tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 10

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 10


Chapter 10 - An evening with Pledge Kathleen

The 19 women, with President Alexandra setting the pace and calling cadence, ran in towards the university in military formation. She sang in a manner very familiar to anyone who had ever undergone military training, with her 18 followers clapping and chanting after her:



"Runnin' that mornin' Four-Beta left!"

"Runnin' that mornin' Four-Beta left!"



"Runnin' that mornin' Four-Beta left!"

"Runnin' that mornin' Four-Beta left!"

"I don't wanna be no drunken fat-bitch!"

"I don't wanna be no drunken fat-bitch!"

"I don't wanna party 'till I puck!"

"I don't wanna party 'till I puck!"



"Sick, pathetic, disgusting drunk!"

"Sick, pathetic, disgusting drunk!..."

As Lisa sang with the others, she wasn't sure what to make of the run. She remembered occasionally hearing the Four-Betas running and chanting the previous fall, and now here she was, doing it herself. It was obvious that in every detail, especially exercising, the Four-Betas took themselves very seriously. She thought the military-style chanting was a bit much, but knew that the Four Betas saw themselves as distinct and far superior to the other sororities.

The Four-Betas' loathing of the campus drinking culture came out clearly in their daily run, and in part they were singing to taunt the members of the other sororities. The other sororities, in turn, referred to the Four-Betas as "the sex bitches". In every way possible the Four-Betas tried to set themselves apart, and the military exercising was only one part of how the sorority members saw themselves, their group, and their place in the university.

The women continued their trek through the old part of the university towards the stadium. They ran through an open gate and made four circles around the track. Then, Alexandra separated the pledges from the other members and ordered the newcomers onto the field to stretch. The sophomores began running up and down the stairs of the bleachers, but the president knew that the pledges were not properly conditioned and having them run on the stairs was still several weeks away.

Cherine and Bernadette looked up with dismay as their sweaty companions wore themselves out running up and down the bleachers. How on earth would they ever become fit enough to be able to do that? Lisa and Kathleen, on the other hand, looked at the running women with envy, eagerly awaiting the day they would be strong enough to keep up with the sophomores.


The women ran back to the sorority, having put in two full miles plus the stair training for the sophomores. They were drenched in sweat as they approached the sorority and finally slowed to a walk. They filed into the back yard, stripped off their wet uniforms, and finished with a round of stretching. Afterwards they took turns rinsing off at the patio shower and jumped into the pool. The pledges joined the others, since the water helped relax everyone's legs after the run.

Tracy showed up, already cleaned up and dressed for the day.

"Pledges, out of the pool! Let's move it!"

The pledges quickly scrambled out of the water and knelt in line.

"Roll up these mats and pick up the uniforms! Put the clothes in the wash and clean up for breakfast!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

The pledges quickly rolled up the mats and picked up 19 sweaty uniforms. The only items they left in place were the running shoes, which would be retrieved by the owners. Once the uniforms were in the washer and they had showered off, the pledges knelt in the sitting room waiting for permission to eat. Lisa and Kathleen in particular were famished, given that they had not eaten since lunchtime the day before. Tracy came to the door and ordered the pledges to the table on the back porch, once again landing a hard slap on the bare bottom of each as she went by. Apparently she enjoyed doing that, because every time the pledges filed past her each one always got a slap on the bottom.

Following breakfast, the pledges knelt in the sitting room for yet another day of orientation. The first order of business was issuing full sets of summer pledge uniforms. Each newcomer received a backpack, three additional pairs of shorts, three t-shirts, four pairs of socks, and two sports bras. The shirts all were printed with the same message:


This pledge is the property of the Four-Beta Sorority. If found unescorted, please return to rightful owner.

Tracy explained the rules about the clothing. She emphasized that, while the pledges had to be completely undressed whenever they were in the sorority house, the nudity rule unfortunately could not be enforced when they went out. Given that each pledge would be starting summer classes at the beginning of June, it was necessary that they be issued clothing to wear while on campus.

