tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Pleasure was All Hers?

The Pleasure was All Hers?


James Bond eased out the day's tensions, cutting through the water of the Grand Hotel's swimming pool with a rapid succession of lengths, taking himself from one end of the pool to the other over and over. Finally, he contented himself with floating there, his arms gently lapping back and forth, as he took in the carefully painted ceiling, just above the dim chandelier providing the only light in the baths, save what beamed through the glass panels of the sauna, at the edge of the pool. Though he was fairly certain it was none of his concern, he listened carefully as he heard the large, redwood doors open to the baths. Barefoot padding followed, whoever it was moving around the circular pool. A quick glance to surmise their identity revealed nothing, only steam curling lightly where someone had just been.

Setting his feet down on the pool floor, not difficult as it wasn't all too deep, Bond eyed the columns surrounding the pool carefully. Another glance, this one at his watch, told him it was late evening; 9:33 PM, to be precise. He had told Zukovsky which hotel he was staying at, but he doubted the meeting with the Janus representative would be held today, at this hour. Wading forward, he climbed the steps out of the pool, and grabbed his towel, and his gun. Patting his face dry, he walked to the sauna entrance, and raised an eyebrow at what he saw.

"Hello, Commander," she greeted, her voice sultry, made more appealing by her thick Russian accent.

Xenia Onatopp was there waiting for him, and Bond remembered to note this down as a pleasant surprise. Usually, representatives of a crime organisation were much less visually appealing. Sat on one of the heavy stone benches, her legs crossed, leaning back slightly, palms flat against the towel covering the stone. She was wearing a white bath robe, emblazoned with the stylised 'GH' logo of the hotel. It fit perfectly, showing off him magnificent legs whilst giving him an appealing view of her bare shoulders, the robe having slipped off to hang around her upper arms.

She grinned seductively, her raven hair tied back, and it tossed lightly as she eyed his gun. Her eyebrow raised, now, she said "I don't think we'll be needing that, for what I have in mind," Bond moved towards her, curious of her intentions, still dripping wet from swimming. She stood and strode over to him, putting her arms around my neck, her fingers grasping at his dark hair and shoulders. He refrained from responding until she kissed him passionately, and then began to caress her rear. They kissed as if dying of thirst, Onatopp's lips so warm and tender on his. Her hands moved to his gun, and his towel, and tossed them both aside, the Walther landing atop the bench where she had previously sat in wait.

Bond moved Xenia over to the far wall of the sauna and pressed her up against it, their lips not parting the entire time. Bond knelt after Xenia gave him a parting lick on the lips, her expression practically pleading him to please her, and then began lift her left leg onto his shoulder, feeling her sole press against his bare back, her toes curling, the nails lightly scratching at his flesh, as she peered down at him, a breathless grin on her face. Opening her robe a little beneath the waist, Bond noted she wasn't wearing any underwear. Obviously, Onatopp had much more in mind than a business meeting before she even arrived here, tonight. That raised questions, but none that Bond was ready or willing to contemplate now.

Lifting her right leg up onto his other shoulder, he kept her up against the marble wall with his head between her legs. Bond kissed and licked the insides of her brilliantly toned thighs, running his tongue along them slowly, finally coming right between them, to the center of Xenia's carnal warmth. James put his tongue inside her and she started to moan and groan, her head hanging back as various noises indicative of pleasure escaped her lips. She rubbed his head with her hands, her fingers almost violently grasping at his hair and moaning loudly as he pleasured her. She screamed ecstatically as he licked deeper inside her. Though he could feel her thighs pressing against the side of his head, forcing him to remember this woman was implicated in the murder of a high ranking Canadian official, James could feel his length getting harder by the second, only urged onward by Xenia's almost orgasmic cries.

He suddenly slipped his tongue out and let her down, breathing heavily as he stood and kissed her again, but he felt her hands press against his chest, and suddenly, forcefully, she pushed him down onto the towelled bench and straddled his lower legs, a gleeful, orgasmic expression on her face as she removed his swimming shorts. Well, more like ripped them away. Bond groaned, his length huge and throbbing. Xenia grinned, and eyed it greedily, jokingly purring "You really do rise to meet a challenge," before swooping down, and taking it into her mouth, pumping up and down on his length and rendering him even more aroused. He briefly pondered how many other men had been given this treatment by this gorgeous woman, but lost himself to pleasure, grunting and groaning as she massaged his testicles and sucked harder on his length. James groaned loudly, but she stopped just as he was about to come, her expression suggesting she had purposely delayed his ejaculation.

