tagAnalThe Plumber's Lot

The Plumber's Lot


'Nick! where are you?'

'Here, Boss.'

'Did you fix Mrs Flemings gas-boiler like I told you to last week?'

'Yes I did, Boss. It was working great when I left it. She not paid her bill, or something?'

'Not yet. She just phoned to get you back. Asked for you personally, she did. What you been up to again?'

'Don't send me back up there, Boss. Can't Trevor go this time?'

'You have been up to your tricks again, haven't you?'

'She blooming-well asked for it, Boss. Took her clothes off, she did. Sat on it, before I knew what she was up to.'

'Well back you go up there. Tell her she has to pay cash for the time and work you did last week. Also tell her she has to pay you for the labours you put in today, whether its between her legs or what have you, right?'

'I am sure she will love Intrepid-Trevor, Boss. He is good at servicing old boilers.'

'No, Lovechild. This is a cross of your making. Go and fuck the shit out of her and get the money out of her first. Do you hear me, Nick?'

'Yes, okay, Boss. Give me a minute to get my tools.'

'You will only need one as far as I can gather and you are packing it already. You must be built like a stallion to satisfy that woman Fleming, be off with you.'

'That's a secret I only divulge to women, Boss.'

'Oh! Really? That's not what I heard. I know a couple of guys who have told me different tales about you.'


I'm Nick Gardner. Been a plumber and gasfitter since I was sixteen. I am twenty-one now. I work out, play football with a local park team. Do a bit of weight-lifting and attend the local gym twice a week as a trainer. Great job to snare the women, nearly all of them who go there are game and begging for it. Guys too, looking for rumpy-pumpy from us good looking guys. The boss there is gay and turns a blind eye and actually provides accommodation for the antics of his staff.

Needless to say, I am bi-sexual, a bit of a prostitute really. If a male or female want to pay me for pleasuring them, that's okay with me. My eight inch cocks one eyed bandit can't see where it is going.

Mrs Fleming pays. She likes it rough and hard and that's what she gets. I have been teasing her asshole. I have told her first time I take her ass I will do it for free, but after that, when she asks for it, she will have to pay double. She is a beautiful rich widow of thirty-eight years who loves to pay guys and girls to give her what she wants.

'Hello, Nicky. There is nothing wrong with the boiler as you might have guessed. It's your fault, you are such a handsome, sexy guy. I dream about you. Every time, I wake up I am horny for you.'

'You are getting me into trouble with my Boss, Mrs Fleming. He wants his money for my last visit and you will have to pay me for today if we work or play. He wants to fire me because you were hinting of my shabby work!'

'Sorry about that, Sweetheart, but I was getting desperate to see you. You will always find work Nicky. You told me you were bi, I know couples and guys who would love to pay you for your fantastic services. I have been thinking about that other service you were on about. You did say the first time was free, didn't you?'

My cock don't have eyes, but it does have ears. Mrs Flemings eyes lit up at Rogers sudden appearance as a tent in my denim slacks. She quickly stepped forward and palmed him and scraped her nails up his full length. Roger loves anal and by the looks of things he wanted to adore Mrs Flemings' ass.

Janet Fleming was a wee bit on the plump side, but she was extremely sexy with it and she takes great pains to drain my balls at every chance I give her. She has a large house and we have fucked in every room including the garden shed and the garage.

'You will be gentle with me, won't you, Nicky? I wanted it last time, in the shower, but it was very sore when you tried to put it in. I know you wasn't pleased with me when you went away. My husband tried to fuck me that way once and I wouldn't let him do it. He told me he would find a man to do it with. I do not know if he did or not.'

'Shame for the poor guy. I do not know why you women guard your assholes so much. When you get it, you are begging for it afterwards. Everyone gets a bit of pain when the cock first goes in, but it gets quickly better and in no time you will be driving your ass onto my cock and demanding deeper penetration.'

'I have a confession. Promise you won't laugh at me?'

'Go on. I will be dead-pan.'

'When you left me, I was angry with myself and I washed out my bum and did myself with a banana! Then I went into Town, to the sex shop and purchased some dildos and the guy behind the counter said I would need lubrication and he sold me a dozen tubes of KY Jelly and some condoms. Cheeky man said, 'You have a nice ass!' Do all men want to get it up a woman's ass?'

'No, not all, maybe ninety-nine percent. The others prefer to take it up their own asses.'

'What about you, Nicky? You like it up your ass? He sold me a harness to wear and the dildos fit into it. He said that the real thing is much better and that he would be enormously happy to give me a free demonstration. Some other people came into the shop then and I didn't loiter.'

'Would you have done?'

'Yes, you know, I think I would have! He was going to do it for free!'

'You are turning into a slut, Janet Fleming.'

'I am washed out and lubed, Nicky.'

She took some cheques out of her robe pocket. One covered what she owed the Boss and the other was in my name for three hundred pound.

'Now you have no excuse, Nicky, fuck me, in any hole you want too. I noticed you side-stepped my question. Do you take it up your ass, Nicky?'