The rules concerning the clothing were:

- The uniform for class consisted of running shoes, shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear of any type, nor any other article of clothing, was permitted with the class uniform. For running the uniforms consisted of shoes, socks, shorts, a sports bra, and the t-shirt. Tampons would be issued to each pledge whenever she had her period to avoid the necessity of wearing panties.

- No jewelry, watches, make-up, perfume, fingernail polish, or deodorant was permitted. Hair could be secured, but only with non-decorative hair clips.

- The shirts had to be tucked in. All lettering on the shirts and shorts had to be fully visible at all times. For example, the backpacks had to be carried and not worn, and books could not be held in front of a pledge's chest.

- Uniforms had to be kept spotless. Any spill would require an immediate trip to the sorority house to change. The uniform could only be worn once before it needed to be washed.

- Upon entering the sorority house, the pledges were required to undress immediately. If a pledge anticipated going back out later in the day, she was to neatly hang her uniform in the closet nearest the front door. If she was finished with the day's classes, she needed to take her shoes downstairs and put the dirty uniform in the washer.

- The only items a pledge could carry with her on campus were the following: textbooks, writing materials, a small bottle of drinking water, and a wallet containing the pledge's student ID, library card, and sorority ID. The permitted items had to be neatly stored in the backpack and were subject to inspection. All other items, especially cash and cell phones, were strictly prohibited.

- While on campus, each pledge was required to keep a set of handcuffs and a blindfold in the right front pocket of her shorts. The handcuffs had to be stored neatly folded in the blindfold. Apart from the cuffs and blindfold, pledges were not permitted to carry any other items in the pockets of their shorts.

The pledges took their new outfits to the pledge room and put them on hangers in their lockers. For the first time since entering the sorority the pledges were allowed to access their lockers, but only for a few brief moments while they put their new uniforms away. Tracy passed out the handcuffs and blindfolds that would be part of their uniforms, but for the time being those items also went into the lockers.


The fourth full day at the Four-Beta Sorority was a busy one, but fortunately it started out uneventful. The pledges spent the morning washing linens, doing yard work, and cleaning the back windows. There was lunch, and then a class given by Heather titled "personal finance for college students." Heather's lecture taught the pledges how to avoid various financial scams, how to maintain a checking account, and how to prevent credit card debt. There was a test and practical exam on the material, a yoga break in the hot afternoon sun, fifteen minutes of rigorous swimming in the pool, and a shower on the patio. The pledges lined up on the patio to go back inside. Tracy stood at the door and yet again landed a hard slap on the bare bottom of each pledge as she passed by.

The pledges had a surprise waiting for them as they re-entered the sitting room. The Tri-Alpha vice-president and President Alexandra's two shower attendants were standing quietly next to two medical examination tables. All three men were naked and the two shower attendants were blindfolded. Their hands had not been restrained, because they were not being punished. Instead Alexandra's assistants were to serve as examination subjects for the late afternoon class, which was titled "Male sexuality and the male reproductive system." Heather explained the reason why they were blindfolded was to encourage the pledges to concentrate on their bodies, and not worry about any emotional interaction.

The pledges knelt and the class began. While Heather spoke about male anatomy, Tracy used a large flipchart to show her students various medical diagrams. The pledges frantically wrote down technical terms and vocabulary, which they knew would be needed for the upcoming examination and practical exercise.

Heather went over various male medical conditions and what to look for when checking for signs of venereal disease. As she put it:

"Whatever's in his penis is going into your vagina. Don't be shy about taking a good look and asking questions before he sticks it in, because whatever gets deposited is going to stay inside you. A careful look and a couple of questions could end up saving your life."

Upon concluding, Heather took some questions from Lisa and Bernadette who wanted to clarify some of the vocabulary. Then Tracy and Heather asked the Tri-Alpha vice president to hop up on one of the examination tables. Even though he was an officer and had a higher position in the Fraternity than did either Heather or Tracy in their sorority, he complied. Lisa watched with fascination, because she had never seen a naked black guy up close before. Cherine also watched intently, because Lisa had mentioned that he was interested in her.

