tagBDSMThe Power Drive

The Power Drive

byRichard Crawford©

In my car, all important small talk aside, we drove to a place I had chosen to be alone with him. Sean placed his hand hesitantly upon my bare thigh. I loved the fear and shyness in his attempted pass at me and played along.

"Is that what you most want right now, Sean? I don’t think so......remove your hand," I murmured with false confidence. I had picked him up at the airport as planned and now he sat in my car as I drove far away from where people knew me to a place where I could be somebody else for this one day. Shaking inside, I had managed to utter the words both of us wanted to hear and he removed his hand with a curious look.

I continued to fake my strength, "There you go, lover...... didn’t it feel good to do as I asked? You’re going to do that all night…and all day tomorrow. And it will feel soooooo good for both of us, won’t it?" I forced a smile into his eyes, heart pounding in my chest, breathing rapid and fluttering.

"Yes, Lori. I wasn’t sure if you would…if you could…..?"

"Own you, pet? Of course I can." This was getting easier, despite the increasing wetness between my legs. I reached out to finger his soft curls. "Mmmmmm, I’m going to like this," I thought to myself. I quickly reached the outskirts of town and the invading city lights were swallowed by the Missouri darkness. We chatted aimlessly, so easy for me, so hard for him, my teasing hand never leaving his curls until the moment was right and he had settled down a bit. I caught him off guard with my change of subject.

"Pet?" I questioned softly. God, his gasp reached right into my crotch!

"Yes, Lori?"

Casually, "Take off your clothes."

"Right here? Now?"

I smiled.

It was a game. He knew what I wanted, but wanted to hear me say it again. "Yes, Sean, right now. I want you naked and vulnerable. You want it, too…so very much. I know everything you like, Sean, there’s nothing you can hide. Fight if you like, but we both know you must eventually submit to my will" Then I added, quietly, seriously, "Now do it."

I heard the rustle of clothing the dimness of my car as his clothing fell away. First his shirt, then his belt and pants. Poor baby forgot his shoes! Now he remembered and I laughed softly at his error. It established me as strong, even though inside I was so weak, so hot to just pull over and pull him on top of me. Now his pants slipped fully off and he was down to his underwear. I could smell his arousal in my car, almost feel his heat. How long had he been hard for me? Mmmmmm, I longed to suck him into my mouth, but I knew that my initial powerful seduction would pay handsome dividends later: all the sucking and fucking I wanted from this sensuous man.

At last! Sean was naked and alone with me......I could barely drive. Yet I controlled my voice as I spoke, "Look at you…such a sweet boy. How sweet are you, I wonder?" I trailed my right hand over the smooth warm skin of his chest down to his cock, erect and wanting and exactly as his photos had shown. I touched its tip with one finger, my red painted fingernail offering only a slight contrast to his excited red penis. I slowly lifted a single drop of pre-come onto my finger, considered slipping it between his parted lips, then brought it to my own. How I loved the fascination in his younger blue eyes when my tongue captured that drop! Again I felt the urge to pull over and kiss him hard, fuck him hard. No, I would prolong his pleasure just a few precious minutes longer.

"Very sweet, Sean."

I left him panting and returned my gaze to the road for the last few miles, then arrived at the motel where I had already registered into room 115. I parked the car a few doors down as an exciting dominant idea hit me. Sean glanced outside and reached for his clothes.

"I don’t think so, lover."

Sean looked confused, then his eyes blazed when realized my intent was to send him running naked to our room. "Lori…I want to, but…I’m not sure…", he whispered, finding himself near the edge of his limit.

I was losing him, so I did the logical thing and gave him one his greatest pleasures, kissing him hard. For one moment he resisted, one brief sexually charged moment he fought me physically and mentally until I forced my tongue between his teeth feeling his sweet submitting response. He kissed me so avidly, with soft warm lips and an agile tongue until we both moaned with desire. I pulled back and smiled my victory into his eyes.

"Now, Sean," I whispered with only a hint of question in my command. I heard the door latch click and felt my wetness increase. I watched with heated mirth as he raced toward the door, his cute white buns bright in the moonlight. With exaggerated slowness I stepped out and locked the door before walking toward my shivering lover at the door of the motel room where we would consummate our affair.

"Baby, the Missouri air does not suit you," I grinned with a glance at his shrinking penis. He hopped through the cool air toward the open door, then halted. "Ladies first," he hissed through his chattering teeth. He made me so ready to fuck him; I knew I couldn’t last long once that door shut behind us. I swallowed hard and promised myself one strip tease for him, but I also promised that it would be much faster than in my original plan.


I was aching for her as she stepped through the doorway. She played the calm older lover very well for someone so hot for me. I knew she was wet and wanting, and charmed that she would make such an effort to fulfill my fantasy. Or was this Lori’s fantasy as well, seducing a younger man? She looked great in that dress, demurely displaying just her lower calves while her slightly exposed the cleavage which had claimed my stare. Somehow she had chosen a dress that did not seem low cut, but rather implied that
her breasts were just naturally large enough to peek out. I loved her lipstick and make-up, her rich scent, her cool eyes, her teasing voice. The door shut behind me and I locked it, wondering if I would leave this room at all in the next two days.

I turned back to my now real cyber lover and she smiled as she undid the buttons on her dress. Her bedroom attire, as red and hot as she was, came into view, then she slipped one slim shoulder free. She shimmied slightly and her dress lay on the ground. In just her silky revealing chemise, Lori approached me.

"You like what you see." It was a statement, not a question, so my dry mouth did not have to answer. Her arrogance blanketed me in lust.

Lori came within inches of my naked body and smiled at the reaction her words and body had created. Through her guise I saw the desire of a woman who had held herself in check for an hour and was now on the brink. Her eyes glowed with fire for me; her upper lip glistened with a thin sheen of perspiration. Lori moved so close that I felt her body heat as she glanced from my mouth--two inches from hers--to my eyes. I wanted her mouth on mine again terribly.....any touch from her.....oh, OH, to be inside this seductress! Then came her hoarse, whispered command, almost inaudible yet overpowering in volume like a gentle breeze that originated a thousand miles away…

"Take me"

A floodgate broke deep inside me and the game was over. It was just Lori and I locked in a passionate embrace of tangled arms, legs, and mouths. We kissed with passion and warmth and openness. Her breasts pressed against my bare chest and her hands pulled my naked ass into her as my hands delivered from the restricting cloth of her tiny bedclothes. I felt shaking throughout her body as my penis found her opening, so very wanting and wet for her younger lover.

We fell onto the bed and my aching penis found comfort and excitement inside Lori’s cunt. At first we allowed ourselves slow luxurious fucking, but soon our tempo increased. My hands found her rigid nipples and she matched my touches with pinches on my own. This forced our mouths apart, but allowed us to see the passion in the other’s eyes. Soon we sacrificed our nipple play so we could kiss again as we fucked.

Delicious wild screwing with a lover mostly imagined over a period of a year…mind swimming in desire as body swims in wet sliding sex...wet smacking of bodies unleashed and minds bound to each other's sexual appetites...until orgasm crashes, leaving breathless lovers, slow kisses, and heavy contented breathing.

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