tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 03

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 03


Chapter 3 - Medical Exam

A couple more turns and a couple blocks later, the van arrived at the Tri-Alpha house. The fraternity house was somewhat larger than the Four-Beta house and closer to the university. Like the sorority, the fraternity was clean and very well maintained. Lisa noticed a rival fraternity across the street that had trash in the yard and was not nearly as nice, but she knew that the guys over there were a bunch of drunks. At the Tri-Alpha house a passer-by would never see any beer bottles or party trash, because neither the Tri-Alphas nor the Four-Betas permitted alcohol on their properties. Drunkenness and drug use were grounds for immediate and permanent expulsion from both the fraternity and its sister sorority.

The minivan pulled up to the sidewalk, which meant the two pledges would have to walk up the driveway to get into the house. Again they had to listen to whistles and catcalls from the neighboring fraternities as they made their way in the bright sunlight to the front door.

Tracy rang the doorbell. "Alright you two, you know the drill. On your knees. Show these gentlemen respect, and you'll get respect. Don't show them respect, and your asses will pay."

"Yes, ma'am."

The two naked women sank to their knees, just in time for the door to open. Three young men, all of them well dressed, answered the door. Lisa recognized one of them as the newly elected Tri-Alpha chapter president. Tracy tapped her with her foot, her cue to address the hosts.

"Pledge Lisa requests permission to speak."

"Speak, Pledge Lisa."

"Pledge Lisa asks permission for herself and Pledge Cherine to enter."

"Permission granted, Pledge Lisa. You and Pledge Cherine may enter."

The two pledges stood up, hugely relieved at finally being able to get off the street and out of sight of the other fraternities. They kicked off their sandals and went into a huge sitting room that also served as the Tri-Alpha ceremonial room. Two other naked young women already were kneeling on the floor. Tracy introduced them as Pledge Bernadette and Pledge Kathleen. Lisa had been told that there were a total of four pledges in the summer group, and realized the two kneeling women must be the other two summer pledges. Lisa and Cherine took their places next to the other two women and sank to their knees.

In spite of being physically fit and almost exactly same age, the four women's bodies were very different from each other. Lisa was tall and thin, her bleach-blond hair contrasting with her deeply tanned body. Cherine was the shortest member of the group, with beautiful solid dark skin that contrasted with the skin-tones of her three companions. Bernadette's body was soft and perfectly white except for a few faint freckles on her arms and shoulders. Kathleen's body was sharply two-toned; her deeply tanned legs, shoulders, and lower back contrasting with her white bottom and breasts.

Several more well-dressed fraternity and sorority members entered the room, including the chapter president of the Four-Betas, the chapter vice-president, and the treasurer. Heather, the sorority's sergeant-in-arms, stood next to the four aspirants, holding a notebook and a riding crop.

Lisa found it interesting that both the Tri-Alphas and the Four-Betas were fairly representative of the U.S. college-aged population as a whole. Two of the Four-Beta officers were black, as was the Tri-Alpha chapter vice-president. The fraternity's sergeant-in-arms looked Hispanic, and one of the Four-Beta assistants was Asian. Cherine was the only black member of the small pledge group, but most definitely she would not be out of place once she became a full-standing member of the sorority.

Lisa, whose sharp eyes caught everything, noticed the Tri-Alpha vice-president looking longingly at Cherine. He to be seemed smitten with the young woman the moment he laid eyes one her. That was no surprise, because Cherine was quite attractive. If she could get over her shyness and make it through the initiation, she easily could have her pick of the guys in the fraternity.

There was no question that Lisa planned to tell her companion about the vice-president's interest in her, because there was a good chance Cherine could play his attraction to get herself more lenient treatment whenever she had to perform duties in the Tri-Alpha house. That would be important, because Lisa could tell that her companion was seriously considering backing out of her pledge commitment. Lisa hoped that the prospect of better treatment in the fraternity and a possible relationship with one of the Tri-Alpha officers might be enough to motivate Cherine to stay in.

