tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 18

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 18


Chapter 18 - A weakness in Lisa's character

Bernadette and Cherine returned downstairs fairly late, having spent more time than they anticipated in the pool. At first they were in the pool by themselves, but just as they were about to get out, a large group of women got in, carrying a water-volleyball and a net. They explained that the Four-Betas played water volleyball in competitions against other sororities and they needed to practice. The other women invited the pledges to join them, and a minute later the two freshmen found themselves playing on opposite sides of the impromptu game. It wasn't until an hour later that they were able to excuse themselves, which set back their plans to spend the night catching up on their e-mails in the sorority library.

Lisa and Kathleen were sound asleep when their companions finally made it downstairs. Cherine and Bernadette cleaned up and slipped into the guestroom, which was dimly illuminated by a single nightlight. It was just light enough that the two women could see that the main bed was occupied but the two singles were empty. Cherine was too tired to care about anything other than her own sleep, but Bernadette was curious. She slipped closer to the main bed and caught a faint whiff of orgasm. She couldn't see much in the darkness, but could tell that Lisa and Kathleen were sleeping cuddled up to each other.

Bernadette pondered for a moment what she ought to do. On the one hand she was irritated that Lisa and Kathleen were not making a better effort to hide their relationship. She felt that it was somewhat disrespectful to be openly having sex in an area they had to share with the other pledges. She was certain that if Tracy caught the couple there would be hell to pay, perhaps for the entire pledge group.

Bernadette wondered whether to wake up Lisa and force her to get in a different bed, leave the two lovers in place and let them get in trouble the next morning, or simply get up a bit early and force them out of bed before anyone else saw them. Finally she opted for the latter. She set the alarm clock for 5:30, which would give her enough time to get Lisa and Kathleen out of bed before Tracy showed up. She would do Lisa a favor, in spite of her unease about the relationship and her on-going resentment that Lisa had taken charge of the pledge group.

The next morning Bernadette shook Lisa, who was still sound asleep.

"Get up! Get up before Tracy sees you!"

Lisa struggled to sit up, and covered her sleeping lover with the sheet. She was still somewhat disoriented and wanted to lie back down.


Bernadette pushed on Lisa until she was awake enough to stand. As soon as Lisa was on her feet, Bernadette crawled back in her bed to get a final 20 minutes of sleep.

Meanwhile, Lisa rubbed her eyes and went into the pledge room to use the toilet and brush her teeth. She realized what a huge favor Bernadette had just done for her when she heard Tracy's voice in the guest room:

"OK, sleeping beauties! UP-UP-UP! Let's go...Let's go...Let's go..." followed by the usual hard slap to the bare bottom of each of her three fellow pledges as they exited the room.

Lisa and Kathleen had been only minutes away from being caught in bed together by the Pledge Mistress. It was only because of Bernadette they were not facing her harsh discipline. As the other women entered the pledge room Lisa whispered to Bernadette:

"Thanks. I owe you one."


Somewhat better rested than they had been 24 hours earlier, the pledges began what would be the first routine day of the summer semester. There would be morning PT, clean-up, and breakfast, followed by morning inspection and the daily trek to the university.

Part of the daily morning inspection included the formal presentation of assignments, a time during which Tracy ordered the pledges to kneel in the sitting room with their homework neatly placed in front to review. There wasn't any written homework yet, but the three freshmen had been assigned some reading for one class that they had to recite. After a few minutes of questioning Tracy determined that her charges were adequately prepared and ordered them to put on their uniforms. Thus, dressed and ready for another day of class, the young women departed the sorority house with their Pledge Mistress.


As soon as she was deposited in her professor's office, Lisa stripped and stood at attention while Burnside talked to her about the day's lectures and seminars. She would be with the professor nearly the entire day, with the exception of a political science class that she had to take as a general requirement. However, Lisa would spend most of her time out of the office and in her pledge uniform, given that she was attending lectures and helping the professor with her freshman classes.

