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The Pledge


"Are you ready, Cindy?" April asked me, her blue eyes ice-cold as she stared hard at me. My stomach was a mess of butterflies; here I was, Ms. Cindy Longsford, little miss nobody...about to take the initiation of one of the most popular all-girl fraternities on my college campus. I fidgeted in my chair, and looked around me at the four Alpha Omega Alpha leaders. All of them were looking at me expectantly, and they all wore the same odd smile on their faces. I swallowed hard, and gave my answer. "Yes, I'm ready."

"First of all, by the Alpha Omega Alpha law, none of what goes on here will be disclosed to anyone else. You cannot tell your teachers, your friends, or your family. If one word gets out, you are automatically expelled from the fraternity, and also we will do everything in our power to have you expelled from this college as well. Do you understand this?"

"I do." I wondered if my voice sounded as squeaky and nervous to them as it did to my own ears, but I didn't dare ask. April gave the other girls a secretive smile, and then turned back to me. If there was one person on this campus I wanted to be, it was April Wallace. She had it all: rich and traditional family pedigree, natural beauty and athleticism, and the brains enough to make her one of the top of her class. All the girls at our school envied her long blonde hair, her incredible body, and her beefy football boyfriend that she seemed to have wrapped around her little finger. But just because she was envied didn't mean she was perfect; April had a reputation for being the "College Bitch". Even with that reputation, I would have traded lives with her in a heartbeat. Better to be "Ms. Popular Bitch" than to be the "Ms. Plain Jane" I'd been for my high school years. I realized they were all waiting for me to do something, and guiltily flushed because I hadn't been paying attention. "I'm sorry...what was that?"

"I told you to take off your clothes." The command was sharp and left no room for debate. My mouth must have fell open, for one of the other girls began to snicker. I hesitated, and that hesitation didn't go unchallenged by April. "Look, Cindy, we're giving you the opportunity of a lifetime here," she practically growled. "If you're not serious about being an Alpha Omega Alpha, then get the fuck out. But if you are serious, then take off your damn clothes. It's that simple."

"N-No, wait, I'll do it," I was hasty to amend. I brought my shaking hands up to the buttons of my blouse. April and her girls followed the rapidly exposing strip of skin until the last button came free. I took off my blouse, then fumbled with the zipper of my skirt. Slipping the sheath free of my legs, I stood there before them in my bra and my panties. The room was cool, raising instant goosebumps. I realized to my horror that my nipples were also reacting to the temperature, their centers raising to press against the white satin cups that hid them. April arched her eyebrows. "Did we tell you to leave your underwear on? Lose them."

My face flushed scarlet with embarrassment. Did every Alpha Omega Alpha have to do this? Was this some sort of cruel joke on me? I'd never even undressed in a locker room in front of other women, much less now, in this dorm room, with these four popular girls staring me from head to toe. But, this was the initiation, and if they wanted me to do it...I brought my hands behind my back, unclasped my bra, and slid it from my body. Hooking my thumbs in the elastic waist of my underwear, I closed my eyes, and slid them down in one quick motion. I kept my eyes shut as I stepped free of them, and fought the urge to cover myself. I've never been a buxom girl, more on the skinny side. My legs always seemed a little too long, my breasts too small, my butt too flat. I was proud of the muscular tone my body had, and the tan my skin naturally seemed to keep year-round, but other than that I felt like an idiot exposing myself. Someone in the room murmured something too low for my ears, causing another girl to giggle.

Then I heard the click and whirr of a Polaroid camera, my eyes flying open just a second too late to prevent the picture from being taken. "Why are you doing this?" I shrieked, and jumped at April, who was removing the incriminating photo from the camera at that moment. Two of the other girls held me back as April triumphantly held up the picture. "Now Cindy, this is what the true initiation is. None of that "expelled" from college crap. If you don't do what we want you to, this picture will be copied and handed to every teacher and student in the school. So unless you WANT everyone to know what you look like without your undies...I suggest you pay attention."

"This is blackmail!" I was outraged at their trickery. My naked body racked with anger, I stood there and glared at the four of them. "All right, damn you. What do you want from me?"

