The Power of Touch Ch. 02


"Mmm, that feels good Jeff." She purred, as she put her hand on mine.

I massaged a little deeper, and could see her breasts move with each of my deep kneads. I had an erection, and I pressed it into the back of her seat. I stopped massaging her shoulders, and sat beside Allyson.

"Allyson," I ordered, "get me a cup of coffee, will you? Just milk."

Allyson stood up and obediently went to fetch my order. When she had my coffee, she returned to her seat beside mine.

My chair scraped against the floor as I moved in closer to Allyson. I placed my hand on her knee, and rubbed it for a while. Inching up her leg, I pushed up her skirt as I went. The two women kept talking as I worked. I had my hand on the inside of her thigh, when I came across a nice surprise. Her pantyhose were thigh high stockings with a lace edge around the top. My fingers played with the top of her stockings, running my finger underneath the lace across the smooth skin of her inner thigh. Her skirt was getting pretty tight and harder to move up her legs. I did, however, manage to get my fingers just to tip of her crotch. I could feel the heat from her vagina, and with a little effort, I could feel her panties. They weren't cotton, more silky judging by the smoothness of them. They were tight against her vagina and, from my caressing of her thigh, a little damp. Allyson was getting turned on.

Mom, invite Hugh and Allyson to supper. Allyson, you will accept the invitation.

"Allyson, would you and Hugh like to come for dinner?"

"Thanks Eve, we would love to. Let me just call Hugh and let him know."

Allyson went to the front hall to retrieve her purse and get her cell phone. I followed her. I watched her bend over to pick her purse up from the floor. Another nice round ass, not as nice as Faye's though. As she bent over I placed my hand on her left butt cheek and rubbed, my fingers tracing the line of the crack of her ass through her skirt.

Hike up your skirt and go and sit on the couch Allyson.

Allyson walked into the living room and before sitting down raised her skirt up to her hips. She was wearing black high cut briefs. They looked hot in conjunction with her thigh high stockings. I sat down beside her. As she called her husband, to relay the invite, I rubbed the crotch of her panties with the palm of my hand. The fabric was smooth to the touch, kind of silky, but not satin. Fuck, her vagina was just giving off heat. As she talked to her husband, I kept rubbing. Her panties were getting more and more damp. She put her hand on top of mine, and guided it along the crotch of her panties, smiling at me as she pushed my hand against her vagina.

"Yes, I love you too honey. See you in a bit." Allyson hung up her cell phone.

"You know Allyson; I have had a crush on you since I was, oh, thirteen?" I asked her.

"You did?" She asked.

"Yup. I have even touched myself while thinking of you on numerous occasions." I stated.

"You have?" Her voice getting softer.

"Oh, yes. I have had many a fantasy involving you and I."

"And, um, what did you have me doing in these fantasies?" She asked tenderly.

"Well I could tell you, but uhh, I would rather show you." I whispered into her ear.

Allyson giggled like a school girl as I took her hand, and helped her to her feet. She fixed and smoothed down her skirt, and then I guided her towards the door to the basement, to my bedroom. She allowed herself to be led downstairs. Once we were in my room, I closed and locked the door. Allyson sat on the edge of my bed. I stood in front of her. Reaching down, I picked up her hand. She just watched as I placed it on my crotch. She looked up at me and smiled. Then she traced out the shape and size of my erect penis.

"Mmm." She said appreciatively.

"I never realized you were so big, Jeff." She whispered softly.

I've never considered my cock huge, maybe a little above average, but never huge.

She traced the shape with her fingertip. Staring at it, she bit her bottom lip.

"Do you mind if I see it?" She asked.

"Not at all." I responded.

Allyson started undoing my belt, and unzipping my pants. She spread my pants open and moved them half way down my thighs. Then she gingerly extricated my penis from my underwear. Allyson held my penis in her hand, and slowly started stroking.

"You see what you do to me?" I asked.

Allyson smiled.

"You know, I really shouldn't," she said, "I am a married woman."

"I know, and I don't care about Hugh, Allyson. You're married to me now."

She didn't stop stroking. She just stared at it, watching her hand move up and down my shaft.

Confess your love for me Allyson I ordered mentally.

"You know Jeff; I have a confession to make," she sighed, "I've wanted you too. For a long time now."

"I love you Jeff." She whispered affectionately.

"I know, Allyson."

