tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 12

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 12


Chapter 12 -- A lecture from Ruth Burnside

The morning exercise session came and went, followed by cooling off in the pool, showers, and breakfast. Afterwards the sorority members grabbed backpacks and headed out the front door to go on a two-day hiking trip with the Tri-Alphas.

The only people remaining in the sorority house were Heather and the pledges. The Sergeant-at-Arms ordered the pledges into the sitting room to issue some announcements. The first order of business was the activity that weekend, a top-to-bottom cleaning of the sorority house, which would be done for inspection. The pledges had between 9:00 a.m. Saturday and 12:00 noon on Sunday to complete the task. How they organized and what breaks they chose to take were completely up to them, but they had to be finished by no later than noon on Sunday. On Sunday, following lunch and cleanup, they would be transported to receive a seminar and practical exercise on the erotic disciplining of males.

"The house cleanup and tomorrow's seminar are important for what's happening next week. Don't forget that Tuesday the Tri-Alphas are swearing in their summer pledges, and later in the week those guys will start coming over here. They will be responsible for cleaning up this place and you'll be helping with their supervision. In other words, those guys will be working under you and you'll be bossing them around."

The four kneeling women looked at each other. Bossing around male pledges? Awesome!

"Anyhow, it won't do anyone any good if you don't know exactly what's expected from the cleaning manual. You'll need to learn what's in there by heart because you'll be using it to justify punishments and giving out rewards to the Triple-A pledges doing the cleanup. The best way to learn is for you to do the cleanup yourselves first, and find out what mistakes will get your butt whipped. Keep that in mind. Tomorrow night Pledge Mistress Tracy and I will be doing the walk-through inspection. Your butts will pay dearly for any deficiencies or violations of the manual. We'll be fair about it, but expect to be punished for anything that's not up to inspection standards. We're giving you 27 hours, so that's plenty of time to get it right. Work together and pay attention to detail, because if you don't, you'll be sleeping on your stomachs tomorrow night. Everyone understand?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"Tomorrow's seminar will deal with the other part of your responsibility with the male pledges, disciplining them and how to go about it. For that part we got a special instructor for you, and I'll tell you that we're very lucky to have her. Getting a class from her will be a real honor for you, because it's not normal to have someone of that caliber willing to spend time with freshman pledges."

Lisa heart skipped a beat and she began to sweat. It sounded very likely that tomorrow's "special instructor" would be Dr. Ruth Burnside.


Heather planned to be in and out of the house throughout the day, but told Lisa that she would be available if there were any problems or questions about the cleanup. With that an idea occurred to Lisa, to ask Heather to do a preliminary inspection in the evening to give the pledges a chance to correct deficiencies Sunday morning. The thought of consulting Heather ahead of time would not have occurred to any of Lisa's companions.

Everyone, both Heather and the other pledges, took it for granted that Lisa was in charge. Lisa decided to tackle the yard work first before the temperature outside got much hotter. Because they were not allowed to wear any clothing apart from their work shoes, the pledges were only responsible for the back yard, not the front. Nevertheless, there was plenty to do, not the least of which was washing down the side of the house and cleaning dozens of windows. Fortunately the hedges already had been trimmed, but the grass had to be mowed and edged and weeding taken care of. Weeding was particularly arduous, because the sorority did not allow the use of any herbicides. All weeds had to be removed by hand.

There was the pool, which had to be cleaned and re-chlorinated. The manual stated that not a single dead leaf could be present in the yard, so for nearly an hour there was a scavenger hunt for dead leaves. The sorority's mosquito trap had to be cleaned out, mold cleaned off the outdoor tables and chairs, and finally the patio had to be swept. Lisa looked at the clock with dismay with they finished, because it already was 3:00 p.m. and the pledges had not touched anything indoors.

There had to be a break for lunch. Lisa decided the pledges could save themselves some time by combining lunch and dinner and preparing only a single large late-afternoon meal. In the morning they would eat cold leftovers to avoid having to wash any more cooking utensils and re-clean the stove.

