tagInterracial LoveThe Pornstar's Girlfriend Ch. 05

The Pornstar's Girlfriend Ch. 05


"Don't be nervous, Babe," Angelo said as he pushed a loose hair behind my ear, "it's nothing we haven't done before."

I knew he was right, but the sure, calm tone of his voice didn't keep my heart from beating as if I'd just finished running a marathon. Yeah, we'd done this before... all of this, but never in front of anyone, let alone cameras.

"I'm fine," I lied, swallowing audibly. I pulled my robe tighter around my waist. He was able to wear normal fucking clothes: some sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a tight-fitting tee shirt. I, on the other hand, had to wear a pair of heels that made brought me almost up to Angelo's shoulders, some cranberry red fishnets, a black g-string, and a cranberry red and black corset. I looked like a complete and total whore, but then again, that was the point.

"I know you are. You're a trooper... I know you can take it," he said looking into my eyes suggestively. He smiled a smile that made me melt... I was ready.

He gently took my hand and guided me towards the door of the dressing room. On the way out, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Though I was terrified, the layers of makeup made me feel like I was another person. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, after all.

Angelo led me down a dark hallway and opened a door on our left. We walked inside, hand-in-hand, the lights were blinding! "You'll get used to it," he said calmly, watching me squint and blink repeatedly before my eyes finally adjusted to the bright light, "You have to have good lighting so you don't miss anything," he explained quietly.

'Great,' I thought glumly, 'Not only will I be fucking my boyfriend on camera, there will be lights shining up my ass so they won't miss anything. Joy.'

A short man with glasses and a bald spot approached us. I felt as Angelo possessively wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. "Excellent! Outstanding! It's great to see you, Angelo... and this beautiful creature must be...." he said, pausing.

"Mya," Angelo said, looking down on him, "my girlfriend. Mya, this is Jack, my agent/producer/director."

"Yes, yes, Mya, nice to finally meet you, Dear... I have heard a lot about you," he said, looking at me as if he couldn't wait to see me naked... I wanted to throw up, especially knowing that he would have the chance.

"The pleasure's all mine," I lied, Angelo squeezing me tightly as if to tell me not to be too friendly.

No doubt noticing Angelo's subtle warning, Jack turned his attention to Angelo. "What is her name?" he asked.

"I've already told you, it's Mya," he said, slightly annoyed.

"No, no, her name," Jack said raising his eyebrows.

Angelo sat and thought for a minute, we had never discussed this before. "You know, Jack, we never really thought about it," he said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Her name is Athena. I wanted to keep the Greek mythology thing going... Athena Kiss," he said dismissively.

"With all due respect, Jack, I think it was Aphrodite that was the one who fell in love with Adonis, not Athena," I said, a little bothered with the fact that a perfect stranger was trying to pick out my name.

"You may be right, Miss Mya, but Aphrodite doesn't go very well with 'Kiss', now does it?" he replied shortly. I don't think I'll be liking him very much.

"Alright, people! Places! Ten minutes to showtime!" Jack yelled loudly, ignoring the fact that he was already using a megaphone, and turned towards the crew. My heart felt like it was gonna explode.

Angelo grabbed my hand and pulled me to a secluded area. "Okay, Babe, this is it. There's only a few rules while you're on camera: 1) Never, ever say my name, 2) Act as if there are no retakes, just go with whatever happens, 3) You can't redo a male cumshot, make the first one good, and 4) Don't be self-conscious, everyone who is watching the video is horny as hell and you can do damn near anything and they'll still get off to it," he said seriously, I tried my damndest to remember everything he said but I couldn't make any promises. He pulled me into a hug, "I love you, Mya and no matter what happens on set, nothing will change that."

"I love you, too," I said quietly, pulling him down for a kiss. Soon, the soft kiss evolved into one that was much more intense and lust-driven, he attacked my mouth with his and I bit and pulled on his bottom lip until he groaned. He dropped his hands to the front of my robe and untied the belt. I shrugged myself free of its confines and let it fall to the ground. He reached behind me and roughly squeezed my ass, giving it a sharp slap. I moaned in his mouth.

