tagNovels and NovellasThe Pledge Mistress Ch. 40

The Pledge Mistress Ch. 40


Chapter 40 – An afternoon with Pledge Ken

Upon settling into their room the night after they swore in, Lisa needed to work out the details of her relationship with Kathleen. Living as pledges had restricted the affair considerably, which in a way was fortunate for Lisa because she had some time to think about what she wanted from her lover. However, as of August 14 the two women had their own room and were free to develop their lives in private.

While still pledging, Lisa had decided on the long-term goal that she wanted to pursue with Kathleen. She couldn't have explained why, even to herself, but Lisa had become fixated on the idea of making Kathleen look upon her as her owner. Ultimately she hoped to take command of Kathleen's existence, not through cruelty or fear, but by making the girl understand that she knew what was best for her. Her idea was to exert total control over her companion's time, emotions, and behavior through a combination of love, emotional support, sexual pleasure, guidance, physical discipline, and expression of approval or disapproval. The fact that Kathleen was so desperate to please her would help, but Lisa understood that the relationship she envisioned would be extremely complex and take a lot of patience to create.

On the other hand, Lisa also wanted Kathleen to behave normally in public and encourage her to have her own aspirations and responsibilities. In keeping with her sorority’s protocol, she had no desire to make a spectacle out of the relationship in front of other people. Whenever anyone else was nearby, Lisa always spoke to Kathleen in a normal conversational tone of voice, never gave orders or did anything to embarrass her, never talked about sex, and never used any cutesy terms of affection.

When working with the new pledges, it was clear that Kathleen was taking orders from Lisa, but no more so than Lisa was working under the guidance of Tracy. Anyone observing the two women in public would not have seen very much that indicated they were anything more than friends.


Once the door of their bedroom closed and Lisa was alone with Kathleen, they way they interacted with each other changed completely. Lisa's long-term desire was to have Kathleen kneel whenever she spoke to her alone and automatically ask for permission to do anything. However, she did not want to have to order Kathleen to behave submissively, but instead mold the girl's character so that Kathleen would decide on her own that it was her duty to venerate her lover. Lisa would take her time, knowing that the journey of her lover’s soul was every bit as important as its destination.

From the very beginning, Lisa knew that her partner had a very strong sex drive and used that knowledge to her advantage. Kathleen’s orgasms from Lisa were almost a nightly event and a major motivation in the freshman’s desperation to please her. Kathleen knew that if she was a “good girl” and did nothing to annoy Lisa, before bedtime she would be rewarded with an orgasm. If she did something that “disappointed” Lisa, she wouldn’t get her orgasm and was sent straight to bed. If Lisa was in a playful mood and had decided that Kathleen had been “a naughty girl”, their time together would include an erotic spanking before love-making. Usually the spankings were very light, but they lasted a long time and allowed Kathleen’s sexual desires to build for the final release that always came afterwards.

Lisa’s orgasms from Kathleen were much less frequent. Of course, Kathleen desperately wanted to sexually satisfy Lisa to demonstrate her love. However, Lisa’s feelings about sex were more complicated than those of her lover, because the emotional part of the relationship appealed much more to her than the sexual part. Instead of receiving oral stimulation from her, Lisa preferred holding the younger woman, controlling her through physical contact, and working on her long-term goal of getting her to totally submit. Sometimes Lisa did encourage Kathleen to give her an orgasm and allowed herself to climax, but often did so simply because she wanted to boost the younger woman’s confidence in herself.

There was one ritual that both women enjoyed whenever they had some time alone. Kathleen totally loved to lie over Lisa’s lap, even when she wasn’t being spanked. She simultaneously felt protected and vulnerable as she lay quietly with her legs spread slightly and her bottom-hole exposed to Lisa’s soft, sporadic touches. Lisa got into the habit of studying with Kathleen lying over her thighs, using her lover’s back as a place to set her textbook or class notes. Meanwhile, Kathleen closed her eyes and sighed with happiness while Lisa’s free hand absent-mindedly caressed her bottom, in the same way a pet owner might spend a long time stroking a purring cat while reading or taking notes.

