tagMatureThe Preacher's Daughter Ch. 2

The Preacher's Daughter Ch. 2


Billy had not decided if he was going to church or not when the phone rang at about five thirty. Billy's mother answered the phone but the ringing awakened Billy.

"It's for you Billy," his mother said as she stuck her head into his room through the open door. "It's Reverend Martin."

"Hello Brother Martin," said into the phone.

"Billy, I hear that you are not feeling well," Pastor Martin said. "What's wrong with you?"

"I really don't know," Billy replied. "Just a little under the weather is all."

"We'll pray for you but I suggest that you rest and drink plenty of water," the pastor said. "There's no sense in coming to church and making other people sick. I do have a favor to ask of you, though. Lucy has decided to stay with us a while longer and needs to get some things from down in Atlanta. Her mother and I don't want her to drive down there alone with baby Tiffany and was wondering if you might drive down with her. You could leave after school on Friday and return sometime Saturday. Of course, it would all depend on how you feel and getting your mother's permission."

"I would be happy to help her out," Billy replied trying not to sound too excited. "I'll ask mom but I'm sure it will be all right."

Billy knew right away that the problem would not be with his mom but Bethann might not be too keen on letting him go off with another woman. His immediate call was to her. It went surprisingly smooth. She asked if there would be room for her and Billy said that Tiffany and clothes would take up the back seat. Bethann told him that she would miss him but she thought that his going would be a very Christian thing to do. It never crossed Bethann's mind that anything would happen between Billy and Lucy.

The next person he talked to about it was his mother. After explaining the situation to her, he expected a quick O. K. but she was not so willing to agree.

"How old is this girl?" his mother asked.

"I don't know," Billy replied. "She's pretty old, maybe thirty?"

"What I don't understand is why she needs you to go with her," his mother said. "Didn't she drive up here by herself?"

"I don't think that she needs me," Billy replied. "If it were up to her, I don't think she would want a kid like me traveling with her. Pastor Martin said he and his wife didn't want her to go alone. Mom, if you don't want me to go, I'll just tell him that I can't but it would be nice to get away for a couple of days even if it is someone almost my mother's age."

"Watch it Kid," she said laughingly. "I guess it's O. K."

Since they would not see each other until Sunday, Bethann and Billy were visiting a little after Wednesday night prayer meeting. They had decided to go for a soda and were walking toward Billy's car when Reverend and Ms. Martin spotted them.

"Hey there Billy," Reverend Martin called out to him. "I'm glad that you are feeling better and I want to thank you again for agreeing to drive down to Atlanta with Lucy and Tiffany."

Lucy had walked up to the group as her father was talking. "Billy, I really don't need help driving to Atlanta," she said as if Billy's going was a bother. "So if you don't want to go, it won't hurt my feelings at all. I'll just jump in my car and scoot on down there."

Reverend leaned toward Bethann and while looking at her said, "Honey, don't grow up to be as stubborn as my daughter."

While they were all laughing, Lucy using her father's body as a shield winked at Billy letting him know that this was all a guise to keep everyone in the dark about the real purpose of the trip. It seemed to be working because they were joking about Billy baby-sitting and stuff like that. Billy and Bethann went to the A & W drive-in to get a soda. They really didn't have the time or the opportunity to get physical. They did share some quality kissing and a little groping but that would have to hold them until he got back from Georgia. Bethann did get a chance to find out if Billy was excited. He was. She seemed fascinated with the fact that kissing her made his dick hard.

All went well and Friday afternoon around four-thirty Billy, Lucy, and Tiffany were on their way. Lucy's mother would have taken care of Tiffany but Lucy was breast-feeding so the baby had to go. Billy's mother agreed to his going, in part, because the baby was along. She had long ago pushed out of her mind the things she and her husband used to do when Billy was a baby. They were on the road and it was not until they were heading southwest on I- 81 toward Knoxville that Lucy slid over next to Billy and laid her head on his shoulder. She used her right hand to trace the outline of his cock inside his pants. She sure did like the way his big dick became erect when she touched him.