Before long, Jack was yelling at us through his megaphone, snapping me out of my trance. "Save some of that intensity for the camera!"

The script was weird, I was supposed to be masturbating wanting someone to fuck me and 'bam!' out of nowhere, Angelo or Adonis was supposed to appear to grant my wish by knocking on my door. It made sense and I suppose if it wasn't for me being in the movie, it would be a pretty hott idea. Though it made no sense for me to be wearing what I was, if I was wearing that, I wouldn't be home alone masturbating!

I was completely nervous about this whole thing and I was especially nervous about being the one who started the scene... without Angelo. Before I sat down on the couch, he grabbed me possessively and kissed me, again, making me forget my inhibitions. "Make me fucking want it," he said gruffly, smacking my ass so hard that the pain turned to fuel and radiated to my pussy. I nodded biting my bottom lip. I sat down on the couch, thinking of nothing but Angelo. The set reminded me a lot of being on the stage for my seventh grade talent show... the lights were so bright, I couldn't see any of the onlookers, none except for Angelo who stepped closer.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Action!" Jack voice shouted over my lustful thoughts. I laid back on the couch and began to caress my thighs, imagining them to be Angelo's large hands. I rubbed my hands over my over-exposed cleavage and took deep breaths. I turned my attention back to my thighs, ignoring the cameraman that hovered along my body, letting the camera sweep wherever my hands touched. I slung my left leg over the back of the couch, spreading my legs wide. The cameraman stood at the foot of the couch, no doubt getting a closeup of my covered pussy.

I ran my hand sensually down my stomach, to my pussy as my other hand pulled my panties to the side, giving my audience their first view of my bare pussy. I bit my bottom lip and used both hands to spread it wide for the camera. I could feel my body gaining heat, causing me to be a little less shy. The aroma of my arousal filled my nostrils, making me moan quietly. I began to tease my clit, making the moisture make my pussy glisten in the bright light. I gently inserted two of my fingers into my hot cunt, angling my hips upward so they stroked my g-spot with every plunge.

I felt my pussy clench on my fingers and I knew that I was close. I began to moan louder and louder and I finger-fucked myself with more urgency. I opened my eyes and looked at Angelo as I brought myself to ecstasy. His cock straining uncomfortably against his jeans, making him so uncomfortable that he had to stroke it through the fabric to be able to adjust himself.

Soon, the room filled with the sounds of my ragged breaths and moan as the orgasm overtook me. My pussy spasmed and I squirted my juices all over my hand. I laid there for a minute, catching my breath when I heard a knock on the 'door'. I made a face that said: 'I wonder who that could be, ruining my afterglow.' I got up and walked to the door as the knocking grew more persistent. "Who is it?" I shouted, trying to make this as convincing as possible. There was no reply. I cracked the door open and saw Angelo, in all his glory standing on the doorstep, just as he'd been the day we met only this time, his eyes burned with desire.

"Who are-," I began, only to be silenced by his lips crashing into mine. This kiss was no sensual one, rather it was rough and lust driven. His fingers reached behind me and unlaced the corset, it fell to the ground. He traced his fingers slowly down my spine and smacked my ass again. My blood was boiling for him... I needed him. Without another word, he pushed me on the couch and flipped me over, my ass in the air. He ripped the black g-string off with no effort and put it in his pocket.

He then started his assault on my pussy from behind, flattening his tongue and licking it from clit to base and shoving two fingers inside. I let out a moan as my pussy beckoned him deeper inside. He nipped my ass cheeks, leaving small, red spots all over and squeezed them tightly. He withdrew his fingers and sucked them clean. "Stand up," he commanded. I did so and he took my seat on the couch. He grabbed my left hand and rubbed it along his cock through his jeans. He was soo hard and I wanted nothing more than to please him. "Take it out," he said gruffly as he leaned back into the couch.