Lisa made an interesting discovery as she focused her attention to her lover’s backside. By patting and massaging her buttocks, eventually Lisa could put Kathleen to sleep. However, if she touched or teased her sphincter, Kathleen became aroused. Sometimes when she had Kathleen over her lap, Lisa lubricated a finger and slowly moved it back and forth through her lover’s bottom-hole. Whenever she violated Kathleen’s body in such an intimate manner, her lover tensed up with arousal. Often Lisa teased Kathleen by caressing her bottom to make her sleepy, then touched her sphincter to arouse her, and then explored her vulva before finally returning her attention to penetrating her from behind and bringing her to orgasm.

Lisa and Kathleen had another nightly ritual that became an important part of their bedtime routine. Lisa kept a rectal thermometer in the room and always measured Kathleen’s temperature before they went to sleep, to “make sure my silly little girl is nice and healthy”. As the fall semester progressed, Kathleen became so accustomed to lying over her lover’s lap and having the thermometer inserted that she couldn’t get to sleep if her temperature had not yet been taken.


There was one exception to the private nature of the relationship, and that was what Kathleen was allowed to wear. Lisa was a nudist and determined to convince others to adopt nudism as a lifestyle. Accepting that part of Lisa’s values was an important condition of being in a relationship with her. On the very first day they were full members of the sorority, Lisa made Kathleen understand that, to stay her lover, she would have to join her as a full-time nudist. Whenever in the house, whether they were relaxing, studying, training the pledges, or attending meetings, Lisa and Kathleen would make it a point to leave their clothing in their room. Lisa instructed her lover to tell everyone that she had become a nudist by choice, which was true, in a way:

“It’s your choice to be with me, and if you’re with me, living naked is part of the package.”

Lisa’s influence on Kathleen’s attire extended beyond the Four-Beta house. Kathleen learned that when she dressed to go on campus, she was prohibited from using underwear. Under no circumstances did she have permission to wear a bra, ever. Lisa pointed out that Kathleen’s breasts were small and did not need support; so wearing a bra served no purpose. Lisa would allow Kathleen to wear panties during her menstruations, but that was it. When she was not having her period, she would be required to “go commando”.

Lisa’s definition of what constituted appropriate clothing for her classes made Kathleen even more nervous than the thought of becoming a nudist in the sorority house or giving up underwear. To remain Lisa’s lover she had to totally change her style of dressing. Up until her internment as a pledge, Kathleen’s clothing was a mis-match of oversized items that she wore to hide her body. She had made a half-hearted effort to adopt a Goth style of dressing, but with her that fashion didn’t work. Kathleen simply did not make a convincing Goth chick.

Lisa went through her lover’s clothes and sorted out unacceptable items that would have to be donated to charity. Kathleen surrendered her three swimsuits, her bras, several long skirts, her collection of leggings, a couple of baggy blouses, all of her jeans, a soiled jean jacket, and several oversized men’s sweatshirts that she had worn in high school.

“These are just dreadful,” commented Lisa. “If you wore this shit in high school, no wonder everyone hassled you.”

Once Lisa purged her lover’s wardrobe, she laid out the rules for what Kathleen was allowed to wear on campus. During hot weather her skirts would have to be above the knee. Shorts were OK. Light blouses were OK. Summer dresses were OK, as long as the hem was above the knee. T-shirts were OK, as long as they fit properly. Any clothing with a Four-Beta logo was OK, as long as it properly fit.

Lisa’s favorite cold weather pants were low-rider jeans that barely covered her bottom, even when she was standing up. She wore them without underwear, so when she bent over or sat down, her pants pulled halfway down her butt. She loved the looks she got from passers-by as she showed off her hips and the top half of her bottom, pushing herself to the very limit of the city’s indecent exposure laws.

Lisa knew that low-rider jeans were not something that went well with Kathleen’s personality. However, she did expect Kathleen to buy slacks and jeans that complimented her figure once the weather got cold. All sweaters and sweatshirts would have to properly fit, no large or extra large items allowed.

“You’ve got a nice body, and I’m gonna teach you to be proud of it and show it off.”