She kissed the tip of my penis, looking up at me with a smile. Then she took me in her mouth. Her warm, moist lips felt like heaven. She moved her head slowly on my penis, as she worked. Then she took her mouth off of me.

"Is this what you had me doing in your fantasies?" She giggled.

"Yes," I breathed, "one of the things." I reached down and pulled her sweater off. She was wearing a black lace bra; and a necklace that snaked across her cleavage. I put my hand on the back of her head, and guided it toward my cock again. She obediently started sucking my cock again. She was good. I closed my eyes; I was moving my hips to get my cock deeper into her mouth. She obeyed, and let my penis invade further into her mouth. She gagged as my penis touched the back of her throat.

I pulled her bra up reveal her breasts. Her large, heavy breasts flopped out. Her areolas were lighter than Faye's, almost a light brownish pink. I played with them while she sucked. Allyson was working up a great deal of saliva now, and some spilled out of her mouth. The saliva dripped down in a thick line of drool, and fell on her magnificent chest. I started rubbing her warm saliva over her breasts until they were slick and shiny from the liquid. Allyson slowly and methodically sucked my penis. She wanted to please me, and she was doing a good job of it. I could feel an orgasm coming on, and I had to make a decision, in her mouth, or on her face? I pulled Allyson's head off my penis as cum exploded from me. My cum blasted her face, and she just let it hit her. I watched as a line of cum dripped off her cheek and land on her breasts.

Clean your face up, Allyson.

I watched as she took her fingers to wipe the cum off her face. When she had most of it, she sucked her fingers clean. I gave her sweater back to her, and she used it to wipe the remainder of the cum off. When she was clean, I helped her to her feet. She complied easily. I kissed her wet lips long and hard. It seemed like an eternity that we were locked in passion. I disengaged from her lips and got on my knees. I pulled her panties to the side and kissed her vagina. I could feel her pubic hair pressing gently against my face through the silky fabric of her panties. She inhaled deeply.

"Has Hugh ever done this to you?" I asked quietly.

"No, never."

I pushed her down onto the bed, she laid back and her hand moved to the back of my head. I pulled her panties completely off now. Her coarse pubic hair gave off an enticing aroma. I moved in closer, my tongue pushing past her labia and deeper into her vagina. Her pubic hair encircled my nose. She tasted a little salty, but her vagina was still ambrosial. I was stimulating her clitoris for a few minutes when we heard the doorbell. I kept going.

"Oh shit," she breathed, "my husband's here."

I kept going. My tongue thrust deeper into her vaginal cavity, teasing her clitoris. I worked my tongue now with a fevered pitch, her vagina getting saturated with her juices. Then Allyson held her breath, and arched her back. She let out a little muffled scream of ecstasy. I pulled my wet face away from Allyson's stimulated crotch. I wiped my face on Allyson's stocking covered thighs.

"That was good," She said between breaths, "thank you Jeff."

I got up and leaned over to kiss Allyson gently on the lips.

"You're welcome." I said.

Then she sat up to get dressed.

"No," I ordered, "not yet."

I had an idea. I went to my bag of recent purchases, and pulled out one of the eggs I bought.

"I really wanted to try these on another woman; that had I made mine earlier. But you will do."

Allyson just sat there, on the edge of my bed. I knelt down and spread her thighs apart. Before I inserted it, I turned it on and tested the remote. It vibrated on command. Sweet. I pushed the egg gently into her vagina.

"What is that Jeff?"

"This is a vibrator Allyson."

I turned it on and she started to moan with pleasure.

You will control yourself when I have the egg turned on. Do you understand?

She started to calm down a bit, but her breathing was still a little erratic. This was going to be a fun supper. Her thighs kept opening and closing as she was trying to control the pleasure between her legs. She was having a hard time controlling herself; her breasts were moving from side to side in a gentle motion as she moved with the sensation. I turned the egg off, and let her rest.

"Get dressed, and go see your husband." I ordered.

"Yes, Jeff." she complied.

"We will continue this later." I said as she was putting her bra back on.

I watched as my cum spread on the lace of her bra as it pressed between her skin and the fabric. When she was dressed she went into my bathroom to check her face and wash up. Satisfied, she kissed me and went upstairs to greet her husband.

You will forget this happened, and act as normal. You will still control yourself with the egg.

The table was already set by the time I sat down. Allyson and Hugh walked in and sat down opposite me.

"Hey Jeff, how's it going?" Hugh asked.

I stood up, and shook Hugh's hand.

"Not bad Mr. Dulac," I said, "and you?"