Tracy ordered the pledges to stand and move closer to the table for a better view. She took notes while Heather checked the subject's body. She seemed to touch him quite intimately, which led Lisa to wonder if he might be one of her two current male lovers. A range of issues popped up in her mind, because if this guy was more interested in Cherine than in the Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms, would there be a problem between the two women?

Lisa pushed that thought aside and concentrated on what Heather was doing. She checked the overall condition of his penis and gently manipulated his testicles to check for lumps. She asked him about his sexual history, to which he responded that he had three current female lovers. He had three former female lovers. He also had engaged in sexual contact with one male partner in the past, but currently had no male lovers.

Heather ordered the male patient to turn around so she could perform a rectal exam on him. She sensuously caressed his round bottom, pointing out that it was fuller than the bottom of a typical white guy.

As Heather caressed and patted the vice-president's bottom and fondled his genitals, Lisa glanced over at Cherine. Her companion's expression had completely changed. She was struggling to control her breathing and her mouth was open. Her posture was different and her face was getting damp with perspiration. However, the change that Lisa noticed the most was in Cherine's eyes, which were wide open and shining with envy and desire. In fact, Lisa thought she could smell...

Heather also noticed Cherine's expression.

"Pledge Cherine."


"Please come over here and verify this patient's physical condition. Carefully examine his buttocks. If you touch him you will notice that this particular subject will become sexually aroused if his bottom is stimulated."

Cherine nervously obeyed, as she ran her hand over the young man's dark bottom. She touched shyly at first, but quickly became bolder as the feel of his bare skin took hold of her imagination and desires. She ran her palm over both sides, and curiously ran her fingertips down the middle. Heather continued:

"Now I want you to take a look at this Vice-President Jacob's genitalia. You will notice that he is in a state of arousal, which means his penis is becoming erect and his testicles no longer are hanging loosely. Good. Now lightly, very lightly, run your fingertips over the testicles and see what happens."

Once again, Cherine did as she was told. She ran her trembling fingertips over her future lover's testicles. Following Heather's instructions she traced the tip of his penis with her fingertips as the instructor explained that increased blood flow is what causes an erection. The effect was immediate, the Jacob's penis became fully erect and started bobbing up and down slightly.

"You can see that not only the shaft of the penis, but also these surrounding blood vessels, are really swollen. Pledge Cherine, touch your fingertip to the end and tell me what's going on."

"Th...there's this...kinda clear...sticky stuff..."

"That's called pre-cum. Its purpose is to aid the penis as it makes it's way into a woman's vagina...or...wherever else it needs to go."

Heather continued.

"Alright, now, for the purposes of instruction, we gotta do something that's kind of a shame. I hate to waste a good hard-on, but you need to watch the ejaculation process from beginning to end."

Tracy handed Heather a wide beaker, which she positioned close enough to catch the sperm, but not too close to block the view of Cherine and the other three pledges.

Pledge Cherine, I want you to massage the patient's genitalia. If I were you, I'd run my fingers through his pubic hair and work your way towards the shaft. If you don't get him to ejaculate right away, try teasing his testicles and then go back to massaging the 'main attraction'."

"Yes, ma'am."

Cherine did as she was told, while Heather held the beaker with one hand and massaged his bottom with the other. He gasped and groaned. Very quickly his penis jerked harder and jets of white sperm began shooting into the beaker.

"Good job, Pledge. Now, continue stroking until sperm quits coming out and the penis softens."


Cherine continued stroking for another couple of minutes until the penis softened and she was sure no more sperm was coming out.

"OK, now all of you, take a good look at VP Jacob's testicles. Very different now that he's emptied out, much softer. You'll notice the blood's now out of his organs, and everything is back to normal."

With that she gave Jacob a final pat on the bottom and gently squeezed his penis.

"Pledge Cherine!"

"Yes ma'am!"

"You look like that excited you! You smell like it too."

"I...I mean I never before...you know like..."

