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The Postman Cums Thrice


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. Please feel free to leave me a comment in the COMMENT Box at the end of the page. You see those big empty stars too? Maybe bump those up to five full ones? We wouldn't want them to be empty now would we? All alone like that? You're not a monster are you?

Also, please don't post this on any other site without my explicit permission. I've had to bring the hammer down on two thieves right as of writing and don't want to bring it down again.

Author's Note: So, where the hell have I been? I feel like I should be doing this atop a podium with a big flag with my face on it. I've had a royal shit storm of my personal life as I've mentioned to certain members. Not sure if anyone was online for my rant, but I had an ex-girlfriend break up with me due to my lack of want to be a dad. (She wanted kids.) I wasn't ready and we broke up. A couple of days later I got a phone call from the police telling me that she'd tried to commit suicide and named me as a reason in her note. So, naturally celebrities boning was one of the last things I wanted to do. But, here we are! Blackjack's on happier pastures now and this orgy should show it... Hopefully :P

Oh! Also, the title is a pun on the postman knocks twice ;)

Author: Blackjack

Celebrity: Alison Brie, Kaley Cuoco and Kristen Bell

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Toys, Handjob, Orgy, Facial

I pulled into the last delivery address on my list, and slid out of my truck. Walking to the side, I pulled the side door open and found the package I was after. The back of the truck had several parcels that had either been returned or simply not delivered, it was my first real day on the job. I had several weeks of training with a supervisor but this was my first day on the job by myself. It was quite liberating to be treated as freely as this and I was determined not to let the bosses down. I passed through the black security gate and made my way up the small grassy hill and found the door to the house.

As I approached it, I saw that it was slightly ajar. Concerned, I pressed my hand against the door and it slowly moved open. Frightened that there may have been intruders in there threatening the owner of the house and parcel recipient, Miss Annie Bell, I moved in slowly and heard a low moan coming from the main room. I shut the door behind me and slowly inched down the hallway, I could see the large television screen showing... Porn? I hated to use the stereotype but if the owner of the house was a woman then would she be watching porn? I thought that was a guy thing?

The blonde actress, Kristen Bell, was lying down on the couch, legs akimbo and was shoving a bright purple dildo in and out of her slick pussy. The sounds of the dildo sliding in and out of her mixed nicely with her high moans of pleasure coming from both her and the sounds from the television. With her free hand, she had pushed her red top up over her chest and she was squeezing her bare chest as she let out another cry of passion.

I was getting rock hard as I watched the erotic performance in front of me, I put my hands in front of my jeans and stroked my dick through my pants. Cupping my rod, I watched intently as she started to fuck herself harder. She pinched her erect nipple and bit down on her lip as she started to get closer to an orgasm. Unzipping my fly, I started to slowly jerk myself off but as I did so, the parcel I had kept under my arm tilted and then tipped out onto the floor. My jaw dropped almost as quickly as the parcel did, gasping I watched as it bounced and then fell into the room where Kristen was.

My eyes shot up to her and we made eye contact as soon as that happened. Panicking, she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and let it fall to the floor. She tugged her shirt down and then walked over to me, tugging her panties aside, covering her lips as she did so.

"Oh my God! I'm so sorry!" I stuttered as I tried to tug myself back in as Kristen eyed me up and down.

"Ah... Yeah... Me too..." Kristen said, her eyes moved down to the floor and then shot back up to me. "You aren't going to tell anyone about this are you!?" She panicked, moving a little closer to me. I could smell her arousal as she moved and gripped hold of me by my work shirt.

"Well... This would make one hell of a story!" I laughed as she looked at me with worried eyes. I was about to speak again when Kristen took hold of my dick in my pants.

"I'd do anything to make sure this stays here..." She purred, her hands wandering down my body and to the buttons on my shirt. One by one, she popped the buttons out of the holes and exposed my stomach. Her hand made its way onto my stomach and then made its way down to my groin. Her fingers unbuttoned the top button on my jeans and then unzipped my fly so she could expose my dick. Her fingers wrapped themselves around my width and she started to slowly jerk me up and down.