"Get to your knees, Cindy," April purred. "I want to see you beg." She handed the picture to another girl and waited for me to obey. My teeth clenched in rage, I dropped to my knees and glared up at her. Smiling silkily, she walked over to me. "I like your hair. It's such a pretty shade of black." She rested her fingers on my head, stroking the long tresses lightly. "Don't you think it's pretty, girls?"

"Please, April-" I was begging now, pleading at her with every ounce of hope pouring from my eyes. "I am begging you. I'm pleading with you. Let me go, and give me the picture, and I'll never bother your fraternity again."

"Perhaps I will," she smiled. "But first, I think we should make you do something for us. After all, we have gone through all this trouble to get you in here." Acting as if she were pondering my fate, April looked over at the other girls. "What should we do with her?"

"I say we make her run naked down to the dorm lobby and back," The first girl, Samantha, called out. Samantha was an extraordinary beauty, a spitfire redhead with more curves than a mountain road, and slightly lacking on the brain cells. She was also the college whore, according to rumor, giving it to any guy that asked nicely.

"Nah, I say we tie her up and let all of Alpha Omega Alpha write something on her naked skin." That reply came from Aisha. The daughter of an African-American historian and a white pop-trash novelist, Aisha's skin was more the color of creamy coffee. She was tall, slender, and smart, going for a degree in biology. But crossing her, so the stories went, was a really bad idea. She had a mean streak as wide as the state she came from, Texas. Her husky voice had a deep southern twang.

"I think we should make her do all of our schoolwork for the next three months," Jen chimed in. Jen's betrayal was the worst of all. She was my roommate, and had been the one to sponsor me as a pledge to Alpha Omega Alpha. I couldn't help but wonder what the usually carefree brunette had against me.

"No, I have something better, " April grinned. Cupping my face, she ran her fingers over my lips. "I hear you're good with your mouth, Cindy." Her joke was a double entendre on my chosen schooling, Political Debates. "Let's find out how good with your mouth you really are." I watched in disbelief as she stepped away from me and slid off her shoes. Unbuttoning her slacks, she slid them off her body and neatly set them on one of the desks in the room. She pulled a chair to the center of the room, and sat facing me. From the knowing looks of the girls and the grins they exchanged, it dawned on me that this had happened before. April gave me a sexy grin and spread her thighs. She brought one hand down to the crotch of her underwear. I didn't want to, but my eyes had a mind of their own, following her fingers as they rubbed up and down the cotton panel covering her sex. "All right, Cindy. Here's the deal. You go down on all four of us, and make us come once a piece, and we'll give you the picture and you can leave the room. Do we have a deal?"

"No," I roared, getting to my feet. I was halfway struggling back into my clothes when April said nonchalantly, "Do as you like. Your picture will be around the campus by dawn, and you'll have a lot more people asking you to do worse things than this." My hands froze, and I felt my spirit sink. I was here on scholarship, and if they sent the picture around the school, then I was doomed. Not only would I be publicly humiliated, but that would probably mean the scholarship would drop me like a hot potato, and I didn't have the cash to finish college somewhere else. With slow hands I dropped the clothing I'd been getting back into, and got back to my knees. I can do this, I thought to myself. I've gone down on a few guys. I can do this. It became my mantra as I crawled over to her spread legs. She laughed and patted my head.

"Good girl." She used her index and middle fingers to pull the crotch of her panties aside. I found myself face to face with another woman's sex for the first time, and part of me guiltily had to admit I was a little curious about it. April's pussy was like a peach. Her inner lips and the slit itself were a light pink, and the pubic hair above it had been recently shaved, so it was bare save for a light smattering of fuzz around the outer lips. The whole scenario must have been a turn-on for her, or she got off on power trips, because she was leaking like a sieve. Her juices made the pink sex glisten in the dorm room lighting, and there was a little puddle of lubrication sliding down the length of it towards the chair. She smelled like the type of woman she was, strong and sexy. I had to admit to myself the odor was nothing like the "fish" smell that most men compared it to in jokes. April cleared her throat, and I realized display time was over. It was time for me to perform.