"Eat up, 'cause we're not gonna dirty up the kitchen again after we're done."

Once the pledges finished eating, the kitchen took up most of the rest of the afternoon. Unlike in the fraternity the previous week, the Four-Betas did not intentionally leave all the dirty dishes for the pledges, but still, there was a lot they needed to do. As always, Lisa took the worst jobs for herself. For example, she was the one who cleaned the ovens and scrubbed out the trashcans.

The next phase was the bathrooms. The pledges used Lisa's system of cleaning two bathrooms at a time. Once a bathroom was finished Lisa put a piece of tape over the door. She flatly told her companions that the only bathroom any of them could use was the pledge toilet downstairs. After a bathroom was clean and taped, re-entry was strictly prohibited.

There was a final task for the night before Lisa let the pledges get some sleep, and that was linens and towels. Lisa instructed her companions to wash, dry, and fold linens, figuring it would be hard for her companions to screw up linens. Meanwhile she swept and dusted upstairs, with the intention of forbidding anyone to go back up once the linen closets were restocked.

As the pledges were wrapping up in the linen room, Heather returned from the campus library. As she went upstairs she was confronted by the sight of a thoroughly vacuumed carpet and tape on the bathroom doors. She used one of the bathrooms, but was careful to leave it the same way she found it and to put the tape back on the door. Obviously Pledge Lisa was leaving as little to chance as she could.

The pledges returned upstairs to restock the linen closets. As they did so Lisa knelt at Heather's door and asked permission to speak with her. She handed Heather the manual and asked her opinion about how well the upstairs part of the house had been cleaned.

Heather told Lisa to get up. The other pledges nervously clustered at the top of the stairs, but Lisa told them to go to the basement and get ready for bed. Her tone clearly was, "I'll handle this. You guys get out of here." Heather was impressed when they immediately filed down the stairs without saying another word.

Lisa relayed to Heather what was and was not finished. She thought the entire upstairs was done, along with the kitchen and linen room. The downstairs would be finished in the morning. Heather took up Lisa's request to get a preliminary walk-through to fix problems. It seemed there were plenty, mostly minor things but still violations that would have resulted in swats to the pledges' bottoms had they not been corrected. Heather caught a total of 53 violations, which Lisa wrote down. Lisa's foresight to seek Heather's advice saved the pledges a total of 53 swats the following afternoon.


After six hours of sleep, the pledges were up again to finish the downstairs and basement. They ate a very late cold breakfast, washed what remained of the dishes, and spent the final hour following Lisa's instructions to look for and correct deficiencies. Following what she had learned from Heather's walk-through the night before, Lisa was able to fix many problems herself.

By the time the pledges finished, none of them questioned anything Lisa was commanding them to do. She told them what to do, and they did it. They worked as a team, with Lisa clearly their leader.

As the pledges showered and got ready for their afternoon training seminar, Heather wandered through the house, very impressed with its condition. She and Tracy would be hard-pressed to find anything not in compliance with the inspection manual. She noticed the tape still left on the bathroom doors. No sooner had she noticed that violation, Pledge Cherine came running upstairs to pull it off. At the last moment Lisa had remembered the tape, and sent Cherine to take care of it.


At noon the pledges were kneeling in the sitting room waiting for Heather's next instructions. She handed Lisa the keys to their lockers and told them to get their notebooks and put on their shower shoes.

Heather ordered the pledges to go outside in the hot sunlight and to get into a minivan. There was some whistling from street as the pledges piled into the van, so they got in as quickly as possible. They would be traveling naked of course, but fortunately the van had tinted windows so the pledges would not be seen by other drivers.

Heather drove the pledges around the university to a suburban neighborhood on the other side. The area consisted mostly of nice one-story houses built in the 1960's hidden behind trees and hedges. Lisa recognized the neighborhood from last February. Sure enough, they were headed to Ruth Burnside's house.

The van pulled up in the driveway. Heather turned to face the pledges.