"Oh, business is good at the store, so I can't complain."

"That's nice." I said cordially. Always the store with this guy.

Hugh had never been one of my favorite people. He seemed like a phony, boisterous, and pompous ass. He was loud, and loved the sound of his own voice.

Dinner was served, and as we ate the conversation drifted from one topic to another. The conversation was dominated largely by Hugh. I fingered the remote control that was in my lap. I watched Allyson's face, as I activated the remote on the lowest setting. A look on confusion swept across her face. It quickly passed and she maintained her composure quite nicely. I turned the vibrator off. Five minutes later I turned the vibrator on at a higher setting. She gave a little jump when it started.

"Are you ok, honey?" Hugh asked.

"Hmm? Oh yes, yes I'm fine." Allyson blushed.

She gave a slight shift in her chair, and looked embarrassed. I kept it on this time, turning up the intensity. Allyson was having a hard time maintaining her composure, but was keeping it together.

My parents were oblivious to what was going on. They were locked in their own deep conversation.

Allyson, I am your master. I am in control of you now. I own you. Your breasts, your lips, your vagina, they all belong to me.

"Honey? Are you sure you are alright?" Hugh asked more concerned now.

"Y... yes, I'm ok," she said breathlessly.

I turned up the intensity. Allyson let out a little moan, followed by a whimper. Allyson's hands grasped the tables edge as she closed her eyes.

"It's ok Hugh," I said, "I am in control of your beautiful wife right now."

"I beg your pardon?" Hugh asked me.

Tell him Allyson.

"Hugh, Jeff is my new master now." Allyson said between breaths.

I turned the vibrator off. A look of relief swept across Allyson's face. She gave me a look of thanks.

"What is this about?" Hugh asked. "Is this some kind of sick joke?"

"No, Hugh. I'm sorry, it's no joke. Your wife has given her body to me. I own her now." I explained patiently.

"This is ridiculous." Hugh was agitated. No man likes hearing that their woman has been with another man.

"Is it?" I asked. "Come to me Allyson."

Allyson stood up from her chair and walked around the table to me.

Kiss me Allyson. I ordered mentally.

Allyson bent down and kissed me on the lips. We shared a hot passionate kiss for about twenty seconds, before Hugh got irate.

Relax Hugh, I ordered. You will allow this to happen. You won't like it, but you will allow it.

Mom, Dad, you will carry on as if nothing is going on. Just continue your conversation, I dismissed.

I saw the redness leave Hugh's face as he relaxed. I motioned for Allyson to sit on my lap. She complied. With Allyson's soft rump on my lap I lifted her sweater over her chest and cupped one of her substantial breasts. All the while looking at Hugh, who was just watching me fondle his wife's tits.

"You know Hugh. Your wife really does have beautiful tits." I said as I fondled her breast.

Again, I lifted her bra up over her abundant chest. I lifted one of her breasts to my mouth and took her nipple in my mouth. Allyson closed her eyes and placed her hand behind my head to gently guide it into her breasts. While I sucked on her nipple, I continued watching Hugh. A pained expression crossed his face. When I released her nipple from my lips, it was fully erect.

"When was the last time you told her this?" I asked, still stroking her breast.

"It's been a while." Hugh replied truthfully.

"How often do you have sex with her Hugh?" I asked mildly.

"Once, maybe twice a month." He replied cautiously.

"Twice a month!" I exclaimed feigning incredulity, "here, you have this, this fuck beast, and you tell me you only fuck her once or twice a month?"

"And, Allyson is this ok with you?" I asked my new property.

"No, I would like to make love more often." She confessed to myself and her husband.

Hugh, you have a very beautiful wife. Although she belongs to me now, I will allow her to live with you. You will make love to this woman whenever she asks. However, whenever I require her "services" she will come to me. Is this understood?

A nod from Hugh.

I pulled Allyson's bra over her breasts, and lowered her sweater. I motioned for her to resume her seat by her husband. Allyson obeyed wordlessly. As she stood up I smacked her ass. Allyson gave a little yelp. The rest of the meal went on uneventfully.

At the end of the meal, the men retired to the living room while the women cleaned up. When they were finished, they joined us in the living room. I allowed Allyson and Hugh to sit together for the remainder of the visit. She was still Hugh's wife after all. She just belonged to me now.

Spread you legs Allyson; I want to see your slit.