Lucy was sitting in the seat beside Billy with her hand on his cock but she was far away in thought. Here she was hurtling toward Atlanta at close to seventy miles per hour and her thoughts sped back to the life she had lived there. Ostensibly, she had moved to Atlanta to study nursing at Emory University. In reality, she was escaping the rigid rules laid down by her father and supported by her mother. She had thought that once she graduated high school, the dating rules would be relaxed but they weren't. Her parents thought they were helping her select a suitable husband while in fact their interrogations and laying down rules scared her would-be suitors away.

Lucy found the course work very demanding, almost too demanding for a discipline to which she was not fully committed. She was struggling in two classes: anatomy and microbiology. Both were prerequisites for the nursing program to which she had been conditionally accepted. If she were being honest with herself, she would have admitted that she was looking for a way out. It was at this time that she and a group of nurse wannabes visited Underground Atlanta and she met Charlie Finch.

She was not the girl in the group that he had targeted to single out. He had picked out Elaine Ziegler. Elaine was 5'8" and slender. Her breasts were of medium size but looked good on her slender body. Her small, sharp nipples poked through all but the thickest of bras when they were excited, which seemed to be most of the time. Elaine and Lucy had stayed close over the years and when Lucy had called her to say that she would be in Atlanta this weekend, Elaine had insisted that Lucy and Billy stay at her house.

But even though she was not his target, he was hers. Six months later, they were standing in front of her father pledging their troths to each other forever. She was soon to understand that his definition of "forever" was different from hers. He was a salesman for an industrial machinery firm and made frequent trips to visit his clients and prospective clients. A couple of months after their marriage, she started noticing tale-tale signs in his laundry that he may not have been alone on these trips. When confronted, Charlie made reasonable excuses. The lipstick smudge or the smell of perfume came from dancing with a client's wife while he was entertaining them.

Other than the clues she found, he provided her with a good life. She had an above-average house in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of Atlanta. She had nice clothes and money to spend. When he was in town, he took her out to dinner and shows and treated her very much like the loving husband. Their sex life was better than good. She took the "for better or for worse" clause in their vows seriously and worked at making their marriage and their home the best it could be, that is until after her twenty-eighth birthday.

She had expected that as Charlie advanced in his career, his time on the road would decrease but just the opposite was true. He was gone more often and for longer periods of time. Whether it was from loneliness, being horny or the realization that life was passing her by, she became sexually aware of the teenage boy next door. His name was Jimmy and he had just graduated from high school.

It had begun innocently enough. His parents had thrown a graduation party for him and she as well as the other neighbors had attended. She was aware that Jimmy was paying a lot of attention to her and it was during her turn to dance with him that she noticed his hard cock pressing against her. She had surreptitiously slipped her hand between them and squeezed his cock through his pants. One thing led to another and it wasn't long before Jimmy was slipping nest door to visit Lucy when Charlie was out of town on his frequent business trips.

Jimmy was inexperienced as a lover but was enthusiastic. He also took direction well and was a quick learner. Lucy found that she liked for Jimmy to suck her breasts and slip his hard dick into her willing pussy. Even though he was not physically as large as Charlie, he was there and worked hard at pleasing her. That and the sinfulness of their union gave her satisfying and multiple orgasms. She saw Jimmy three to five times a week when Charlie was gone. She continued the affair for several months until Charlie started talking about them having a family. Not wanting to have any dispute over who the father was, she stopped seeing Jimmy about three weeks before she went off the pill. A month after she quit the pill, she missed her period and was pregnant with Tiffany.

As Billy and Lucy traveled through Knoxville on I-40, Tiffany was nursing. When she finished and Lucy had placed her in her car seat to sleep, Lucy said, "It's your turn Billy, anytime you're ready."

Billy pulled off the ramp at Exit 383 and drove around behind the Super 8 Motel on Papermill Road. By the time the car came to a stop, Lucy had her breasts exposed and Billy wasted no time in kissing, licking, and sucking on them. She was horny from her remembrances of Jimmy and came quickly as Billy pumped two fingers in and out of her wet pussy. They discussed stopping for awhile in the motel but decided to save the money. After Billy had pumped Lucy's breasts dry, they went to the Waffle House down the street to eat. Within forty-five minutes, they were back on the road, moving down I-75 toward Chattanooga and Atlanta.