As August progressed and Labor Day weekend approached, Lisa’s main concern was to figure out how to structure her time with Kathleen so that she could meet her lover’s needs, and yet keep the girl busy enough to prevent her from demanding too much of her free time. The best way to keep Kathleen from becoming a burden was to give her plenty of her own responsibilities and duties. Lisa warned her lover that she needed to do a good job with her portion of the pledge training, or else she would be “disappointed”.

Appointing Kathleen as her assistant was a perfect set-up, because she could delegate many of the more routine and time-consuming responsibilities of pledge training. The arrangement freed much of her time, while giving Kathleen something to worry about other than her fixation on Lisa. Not only was Kathleen tasked with familiarizing the pledges with the Four-Beta Pledge Manual and Membership Manual, but also she drilled Brittany and Erin on the history of the sorority. Before long Lisa’s assistant was preparing examinations for the pledges and writing her own training log entries. On the Wednesday following the Four-Beta swearing-in ceremony, Lisa issued the pledges running uniforms and for the first time sent them out jogging with Kathleen.


There was one issue hanging over the relationship that unfortunately could not be resolved during the weeks following swearing-in. Kathleen knew that Lisa still planned to punish her for the incident at Burnside’s July 4th party. However, the whipping had to wait because Lisa didn’t want her lover running around the Four-Beta House with her shoulders, bottom, and thighs covered with welts. For Lisa, disciplining her lover was a personal matter and not something the rest of the sorority needed to know about.

Lisa figured that she would have to wait until Kathleen could spend at least four days away from the sorority house, which was the amount of time she estimated it would take for the marks to heal. Another reason she had decided to wait was that she wanted to know with whom Kathleen had cheated on July 4th before chastising her, but was unable to ask her directly.


Wednesday morning, while Kathleen was exercising with the new pledges, Lisa went over to her old dorm room with Bernadette and Cherine. The room had a lot of memories for her, all those nights she had spent with Mike in the fall, and Ken in the spring, her uneasy relationship with Cecilia Sanchez…

Cecilia…yeah…that’s right. She hadn’t heard anything from Cecilia since May…whatever happened to her? And Jason? And Mike’s friend, Cynthia Lee? Whatever happened to all of them? Lisa’s heart skipped a beat as she realized that three months had gone by, three months during which the paths of their lives had totally diverged from her own path in life. Lisa figured they must still be in Upper Danubia…but…

Maybe Dr. Burnside knew something. The next time Lisa saw her she’d have to ask.

The room transfer went very quickly, because the women had six Tri-Alphas helping them carry Lisa’s items out of the room and Bernadette’s and Cherine’s items in. Within an hour the room’s appearance was totally different, covered with Cherine’s music posters and Bernadette’s curtains and linens. Lisa left her two group mates to organize their new accommodations, and returned to the Four-Beta house in one of Triple-A vans. The guys helped her move her possessions into her room in the sorority. It would be up to Kathleen to put everything away.


Another issue that Lisa needed to resolve during the final weeks of August was what to do about her relationship with Ken. She now had some time to think about that, because the Tri-Alphas did not have their swearing in until the Saturday following the Four-Beta ceremony.

Lisa planned to talk to Ken before swearing in, and set aside the day after her move to spend time with him. After making sure that Kathleen had a full day of planned activities with Brittany and Erin to keep her busy, Lisa put on her tennis shoes and skimpy summer dress and walked over to the Tri Alpha Fraternity.

It was strange to see the fraternity as a Four-Beta member instead of as a pledge, stranger still to see Cherine walk out the front door, dressed in her favorite cargo pants and holding hands with the Tri-Alpha vice-president. Weird to think, already Cherine had put the pledging experience completely behind her and had moved on.

Lisa wondered about Bernadette. She went out to the pool area and sure enough, there Bernadette was, cavorting in the water with several naked fraternity members and a Four-Beta sophomore. Obviously, Bernadette had moved past her pledging experience as well.

Lisa suddenly felt an odd nostalgia, because for the first time she truly understood that the members of her pledge group had split up and were going their separate ways within the sorority. In some ways she had enjoyed being in such a tightly-knit group with the other three pledges, in spite of the personality conflicts that inevitably arose from being under such intense pressure. Undoubtedly she still would have ties to Bernadette and Cherine, but it wouldn’t be the same as it was over the summer.

