tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Playmates of 1969

The Playmates of 1969


Most of the playmates of 1969 were already in the large dressing room at the mansion and the room was buzzing with excitement. The girls were giggling and teasing each other as they wriggled into bunny costumes; the girls who actually worked as bunnies helped the others get into the revealing outfits. Nobody had told them what was going on except that it was a special event with a special guest. Three of the bunnies would be picked for a private New Year's Eve party being arranged by a mysterious millionaire.

When Nancy McNeil limped into the room supported by Claudia Jennings there was a buzz of concern as the other girls gathered around them. "Don't worry," Claudia chuckled, "We spent the night with You Know Who."

Now the buzz was louder, with some girls expressing their approval and giving the exhausted Nancy knowing glances. Others were now even more concerned, either remembering their sessions with YKW with some regret or worrying about the rumors and that their turn was coming up.

You Know Who was a famous basketball player who spent a lot of time at the Chicago Mansion. He had a reputation for picking off each playmate one by one, working his way through the calendar. Lately he had been working with Claudia; she enjoyed leading the unknowing girls into the basketball player's lair. He had enough energy to keep Claudia and whatever playmate she selected going all night. Some of the catty girls wondered out loud when she slept since she was busy with You Know Who all night and managed to spend most days in the publisher's bed.

He also had a reputation for giving the girls a long and strenuous workout. Some girls loved it and some didn't; it had been a rite of passage among the playmates for years. He even had a small room set aside for his activities. The room was almost too small to contain his 7'1" frame along with the narrow bed and whatever hapless beauty he had drawn into his control.

Nancy was one of the ones who clearly had enjoyed herself. She gave her girlfriends a satisfied but tired grin and she couldn't let go of Claudia's hand.

Claudia laughed and brushed the crowd of gorgeous girls away from Nancy. "We'll tell you all about it later. Now we have to get dressed." She pulled two costumes off the rack.

When everybody was finally dressed they arranged themselves in calendar order with Miss January, Leslie Bianchini, in the lead and Miss December, Gloria Root, at the end. They paraded down the hall still smiling but struggling to control their giddiness as they displayed their gorgeous shapes. They passed a gauntlet of photographers on their way into the living room.

Helena Antonaccio, Miss June, was almost skipping along with excitement. She kept turning around and grinning at Shay Knuth, Miss September, who had been like a big sister to her. Helena had her fingers crossed that they would be picked together.

Miss March, Kathy MacDonald, was excited too but also nervous. She blinked shyly as the cameras flashed. She had loved being a playmate but had been a little embarrassed when it came time to strip off her clothes. Her centerfold had captured both her delight in her shining body and her shy and gentle nature. Sometimes these parties at the mansion got a little out of hand and Kathy would leave. She preferred to go off alone with someone rather than participate in the more wild orgies.

Shay winked at Helena whom she really loved, but her eyes were, in fact, glued to the way Kathy's perky little bottom wiggled in the bunny outfit. She hadn't realized until now just how delicious Miss March was.

The living room had been rearranged so that there was plenty of room for the girls to line up. The twelve playmates were facing large bright spotlights that made it difficult for them to see the shadowy figures behind the white glare.

They could hear the familiar voice of the publisher. "Hello girls, thank you all for coming tonight. You all look lovely. As you know three girls are going to be picked to be guests at a very special New Year's Eve party. Now the gentleman here with me prefers to be anonymous, and he asked me to tell you that he'd love to pick you all, but he has very specific needs. If you're not picked, it's not because you're not gorgeous and sexy. He just needs a certain kind of girl." The girls were standing shoulder to shoulder and if one moved, it sent an electric pulse down the whole line. Right now all the girls were primping and jiggling and smiling seductively.

The voice continued. "All right, as I call your names I want each of you to step forward and turn around slowly. We have your photo spreads here so we know what you look like." There was slight giggling among the girls. "We just want to take each one of you in."

Each month was called out and each girl did a slow turn. When Miss March was called Kathy stepped forward shyly and looked at the floor as she turned. "Thank you, Kathy. Could you give us that lovely smile of yours?" Kathy smiled demurely and then stepped backwards into the line.

