tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Preacher's Wife's Naughty Side

The Preacher's Wife's Naughty Side


My name is Patti; I'm a 32 yr. old mother of two girls and my husband is a 35 yr. old Baptist Preacher in rural north-western Florida. We've been married 7 years and still have sex frequently. When we were young and dating, Gerald (my husband) never complained about my short dresses, 4 to 6 inches above the knee usually, but now that I am a preacher's wife he doesn't like for me to wear them in public where some one that knows us might see me. Out of town thought he still like for me to wear them short.

What he doesn't know is that lately I've discovered and have found I enjoy going without underwear. It all started accidentally about a year ago. We had gone out to dinner with another couple from church. I hadn't felt that good when we left home and about half way through the meal I had to make a quick run to the lady's restroom. I didn't quite make it and ended up soiling my underwear a little and since I didn't have a clean pair to put on, and I sure wasn't going to put those nasty pair back on, I decided to go without any for the first time in my life. I'm lucky I had worn slacks instead of a skirt that night.

It felt weird being in public without underwear on but surprisingly in a short time I actually forgot about it. I didn't think about being pantyless again until I undressed after we got home. Gerald was in the kitchen so I was undressing alone. I quickly put on another pair and put on my nightshirt. I never told him.

The next day I had planned on planting some new flowers in the backyard. Gerald had already left as I started to get dressed. I had planned on wearing and old t-shirt and shorts to get dirty and sweaty in. I normally go braless around the house and thought nothing of it as I slid on the old yellow t-shirt and as I grabbed some underwear to put on under the old jean cut-offs, I remembered going pantyless last night and thought to myself that there was no need to get my underwear dirty and sweaty also so I dropped them back into the panty drawer. I pulled on those old tight jean cut-offs and noticed how different they felt without panties. I kind of liked it.

I was just finishing up my planting when Gerald got home. It had been very warm working in the sunny backyard. I was soaked with sweat and my yellow t-shirt looked as if I had been soaked with a water hose. Gerald made the comment he was glad I was in the backyard and not the front because my t-shirt was practically see-thru. I looked down and my nipples were very noticeable thru the shirt. I smiled at Gerald and shook them at him saying, "What's wrong honey? I thought you liked looking at them." He said he did but that I was outside and someone might see them. I thought to myself, "What's happened to him? He's become an old fuddy-duddy. I'm in my own totally fenced in backyard and nobody can see me. I could be naked back here and nobody would know."

He told me I needed to clean up because we were to meet with the 'Henderson's' in about 2 hours. As I undressed to shower, once again I was surprised to notice I had completely forgotten I was pantyless. I liked it and decided to do it more often. During my shower I was thinking what to wear since it was so warm outside, I decide to wear a loose summer dress and sandals, I also thought I would try and go pantyless again just to see how it would feel. I would take along a pair in my purse to put on if I need.

I put on a turquoise string top summer dress with just a strapless bra underneath. The dress fell just below my knees I felt safe so I continued on. No one knew of my lack of panties, even Gerald, I knew he would not approve so I decide to not tell him. I completely enjoyed the feel of freedom from and the naughtiness of no panties and decided that would be doing this a lot more often. I still did wear underwear to church a while longer but now go without there too. But I didn't know how often I would be pantyless back then. I rarely wear any now-a-days. I even started going braless in public when not with Gerald. When I go out on my on all I usually wear is just a dress.

Gerald finally caught me a few months later, on that day I had nothing but a short dress on. We had taken a week off to go to the 'Florida Keys' and one afternoon he was feeling frisky and on the balcony of our room, he started to run his hands up and down my body as he kissed me. Then he stopped and rubbed my ass a bit and asked where my underwear was. I had to think quickly, so I told him I thought I would surprise him by making access to my pussy easier for him while we were away from home, but that if he didn't like it I could put some on for him but that it would be his loss because I was in the mood for some naughty fun. He didn't say a thing but kiss me and squeeze my ass; he then picked me up and carried me to the bed, removing my new sun dress before punishing me back onto the bed.

After some of the best sex we had in a while I told him that if he was going made love to me like that just because I wasn't wearing panties, I wasn't going to wear any all week. He looked at me and smiled and said, "Promise!" I kissed him and told him I promised not to wear any all week, wherever we went. He loved reaching under my dresses to play with my bare ass whenever he got the chance. And we had the best week of sex in a long time. He asked if I could maybe go without any underwear a few times when we got back home. I told him I would think about it. That brought a smile to his face, if he only knew!

He let me buy a little bikini to wear while there. It was so small I had to do some serious trimming and shaving. I had never been this naked in public before but I loved it, I think Gerald did too. I just had to keep teasing him about his hard-on he kept getting on the beach. I even squeezed it a few times in public just to tease him. I even flashed him my boobies a couple times. Once just for him and another for him and a cute stranger behind him he never knew about. I can't believe I did that but it was fun and I hope to get a chance to flash another stranger again someday.

My husband surprised me the day before we left. He had traded in our rental car for another rental car. We came down in a 'Toyota Camry' but he exchanged it for a 'Chrysler Sebring Convertible'. I decided to surprise him too. I wore my new light blue halter dress 'only'. Once we were on the road I made sure I was sitting on my bare ass and the dress was up to my crotch. A little way down the road, I reclined the seat back and pulled the dress up to my waist. Gerald was shocked that I exposed myself outside in public like that. I told him I was doing just for him and that if somebody I didn't know and would never see again just happened to see then so be it. Then as we cut across what is known as 'Alligator Alley', I pulled my dress completely off. I just had to know what it felt like to be outside in public completely naked. The sun felt wonderful on my nakedness. My husband asked what I was doing. I told him, "Don't be mad at me please. I just need to be naked to the world for a little bit. We've had a wonderful week down here and I need to take it all I while I have the chance. We may never have this chance again."

He gave a big smile then surprised me, "Honey I love you. And if you feel you need to be naked in public, go for it! You have been one horny lady this week and I loved it. And if you keep acting like this, OH YES we will be coming back! Just behave yourself at home and when we go away you can wear or not wear whatever you want. But be warned! You may get screwed more than you and handle."

I looked out the corner or my eyes at him and said, "And just how many friends do you have I don't know about?" I put the dress back on at a rest area but kept my top down and tits out most of the way hame

I now regularly walk around my house nude and even started to tan nude in the backyard whenever I get time. Gerald has even loosened up a bit and has joined me in the backyard nude but always seemed to end up having sex in the backyard before we get all our sunning time in. He now knows I go to town often with nothing but a dress on and it always gets him going. We've even ended up having sex in the backseat of our car in a parking lot a couple times already. We seem to be having as much sex now as we did when we were newlyweds. Just now-a-days it seems to be a little more public and a little naughtier. Just this past Sunday I did something new, I spread my legs and flashed my husband my newly shaved pussy during church service. I think I found a way to shorten the sermon. We got home early Sunday and had sex over the car hood in the garage.

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