Lisa knew what was coming next. It was customary that all new pledges, both male and female, be subjected to a medical examination before the ID pictures and the swearing-in ceremony. The medical examination had to be conducted in full view of the officers of both the sorority and fraternity. The exam was a very rough experience for anyone with any modesty and was considered an important test of a pledge's suitability to continue the initiation process. Not only did the fraternity and sorority want to ensure that their members had full knowledge of the human body, but also they used the medical examinations as an important means to evaluate each pledge's willingness to obey orders and part with any remaining inhibitions. On that day the female pledges were required to subject themselves to public medical examinations, while Ken his fellow male pledges would face similar examinations from the Four-Betas before they swore in the following week.

The rules of the fraternity and its sister sorority required examiners to be the opposite sex of the subjects being examined. Conducting the pledge examinations was an official duty of the junior class; Tri-Alpha juniors examined Four-Beta pledges, and Four-Beta juniors examined Tri-Alpha pledges. To that rule there was an important exception. If a pledge declared himself homosexual or herself lesbian on the initial application form, then the medical examinations were conducted by juniors of the same sex. Lisa and her three companions were all straight, so the fraternity guys would examine them all.

The equipment in the room included a padded examination table, a full set of medical instruments, two treadmills, and a gynecological examination chair. The table and treadmills would be used first, while the chair would be used during the final part of the medical evaluation.

Ten young men wearing white doctors' smocks, stethoscopes, and medical gloves marched single file into the room. The group split, with five males lining up on one side of the table and five lining up on the other side. Each examiner was holding a clipboard with medical charts attached.

Heather addressed the first pledge:

"Pledge Kathleen, stand up and step forward please."

"Yes, ma'am."

The young woman stood up and took several steps forward. The Four-Beta chapter president approached trembling pledge. She pointed at the floor, indicating that she needed to get back on her knees.

"Pledge Kathleen. Those tan lines are completely unacceptable!"

"I...uh...yes, ma'am."

"If you know that, then why do you have 'em?"

"I...I went to the lake last week with my parents on their boat...you know, like...'cause I was with 'em...and I...I couldn't go without a swimsuit, you know...like...not in front of my family..."

"Well, they look like shit, and we don't allow it. All right, Pledge. I'm gonna let you slide, just because it was with your folks. I'm giving you till the end of the week to get those tan-lines off your body. After your ID pictures are taken you will immediately report to sergeant-in-arms Heather and she'll tell you what you need to do."

"Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am."

"Alright, Pledge, get back with the others."

"Yes, ma'am!"

As Kathleen turned around, the leader of the Four-Betas landed a sharp slap on her bottom, marking her un-tanned skin with a vivid pink handprint. Kathleen, very nervous and totally embarrassed, knelt and re-joined the other pledges.

The Tri-Alpha chapter president stepped forward, holding a large old-style glass thermometer in his hand. Lisa recognized it as a rectal thermometer, wondering if her companions realized how their body temperatures were about to be taken. A vague feeling of erotic excitement swept over her as she speculated how the tube of glass would feel inserted into her tender backside. She wondered what position she and the others would assume and how long they would have to stay still until their temperatures registered. She found the entire idea, exposing the most intimate part of herself to one of those guys in the white smocks, feeling the gloved finger as it gently lubricated and massaged her exposed sphincter, and finally feeling of the uncompromising cold glass as it invaded her body...the whole idea totally excited her. Her heart rate picked up and she could feel the beginnings of wetness between her legs. Oh, please...not the wetness, she thought to herself. Not here...not now...

The president of the Tri-Alphas began speaking, as his counterpart from the Four-Betas stood at his side.

"Alright Pledges, we're gonna get started. As you all know, an important goal of the Tri-Alpha and Four-Beta program is for our members to become thoroughly familiar with the human body. The human body is the temple that houses our souls, and therefore to understand life we must start by completely understanding the temple of our own flesh. As part of our journey to enlighten ourselves we first seek to become knowledgeable about our own bodies, and then knowledgeable about the bodies of other people. An important part of that wealth of knowledge is medical training. We seek to become completely proficient in conducting basic medical evaluations, enduring rigorous physical training, and administering first aid. As freshmen and sophomores you will routinely subject yourselves to medical examinations, but by your third year with us you will be fully qualified and expected to conduct medical examinations yourselves. Four years from now, or whenever you choose to complete your time with us, the human body will hold no secrets from you."