I smiled and replied, Of course, if the price is right, Mrs Fleming. If you want to fuck me, then you will have to pay for it.'

I eased her robe off her shoulders and turned her around peeling it off her, baring her back.

I kissed her neck and cupped her breasts, feeling her gyrating her ass against my cock.

'Oh! Yes! Make me take it, Nicky. Rape me, if you have to. Tie me down if I struggle, gag me if I scream. Lick my asshole like you did in the shower.'

'I do talk myself into things, don't I?'

I kissed her, from her neck downwards and undressing quickly as I went down until I was naked and kneeling behind her. She trembled when I blew warm air onto her anal bud. My fingers stretching her cheeks apart so that a hole appeared. I forked my tongue and insinuated it into her rectum and she pushed her bum onto my tongue and sighed a ,'Yes, Nicky! Ooooh! Yes.'

I moved my hands round to her pussy and stretched her cunny lips apart and gently strummed her slippery crevice. Pressuring her asshole onto my foraging tongue. She became quite slippery as as I increased my finger probing from one to three. All the time she was moaning, sighing and working her ass onto my fingers and tongue.

'Lube me, Nicky. I think I am ready for your prick. I want it in me. I have been horny all day thinking of you fucking my ass.'

I will never understand women, they say no, then, they are begging for what they said no to.

She opened a drawer next to where we were and handed me a tube of KY Jelly. I opened it and pressed the nozzle into her ass and squeezed. She shivered and rotated her ass as I fingured it in. I was ready for a fuck now. She had teased me long enough. I lubed my hard cock and I bent her over the settee and told her to open her legs. She complied and she was shaking again.

I didn't keep her waiting and she immediately felt my knob when I pressured her rosebud. I leaned over her and gripped her shoulders and moved into her and watched my knob suddenly pop into her glistening hole.

'Agh! Oh! Nicky! Easy, it hurts! Give me chance to relax, Darling.'

I relaxed my grip on her shoulders and went back to caressing her cunt. Her lips were wide open and dripping with her juices. I pinched her clitty with my right hand and a nipple with the other.

'Agh! You bastard! Don't stop! Force it into me! Fuck me, Nicky! Fuck me! Rape my asshole! I want it all in me.'

I did and our pubic hairs met and mingled and I held it in without moving. I would have cum if I had moved. I had to relax too. She was paying me good money to fuck her and I could not afford to let her down.

'Is it all in?'

'Yes, Mrs Fleming. All eight inches of it. You have a beautiful tight asshole. A real pleasure to fuck. Are you still frightened of taking my cock up your ass? This is buggery, Mrs Fleming. You are no longer an asshole virgin.'

'It is dirty. It is nasty and it is fantastic! I am so pleased you talked me into it, Nicky. Stroke my clit and pinch it and fuck me hard and deep. Fuck my ass, Nicky. Please! It feels so strange to have my ass filled like this! How can something so big get right inside?'

'Your ass will take much bigger cocks than mine, Mrs Fleming. Some guys have in excess of twelve inches and they get it all into asses and pussies they fuck.'

'Oh! My goodness! That makes me tremble to think about. Do you know any men with cocks like that? What is the biggest one you have taken, Nicky?'

'Will you shut up woman and concentrate! I am trying to fuck you, here! I have eight inches up your ass, be satisfied, will you?'

'It is so nice, I am trying to keep it in me, I don't know when I will see you again. Pinch my clitty and make me come, Darling. I think I would love to see another man fucking you, that, I would pay to see.'

I was nearing the vinegar-stroke, my balls were hurting and full to burst.

'I am cumming, Mrs Fleming, your ass is about to receive its first load of spunk! Oh! Yes!'

'Gosh! I can feel it! It's squirting inside me! Oh! I'm coming too, Nicky! Fuck it into me, Darling! Oh! Its feels so good! I love it, love it, love it! I love ass-fucking!'

It was at that moment the telephone started to ring on the table next to the settee and frightened the life out of both of us.

Janet reached forward causing my rapidly softening dick to leave her ass with a string of cum still joining us together.

'Hello? Mrs Fleming speaking.'

'Yes, he is still here, Mr Cranshaw, do you want to speak to him? He is just finishing up here.'

She passed me the receiver.

'Yes, Boss?'

'When you have finished sealing that leakage for Mrs Fleming will you go over and see Mrs Thomas at the Grange you know where it is. She says she has a leaky radiator in her bedroom. You will need to hurry up as she sounds excited. Why do I get the feeling I have changed my job to pimp?'

'I'm on my way, Boss. Answering your question, maybe it is because you are handling professionals like me, Boss.'

We shared a quick shower and Janet tried her best to hold onto things, but that is a plumbers lot, pleasing people who have problem pipes and things. At least I proved that Mrs Fleming's sewerage system worked okay. Janet did mention that Mrs Thomas was a very good friend of hers and she did explain to Mrs T. why she was always so happy now.

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