"Anything." She confirmed as she moved up on her tip toes and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. With my cock in hand, she guided me back into her front room and sat me down on her sofa. She briefly let go and stripped her top off, showing me her bare breasts up close and personal. Getting onto her knees, Kristen wrapped her hand around the base of my shaft and started to slowly pump it up and down. Smiling when I let out a low moan, Kristen pushed my dick upwards and cast a long, appreciative lick along the underside of my shaft.

Opening her mouth up slowly, the blonde wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and she started to pump the base of my shaft as her lips slowly sucked on my cock's head. She pushed her head down a little bit further and took her hand off of my cock's base. Her hands came down and rested on the inside of my thighs, her nails lightly pressed against the denim of my jeans as she sucked on my cock.

Grunting, I moved my hands down to her head and ran my fingers through her hair as she bobbed her head up and down. Her blue eyes moved up and looked at mine as she smiled and started to move her mouth up and down a little bit quicker. Pulling her mouth up, she wrapped her lips around my cock and flicked her tongue against my head. Licking against my piss slit, she moaned around my cock as the pleasant moans vibrated around my shaft.

She took my cock out of my mouth and jerked off my base as her warm, wet tongue bathed my dick in her saliva. Licking along the vein that ran under my shaft, Kristen made her way down to my balls and she playfully licked at them before taking one of them in her mouth and sucked on it gently. Her hand stroked my shaft up and down slowly before she took the other ball in her mouth. Bathing my balls in her mouth, she took my sack out of her mouth and stroked me up and down slowly.

Her fingers danced along my shaft's head before she moved her fingers down to the mid point and she started to jerk the upper half of my pole. Her tongue came up off of his sack and licked the bottom of my dick before she took my cock back into her mouth. Softly bobbing her head up and down, she smiled when my hands ran through her hair and started to push her down a little bit further. She gagged a little bit and pushed my hands off of her head, pulling herself up she gave me a broad lick along my underside before speaking again.

"Should we move on?" She asked, standing up while keeping her hand jerking my shaft up and down slowly.

Still sitting on the couch, I was pleased to see her stand up and slide her panties down her long legs, kicking them across to where her denim shorts were. She moved to straddle my lap and spread her pussy's lips apart with her index and middle finger. Using her free hand to steady herself, Kristen slowly lowered her lips onto my throbbing cock we both groaned outwardly as my dick slid into her. Her arms linked around my neck and kept herself steady as she started to ride me, her warm walls hugging at me as she slipped up and down.

"Mmmm! So much better than a vibrator!" She said lowly, looking at me with a sexy smirk on her face. "Will you fuck me all night Mr Delivery man?" She said, looking down at me and catching my nametag that was pinned to my shirt. Taking one hand off of my neck, she studied it carefully before leaning in and casting a sexy lick against my ear. "Fuck me hard Ben... Fuck me nice and hard!"

I complied and moved her around so she was lying on her back on the couch, with me on top of her. Keeping her still, I planted one of my hands next to her head and kept the other one attached to her thigh before I started to drive in and out of her at a fast pace. Her loud moans started to drown out the porn on the tv as I fucked her, my balls slapped against her ass as I drove in and out of her.

We kissed for the first time as I drove into her. Her legs wrapped themselves around me as I shoved more of myself inside her. Her slick walls welcomed my cock as we started to make the couch jump with each drive into her. As I fucked Kristen as hard as I could, neither of us heard the door open and the sound of two pairs of feet enter the room.

What I didn't see...

Alison Brie and Kaley Cuoco pulled up outside Kristen's house and got out of Alison's car.

"So, we'll pick up K-Bell and then we can head out." Kaley smiled cheerfully as they opened the gate and made their way up the path I had walked along not twenty minutes ago.

"Right!" Alison beamed back as they reached the front door. Kaley was the first to get there so, she opened it up and stepped inside the house. Kaley, the blonde of the pair, was dressed in a short black dress with a pair of black, sheer stockings on matched with a pair of louboutin heels. She ran a hand through her blonde tussles and twisted the golden knob to let them inside.

Alison, the brunette followed her in, she was dressed in a smart red button up shirt with a pair of brown chinos and just a normal pair of black converse shoes on her feet. Her brown hair had been tied up in a ponytail that was tipped off with a pretty red bow. It had been a few weeks after Alison had been involved in a sordid three way with a male photographer and her fellow co-star Gillian Jacobs and Alison was itching for some more sex. As soon as she stepped through the door, Alison could hear the sound of flesh on flesh action and wondered if dear sweet Kristen had forgotten the time and was enjoying herself. She practically bumped into Kaley who had stopped in the door frame.