"No problem, pledge. This is a learning experience. But we'll need to get you to concentrate for the rest of this practical exercise, so we gotta get you calmed down. Get up on the table, and our three guests will take care of you."

Cherine got up on one of the examination tables. She was very nervous, but also very excited. In just four days she had changed, because just four days before she never would have jumped up on a medical table knowing that three men were about to give her an orgasm. She complied, because the orgasm she was about to receive was something she knew that she desperately needed.

"This'll get rid of your stress. Just relax and let things happen."

"Yes, ma'am."

Vice-President Jacob wrapped a blindfold around Cherine's face and gently tied it. He guided her on her back and checked to make sure she was settled on the table. Next he called out to the other two men:

"Attendants! Remove your blindfolds and prepare to assist me!"

"Yes, sir!"

The attendants went to work massaging Cherine, starting with her shoulders, upper arms, and breasts. Jacob gently massaged her stomach, slowly working his way to her pelvis. The two attendants then moved to Cherine's legs, massaging her inner thighs while Jacob began closing in on her vagina.

Cherine's body responded immediately. The attendants expertly worked together to stimulate the sensitive skin on her legs, while Jacob teased her labia and made her wet with desire. Finally he began teasing her clitoris, driving her insane with lust and sexual pleasure. He was quite good, because the physical sensations he imposed on Cherine totally blocked out her awareness of anything else going on around her. Her three companions watched wide-eyed while Heather and Tracy observed with quiet, but pleased expressions.

Cherine was gasping with desperation when Jacob finally gave her the reward. A delicious orgasm swept over her as she lewdly moved on the table and thrust up her body in total surrender. She was covered in sweat and reeked more than ever, but at that moment she could not have been happier. Lisa and Bernadette looked at their companion with envy. Kathleen was envious as well, but her fantasy was different. In her mind she was the one on the table, but it was not those three guys who were massaging her, but instead Lisa.

Cherine came out of her spell completely relaxed and worn out. When Jacob took off her blindfold she looked up at him with complete gratitude. Now Cherine, a mere pledge, had formed a bond with Jacob, the Vice-President of the Tri-Alphas. They both knew that their relationship could go no further until she finished pledging, but now she had a real motive to continue. Jacob would be waiting for her once she completed her three months of hazing purgatory.

Meanwhile, Lisa wondered about Heather. The Four-Beta officer clearly had a relationship of some type with Vice-President Jacob, and yet at that moment she was offering him to Cherine. Why on earth would she do that? Did she not care about him, or had they tired of their relationship?

Anyhow, whatever Heather's motives, now it was obvious that the shyest member of the pledge group was committed to staying in. She had a very strong incentive, the promise of a relationship with someone she clearly found desirable.


The practical exercise continued with President Alexandra's two attendants. Jacob put their blindfolds back on and ordered them up on the examination tables. The exercise consisted of a standard genital examination, questioning each subject about his sexual history, and finally a rectal exam. The rectal exams would involve stimulating the prostate, a forced erection, and finally a forced orgasm, or "milking" as Heather put it. Because Cherine had masturbated Jacob and Lisa already had plenty of experience with Ken, the responsibility of "milking" fell on Bernadette and Kathleen.

Tracy ordered Lisa to assist Bernadette and Cherine to assist Kathleen. The two main examiners took their places and began touching their subjects' penises and calling out observations. Lisa was very interested to hear that both young men currently only had a single sex partner, President Alexandra. Apparently that was a privilege of being sorority president, having two lovers to herself.

Bernadette and Kathleen continued to call out observations to their assistants as the two young men stood up and placed their hands on the table for the final part of the exam. They spread their legs and stuck their bottoms out, waiting to be entered and stimulated. As she watched, Lisa was amazed at how compliant they were, as they quietly submitted to whatever they were instructed to do.

While Bernadette changed her medical gloves, Lisa began massaging the bottom of her examination subject. She nodded to Cherine to let her know that she should do the same to Kathleen's examination subject. Two women massaged the bare bottoms of two blindfolded men, while the other two women finished putting on their gloves and lubed their index fingers.

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