She grinned, and told him "We're not done yet, Mister Bond,", then, after removing herself from his knees, she forced him off the bench, and back on his knees, before she sat back down on the bench, similar to how she had when he first happened upon her. Her grin was seductive and mischievous, and her request was surprising; "Show me if you have real talent, Mister Bond. Lick my soles," she insisted, and Bond, a little taken aback, supposed he had no choice. Not only was his own pleasure at stake here, but so was meeting Janus. He took her long foot in his hands and slowly ran his tongue all over it. He licked inbetween her toes and all over her soles, taking in her arches and heels as her hand snaked between the folds of her robe, and she lightly caressed her thighs and further between her legs. He began the same with her other foot, whilst she began to lick her lips, her free hand now moving beneath her robe to grasp her breast. She grinned, beginning to rub and tease and grasp his length with her free foot as he pleasured her, taking all five of her long toes into his mouth. She moaned a single time, her toes curling inside his mouth, grasping his lower set of teeth briefly, before she let go, pulling her feet from his grasp, and grabbing him by the shoulders..

She hauled him back onto the bench, ending up with him on his front, but she quickly forced him onto his front, her hands pressing into his chest lightly. He watched with surprise as Xenia swung a leg over his naked body and the bench, before setting herself down, straddling him roughly, his hard length sliding inside her. She rotated her hips with a sexual grin, squeezing his length almost violently with her vaginal muscles, her expression suggesting she was loving it. James grunted over and over, trying to keep from coming too soon as the steam in the sauna enveloped them both, obscuring things around them -- All he could see was her, and James had to admit he'd seen worse things. She smirked, declaring "I love a good squeeze, you know," and he briefly pondered if she meant what she was doing to his length.

How wrong he was.

Just before he came she stopped, a gleeful expression covering her face as she slapped her hands around his neck, pulling him up towards her chest and after burying his face between her breasts, wrapping her gorgeous legs around his ribs. His face smothered by her heaving breasts, he still heard the sound of her bare feet hitting his back, then she thundered her legs out straight and began crushing him with her thighs. Breaking free of the tight grasp of her hands, he threw his head back, letting out a cry of agony. Almost in response, she leaned back, her hands slipping down his still-soaking chest and hanging at her sides, as she let out an orgasmic scream of pleasure. "AAGHH!" escaped her lips, her thighs tightening substantially, her first scream joined by "OGHHH!"

James looked down to see her bare, athletic thighs squeezing around his sides. He slapped multiple times at her legs to try to open them up, but it was no use. She was a surprisingly powerful woman, enjoying this too much to notice his futile attempts to escape, though she had seemed to positively adore his groan of pain. His gaze moved up to her, rocking above him and writhing in divine agony. She was grinding her teeth and screaming as she squeezed his body with animalistic power and determination, "OYGHH!" now emerging from her mouth. Then, adding insult to injury, she violently grabbed at him, taking his face in your hands and eyeing him madly, asking "Can't break it, eh?" before kissing him roughly while she squeezed. James knew she was referring to his attempts to break her vice-like grip, and struggled for breath as her lips locked around his, draining the life from his lungs.

Breaking the kiss, she ecstatically cried out "EYAGHHH!" as she leant back, loving the feeling of his wet naked body in the powerful embrace of her bare thighs.

She then undid her robe, exposing her beautiful bare breasts to him, before bringing her feet to his back and ordering him to rub them and suck her breasts at the same time. "Do it, Mister Bond," she insisted, her tone suggesting mercy from the leg lock currently killing him if he did so. He reached behind him and caressed her feet as she roughly grasped the back of his head, and guided his mouth to her breast. He licked her nipples teasingly, taking his tongue around the areola before taking her breast in his mouth and sucking hard. He moved between both breasts, licking and sucking them as he rubbed her feet behind me, his fingers pressing her soles lightly, making her groan loudly.

"Ahhh.. Oh.. Mmmm, mmmm," escaped her lips, suggesting she was immensely enjoying the experience. Her thighs loosened a little, and he hoped continuing what he was doing would be enough.

She finally released her legs from around him and got onto her knees, breathless, before she sat down on his length, beginning to bounce up and down. Somehow, despite the experience he'd just endured, his ribs aching, he slipped his arms around her and attempted to hold on. Xenia screaming once more, she looked down at him and ordered Bond to come for her, inbetween frenzied screeches of "YES! YES! Oh, YES, YES YESSSS!" They went at it hard and fast, Xenia once again gripping him with her thighs as he writhed between them, getting ever closer to orgasm. What was he doing? She'd already tried to this once, and he'd allowed her to do it again.

She dug her fingernails into his shoulders, screaming down at him "Come, come now, YES!!!" She forced his face between her breasts once more and leaned back, getting ready for her own orgasm. She again screamed at him to come again, and they went at it faster and faster until he couldn't take it anymore and their bodies tensed up. They both cried out, Xenia in orgasmic pleasure and Bond in a mangled mix of pleasure and pain -- Xenia's thighs, now surrounding his sides once more, had broken a rib, he was sure of it. She grinned at him, once again breathless, as he grabbed her by the rear, and slipping off the bench, charged toward the nearest wall with her in front of him, as she laughed and grabbed at his shoulder and side…

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