Miss June, Helena Antonaccio laughed and wiggled her fluffy little cottontail at the audience during her turn and she heard a satisfied chuckle from beyond the lights. She returned to the line, her heart racing with hope of being picked.

After all the girls had presented themselves there was a pause while the men behind the lights talked quietly among themselves. Then the publisher spoke again. "Ladies, we'd like you rearrange yourselves in size order." The girls quickly complied. Helena squealed with delight when she found herself next to Shay. The two girls held hands and pressed their thighs together trembling with excitement.

"Thank you ladies. Now, I know this in unusual, but I'm going to ask you all to put on these blindfolds." Even as he spoke the satin cloth masks were being passed along the line. The girls were hesitant but intrigued. The room seemed to get very quiet once the girls couldn't see anything. They could hear the sound of the spot lights shutting down and they sensed the other lights in the room being dimmed. They could hear footsteps slowly approach them.

The girls were still tightly pressed together, shoulder to shoulder, and the whole line could sense Leslie Bianchini moving slightly and heard her whimpering. Suddenly there was a stark silence as Leslie's body seemed to shake rapidly, then she let out a long satisfied sigh.

After a short pause the next girl in line, Lorrie Menconi, began to thither and squeal. "Oh, ooooh, ahhhh, oooohhhh!" she moaned as her body writhed. Kathy could feel the intensity of Lorrie's twisting body as the girl next to her, Claudia Jennings, struggled to keep her body next to the moaning girl. Lorrie let out a final sharp yelp and giggled. Then there was silence again.

Kathy sensed the man's approach to Claudia. She heard the girl moaning quietly and suddenly Kathy felt Claudia slide down toward the floor; she had the sense that the playmate was being pushed down to her knees.

There was no doubt as all the girls heard sucking and slurping sounds and Claudia's muffled groans of pleasure. Kathy could feel Claudia's hair brushing against her thighs as it bobbed up and down. The shy young blonde rocked back and forth nervously, knowing she was next for whatever the man had in mind. Now Claudia was gagging and swallowing loudly. There was a loud popping noise as her lips apparently released what had been in her mouth. Kathy felt Claudia being pulled up to her feet. The girl was unsteady for a moment and then she leaned against Kathy's bare shoulder. Kathy was now shaking and whimpering, waiting for the man to make his move.

She felt him standing in front her and she jumped slightly as his hands rested on her bare shoulders. Kathy was whimpering loudly now and trembling violently. The hands ran down her sides tracing her shapely curves. They went past her thighs stopping above her knees. Kathy could feel the warmth and strength of his fingers even through her panty hose. The hand then started up her legs and paused at the top of her hips where the bunny costume began. Slowly and deliberately the fingers began to push under the edge of the skin tight costume, digging into the creamy flesh of her plush bottom. At the same time his pelvis was grinding into hers. She continued to whimper as she felt his moist warm breath on her neck. Suddenly he pulled his hands away and released her. Kathy let out a sob as she realized he was finished with her.

The man continued down the line of blindfolded girls; each one had a different experience. Most of the girls let out sounds of pleasure but there were a few tears too. Lorna Hopper cried openly and the girls heard soothing voices guide her away. Debbie Hooper came just before Helena and it was clear from her loud shrieks that whatever had been done to her brought her to orgasm.

When her turn came Helena squeezed Shay's hand desperately. She felt arms wrap around her small frame and draw her in for a kiss. His hands went down to her crotch and one finger slipped under the fabric. Even blindfolded she could sense that she and the man were almost exactly the same size. The finger tugged her torso against his, pressing his bulge against her pussy as if measuring her lovely body against his.

Their embrace broke and Helena reluctantly drew her tongue out of his mouth with a giggle. She felt the arms wrap around Shay and she heard some whimpering and groaning. Shay gave her hand a final squeeze and let go. Then Helena heard a sound that made her and the whole line tremble.

First there was the excruciatingly slow unzippering of Shay's bunny costume. Shay was whispering seductively. "Mmmm, that feels so good. Do you like these? Mmmm," she moaned to the sound of her nipples being sucked. Then there was the sound of the satin costume sliding off of her buxom body and hitting the floor. Helena felt Shay stepping out of the costume and then lost contact with her.