"What is it Kaley?" She wondered aloud, but was quickly shushed by an upright index finger of the blonde. "What?" Alison repeated, in a softer tone.

Kaley had heard the sounds of people getting laid but could see where the sounds were coming from. The DVD had long stopped spinning and was on the silent main menu, the sounds were coming from the couch that had started to bounce from the ferocity of the carnal action on it. Kaley was gob smacked but couldn't look away, she stepped back but into Alison's soft body. The brunette peered over her shoulder and saw the action, smiling, Alison wrapped a hand around Kaley's body and slid it down between the blonde's legs.

"Alison! What are you doing!?" Kaley whispered, looking over her shoulder to find Alison grinning back at her.

"I'm going to feel your pussy and see if it's wet." Alison said matter of factly as the brunette lifted up the bottom of Kaley's skirt and rubbed her index finger against the soft fabric covering Kaley's bottoms. Alison's finger slid along the damp folds as the brunette nodded her head.

"Yep. Wet all right."

"A... A... Alison... We really shouldn't do this..." Kaley whimpered, her body pressing against Alison's as she felt the brunette slide her digit in, taking the fabric of the panties with her.

"Why not? Don't you like it?" Alison teased, feeling Kaley's bottoms getting wetter and wetter as she slid her finger in and out.

"Ugh... I do! It's just..."

"Just what?" Alison asked, moving up to Kaley's ear and sexily licking the lobe of it making the blonde shiver with delight.

"Ngh... We shouldn't!"

"Why not? Tell me and I'll stop." Alison sighed gently, her free hand moving up to Kaley's generous chest, squeezing the mounds softly.

Alison moved her head forward and pressed her lips against Kaley's, the blonde moaned happily as Alison's tongue slid into her mouth and playfully sought out Kaley's. Alison never stopped fingering her though, her digit slid in and out, stroking every part of Kaley's tight, wet walls before she gently stroked the inside of her pussy in a curling motion making Kaley groan into Alison's mouth.

Alison slipped one of the straps off of Kaley's shoulders, then the other one and she slowly peeled the black fabric down to reveal the star of The Big Bang Theory's chest. Moving around, Alison kept Kaley pinned against the wall as the brunette peppered her way down to the blonde's chest. Taking Kaley's left breast into her mouth, Alison tugged and squeezed the nipple making the blonde in her arms, writhe and shake with erotic energy.

Kaley had never been touched by a girl before, not like this at least, and she was quick to curse herself at not getting involved with someone like this before. She was sure Melissa would be interested... But that was for another day, right now, she was focused on the star of Community who was sucking on her chest. Kaley ran her fingers through Alison's brown hair as she swapped nipple to suck on the blonde's right. Alison couldn't touch her in a way that wasn't sexy and the blonde wanted to scream out in pleasure but resisted. Biting down on her bottom lip, Kaley's hips rolled in Alison's palm as her thumb started to work on the blonde's clit.

Alison's thumb had opened itself from her palm and was quick to attack the central love button that both girls knew was like a fast track to an orgasm. Feeling just how wet Kaley was, thanks to her touch was an enormous turn on to Alison, and she wanted to see just how far the sexy blonde would go with her. With her thumb rubbing against Kaley's clit, Alison moved up and licked along Kaley's neck making her shiver with sheer delight. Kaley had started to grope her own chest, squeezing her free breast and pinching the rock hard nipple. That made Alison smile because she knew an orgasm was near. Sliding another finger inside her, Alison started to increase the pace as her index and middle finger probed Kaley's warm, wet pussy while her thumb rubbed against Kaley's clit.

"You're nice and tight Kaley... You haven't been fucked with a hard dick for a while have you?" Alison asked, rhetorically. The rate of her finger fucking increased as Kaley whimpered. She didn't need to say anything as Alison licked her neck again and carried on whispered into the blonde's ear. "You're going to cum soon and it's all because of me and my fingers. Once you've cum, I'm going to march you in there and you'll get fucked hard all night and when you cum all over his cock it's going to be the second one because I've fucked your pussy so hard!"