"When we get out, I want you all lined up behind me. I will lead you to the front door and ring the doorbell. I will lead you into a large living room. You will go to the left and get on your knees in line. Once you're inside, you will keep your mouths shut unless someone talks to you."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Our instructor's name is Dr. Ruth Burnside. She's one of our economics professors, but she's also an expert in the topic of erotic discipline, which is why we're here. I'll introduce each of you one by one. When I say your name, you will stand up, step forward, and introduce yourself. Once you shake Dr. Burnside's hand, you will step back and return to your kneeling position. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, ma'am."

"You are not to speak unless she talks to you first. If you do speak to her, you will address her as Dr. Burnside. Consider this a special class from a top-rated university professor, which is exactly what it is."

"Yes, ma'am."

The pledges exited the vehicle and stood naked on the driveway. They were not very visible to the rest of the neighborhood because of all the trees and bushes, but still they were relieved to have the door open and to be let inside. Burnside was dressed in one of her business suits, immaculate, as she always was whenever she taught.

The Four-Beta Sergeant-at-Arms shook the professor's hand and led the pledges inside. They entered a very large living room and quickly turned to the left as instructed. Once the pledges were kneeling, Heather stood in front her group.

Lisa and the other pledges noticed a table full of discipline implements and restraints, along with Burnside's punishment bench, in the middle of the room. There were a couple of wooden dining chairs as well.

Heather exchanged some pleasantries with the professor, and then described the tasks and lessons that the pledges had completed so far. Burnside asked if any of the pledges had been punished yet. Heather responded that Bernadette and Kathleen each had been punished once, Bernadette for disobeying an order and Kathleen for inappropriate behavior during a practical exercise. Heather relayed that Lisa already had been punished twice, "because she was so hard-headed and spirited."

Heather called the pledges to stand up one by one and introduce themselves. When it was Lisa's turn to shake the professor's hand, Burnside acted as though they were meeting the very first time. However, she gave her student a subtle, but very knowing look that seemed to say "hard-headed and spirited, huh? We'll have to work on that."

Burnside sent Heather to the kitchen to call out the three young men who were to be the subjects of the afternoon's practical exercise. She opened the door and three very nervous naked college-age males followed her into the living room. Each was handcuffed. Their pubic hair had been shaved off, making their genitals look much more exposed and vulnerable. Burnside picked up a riding crop and used it to direct the subjects to kneel in line opposite the pledges.

Lisa recognized one of the subjects. His name was Mark Gertz and he was Burnside's current Teaching Assistant. Lisa also knew, from having talked to Cecilia, that Mark was Burnside's favorite "sub" and that she had officially collared him. The professor and her TA had entered into a formal agreement that he was her slave and subject to any punishment or humiliation she chose to inflict on him.

As for the other two, Lisa had not seen them before. They looked very young, not any older than the pledges. Lisa later learned that Mark had recruited them from a human sexuality class he had taken with them in the spring. She found out that Mark had a real talent for identifying possible masochists and convincing them to submit to the professor.

One of the younger men had a furious erection, much to his dismay and the women's amusement. Burnside ordered him to stand up and approach the pledges. As he stood miserably with his penis sticking straight out, she casually asked him some personal questions. She moved to sexual topics that aroused him, which heightened his embarrassment and increased his arousal.

"You know, Steve, it must be really embarrassing to have to stand there like that, in front of four beautiful naked young women, and have your little wienie sticking out. Don't you find that totally humiliating?"


"You'd better answer, Wienie-Boy. I mean, think about it. You'll see these young women on campus, and that's how they'll remember you, as the pathetic little Wienie-Boy. In fact, I'd bet that's what they'll call you. Don't you find that totally humiliating?"

The subject turned dark red from embarrassment. His distress was clearly visible on his tormented face.

"Y...yes...Dr. Burnside...I'm embarrassed."

Tears started running down his cheeks.

"Oh, how sad. So now you're crying. Aww...and those are real tears, coming from the Wienie-Boy. Now they'll really remember you, as not just as Wienie-Boy, but as Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy."

Burnside turned to Lisa.

"Pledge Lisa, what is this kid's name?"

"Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy, Dr. Burnside."

Burnside pushed Steve to his knees.