Across from me Allyson, in mid conversation, spread her legs so I could see her vagina. I could see the thin strap from the egg still protruding from Allyson's labia. The conversation was lively, and the evening went a little later than it should have. At the end of the night Hugh and Allyson stood up to leave.

Allyson, you are not going anywhere. You are sleeping with me tonight. You will carry on normally in the morning, but I will still be your master. You will come to me whenever I call for you.

Allyson kissed her husband.

"I'm staying, my master wants me to say the night." She said to Hugh.

"But..." Hugh protested weakly.

"But, you are my wife." Hugh said gaining confidence.

Yes Hugh. She is your wife. However, I am her master and I own her now, and she will come home to you when I am finished with her. Do you understand?

"Yes, I understand," Hugh replied defeated, "I love you Allyson."

Hugh gave Allyson a quick kiss on the lips and Allyson took her position up beside me. Allyson wrapped her arm aound my waist and smiled at Hugh. Hugh left without his wife. I led Allyson back downstairs to my room. Allyson just stood there waiting for me to tell her what to do.

Get undressed Allyson, leave your stockings on.

I got hard as I watched this woman who I had fantasized about pulled off her sweater, then reach around her back and unzip her skirt. Allyson tugged her skirt down, and let if fall to the floor. She reached around and unclasped her bra next. I admired her large breasts as they hung and swayed. When Allyson had stripped down to just her stockings she stood there in all her naked glory. My erection pressed against my pants, and Allyson looked at the bulge covetously.

Undress your master Allyson.

Allyson stepped forward, and pulled my shirt up over my head. Her warm hands rested on my chest. Allyson moved her hands down to my pants, and undid the belt and zipper. She got on her knees as she pulled my jeans off. Her hand moved back up to the bulge in my underwear. Allyson's warm hand cupped my penis as she rubbed gently. Then she pulled my underwear down slowly. After she had stripped my clothing off, I helped her to her feet. When she stood, I pushed her gently onto the bed. She lay down obediently, biting her bottom lip in anticipation.

I got on my knees, and moved between her thighs once again. Allyson's vagina was already wet as I inserted my finger. Allyson moved her head back, and arched her back at the penetration. When I felt she was ready, I violated her vagina with my tongue once again. Once again I penetrated past her labia, and into her clitoris. My tongue moved around Allyson's clit. Allyson's back kept arching with each wave of pleasure my tongue delivered. I looked up at Allyson, her breasts were moving up and down her chest with each arch of her back. She started moaning with pleasure. My mouth and nose were slick with her juices. Allyson came, her back arching up and down in short movements, her breaths coming in short gasps.

I got up and knelt on the bed between Allyson's open thighs. My penis slid easily into the moist mass of her vagina. My teenage fantasy was coming true, I was fucking Allyson Dulac. Allyson's breasts moved fluidly upon her chest with each thrust. Allyson turned her head, and bit her knuckle as her body was wracked with another orgasm. Her other hand had the beds sheet scrunched up as she came hard. Seeing this was too much, and my cum filled her vagina as I exploded inside her. I pulled out and looked at my new piece of property. Her large breasts splayed on either side of her heaving chest, her legs still open with a thin line of cum dripping from her. I lay beside Allyson, a hand on one of her breasts. Allyson's fingers played gingerly with my chest hair. In each other's arms we fell into a deep sleep; these last two days had been very tiring for me indeed.

When I woke up the next morning Allyson was not beside me. I looked around while lying on my back and saw no evidence of Allyson spending the night. Were the last two days all a wet dream? I thought to myself. I looked around again, nothing. Fuck, I thought. I knew it was too good to be true. With the "dream" of fucking Allyson fresh in my mind I started stroking my erect penis. What I wouldn't do to truly have that power. As I slowly stroked my penis and thought of Faye, Allyson, and the three girls from the mall. I felt a wave of disappointment roll over me as I slowly realized that my power wasn't real.

That`s when I heard it. The toilet flushed, and the door to the bathroom opened.

"Master please, let me to do that for you."

It was Allyson; she had gotten dressed and cleaned herself up. I forgot it was only Friday, and she still had to go to work.

Allyson came and sat on the bed beside me. She took my penis in her soft hand and stroked softly.

"Thank you for last night master. It was wonderful. No one has ever made me feel like that."

She leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. Then, she turned her attention back to my penis. I watched as her breasts moved in her sweater with each stroke of her hand. The thought of her naked breasts made me cum, and my penis weakly let go a small load of cum that oozed over her fingers coating her wedding rings.

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