Kaley groaned and nodded her head, her hips were rolling in Alison's hand as she bit down on her lip no longer and felt her knees start to buckle. Her head was a cloud of orgasmic bliss as her orgasm approached and then entered her. Kaley kept Alison's hand in place and simply humped her hand before letting out a louder than intended moan and her orgasm ran all over Alison's rigid hand.

Back with me fucking Kristen Bell...

The couch was bouncing like it was possessed as Kristen's nails dug into my back and scratched at my skin while I slammed in and out of her. I had one hand on her chest and the other digging into her couch's cushions as her hands desperately clawed at my skin to try and keep me inside her.

I bent my head down and latched onto her breasts, lightly sucking and squeezing on her nipple with my mouth as my actions made her lower lips grind against my invading cock. Her fingers moved off of my back and ran through my short brown hair as I sucked on her soft breasts. Flicking my tongue against her hard nipple, I grinned when Kristen let out a low groan. My balls started to slap against her cheeks as I fucked her with an increasing pace.

Her frantic moans were getting louder and louder, her lips made brief contact with my ears as I shoved myself inside her. The slick juices from her groin collected around my stick and started to slip out of her folds before trickling onto the leather surface of the couch. I grunted as her inner walls contracted and she gasped out loud, her nails dug into my spine and her moaning became a shrill wail as she came over my cock. It was then, I shot a look up at the empty door frame. I could have sworn I heard something as I carried on fucking her. My orgasm was getting closer and closer and I was eager to carry on fucking her.

Keeping hold of her by her waist, I hoisted her up and placed her down on the armrest of the couch. Unhooking her legs from my waist, I gripped them by the ankles and started to slide in and out of her at a fast rate. Kristen gasped and let her head fall back so her blonde locks fell down and dangled against her laminate floor as I groaned out loud. Her hands came up from the couch and she alternated between palming her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples and then rubbing at my chest.

"Kristen... I'm going to cum soon!" I groaned as my cock slammed in and out of her with short, swift strokes as opposed to long, broad strokes like I had previously been fucking her with. As soon as those words had left my mouth, we both heard a loud moan come from neither of us. I looked to my left and saw that the DVD had moved to the idle menu screen and there was soft jazz music playing, but no sounds from the brief videos of women getting fucked. Looking down at Kristen, she had found the noise just as odd. I slowly pulled out of her, despite what my cock screamed at me. Kristen joined me on her feet and took me by the hand, guiding me into the hallway we found Alison Brie two knuckles and two fingers deep in Kaley Cuoco.

There was a brief awkward moment between the four of us before Kristen, the older of the two blondes, moved towards Kaley and took her face in her hands. Kristen kissed Kaley and took Kaley's chest in her hands. With Alison and me left alone, the brunette of the group left Kaley's pussy empty and moved over to me. She grinned from ear to ear and then slipped the soaking wet digits in my mouth. I eagerly accepted and sucked the juices off of her fingers, Alison beamed at my actions and casually slipped them out of my mouth. Draping her arms around my neck, Alison pressed her lips against mine and moaned as two pairs of hands moved onto her body.

Kaley had hooked her arms around Alison's waist and was slowly unbuttoning her blouse, with each button undone, Kaley's hands roamed over her flat tummy, lightly scraping at the skin with her nails. Kristen however, had unbuttoned Alison's pants and was scooting them down Alison's sexy legs. As if on impulse, Alison unhooked her arms from my neck and let them fall back so Kaley could take Alison's blouse off of her body.

With Alison now clad in her bra and panties, Kristen rubbed two fingers inside of Alison's panties, stroking her soaking wet lips. Kaley moved herself round to the side of the both of us and pressed her mouth against our lips that were already engaged in a soft, passionate kiss. Her mouth opened and she slipped her tongue into our embrace, tasting a new tongue was a nice sensation and as soon as Kaley's hands moved onto my body it went straight down to my cock. Stroking it softly, Alison's hand went down to it as well.

Alison's hand was working the shaft, while Kaley moved her hand onto my balls and tugged on them gently. Kristen's hand however, moved to my dicks head and rubbed against the head, that was slick with her own cum. The older blonde took her hand off of my cock and got down onto her knees.

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