As they were speeding southward, Lucy unzipped Billy's pants and with a little struggle, released his hard cock. She lay down in the seat with her head in his lap and took the head of his cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. She stroked and sucked his cock until he shot his creamy seed into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed every drop and cleaned his dick with her mouth and tongue. When she had tucked his cock back into his pants, she kissed him on the cheek and again she laid her head on his shoulder and placed her hand on his cock. Again her thoughts went back to Atlanta.

Lucy thought everything was going just fine. Her pregnancy was progressing well and Doctor Wells had advised her that she would have a healthy daughter in about two weeks. Charlie had been cut off and was screwing around but the only difference was that he was committing the acts in Atlanta instead of taking it on the road. Jimmy, the boy from next door was just a sweet memory to Lucy. Little did she know that Jimmy would play such a major part on her life that day.

Jimmy in his youthful exuberance, and not being very good in math, maintained the belief that Lucy's baby could possibly be his. In the spirit of wanting to do the right thing, he went to Charlie and explained why he may very well be the father of their child. Charlie was livid and punched Jimmy knocking him to the floor. Jimmy did not stay down out of brilliance but from confusion. Charlie walked past him and slammed the door as he left on the way home to confront Lucy.

As a second thought, Charlie reentered the room and asked, "Where does Lucy have a birthmark?"

"On her right ass cheek, almost in the crack," answered Jimmy from the floor.

Even though he had had numerous affairs during his marriage to Lucy, Charlie played the part of an outraged husband. "Just what do you think you were doing fucking the little boy next door?" he yelled at Lucy.

"I don't know what you are talk...," she was interrupted by Charlie's fist slamming into the side of her head.

She did not know what had hit her but she saw a flash of light and felt herself fall as she lost consciousness. She awakened in the hospital and was told that her daughter was born a little early due to her unfortunate accidental fall. Charlie played the doting husband and father at the hospital but after they returned home, it became clear that Charlie was using her infidelity to make her life miserable. She put up with it for almost four months with the hope that their life would stabilize. When it didn't, she took her daughter to visit her parents in Tennessee and stayed. Charlie's actions had killed almost any love she had left for him but her father with his own brand of hard love, told her it was wrong to separate her baby child from its father and asked who else would want an overweight thirty-year-old woman with someone else's child.

Now she was speeding back to Atlanta with her hand on the cock of another young lover, Billy. Somehow he was different. Jimmy was just a distraction. Someone to occupy her time and satisfy her libido until the man she loved came to his senses. Billy was different. She had to fight the urge to fall in love with him. She had no idea how it would all work out but now she was sleepy and didn't want to think about it. Inaction is the tool that she used in most life decisions. Somewhere she had heard 'when you don't know what to do, don't do anything.'

Billy did not know what to expect on this trip but Lucy was unusually quiet. She had spoken to him only a little more than absolutely necessary but when she did, it was pleasant. She had let him suck her tits dry and finger her pussy and she had sucked his cock while he was driving. Showing maturity older than his eighteen years, he assumed that whatever it was had to do with her returning to Atlanta for the first time since her breakup with her husband.

Lucy dozed off and when she awoke, they were speeding down I-75 just north of Marietta, which is just north of Atlanta. It was almost nine-thirty and they were about an hour or so from Elaine's house depending on Friday night traffic.

"Hi Tiger," Lucy said noticing that her voice brought a smile to Billy. "I haven't been much help driving but the good news in that we are almost there. Let's start looking for a place to stretch our legs and call Elaine."

"Who's Elaine?" asked Billy.

He was disappointed that someone else would be introduced into their equation. He had hoped that he would spend the night alone with Lucy.

Lucy realized that she had not discussed Elaine with Billy. "Oh Honey, I'm sorry but I forgot to tell you about her," Lucy said seeing the hurt look on Billy's face. "Elaine is my oldest and best girlfriend. She helped me through some rough times and we are staying at her house while we're here. She is a great person and you'll like her."