Lisa took a deep breath and focused on the reason she was visiting the fraternity, to see Ken. She spoke with Pledge Master Arnold to see if he could release Ken for several hours. Arnold shrugged his shoulders:

“You can have him as long as you want. We’re pretty much done, except for exercising and PT training.”

A few minutes later Ken showed up, a bit surprised to see Lisa visiting the sorority in her dress. Lisa snapped:

“How come you aren’t on your knees? Where’s fucking your manners, Pledge?”

Oops. Ken had forgotten that Lisa now was a full member of the Four-Beta sorority, while he still was nothing more than a pledge. Quickly, he got on his knees, but not quickly enough.

“I don’t appreciate the disrespect, Pledge! I don’t appreciate your ignoring my authority over you!”

Already Ken’s penis was starting to get hard.

“Tell you what, Pledge! You go to your Pledge Master, and you tell him that you actually had the nerve to disrespect a member of the Four-Beta Sorority! You tell him that! Then you tell him that you’re very sorry, and we’ll just have to figure out how you’re gonna make it up to me! Now stand up!”

Before Lisa released Ken to find Arnold and make his confession, she gave his penis a squeeze to make sure he had to walk around the fraternity with a full erection. Yes, indeed, it looked like things with him were getting back to normal…

Two minutes later Ken came back with a hastily scribbled note:

Pledge Master Arnold agrees to release custody of Pledge Ken to Four-Beta Lisa Campbell.

Lisa gave Ken’s penis another squeeze before leading him to the fraternity guest room. She had a full afternoon of activity in mind, both fun and serious. Her first priority would be a round of sex, then some spanking, then a second round of sex, and finally some serious conversation.

Lisa had learned a lot over the summer and began her sexual encounter much differently than she would have during the spring. She took her time with Ken, realizing there was no need to rush the experience. She told him to place his hands against the wall and bend over slightly so she could massage his bottom and tease him in the front. She told him not to move, spending a very long time both stimulating him and enjoying the feel of his body.

“You are such a naughty boy…such a naughty boy…what am I gonna do with you?”


“Don’t you be talking out of turn, bad boy. You talk out of turn, and I’m gonna have to smack that bottom of yours…but I bet that’s what you want, bad boy…to have that bottom of yours smacked…”

Once Ken was totally desperate and his penis was throbbing with desire, Lisa got on her hands and knees on the floor. This was her favorite position, her bottom spread and turned up and the most intimate parts of her body lewdly on display to her lover. Ken entered her and thrust very hard.

Oh yes…oh yes…she had missed him so badly…

She still owed Ken a spanking, but wanted to experiment with not punishing him so savagely as she had during the spring. Instead of using any implements, she simply sat down on a sofa and ordered him to lie across her lap.

As she ran her hand over his backside, Lisa lectured Ken about the need to always show her respect. Then she began probing him with questions that implied a future relationship such as:

“OK Bad Boy, from now on, what’s gonna happen if you don’t show me some respect?”


“This is where you belong, right across my lap, isn’t it? Of course bad boys like you need lots of loving spanking, don’t you think?”


“You’re such a bad boy. You know that, don’t you? But that’s why I’m here, isn’t it? To straighten you out…”

When Lisa finally did start spanking Ken, he was more than ready to receive her attention. She spent a very long time, much longer than she had spent in the spring on a single spanking. Between slaps she massaged his backside, partly to stimulate him and partly to prolong the experience as much as possible.

Lisa’s time with Kathleen had taught her a lot about erotic discipline, and now she had the opportunity to use that knowledge to redeem her relationship with Ken. Before long, his erection had returned, and Lisa was back on her hands and knees with him safely inside her, thrusting and performing his duty in life to give her pleasure.


Lisa and Ken cleaned up, but their time together was far from over. For the first time since the hiking trip she had him to herself and was free to spend some time talking. She ordered him to set up a massage table and give her a massage while she talked to him about his summer of pledging. He filled in the details about what he had done over the summer since that trip, including various episodes of sexual training and how he related to his fellow pledges. Lisa gave Ken a summary of Brittany and Erin and talked a bit about their training. She talked about Kathleen’s role as her assistant, and noticed something interesting. Ken seemed to become very nervous as soon as Kathleen’s name was mentioned.

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