At 9:00 a.m. Lisa followed Burnside to the main lecture hall in the adjacent building wheeling a cart full of teaching supplies, syllabuses, reading lists, and the professor's PowerPoint projector. Her shorts and T-shirt contrasted with the formal outfit of her boss and drew attention from passers-by. Lisa's bottom got plenty of stares from passing guys because it was obvious she was not wearing any underwear under the thin fabric of her gym shorts. As she continued to push the cart behind Burnside, Lisa's shorts began riding up into her bottom and she could feel the hot morning sun shining on the lower part of her buttocks. Every so often she had to stop and pull them back down, but as soon as she started moving again the shorts immediately began working their way back up.

Lisa sighed as she helped Burnside set up for her lecture. She was beginning to feel aroused from being so scantily dressed in public and having had part of her bottom on public display. Her outfit (especially from the waist down) left very little to the imagination and barely stayed within the limits of what was considered acceptable clothing in public areas of the university. Her feelings about her exposure were complex and contradictory. Perhaps wearing the skimpy shorts was somewhat embarrassing, but deep down Lisa enjoyed the stares and attention directed at her body. She remained quite the exhibitionist and secretly enjoyed being stared at.

Fortunately Lisa was able to push aside her erotic thoughts and focus on her duties as Burnside's student and student aide. She spent the rest of the day attending a total of five classes, the two sophomore-level lectures that she was taking as a student, the two freshman-level classes she was proctoring, and the political science class. During the later part of the afternoon she returned to Burnside's office, stripped off her uniform, and worked on an assignment for Dr. Halsey's class.

Lisa was not nearly as tired as she had been 24 hours earlier, so she was able to concentrate on her assignment. Burnside, meanwhile, was in and out of the office with various errands and thus not really paying much attention to her student. The strange flirting that had taken place between the two women the day before was absent that afternoon and they talked normally with each other. Lisa still had to be naked whenever in the office, but by the third day had become used to it and automatically undressed as soon as she was in the room and the door was shut. Within a few days even standing at attention in front of her boss with her hands behind her head and her legs spread would become routine and something she did automatically.


Tracy entered the Economics Building in the evening with the other three pledges trailing behind her. As the group entered Burnside's office, the three pledges immediately sank to their knees. Lisa nervously stood at attention while the professor and the sorority officer discussed the day's performance and her work plan. Burnside handed Tracy a diskette with her notes for the day's training log and released Lisa for the evening. Lisa turned to Tracy and knelt, asking for permission to get dressed. A minute later Tracy and her pledges left the building and continued on their way to the sorority house.

The pledges stripped off their uniforms and dropped them in the washer upon being informed they would not be going back out that evening. As usual, they ate dinner with the sophomores, cleaned the table, and knelt in the sitting room. The pledges noticed three massage tables set up and realized the night's lesson would be in giving massages. Tracy entered the room with Lisa's acquaintance Suzanne Foster, who had just been certified as a massage therapist. As the pledges continued to kneel, Tracy announced that learning massage therapy counted among the expectations the sorority had of them.

Suzanne began the presentation with an overview of the various muscle groups in the human body, focusing the differences between women and men as the introduction of a comprehensive course that would continue throughout the summer. She would start by teaching basic Swedish massage, concentrating on a different section of the body each week. Her program would continue with other types of standard massage such as sports massage, and finally would finish in August with two sessions of erotic partner massage.

She added that the pledges would first learn how to massage each other, and then would learn how to massage male subjects. "The Triple-A pledges are doing this as well, starting with each other, and then they'll be practicing on you."

Suzanne briefly discussed the issue of "draping", the practice of covering a massage patient with a sheet. She noted that in Europe "draping" was less important than it was in the US, and that she preferred for her patients not to be draped.

"I like to see my patients as nature created them and not worry about moving a sheet around. Anyhow, with you modesty is not an issue, so we won't be worried about draping."

With that Suzanne directed the pledges to pair off. Lisa knew better than to pair off with Kathleen, in spite of her lover's longing expression. Take it easy, Kathleen, thought Lisa to herself. We'll have plenty of time to massage each other later in the summer. Instead Lisa paired off with Cherine, leaving Kathleen to take Bernadette as her massage partner. Lisa instructed Cherine to hop up on the table and awaited Suzanne's next instructions.