It was hard getting started. When you've been raised on backseat groping and giving the occasional blowjob, eating a woman's pussy can be a little intimidating. But April knew what she wanted, and how she wanted it. She wrapped her fingers on the back of my head and pulled my hesitating mouth directly to her nether flower, closing the distance. Her wet juices coated my nose, lips and chin the instant I made contact with her. I had to open my mouth to breathe, or I would have smothered, and I got my first taste of April. She was both salty and sweet, not as overpowering as a guy's taste, but thicker. I thought about what I did to myself with my fingers whenever I masturbated, and decided to mimic that on April's sex.

I closed my eyes and pushed out my tongue to run up her slit. She liked the sensation, for her body trembled and her fingers were like little vices on the back of my hair. "Oh, yeah," she purred. "Eat me. Eat that pussy, Cindy, make me come." I licked up and down the slit for a few minutes, dipping my tongue in her every now and again. When I accidentally went up too far with my tongue swipes, the tip of it bumped her clitoris and she actually groaned. I hated to admit it, but drinking from her and making me work at her sex, it was making this seem less like blackmail. I was enjoying her reactions, feeling immense pride when my novice cunt-sucking mouth made her cry out or moan in front of the other girls. And my body was reacting too, my breasts and nipples tightening with excitement, my sex growing wet with my own lubrication. I brought my face up a little, rubbing my nose against the tender bud of her clit, coaxing it from beneath its little hood of skin while my mouth sucked at her lips and mound.

"For someone who's never sucked a pussy before, you are divine," April coaxed, spreading her thighs wider to accommodate my body. I grunted in reply, forgetting that I was pissed at her, and slid my hands under her buttocks to lift her sex for better access. She was humping against my nose, letting me know her clit needed attention, and so I brought up my lips to suck that little knob. "Oh, Jesus," she groaned. "Keep going." I followed April's orders, sucking and licking that sweet spot. Inspiration struck me, and I brought one of my fingers down to her soft hole, pushing inside. "Yeah," she squealed, her head falling back to look at the others.

"Oh, god, you're going to love her." And then she came and came hard, her hungry nether mouth gulping in tight spasms around my hand and mouth. Her clit was too tender for my suckling, so she pulled my head totally away from her sex, riding the waves on my finger. I was surprised when she grabbed my jaw and kissed me hard and sound, like a man's kiss. Her tongue fenced with mine, tasting herself on my mouth and tongue, and my body throbbed in instant reaction. I felt a little funny then. Was I a closet lesbian? I'd never craved pussy before they forced me into the situation, but now it seemed like my own sex was on fire, wishing someone would suck me like I was doing them. My nipples were hard pebbles, and as they rubbed against the cold metal legs of the chair now and again it was like tiny electrical shocks going through my body. April finished kissing me and looked over to Samantha. "Enjoy the ride, Sam," she murmured as she got up from the chair.

I had a moment of panic when Samantha sat down in the seat. As I had been working on April, it seemed the other three girls had stripped down to get ready for my "punishment". But Samantha laughed at my stricken expression and leaned forward. "Only two more after me, honey, and you can go." She parted her lush thighs to give me a good view. Samantha had a plump pussy, the mound well rounded, and the lips long and a deep maroon in shade. She was the exact opposite of April, her pubic hair a naturally red forest trimmed into a neat triangle. Her lubrication wasn't as copious as April, and she smelled fresh and clean, not strong as April had. I gave up on hesitation and jumped into my task. Sam didn't want her clit massaged, and when I tried she lightly slapped my cheeks, shocking me into stopping.

"Your tongue, I want it in me. Fuck me with it." I did my best, since that seemed to be what excited her the most. I imagined my tongue was a guy's cock, thrusting in and out of the girl. She tasted good on my tongue and I discovered she had strong vaginal muscles, for she gripped my tongue with them and held me in place for a few moments before releasing me. Sam wasn't a quiet one when she came. She reached down at the last moment and flicked a finger over her little clit, and when the release poured over her, she thrashed about in the chair and screamed. When I went to withdrawal, she grabbed my head and begged me to keep licking, and I was amazed to find that with only a few swipes of my tongue over her slot, she came a second time.