The president of the Four-Betas gestured to the four kneeling pledges, who responded in unison: "Yes, sir."

The Tri-Alpha president continued:

"An important part of our practical knowledge of the human body is our knowledge of each other. Every person in this room will become intimately familiar with each of your bodies, and, as time passes, you will become intimately familiar with each of us."

"Yes, sir"

"We'll start out by doing a general check-up. We'll be taking your temperatures, collecting specimens, and finally looking you over more thoroughly. Well check you head to toe: your vitals, your physical fitness, blood pressure, and heartbeat. We'll check your reflexes, eyes, hearing, and then finally look for any lesions, cysts, signs of breast cancer, vaginal infections, polyps, hemorrhoids, yeast...the works. We've got our own heath insurance plan and as of now you are covered. If we find anything wrong we'll forward you to a specialist and you'll get it fixed, on us. We take care of our own."

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

"Alright, let's get started. Anyone want to go first?"

The pledges glanced at each other with very frightened and bewildered expressions. They had known that the medical exam was an important test of their resolve to continue with their pledge commitment, but now that the moment had come, they were totally humiliated and terrified. Even Lisa was scared, but her anxiety was mixed with anticipation and intense sexual arousal.

At that moment Lisa realized she needed to take the initiative for her group. She needed to volunteer to go first, let her fellow pledges watch her be examined, and then give moral support as each of the others went through the upcoming ordeal. Lisa could tell that all three of her companions were wavering, wondering whether they could really face an entire summer of pledging. No, they couldn't quit; that couldn't be allowed to happen. Lisa's character and her instincts for helping the others demanded that she not let any of them drop out. They would make it through the pledge process, all four of them, as a group. They would make it, because Lisa would take the lead and the others would follow her. She stood up.

"I'm ready, sir. With your permission, I'll go first."

"OK, Pledge Lisa. Hop up on the table and we'll get started."

"Yes, sir."

With that Lisa sat on the table and her examination began. She was a bit surprised at the professionalism of the juniors examining her as they asked her to cough, took her pulse and blood pressure, looked down her throat, shined lights into her ears and eyes, and checked her reflexes. The noted several old scars on her knees from childhood bicycle accidents and asked her at length about her medical history. The group took turns examining her, switching off to take down notes that later would be consolidated into a single medical file. The juniors then told her to lie on her back while they checked her digestive system by pressing their fingers into her intestines. They pressed her uterus and noted her appendectomy scar.

Finally two new examiners took notes about her breasts and checked them for lumps. The two young men moved their fingers in circles around Lisa's breasts and lymph nodes, in a serious effort to find any problems. One of them did find a small lump and made a note in his chart to have Lisa see a doctor to check it out. More than likely nothing serious, he told her, but why take chances?

Lisa's examiners switched off again. One of them told her to sit up and get on her knees and elbows on the table. She complied, turning her bottom towards her companions and assuming the required position. The exhibitionist in her came out full-force as she spread her knees, arched her back, and lewdly exposed herself to everyone in the room. A warm feeling of erotic excitement swept over her as she felt a gloved hand touch her bottom and a fingertip gently spread Vaseline over her bottom-hole. Her examiner, who was well aware that she was excited and was getting aroused himself, let her wait a moment before inserting the thermometer. He wanted to allow his patient's anticipation to build before the glass rod made its way inside her.

The juniors made more notes in their charts while Lisa remained on her elbows and knees and the thermometer stayed in place inside her backside. Everyone was looking at her, and she was loving it. She was disappointed when she felt the thermometer slide out. However, her examiner, who was enjoying Lisa's examination every bit as much as she was enjoying it, decided to prolong her ordeal.

"I don't think we got a good reading. Let me shake it down and we'll try again."

Again the fingertip gently massaged her sphincter, and again the thermometer made its way inside. She held her position for several minutes before the thermometer slid back out. To her disappointment she heard:

"Alright, that reading was good. Your temperature's normal, but your heart rate seems a bit high and you have quite a bit of vaginal discharge."

The junior changed gloves and again lubricated the fingertip.