Tracy dimmed the lights, stripped off her own clothing, and sat on the third table. She would serve as Suzanne's instruction subject and get several free massages in exchange. As Tracy lay quietly on her back, Suzanne began by explaining the importance of warming the oil before applying it to the patient. She spread the oil over the lower part of the Pledge Mistress's body, explaining that she would concentrate on her subject's feet, the fronts of her legs, and her abdomen during the first part of the class. Lisa followed suit on Cherine's body, applying oil to her feet, legs, and abdomen. Suzanne's disregard for modesty became even more evident as she ran her fingers over the upper part of Tracy's pelvis, applying oil in that rather private spot at the same time she lubricated her stomach.

Cherine's body seemed to get darker and more exotic-looking when her skin was wet with oil. Lisa felt a surge of erotic longing sweep through her. Now, on top of everything else that was messed up about her life, she was feeling sexual desire for Cherine. Guilt swept over her as she glanced at Kathleen, but her guilt only increased her secret attraction towards the unsuspecting freshman lying on the table in front of her.

Lisa finally pushed her thoughts aside and concentrated at the task at hand, using her hands to bring pleasure and relaxation to the young body under her control. She would do her best to give Cherine a good massage, and look forward to the massage she would be getting in return after a few minutes. However, as her hands worked their way up the soft flesh on the inside of Cherine's thighs and her fingertips came close to touching her dark vagina, Lisa's feelings of arousal returned. She worked her way around to her companion's stomach and followed Suzanne's instructions to massage in a circular motion to help her digestion. Then her fingers ventured towards the top of Cherine's pelvis, working their way into her short black public hair. Lisa so badly wanted to continue downwards, touch Cherine's clitoris, explore the young virgin's vagina, and bring her to orgasm. So close...and yet...

Lisa sighed with a combination of disappointment and relief when Suzanne ordered the women to switch places. Tracy sat up as well, but Suzanne explained that she would need to lie back down to serve as her model for the second half of the class. Tracy certainly had no problem with that; she was getting a double-massage on her legs as a result of her role as Suzanne's model.

As Cherine's hands worked their way up her legs, Lisa continued to feel very aroused. She was getting wet between her thighs, and because she kept herself completely shaved, there was absolutely nothing to hide what was happening to her vulva. Her clitoris was swollen and her vagina increasingly wet. Of course, Cherine did notice the wetness building on her companion's most intimate areas, but decided not to make an issue out of it. She quietly followed Suzanne's instructions and simply hoped for the uncomfortable session to end quickly.

What Cherine wished was that she could have been massaging Jacob. If only Lisa were Jacob, then she really would be getting some pleasure out of the experience. As she thought about Jacob, Cherine resolved to learn how to give a proper massage, because that would be her first intimate gift to him. Cherine thus ended by giving Lisa a very good massage, not because she was interested in pleasing Lisa, but because she was fantasizing about massaging Jacob.


Fortunately Bernadette and Kathleen got through the session without any hint of sexual arousal. Kathleen was so enamored with Lisa that she paid no attention to Bernadette, apart from making the effort to give her a proper massage. Bernadette, meanwhile, was totally straight and never would feel any attraction towards another woman, no matter how attractive. Now if Kathleen were a guy...then Bernadette's physical reactions would be completely different. Yes, she most definitely would be aroused if she were massaging a guy in such an intimate manner. In fact, she very much was looking forward to the upcoming practice with the Tri-Alpha pledges and hoped to exchange massages with all of them.


The massages put the three freshmen in a better mood and made them more relaxed for their next activity, the nightly study session. Because they were taking the same classes, Tracy expected them to study together and exchange knowledge and ideas with each other. The study groups were an important part of the pledge program, because the sorority wanted the pledges to learn to work in a group and also bond with each other. Assuming that the freshmen were not used to college-level academics, Tracy sat with them and directed the study group during the first week of classes.

Lisa presented a bit of a problem to the study program because she was a sophomore. She already had taken the classes that her group-mates were enrolled in, so to study with them would do her no good. Had she not been worried about all of her responsibilities to Ruth Burnside and the Economics Department, Tracy might have wanted Lisa to lead the study group. However, she was smart enough to realize that Lisa's time was very limited and that she would need the opportunity to study separately. So, while Tracy and the freshmen talked in the library, Lisa quietly sat in the sofa in the guest room downstairs with her economics textbooks. Taped to the sofa was a hand-written note from the Pledge Mistress, authorizing Lisa to be separated from her group and to use the guest room, which normally was off-limits to pledges.

