he looked at me in shock horror, I knew he was going to cum but Jennie wouldn't release him from her mouth. I smiled at the lad mouthing. "Its alright." As he tensed and grunted.

Jennie gagged but still held him tight, her eyes were wide, I think she was seeing how far she could go. Finally she released him a mixture of liquids pouring down her chin. A smile on her face showing she had loved every second. The lad made his excuses and almost ran out of the room, just leaving the assistant, who was slowly wanking his large cock.

I ordered Jennie to lay on her back, on the table, I told her the position would make it easier to take the substantial piece of meat, the assistant agreed. She swiftly made herself comfortable with her head tilted back, off the end of the table, her mouth wide open and ready.

As soon as he started I knew this man had done this before, more than once. He expertly shoved his cock in and out of Jennie's throat, always giving her chance to breath and expell a large amount of saliva, which dripped over her cum filled face.

My attention was drawn to her thrusting hips, every time the cock was buried into her throat her hips moved upwards. I couldn't stop myself I moved to the opposite end of the table and removed the knickers, my tongue soon covered the spot they had occupied.

It was too much for Jennie as she exploded into orgasm. I sucked and bit her clit with vigour as I heard the man grunt, I knew he had expelled his load. Quickly getting back to my feet I could see the spunk dripping of her beautiful face. The man told us to take our time and that there was a toilet and sink through the door at the back of the room, then he left.

Jennie took a minute to get her breath back, I hadn't cum and my cock was still rock hard but I didn't want to fuck her here. Jennie stood up, her legs a little shaky, she fell forward her arms around my neck as she regained he balance. She looked a mess, her face and hair still covered by five loads of cum and her own saliva. She open her mouth I could still see the spunk on her teeth and tongue.

"Kiss me, taste my mouth." She almost begged, without thinking I complied.

I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her open orifice, the salty taste of her lips wasn't good at first but the longer the kiss lasted the better the kiss became. My hand fell between her legs and I roughly inserted two finger into her well lubricated cunt.

I frigged Jennie like a devil, our lips not breaking apart until I felt her tense, my fingers becoming trapped between her thighs, a long drawn out moan left her lips before I could remove my soaked hand.

We were soon cleaned up and dressed before returning to the shop and paying for our purchases. The assistant gave me a substantial discount and his business card, just in case we needed him again, we left the shop and returned to the hotel.

I was exhausted but still maintained the erection I'd had since the shop. I decided we had done all we could today and we gathered our belongings and returned to the car for our journey home.

Jennie drove panty less and had hitched he skirt around her waist, much like on the way to the hotel. I played with her mass of pubic hair as I wanked my cock, now and again grabbing a handful of tit. Jennie smiled throughout the journey, I was sure she had enjoyed herself as much as I had.

Pulling into a lay-by a couple of miles from my house Jennie spoke. "Cum now, cum over my pussy. Give me something to taste when I'm in bed tonight fucking myself with whatever I can find." Her words pushed me over the edge, my sperm ejaculating by the bucket full. Jennie rubbed herself as my spunk poured onto her pussy, massaging it into her hairs until her cunt was a cum covered mess.

Jennie then started to clean her hand with her tongue before offering me a finger. "Lick." She said. "I love to taste you." I did as I was told taking the finger fully into my mouth and swirling my tongue around her digit. I did taste good.

We shared a final kiss after Jennie pulled the car up at my house and then she was gone. I went straight to bed and settled into a fantastic night of slumber. Jennie never left my thoughts.

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