No sooner than Samantha had lifted herself from the chair than Aisha plopped down in it. "I'll use my own fingers, honey, you just use your mouth right here." She pointed down to the tight brown hole of her ass, and I looked up at her in shock. This was new altogether, and it felt odd bringing my mouth down to that little portal of muscle. I'd heard rim jobs were a turn-on for some guys, but never on a woman, but Aisha craved it like she craved nothing else.

Fortunately for me, it wasn't as bad as I imagined, and soon my tongue was feathering over that ring of muscle, teasing and tormenting it. In the meantime, Aisha's hands were busy working her wet sex, the swollen pussy making slapping sounds as her fingers withdrew and plunged again and again. When I got up my bravery and pushed my tongue into that orifice, fucking her anally, Aisha went crazy. One hand flew in rapid circles over her clit, the other fucked herself with three, then four fingers. She brought herself to a quick and satisfying orgasm, her head thrown back in ecstasy. I was surprised to discover that the spasms of a woman's pussy could be felt even in the anal passage.

It was down to my last girl, but even as much as I'd enjoyed eating the other girls, I didn't know if I could be forced into this one. This was Jen, my roommate, the one who betrayed me. I felt anger rising with my desire as the saucy brunette stepped forward. Naked, she was lovelier than I would have thought. She had these full breasts that rivaled any busty model, and her legs and calves were shapely and firm. She didn't want me to eat her in the chair, she said. "I want you to lie on the floor." Confused, I lay on the floor, and realized why she wanted me to do so. Jen came over and planted a foot on either side of my head, preparing to squat down so I could feast from her. "I have a secret for you, Cindy," she bubbled. I glared up at her, but she continued. "This wasn't blackmail, honey. You could have left at any time, and we wouldn't have told a soul. This was your initiation, and you passed it with flying colors. You're in. You're an Alpha Omega Alpha."

"You mean-"

"That's right," April said, coming over to kneel beside me. "This was your initiation. You see, Alpha Omega Alpha is a special sorority, for special girls. You are elite. You passed. We all had to go through this as well, you know."

"You're in, kiddo." Aisha said, smiling as she kneeled on the other side of me. "Welcome to the club. The next initiation, some other scared little pledge is going to be doing this to you too."

"And now it's time you get your reward as well. It's one perk of being an Alpha Omega Alpha." Samantha purred from where she knelt between my thighs. "You work on eating Jen with that lovely mouth of yours. We'll worry about you." I was still in shock when Jen lowered her dripping pussy to my lips, but my body quickly learned the teachings that the sorority had taught these women. As I lapped at Jen's folds, smothering myself in her wetness, the others attended to my body. I felt April's mouth on my left breast, Aisha's on my right.

They sucked and tickled my nipples to hard and swollen crests, each lick sending volts of pleasure straight to my wet sex. Sam rested there, her mouth brushing over my nether mouth hungrily before eating me as skillfully as I had her. It was if we were some great strange machines, with Jen's juices flowing into me, and mine flowing into Samantha. I buried my face in Jen's pussy and ate her until she was riding my mouth like a cock, begging me for that sweet surrender she and I both needed. Sam worked me like an expert, her tongue making my whole body quiver with its expert licks and plunges. And then it happened. I felt myself erupting, squirting onto Samantha's tongue as my pussy went into wild spasms. I bucked again and again as April and Aisha worked my breasts, and my moans sent Jen spiraling into that same crazy freefall, humping my face as if she'd die without it.

Nobody calls me "Little Miss Nobody" now, not with the Alpha Omega Alpha fraternity emblem on my school sweater. I've got power, so much power now. I've learned that I can enjoy women as much as I can men. And I love "forcing" the new initiates into learning the same talents I did. It feels so good when their innocent mouths are hovering over my sex, looking to me for approval. And when we have our frat parties, I can look forward to the eager lips and bodies of our sorority sisters, for we're just one big happy family at Alpha Omega Alpha.

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