"What is your name?"

"I...I mean...Cr...Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy..."

Burnside waited a second, as though he needed to say something else. Suddenly she struck him savagely across the back with her riding crop.

"You forgot to address me properly, Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy! Where's your respect?"

She struck again.


"I...Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy...Dr. Burnside..."

"There, was that so hard? Not nearly as hard as you are..."

With that Burnside grabbed Steve's arm and forced him back on his feet. She lightly ran a finger over his erect penis as she turned to the pledges.

"Cry-Baby Wienie-Boy needs some relief. What he needs is to have a nice big cum right out here in front of us all. So, which one of you is going to volunteer for doing us that honor?"

Bernadette's hand shot up.

"Pledge Bernadette. Stand up please."

Bernadette stood up.

"Who's holding the jar to catch the sperm?"

"I...I guess I'll have Pledge Cherine help."

Cherine nervously stood up. Burnside handed her a large jar.

"OK you two. Have at it."

Ignoring the miserable and humiliated look on Steve's face, Bernadette grabbed his penis and began massaging it. Applying some of what she had learned from the initial Four-Beta lesson in male sexual anatomy, she teased him by rubbing her breasts against his arm and chest, while Cherine laid one hand on his bottom and held the jar with the other.

As soon as Bernadette began stroking his organ Steve climaxed. He moaned as his semen shot into the jar. Once he finished Cherine handed the jar to Bernadette, who held it up for the rest of the room. Heather handed Cherine a box of tissues. She took several and used them to wipe off the end of Steve's softening penis.

Burnside told Bernadette to put the jar on the table and instructed both pledges to return to their kneeling positions with the others. She instructed Heather to position a dining room chair in front of the pledges. She then ordered Steve to stand next to the other freshman and wait. Next she ordered her TA Mark approach her and position himself so she could remove his handcuffs. Once the cuffs were off she told him to place his hands on the chair with his bottom facing the four kneeling women.

"Pledges, I expect you to start taking notes, because from this point forward the material I am presenting will be included in the practical exercise and evaluation."

The pledges opened their notebooks, placed them on the floor, and prepared to write.

"Erotic discipline has two goals. Those are sexual arousal through physical stimulation and punishment through submission and physical pain. Most erotic discipline falls somewhere in the middle of those two extremes. A mild hand-spanking after a wrestling session between two lovers in bed would fall closer to pure sexual arousal, while punishing someone, for example for cheating on a test, would fall closer to the other end, pure discipline with very little sexual gratification at the moment."

"What we're doing here will concentrate more on the punishment end of erotic discipline. What you'll be doing with the male pledges is forcing them, through physical pain and the fear of physical pain, to comply with their duties and follow orders without question. Later we will return to the subject of erotic spanking, but that will be only for your own benefit. That's not something you will be using with the male pledges, at least not at the beginning."

"Anyhow, erotic punishment is not just about beating itself. There are several steps, or phases, to a good discipline session. To start, you should have clearly established rules of behavior and a prior agreement that violating those rules will result in castigation. In other words, before there is even a hint of the first punishment for a specific offense, your subject should understand that if he fails to comply with what you want, you have the duty to discipline him and he has the duty to submit. You have to have that prior understanding, because your authority over him is based on that prior understanding. Now, in your case that won't be much of a problem because the pledges are subject to the rules of the Tri-Alpha pledge handbook. They've already accepted their situation and all you have to do is follow what's already been laid out for you. But you will need to know the rules inside and out to properly apply them."

"Now, here's how this will affect what you do with the pledges. For a specific incident that results in real punishment, the first step is identifying your subject's violation and determining why he needs to be punished. You need to be clear in your own mind why you are punishing him and what you expect to get out of it. Think everything through from beginning to end. Plan your scenario before you approach your subject."

"Second, you need to let him know that he faces punishment. Speak to him with authority, and make sure you can articulate why you are going to punish him. What you say and how you say it are very important. Being able to cite rules from memory instead of fumbling through the rulebook will help you considerably, so spend whatever spare time you have studying that rulebook."

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