There was a sound of passionate kissing and moaning, then the sound of the nylon panty hose being pushed off of Shay's hips. More kissing, then the soft sound of bodies sliding to the floor.

There was an awesome silence and then a gentle wet sound; the girls all knew that they were hearing fingers swimming inside Shay's flooding pussy. The girls were all rocking softly and letting out little muffled moans themselves. Suddenly they heard Shay give a quick startled screech and begin to plead with the man taking her body. "Oh, God, ooohh, more, please more... don't stop, oh, yeah baby, ooohh, oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh, so good, so hard, love me baby, oh yeah, ohhhh." She kept moaning and whimpering and the girls could feel the energy of the man pushing in an out of her; they could hear the wet sound of skin against skin. Suddenly Shay stopped and gasped, letting out a long low breath while there was still the noise of him pumping into her; then she began to scream wildly. There was the sound of her feet pounding the floor. "Yes, come in me, come on baby, come in me, you're so good, so hot. I feel you burning me up. Ohhhh, I'm coming, coming with you baby, oooooooo."

Most of the girls were sobbing with her and after a few moments the room was still except for the sound of Shay's shallow breathing. Helena had been stroking her own pussy over the fabric of her costume and she struggled to recover herself.

As Shay's moans faded the man went down the line and fondled the last two playmates. All the girls were dizzy and swaying, unsure of what had just happened to them. The publisher's voice seemed to come from far away. "Thank you ladies; we'll let you know the choices shortly." The girls began to pull off their blinds. Each girl was in a different state of disarray. Some had their costumes pulled away, revealing their succulent breasts, others just had their hair mussed up. Shay was on the floor completely nude. Helena ran over to her and covered her face with kisses. The two embraced and Shay pressed her lips on Helena's mouth and their tongues ran together frantically.

The other playmates were hugging and kissing each other and nobody had noticed that Kathy was missing.


Kathy stood at one side of a large round bed. She was nervously chewing on the nail of her thumb and with her chin pressed to her chest she was looking with up with wide eyes at the man on the other side of the bed.

She was still dressed in her golden yellow bunny costume. She was trying to run through her mind how she got here. Everything from the time she heard Shay making love on the floor of the living room was a blur. When the man was finished with all the girls in the line the publisher started speaking but Kathy felt someone grab her hand and lead her away. The blind fold was still over her eyes as she was led down the hall and she soon found herself in the master bedroom.

With quaking hands she removed the blind and blinked as she adjusted to the dim light. She recognized the room immediately but the man across the bed was a complete stranger. He was extremely short, perhaps an inch less then her 5'4" and he had thick glasses and a droopy mustache.

He just stood there quietly watching her. "Hi," Kathy breathed out huskily. The man just nodded. "I'm a, umm, a...a little nervous," she whispered softly. Again he nodded. "Was that you making love with Shay?" Another nod. "She's so beautiful and sexy. I wish I could be like her. I wish I could make...." Kathy's voice trailed off as she felt herself weakening under his steady gaze.

He took a step to his left and Kathy did too, careful to keep the bed between them.

"Why am I here?" Kathy asked nervously. The only response was a slight smile. Now they were pacing around the circular bed, watching each other carefully. Kathy paused and so did he. She looked at him standing there drinking her up with his eyes. "Are we...are we...going to make love?" she finally gasped.

He nodded one last time and stretched his hand out across the bed. Kathy sighed and lifted her hand up to his. He grasped it firmly and drew her close. As she crossed the bed on her knees she kicked off her shoes.

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her into his lap. He looked up at her bunny ears and allowed that slight, slim smile to appear. Kathy's eyes rolled up and she grinned. "Yes, they are silly aren't they?" She pulled the ears off and shook her long straight blonde hair. She felt his hand rest on her thigh and softly move up her hips. The fingers came to the ties holding closed the lacing at the sides of the costume. He lightly twirled the ends in his fingers. Kathy looked down at his hand and softly touched it. She rested her head on his shoulder and watched as he slowly drew the string straight out. She could feel the tightness of the costume relaxing and she sighed with submission, shifting her body in his lap so he could do the other side.