"We'll be done in just a second, Pledge. I'm just gonna do a rectal exam and then we'll move you to the chair."

The young man slid his finger deep inside Lisa's bottom and began exploring her insides. The feeling was totally weird, but she loved it and was becoming even more aroused. At that moment Lisa forgot all about Ken and fantasized about being bent over, her hands and feet immobilized, surrendering her bottom to that guy in the white lab-coat. Neither Ken nor her former boyfriend had ever taken her from behind, but as that stranger's finger continued to move around that fantasy totally filled her thoughts and desires. Take me...take me...take me...that's it...up the ass...yes...fuck me right up the ass...

All too soon the Tri-Alpha pulled his finger out of Lisa's bottom, but he instructed her to stay in position so he could wipe her clean. The gentle touches of the cool wipe cleared away the remnants of her temperature taking and exam, but only added to her intense excitement.

Lisa eagerly moved to the gynecological chair. She placed her legs in the stirrups and found her body even more exposed than before. As she felt the cool air-conditioning of the room blow against her very wet vagina, Lisa looked around and noticed everyone in the room continuing to stare at her. Her breathing shuttered and was irregular from her arousal and by now her entire private area was very wet.

Heather and Tracy talked quietly, first between themselves, and then to the guy who had done Lisa's temperature taking and rectal exam. This wasn't the first time a pledge had become so aroused during an examination. Usually it was the guys who needed to be calmed down, but Lisa was not the first woman who ever got out of control, nor would she be the last. There was a solution, and it was quite simple...

Tracy put her hand on Lisa's forearm:

"Pledge Lisa, we're gonna need to calm you down. We're used to this, but usually it's with the guys."

"I...I'm sorry, ma'am. It's just..."

"That's OK, Pledge. Just close your eyes and try to relax. We'll take care of it."

Take care of it? Take care of what? However, Lisa did as she was ordered and closed her eyes. She felt a cloth descend over the top part of her face and heard the footsteps of several people coming close to her. Then, all over her skin she felt the light touches of several sets of fingertips. The touches explored her entire body, seeking her most vulnerable and sensitive areas. She felt the light caresses on her face, her lips, her nipples, her stomach, her legs, and finally her exposed pelvis. The touches were tentative and teasing, leaving her desperate for more. It was obvious that the Tri-Alphas knew what they were doing and that her climax was not far off. Soon she was moaning in desperation as a series of light touches centered on massaging the juices of her arousal. As she came close to climaxing the smell of her orgasm permeated the entire room.

A fingertip expertly teased her clitoris. Lisa knew it probably was one of the Tri-Alphas who was touching her, but fantasized that it was either Heather or Tracy. As she had fantasized just a few minutes before about being fucked up the ass, now she was fantasizing about submitting to the two strong-willed women who were bossing her and Cherine around. Oh, Tracy, if only it were you doing this to me...I'd be yours...oh yes...take me...seduce me...

The Tri-Alphas forced Lisa to climax, but took their time prolonging her orgasm. Perspiration covered her body as she shuddered and moaned from the delicious feeling of all those hands on her body, and especially that one expert hand between her legs that was guiding her through such exquisite joy.

The three other pledges continued to kneel as they watched the seduction of their companion in total disbelief. Lisa, easily the strongest-willed member of the group, now was completely under the control of her examiners. There was not a hint of pride or self-control in her as she spread herself desperately wanting that orgasm to continue. The physical sensations she was enjoying filled every thought in her head and momentarily took over her entire world.

Finally the spell broke and the orgasm came to an end. Lisa remained in her chair, her legs spread wide and her body on display to everyone in the room. She was exhausted, totally and deliciously exhausted. Her body reeked from sweat and sexual arousal.

Lisa's examiners went back to work. They measured her pulse and heartbeat as her breathing returned to normal. One of the guys rolled a cart of medical instruments close to the examination chair and lubricated a speculum. He took a seat between her legs and pushed the device inside. He examined her and called out his observations to another Tri-Alpha writing into a medical form. He calmly conducted a pap smear and handed the sample to another member of the examination team who took it out of the room. The patient, still coming down off the high of her recent orgasm, barely noticed anything from the gynecological portion of her exam.

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