"O. K. I guess," Billy said as he began looking for an exit. He had thought that the only reason he was along was so he and Lucy could have the time and opportunity to fuck without interruption. He assumed that it was not to be but he decided to make the best of it, anyway.

They arrived at Elaine's house, which was located in an upper mid-class neighborhood. Billy carried the sleeping Tiffany in her car seat. The three of them stood at the front door and rang the bell. When the door opened, Billy was surprised at Elaine's appearance. She must have gained weight since Lucy had seen her. She stood in the doorway in her tight satin pants and white silk shirt that draped loosely across her generous breast. Her weight gain went to all the right places. She was gorgeous topped with red hair and adorned with freckles. Her smile was as bright as the lights in the room behind her.

Lucy and Elaine were hugging telling each other how good they looked. Introductions were made and the appropriate oohing and aahing was done over Tiffany. Billy brought in the bags and was shown to his room. He put Lucy's bag in her and Tiffany's room. When it appeared that Lucy and Elaine were settling in with a glass of wine to catch up on old times, Billy excused himself and went to his room. He lay there sulking about the way things were going until the weariness of the road caught up with him. He drifted into a deep sleep until he started dreaming about Lucy. In the dream, she was sucking and licking on his cock, swirling her tongue around the helmet of his dick and then taking it deep into her throat.

He was waking up. He tried to stay asleep but he was being pulled into consciousness against his will until he realized that the blowjob he was experiencing was real and not just a dream. Lucy had slipped into his room and was taking his cock deep into her mouth. When she realized that he was awake, she adjusted her angle of attack and took him into her throat. He tried to keep from coming. He was holding off the best he could and succeeded for a short time. He loved that feeling of being on the edge. What wonderful, no exquisite torture! Low guttural sounds emitted from his throat as he felt his balls tighten and his cock pulse as he shot his seed into her lovely mouth. She swallowed it all and crawled up beside him.

She whispered into his ear, "You didn't think that I was going to bring you all this way to let you sleep alone, did you?"

He didn't answer but instead he started to move so that he could crawl over her and position his face between her legs. She stopped him, pushing him back down on the bed. "You stay right where you are," she said as she wrapped her hand around hi semi-erect cock. "I have something else in mind."

Lucy leaned down and took his cock into her mouth and sucked on it softly. His cock quickly jumped to life. When it was hard, she climbed across his body straddling his legs. Holding his cock in her hand, she rubbed its head across her sweet spot. After it was wet, she placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy and gently pushed forward until his cock was buried deeply in her love canal. It was just seconds until they were slamming their bodies together. They were moaning and grunting as they climbed level after level to the point of no return. Billy felt his balls tighten and moments later his cock began to pulse. As he started to shoot his creamy cum into her, she started her climax. They climbed the emotional mountain until they reached new peaks. As they were coming down, she leaned forward and lay her body on top of him. They slept that way until she had to go and take care of Tiffany.

Billy awoke to the smell of bacon and sausage frying. Lucy and Elaine were putting breakfast together and continuing to catch up talking about nothing in everything. "What's up with you and that stud in there?" Elaine said.

"I don't know," Lucy said. "I know I care a lot about him but I'm not in love with him. I don't want to marry him. I don't even want to take him places to show him off. I just want to fuck his brains out every day. Is that bad?"

"I guess we've all been there," the Elaine said as she flipped the eggs. "But be careful. It's very easy to become territorial. Now go get him so we can feed him."

Lucy stuck her head into the bedroom door and said, "Come on Tiger it's time to eat. We can't keep this up to on cookies, you know."

As they ate breakfast, Lucy laid out her plans for the day. She was going to her house to get some things she had left there when she went to Tennessee and then she was going to use the rest of the day showing Billy around Atlanta. She knew that seeing her house would make her sad because she had so much invested there, not in money so much as emotional investment. As she drove to the house she was thinking then showing Billy around Atlanta would make her feel better after her sad morning.

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