With the laces undone there was room for his hand to slide in comfortably; she remembered how he squeezed his fingers in earlier to fondle her ass. Now the fingers glided over the dark nylon tights until they rested on her swelling pussy lips. She lifted her head and kissed him, her eager tongue signaled her yielding to his desires and her own. Her fingers ran through his hair and pressed his face against the sweet swell of her heaving breasts.

Now his fingers were caressing and pressing her pussy through the tights and her hips were gyrating in his lap. Even through the costume she could feel the bulk of his manhood expanding against her rear. He kissed the tops of her breasts and then their tongues intertwined again. Suddenly she growled deeply as a flash of pleasure exploded off his fingers pressing firmly against her clit. She smiled at him and stretched like at cat spreading herself face down on the bed.

He gently lifted her soft blonde hair and undid the stiff collar holding the little bow tie and tossed it away. He softly kissed the back of her neck and then began to kiss his way down her spine. With one hand he started to tug on the zipper, slowly spreading apart the satin. Her milky white skin glowed in harmony with the golden yellow of her costume. He kept kissing the soft flesh of her back as she mewed and purred with contentment. When he got to the base of the zipper he reached in, pushing his hand between the tights and her succulent skin. As he squeezed her ass, she lifted her hips , knowing what he wanted but unsure if she could let him.

He brought his hand back up her smooth back and reached into the costume to cup her full and tender breasts. Now she lifted her torso to make it easier for him to fondle her. She could feel the weight of him on top of her as he pressed her mounds together and leaned in to kiss her throat and ear. She found his tongue with hers and drew it into her mouth. Then she squealed and rolled out from under him.

Kathy sat up and the costume hung loosely off her breasts. She watched his eyes as she dropped the front and her luscious nipples sprang out invitingly. She swiveled her hips as she pushed the satin down off her body. In a moment it was on the floor. Kathy's eyes sparkled with mischievous innocence; her cheeks flushed with pride as he admired her phenomenal body, but the redness across her chest revealed her embarrassment too.

Kathy lay on her back in nothing but the dark tights; her bush and swelling pussy could be seen clearly. Her firm, flat belly fluttered in and out; her delicious breasts spread into two creamy scoops of sweet moist flesh. Her eyes closed and she stretched her body. Lifting her hips towards him she purred seductively.

The man was still dressed in a shirt and pants as he lay down next to her. Placing a hand on her hip he rolled her towards him. She opened her eyes slightly and they kissed again. As they kissed Kathy's fingers nimbly undid the buttons of his shirt, then tugged on the belt until it opened. Finally she opened his zipper and let her soft warm fingers glide in to caress his throbbing shaft. She stroked it gently for a few moments then pulled her hand out in order to get his pants down over his hips.

Once his shaft was out he pushed her onto her back again. His hands started to roll down the pantyhose, revealing her white skin. The nut brown curls of her bush came into view and they were already dewy with her juices.

She lifted each leg in turn and he pulled the tights off her feet. At the same time he tossed away his shirt. Kathy lay on her back rocking her body slightly; the soft mass of her gorgeous breasts jiggled with promise; her hips were twitching in anticipation.

The man climbed on top of her, covering her body with his. His mouth covered hers then moved down as he squeezed her nipples together and covered her chest with little nibbles and bites. The tip of his shaft rested against her pussy lips and she felt its heat. She continued to rock against him and as his hand moved down her belly to find her clit she thrust up to capture herself on his cock.

As soon as his shaft her, her mouth opened in a silent scream. Her back arched and her feet slid up and down the bed allowing her legs to caress his. He pushed in with all his weight, feeling the tight squeeze of her sheath wrapped around him. He pulled out and watched her eyes roll in her head as it twisted back and forth in a joyful agony.

He lunged in again, then pulled out. Kathy was following his thrusts with her body. He began a steady drive to fill her up with him, thrusting in and out, each dip into her going further towards forcing her over the edge. Kathy was biting her lower lip and moaning; her hands were scratching up and down his back.

The man's cock seemed to get larger with each thrust into Kathy's tight, tender body. She was bucking and twisting against him and each thrust caused sparks to flash in her gleaming eyes. A blaze of lust burst across her face with each lunge into her, and a pleading innocence was revealed in her eyes with each stroke out of her.

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