At 10:00 p.m. Tracy ordered the pledges to put away their books and go downstairs for bed. Lights-out was at 10:30. The pledges would be restricted to their cots, permitted to get up only to use the toilet. When the three freshmen went downstairs, Tracy chased Lisa out of the guest room and locked the door.

With that the normal daily routine of the summer pledge group was established. On weekdays the schedule was as follows:

5:30 -- 6:00 -- wake-up, pledge area cleaning, and personal inspection by the Pledge Mistress 6:00 -- 7:00 -- morning PT with the sophomores 7:00 -- 7:15 -- personal hygiene and packing book-bags for class 7:20 -- 7:45 -- breakfast with the sophomores, clean-up from the meal, and brushing teeth 7:45 -- 8:00 -- walk to the university for the first class of the morning 8:00 -- 17:00 -- classes on campus and chaperoned library study breaks 17:00 -- 18:00 -- return to the sorority house, dinner with the sophomores, clean-up, personal hygiene 18:00 -- 20:00 -- Four-Beta pledge training 20:00 -- 22:00 -- study group and homework assignments 22:00 -- 23:00 -- personal hygiene, uniform maintenance, and lights-out


At 10:30 Lisa's three companions fell asleep immediately, even Kathleen. However, as was becoming normal for her, Lisa lay awake on her cot in restless thought. She glanced at Cherine's body in the dimly-lit room and felt her erotic desire return full-force. She quietly began masturbating as she remembered Cherine's lovely dark skin glistening with massage oil and sliding under her hands. She relived the feeling of her fingers pressing through the freshman's black pubic hair and being so close to...oh yes...oh yes...

Lisa climaxed and came to her senses. Then she felt horrible about what had just happened, deeply troubled by her sudden sexual attraction to Cherine.

What's wrong with me, she wondered to herself. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Lisa realized something very distressing about herself, a huge defect in her personality. Her mind ran through the events of the past two weeks and her fleeting attractions to various people in her life. On the very first day she had wanted that guy examining her to fuck her up the ass, then fantasized about giving herself to Tracy. After that came Kathleen, a frighteningly serious relationship she had just walked into with almost no thought or hesitation. With no thought at all she briefly reunited with Ken, only to yell at him and insult him seconds after he had given her what she wanted at the moment. The following morning she had flirted with Ruth Burnside, vaguely hoping for a sexual encounter with her professor. Hours later she was again with Kathleen, pleasing herself with no thought about her earlier encounter with Ken.

Finally, with very little consideration for Kathleen, who now adored her, she found herself attracted to Cherine. With Cherine there was absolutely no way she could hope to pursue her desires, because it was obvious that she was as straight as Bernadette and never would be attracted to Lisa at all. Not to mention the devastating impact such a betrayal would have on Kathleen.

There was more, much more. Over the past week, Lisa had wondered about her sexuality. Before her relationship with Kathleen it never had dawned on her that she might be lesbian, because her two previous lovers had been male. So, had she discovered that she was lesbian? If only it were that simple. Lisa's attraction for various guys had not diminished, even though at the moment she had a female lover. So, was she bi-sexual? Well, not exactly that, either. She realized that, if not restrained by personal commitments or the disapproval of society, she would be sexually attracted to whoever happened to be close at that moment, male or female.

Lisa's short attention span explained why her relationships had started so abruptly, going back to her sudden attraction towards Ken in January. United with him by random circumstances, she became attracted to him. The moment she was separated from him, her attention shifted elsewhere and within a week had focused on Kathleen. The moment her hands touched Cherine, her sexual desires shifted yet again. Fortunately for Kathleen, Lisa knew that there was no way Cherine could ever be interested in her. Whatever sexual experimenting Lisa might have wanted to try with her would have to remain within the confines of her own fantasies. In other words, Lisa would not cheat on Kathleen because the opportunity had not presented itself. Not a very pleasant thought.

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