tagMatureThe Plot

The Plot

byAndrea Stevens©


It was Diwali night... Almost all our relatives dropped by for a celebration. We had wine, beers and liquors. It was five years since I met all my relatives. To be honest, I did not know some of them. Aunt Chandra looked very sexy in her miniskirt and sleeveless blouse. Rayvathi, my sister was in her long gown serving drinks to our guests. Music was all the way. We danced and talked about our flash back. Due to the heavy alcohol consumption, everybody started to mumble and laughed over it. Mom and dad did not let me have much of alcohol, as I was still aware of what was going on.

It was late night and some of my relatives left. Fortunately (for me) Chandra had a lot of drinks and she randomly picked a room to sleep. Well that was my room! No one knew that she was in my room. I didn't want anyone to know that Chandra was in my room. If my parents knew, they would tell me to sleep in the guestroom or at the living room.

When I was small I had a little crush on Chandra. I used to get a hard-on whenever I see her in her sari that exposes her waist area. Today was much more special, just miniskirt and a sleeveless blouse. This is not India, things here are much more outgoing. The question is what can I do to her? The last time I had sex was two years ago (age 16). Of cause I had no intention of making love with Chandra since she was my dearest aunt. I wanted to touch and kiss her... that's all. Chandra was not old, she is 38 but looked like 28.

I entered in my room as I locked the door. The thought of me touching and kissing had already made my penis stiff. Her perfume was strong. I didn't care about the punishment that I will end up. I quickly got undressed and stood beside her. She laid there flat. I can tell there is no way she's going to wake up. Her bright red lipstick was glowing under my room's dim lights. Her lips were wet inviting me for a taste. My face was getting hot. I looked back to ensure my room was locked. I leaned forward and took her lips with mine. Gently chewing her lips and brushing them several times. Our nose rubbed together. Moving back from her, the lipsticks on her lips were partially gone. That kiss was superb and I never done this in a long time. I went for a second round and there was no reaction from my aunt. I kissed her more and more until our lips were silky. My silky saliva was all over her mouth. I can say that this kiss was definitely more than the accumulated kiss that her husband had given her over the years.

Yet I was not satisfied. Why don't I proceed a little further? I suggested to myself. Nervously I placed my palm on her breast. I made a gentle squeeze. Soft and full was the answer given by my palm. I did that again with both breasts beneath my palms. Her narrow cleavage was giving me the idea to find what's inside there. This is my only chance to see Chandra naked! I compromise myself. The next minute, her blouse was undone exposing her white bra. I lifted her body a little and took off her bra and her blouse. Wow! I can't believe what I saw. Her dark brown nipples were big and thick. She had a medium sized breasts for a 5'5 footer. Her light brown skin was so smooth. Her stomach was flat although she had two kids.

I rolled my tongue over her eraser nipples and sucked them. I trailed my kissed all the down her belly button. Then I pressed my naked body on hers feeling the heat. Her breasts crushed against mine and no response from her. I kissed her some more and rubbed my penis on her miniskirts. My semen trailed all the way on her miniskirt. My kisses became more passionate and I started to pour my cum on her miniskirt. Well it's too late but I regretted for doing a thing like to my aunt. The amount of cum I poured on her was unbelievable. I thought of suicide when I saw my cum sank down her miniskirt to her panties. It is definitely obvious to her when she wakes up.

Feeling scared and guilty I started to remove her miniskirt to dry it underneath the fan and to spray some perfume. I didn't know if was a good idea or not but I just removed it from her. Her white panties was soaked with my cum on the pubic hair region. This is really bad... I looked at Chandra to see if she was still in dreamland. The smell of my sperm was emitting from her and I knew I was in big trouble. The next minute, her panties was also removed. Her vagina was completely exposed. My aunt was totally naked. Her public hairs was moist with my cum. Her vulva was also moist with the mixture of both our cum. Her natural womanhood smell was making me in trance. I just tossed aside her miniskirt and panties.

All my frightening thoughts were gone. I didn't know what went into me. I went down and sucked her vulva and tasted her juice. It was not actually a suck but a mixture of kiss and suck. The taste was weird but I continued. I traced my tongue along the length of her slit while my nose made small circles on her clit. Her smell was strong and I was enjoying it. I trust my tongue into her slit and felt a different texture inside her slit. It was warm, slippery and the taste was much nicer and lighter yet sharp. I crushed my mouth on her vagina and sucked her. Chandra made a few moans but she had no idea. Her legs came closer as they touched the sides of my ear. Her vagina swelled and I chewed until I made bubbles with her cum and my saliva. Naturally my penis got it's strength like before.

What I was doing was wrong. The thought of me having intercourse was giving more strength. I moved from her. I just looked at her for a moment. Thinking if I should go for it. Without any second thought I laid on top of her feeling the length of her body against mine. Never that I have imagined, she was warm and smooth. My penis brushed against her pubic hair. I did not have any condoms and I did not want to. She can still get pregnant if I go on like this, I thought for myself. I let my body a little lower until the tip of my slippery penis was positioned on her slit. With the guidance of my right hand, I position the tip a little lower on her slit and brought up my body higher. Gradually my penis slip into her vagina. I felt warm and moist inside her. My whole length of my penis was inside her. I began to rock slowly and took the caution not to wake her. I promised myself for only a few strokes and then make sure not to cum inside her.

I continued rocking and increased my tempo. I started kissing her and gave her hard trusts until I shot my load inside her. Jerked and jerked letting out every single drop of sperm inside her. I didn't know I could generate a huge amount of sperm for the second time. With that huge amount of sperm she could even have twins. It's time for some patch up, I told myself. I got off from her and started to put on her bra and her blouse. I forced myself to make sure she was fully in dress. I didn't care about drying her panties. I took her panties and put it on for her. Before I pulled up to her waist, I saw my cum coming off from her slit. I just ignored and continued her miniskirt. Quietly I (after getting dressed) left the room and head to the living room.

The next morning (7.30am) mom and dad went to work as usual since they could not get any leaves. Lucky for me, they did not ask me why I was sleeping in the hall. They had no idea Chandra was still around. Suddenly mom came in back and woke me.

"Is Chandra in your room?... her car is outside"

I froze for a moment. "Y-yeah...", I shivered. "So that is why you're sleeping here." She smiled. "In that case just tell her that I called for her", mom smiled again and left. That was a big relieve for me.

Two hours later, I heard something from my room. My aunt was awake. I quickly went upstairs hiding. She came from my room and looks like she was in tears. She ran into her car and drove away.

She was never to be heard again. Mom was a little curious of why aunt Chandra (her sister) never replied her calls. I felt guilty but I had no choice than just to be quiet. I should consider lucky that aunt Chandra never reveal anything. I'm sure she knows that I'm the one behind all this. If she would have reveal, I might end up in prison and family life will be ruin. To be honest, I will never forget every moment that I made love to her. It's like I had her to myself and explored every detail of her.

Two months later I got the news that aunt Chandra was pregnant. Was it my child? I don't know... I prayed to god for forgiveness if she is pregnant because of me. "I'm truly sorry aunt Chandra"...

Chandra and Rayvathi are not the real name of the character.

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