I bent over with my legs spread giving the cameraman a perfect view of my pussy and ass from behind as I locked eyes with him and withdrew his stiff cock... it was fucking beautiful! Even more beautiful than I remembered, two days was too fucking long. "You know what to fucking do," he growled loud enough for the camera to pick up. I nodded and began to lower myself to my knees before he stopped me. "Fucking squat, I love those heels on you."

I squatted down between his legs, my legs wide open. I stuck my tongue out and circled the head with it. He watched my every move with a pained and aroused look on his face. Without warning, I brought my head down roughly on his cock, allowing it to hit the back of my throat. "Ah, shit!" he shouted, completely by accident as I continued to deep throat his cock until tears ran down my face. "Fuck! Just like that," he coached, throwing his head back. He grabbed my hair and yanked my mouth off his dick, he wasn't gonna cum prematurely for his audience.

"Get up," he said in his sexy, husky voice. I got to my feet and he turned me around, facing the camera. He brought his hands down on my ass, making loud smacking noises throughout the room. My pussy juices leaked down my leg. He wrapped his strong arm around my waist and separated my legs to be on either side of his, my pussy resting right at the tip of his cock. Instantly, he slammed my pussy down on his rock-hard, near-painful dick, eliciting a scream from deep within my being.

I put my hands on his knees and bounced vigorously on his cock. The cameraman brought the camera right in my face, but I didn't care. I was filled to capacity with the man I love's cock. I even bit my lip and made sexy faces for the camera. Something about this man erased all of my inhibitions. Without warning, he reached forward and slung my calves over his forearms and leaned backwards, laying my back against his chest. I was spread wide open and the camera came in for closeups as Angelo thrusted upwards, tapping my g-spot repeatedly. "I'm gonna fucking cum!" I announced as my pussy spasmed on his cock. I let out a deafening scream as I came, the juices dripping from my pussy to his balls.

He continued to fuck me through my orgasm, the room filling with the wet, smacking sound of skin on skin. He brought my legs up further so he could squeeze my breasts as well. I felt like a fucking pretzel but he made me feel so good, I didn't care. He was getting close... I could tell. His breaths were becoming short and choppy as were his strokes. I wanted him to... I wanted him to get relief, he deserved it. I reached down between my legs and stroked his balls, he was totally not expecting that. "Oh shit! Oh fuck! I'm cumming," he bellowed as he let out a loud, deep groan and filled my pussy with his cum.

He held me still as he pumped me full of what felt like endless amounts of cum. As his cock softened he pulled it out. The camera went in for another closeup of my full and battered pussy. 'We lost the cumshot,' I thought, a little bummed to my surprise. Thinking quickly, I brought my hand down and pushed some out on my fingers. I looked into the camera and licked and sucked them clean. This happened three times before it was all gone. When the camera shut off, Angelo released my legs and brought me close to his chest.

"I fucking love you," he said, spent. His eyes were half-closed.

"I love you, too," I replied kissing his lips.

After I regained my strength, I stood up and straddled Angelo's lap. I kissed him deeply and he ran his hands up and down my sides. Again, Jack ruined the moment, only this time he was very close and didn't speak through the megaphone.

"That was fucking magic," he said happily, " Do you have any idea how much money we're gonna make off of that?"

I stood up, still wearing my 'elevator heels', Jack only came up to my breasts in these and he made no effort to hide the fact that he noticed that I was still naked for the most part. His eyes rolled over my body...ew.

"What are you looking at?" Angelo asked defensively as he rose to his feet and stood behind me to my right. I could feel the anger radiating off his body.

"Nothing," Jack said, looking away.

"Really, Jack? You sure you weren't looking at my girlfriend's tits or her tight pussy?" he asked, licking his index finger and tracing my nipple until it hardened and used his opposite to stroke my clit, causing my eyes to roll back and a moan to escape my lips. "You see how responsive she is to me, Jack? That's because she's fucking mine and if I ever catch you trying to touch her, I'll fucking murder you."

"Fine! Fine! Calm down, Angelo... nobody's gonna try to touch your girl," Jack replied dismissively.

"Get some clothes on before I have to kill his ass," Angelo growled in my ear, smacking my ass as I walked away... I loved him.

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